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joules thinks bees kneesThis isn’t just a list of blogs that I’ve visited once and decided to stick here so that I look popular or nice or something. These are my favorite blogs that I actually read on a regular basis.

These bloggers are the ones who have welcomed me into the world of blogging and made me feel like one of them. They didn’t pay me a dime and they didn’t even ask to be here. I just really like them and if you are looking for some new blogs to read, click through and try them out. Oh, and let them know I sent you!

Here they are {start announcer voice and stripper dance music now}… The SUPERSTAR bloggers:

Words for Worms
Katie is smart AND funny. Her book blog is hilarious and I often text her to figure out what book I should read next. Katie and I finally met in person at BlogHer 13′ and I consider her one of my besties. Oh yeah, and she’s obsessed with penguins… because she’s adorable.

A Grace Full Life
Kari creates knock off décor using Goodwill, Dollar Tree or items you have sitting in your home right now. She makes her house a home for her family, cooks for her loved ones using recipes with less than 5 ingredients and crafts with her kids using what they have in their craft box.  Think Martha Stewart. On a Honey Boo Boo budget.

Quirky Chrissy
An acquired taste like a cave aged blue fancy stinky cheese. A ridiculous blog about life, love and the pursuit of cheese.

Ain’t No Mom Jeans
This is a fashion blog, but not Fashion with a whispery voice and a capital F. Its fashion for the mommy who is running around after her kid. You know, the chick that wants to look cute AND bend over to grab up her kid without flashing her butt crack.

My Year of Fabulous
Holly is on a mission to look her best every single day for a year (or die trying). She is completely embodying 12 looks, one per month, in her quest to find a style that works for her. Her obstacles? Oh she has three kids and lives on a farm. When I found her blog I read back from the beginning and I’ve been hooked ever since!

It’s a Dome Life
This blog is about motherhood, creativity, making art, pets, marriage and sometimes politics or social commentary. Lily is an amazing artist, and I’m not just saying that because she did a fantastic painting of my dog, Ollie. She also has a really cool etsy shop here.

Young House Love
Pretty much the BEST DIY blog out there! I’ve been reading about Sherry and John’s adventures for years and purchased their first book the moment it came out. They are the king and queen of home decorating on a budget and inspire me daily.

3 thoughts on “Blogs I LOVE”

  1. Awesome. I love this. You support your friends and share a bit of their story. What a great way to show you care. Love this. I am off to explore some of their sites now!

  2. I KNEW I recognized you on the twitter #blogher14 chat today! We have crossed paths a few times and share a couple of amazing friends -> Lillian, Chrissy, and Kari. xoxoxo

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