A Better 2018: Using Free Resources

Instead of doing specific resolutions for 2018, I’m just trying to make each aspect of my life a little better.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

A Better 2018: Stop Hoarding the Good Stuff
A Better 2018: Unfollow the Hate Reads
A Better 2018: Make More Friend Plans
A Better 2018: Make it Easier to Save Money

For this month, I’m going with: Use more free resources!

There are so many resources out there where you can take advantage of a bunch of stuff for ZERO dollars. Here are just a few, but I’d love to hear your suggestions too!

Go to the Library
I’m a huge bookworm, but I often forget to go to that place that has FREE books. On Jack’s last day of school, I vowed to myself that we’d get there more often. I let Jack fill up a basket with 10 books (which turns into 20) and then I fill up a basket with a few books for me (which probably also turns into 20). SO MANY FREE BOOKS! With everything automated now, you can do must of your renewals online (because we always bite off more than we can chew) and you can also request books you like.

Fun tip: when I see someone recommend a book online I take a quick screenshot with my phone. Then, once a month or so I do a quick search on my library’s website and add each book to my hold queue. Even if there is a line 20 people long, I know my name will eventually come up. And IT’S FREE!

Home Depot Kid’s Workshops
I actually talked about these workshops last year (read it here), but they are still an awesome way to do cool projects with your kids for FREE. They have a different workshop every month at our local Home Depot store and this month Jack made a cool fishing game.

Each project usually only takes about 20 minutes or so, and Home Depot provides everything you need – the kit of pieces, any tools needed, paint, paint brushes, paper plates to use for the paint.. and they do all the clean-up.

LEGO Life Magazine
Jack is obsessed with Legos… totally OBSESSED. He builds and rebuilds them every single day and when we visited Legoland his head almost exploded! Lego puts out a free printed magazine especially for those Lego lovers between the ages of 5 – 9 years old. It comes out five times a year and I just signed Jack up for it. He is going to LOVE IT! If you also want to sign up your little Lego-lover, you can find it here.

Do you have any Free Resource you’d like to add to my list?

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One thought on “A Better 2018: Using Free Resources”

  1. Our library also offers free ebooks that we can download and load onto our Nooks. Free books without even leaving the house!

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