Hair Issues

The side view. Ugh, I didn’t realize it was this BAD!

You know that thing where you’re totally fine with your hair week after week after week… and then all of a sudden you just HATE everything about it and can’t stand it until you finally get an appointment at the salon for a change? I’m so there right now.

For about 10-ish years I did different shades of red, occasionally spicing things up by adding streaks of purple, blond, blue, green or pink. Of course, now that I’m a “grown up” I can’t really do that any more. I DID sneak in some blue feathers over the summer, but took them out in early September.

My roots. And yes, I totally took these pictures while waiting in line at the drive-thru Starbucks.

I loved being a redhead, but my husband is not a fan. I typically ignore him on most things concerning fashion, but he truly hated the red so much that I decided to be a nice little wifey and stay away from that color. So for the past 6 years or so I’ve kept my natural medium  brown color and just added professionally done light brown/blond highlights.

Well, Jack was born 7 1/2 months ago and I’ve only had one haircut since then and NO highlights appointments. So now my hair is kind of half highlighted and half natural. Which sort of worked for the summer time where I can pretend to myself that I was rocking the ombre look. But now that it’s fall I need a change!

This is a proof pic from our family photo shoot done by the fabulous Kathleen Hertel Photography. I will be posting actual GOOD pictures from the shoot (with a link to her work), but for today’s purposes this shows the ombre look I’ve been rocking.

This is where you come in — let’s vote on hair color!

Since I can’t make up my mind on what to do, I want to know what you think. Also, if you have any salon colorist recommendations in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area please let me know! My old colorist changed salons and I feel like it would be creepy if I showed up for an appointment at her new place when she didn’t bother to tell me where she was going…


9/28 Update: The votes said “go darker” and I did! I had about 2ish inches cut off the bottom and went “Deeply Brown”. Here is the in progress picture and here is the finished result.

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How to Repair a Scuffed Heel

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I kind of rock at inventing random stuff.

scuffed heel

I mean, I don’t actually INVENT anything, but I come up with some pretty awesome ideas in my head. Like my brilliant idea of having a gas delivery service where you can text a phone number when the gas is low in your car and the service comes by while you’re sleeping and fills up your tank. Brilliant, right!?*

Anyways, like pretty much every other working lady out there** I end up scuffing the backs of my nice shoes when I drive. I could change out my floor mat in my truck with something softer (which would look entirely weird in my FJ Cruiser), or I could change into casual shoes whenever I drive. But we all know I’m too lazy for that.

I looked online to see if there was some awesome invention out there to fix and protect my heels and didn’t find anything.

Now, before you stop reading and comment that I can just color the back of my heel with a black sharpie – I totally already tried that. First off, the sharpie comes out with a random purple sheen on it, which looks like crap. Secondly, it just wears right off the second you drive again and it’s kind of stupid to have to carry a sharpie around with you at all times to fix your darn shoes!

But I’ve come up with the perfect fix. It not only fixes the problem of your scuffed up heels, it protects them from future scuffing!

Prepare for your mind to be BLOWN.

All you need is a roll of electrical tape and a pair of scissors. Check it out:

Here are my shoes before I started operating on them — super scuffed on my driving heel.
All the supplies you need
Cut a small piece of tape a bit longer than the back of your shoe.
Place the tape on the shoe and squeeze out any air bubbles. Repeat this until the back of the shoe is covered in tape (you may have to trim around the leather area)
Here they are all finished! It took less than 5 minutes and they look as good as new!

Voila! Amazing, right?! I did this to my favorite pair of silver wedges a few weeks ago and you totally can’t even tell. The tape isn’t coming off and the shoes look great.

So, try it yourself and let me know if it works for you! You can comment here, on my facebook page or tweet me at @JoulesDellinger.

*Okay, if someone steals my idea and makes this happen I’d like free memberships for myself and all my family members. Please. Thank you.

**In a non-prostitute way. However, this could probably come in handy for prostitutes too…

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Shake Your Tail Feather

I’d like to take a moment to profess my love for the website, Etsy. If you haven’t checked it out before, take a minute and click over there. Be warned though – a minute isn’t nearly enough, I have lost hours due to that website!

Anyways, I was clicking around on Etsy a couple weeks ago looking for pretty jewelry for Mother’s Day (my hubby decided to gift me with the ability to pick out whatever I’d like, instead of buying something for me that I might not love*). Somehow, my clicking went from jewelry to hair feathers – yeah, I have no idea how that happened either.

Now, let me preface this with saying – YES, I know that hair feathers were cool LAST summer. My friend got one then, which I totally coveted (not in a creepy ’I want to skin your head’ way, more in a ‘I wish I was cool like you’ kind of thing). However, before I could make up my mind what color feathers I would want in my hair…the fad totally blew up with EVERYONE wearing feathers. When a fad reaches the middle school set, it is time for me to re-evaluate whether I need to participate.

It’s been a year though, so I think enough time has passed for me to revisit the idea.

Anyway, when I came across the hair feathers on etsy I decided that I NEEDED them. I don’t care if I’m in my {gulp} mid-thirties, in my imagination I’m still that 20 year old with purple streaks dyed in her hair.** I clicked around a bit to decide which seller to go with and which feather’s I liked best and ended up with some from Hair and Craft Feathers.

I ordered my feathers and they came a few days later – YAY! Now, I’m not going to post a tutorial, because you can find them all over the internet. I didn’t use any special hair threading tools (even though they do look really cool and easy to use). I just twisted a chunk of my hair and slipped it through the silicone lined bead. Shoved the feathers in and squished it shut with my pliers.

I put my main bundle of feathers just under my top layer of my hair so that they’d peek through when I have my hair down. Ashley sent me some extra feathers as an added treat, so I put them underneath my hair so that they’d show up as a blue streak when I put my hair in a ponytail. My husband teased me that I think I’m an 18 year old, but I don’t care – I kind of love them.

I’ve decided to count this as fulfilling one of my Project Me tasks, Dye a Streak in My Hair. I know it’s not pink or purple (the teal and blue were too hard to resist), and it’s not actual dyed hair… but I think this counts. This is actually better than dyed hair, because hair always fades so quickly and these should stay bright for a long time. Also, if I get any complaints at work I can easily take the feathers out.

I wouldn’t really call this one of my most exciting posts, or even the most exciting thing I’ve done to my head – but having blue in my hair totally makes me happy!

*AKA put it in my jewelry box and pretend that I totally love it but actually never wear it unless he asks about it.

** Oh yeah I did. Most of college was spent dying my hair weird colors – green streaks, pink streaks, half yellow blond/half purple red, you name it. My favorite was when most of my hair was its natural brownish color and I had purple streaks throughout.

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