My November Stitch Fix Review

My current rule about Stitch Fix is that if someone uses my code and I earn a referral credit, then I’ll go ahead and order a Fix. I figure, even if I don’t keep anything from the Fix it’s still fun… so that $20 is basically payment for a silly blog post of me trying … Continue reading “My November Stitch Fix Review”

My September Stitch Fix: A “Fall Transition” Fix

If you’ve been reading along for a while, you may have noticed that things have gone quite quiet on the Stitch Fix subject. After 11 Fixes in 2014, 12 Fixes in 2015, and 7 Fixes in 2016… I only had 2 Fixes in 2017. I had actually given up on the whole Stitch Fix thing … Continue reading “My September Stitch Fix: A “Fall Transition” Fix”

My March 2017 Stitch Fix: Prints for Spring

When I last posted about Stitch Fix in January, I was kind of disappointed in my Fix, but ended up with a sweater that I really liked. Well, somebody else used my referral code, so I figured let’s do this thing again! I mean, even if it sucks… it’s still fun, right? I clicked around … Continue reading “My March 2017 Stitch Fix: Prints for Spring”