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Clothing Purge Report: March and April

19 Apr

It’s bimonthly Clothing Purge Report time! Rather than just showing you what I purchase, I also like to show you what items leave my house and how I sell or donate them. I’ve been working extra hard this year to beat my 2018 total of $2,152… as an added incentive, I’ve been adding all my sales money into a special ‘vacation’ account to go towards Hawaii!

First a quick reminder… here’s my criteria for where I sell:

  • Poshmark/eBay: items that are in perfect condition.
  • My Instagram page: items that are in perfect or near perfect condition. I’ll typically post a collage of what I’ve listed elsewhere.
  • Facebook Sale Groups: items that are in perfect or near perfect condition in specific brands, such as Anthropologie, Boden, and Stitch Fix.
  • Donate to Thrift Stores: items in good condition or showing wear.


I made the majority of my sales on Poshmark over the last couple months. If you’ve been eyeing anything in my Poshmark closet, NOW is the time to make an offer!

I ended up re-poshing a couple items that I bought and then didn’t end up loving (basically breaking even, even those were already ‘sunk’ costs). I also sold a couple items that I received in my Spring Causebox that I didn’t love. Finally, I took a long hard look at my closet and did some purging.

  • Fabletics Puffer vest – re-Posh – $19
  • Prana Kara green jeans – re-Posh – $23
  • MM LaFleur Rachel dress – thrifted and wore once – $113
  • Cleobella Scarf from Causebox – didn’t love – $19
  • Sperry Slip-on Sneakers – bought from TJ Maxx and didn’t love – $20
  • ALTRU Plant holder from Causebox – didn’t love – $8
  • Anthropologie Tidal Maxi Dress – thrifted and wore once – $55
  • Anthropologie keyhole blouse – wore 2x – $22
  • Ann Taylor Strapless dress – thrifted and never wore – $32

I ended up making 9 sales and my total earnings were $311 before Poshmark fees (20%).

Facebook Sale Groups
I belong to some brand-specific Facebook groups: Boden Mamas B/S/T, Anthropologie BST, Non Crap Mama Clothes, Rothy’s BST, Stitch Fix b/s/t Large and Stitch Fix B/S/T. If you are interested in joining any of them, you need to submit to join and then the administrator will approve each person (I am not the administrator of any of these groups).

When I purchased the Spring Inspiration Fit mystery bag, there was a card in the bag letting me know that there is now swap group! I had one tank top that I didn’t love (the one that says Pinch Me), so I posed it on the swap group and within 24 hours someone paid $15 for it!

I ended up making 1 sale and my total earnings were $15 (minus a couple bucks for postage)

Now that the weather is about to get warm again, I’m looking forward to packing away my winter clothes and unpacking my spring/summer items. I plan to do some SUPER purging and listing a ton of stuff to sell, so keep your eyes peeled!

Oh and if you want to use my special invite code to open a Poshmark account, you can use POCKETFULOFJOUL to get $5 off your first order.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. If you choose to use my special Poshmark code to sign up for an account, you will get $5 off your first order and I will also get $5 off a future order.

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Consignment Store Haul

19 Apr

I know I usually share my Thrift Store hauls, but I stopped by two consignment stores recently and found some amazing treasures that I can’t wait to share with you!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Maeve Embroidered Dress, $25

Technically, this purchase was in March when I stopped by a new consignment shop with my friend Lindsey, but I never had the chance to share it on my blog! Maeve is a brand carried at Anthropologie, and I tend to love their dresses. This one is no exception with the fun mix of eyelet and embroidery.

This will be the perfect dress to throw on for easy summer weekends and I may end up packing it for our upcoming Hawaii trip. Here’s a quick dressing picture of it on (over jeans) to get an idea on the fit:

I find it funny how I look like a little shorty in this photo — it must have something to do with their magical skinny mirror. I’m actually 5’7″ and a size 10/12… so I’m not a tiny tatertot!

Magnolia Leather Hobo Purse, $40

I love Joanna Gaines and have been eyeing the Magnolia leather purses when they come up in my Instagram feed. I saw this one on the rack and immediately was drawn to the super soft leather and fun braided strap. This purse is in perfect condition and doesn’t even look like it was used – in fact, the dust bag was inside! Check out the pretty lining:

I did a little research and this retailed for $295 in 2015, so I’m happy to have scooped it up for $40. I think it will be a perfect spring/summer bag for me.

Eileen Fisher striped sweater, $20

I found this lightweight sweater on the clearance rack of the consignment shop, which is kind of crazy considering that it is PERFECT for spring. Can’t you just imagine it paired with some skinny jeans or even a pair of pink shorts? This is a 3x, but I love how it fits kind of slouchy and oversized. It was originally marked for the consignment price of $40, but I got it on clearance for just $20!

Cingo Nero Lene Leather Jacket, $75

This may be the steal of the month! This Cingo Nero unlined leather jacket is a dark navy color and super lightweight. It just drapes so beautifully and is the perfect topper for basically anything.

I can see pairing this with a dress in place of a regular blazer for a cool work look. It would also look great thrown on with a t-shirt and jeans for kind of an easy badass look. Here is a quick dressing room photo with it over the dress I was wearing:

I found the exact same jacket online and it retails for $380! This one was on the clearance rack and marked down from $150 to just $75! Such a STEAL!

Do you have a favorite from my consignment store finds?

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My Favorite No Show Socks for Sneakers

10 Apr

I’m super picky about my socks. I typically don’t like ‘no show’ socks because they immediately slip off the back of my ankle and then bunch under my foot until I pull them out and throw them across the room. Normally if I’m wearing a pair of slip-on shoes like Toms, I just go barefoot. I’ve recently fallen in love with Rothy’s slip-on sneakers though and I feel like I need a little something-something to wear with them.

Which brings me to these:


Here is the link:

I ordered these socks on a whim off of Amazon a few months ago (6 pairs for $9.99). I liked that they actually had some top-of-foot coverage AND the entire edge of the sock has a full silicone liner around it. Once you put them on, they DO NOT MOVE at all. The silicone seals them to your foot!

The first time I wore a pair, I was annoyed because you could still see them around the edges of my shoes. But after a washed them a couple times they shrunk up just a smidge and now I rarely see a glimpse of them as I go through my day.

Here they are with and without my sneaker:

They fit great, keep my feet from getting sweaty/stinky or rubbing, and the best part is that they DO NOT SLIDE OFF THE BACK OF MY FOOT! Oh and I throw them in the washing machine and dryer with the rest of my clothes and they are holding up great.

It’s like magic!

Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link. This means that clicking on the link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Using Poshmark for Kid’s Clothes

5 Apr

I swear this happens once a year and it always throws me off… suddenly Jack has grown out of all his pants. They fit fine one day and then BOOM suddenly there are like 3 inches of ankles showing.

This photo is from September, when he grew out of his last size. Which means that size 6 pants only fit him for 7 months. Sigh.

He is currently in the ‘only wearing track pants’ stage of boy life, so I typically buy him 5 – 6 pairs of Under Armour and Nike pants at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. He will wear them nonstop and then if we are lucky, he’ll go right into shorts for the summer.

I try to keep on top of things and ask for the next size pants for his birthday in February, but this year the pickings were slim. My mom was able to buy some ‘mediums’ but jumping from a kids size 6 to a medium means that the waist is currently too big on him.

So when he grew out of his pants last week, I tried to find the next size online. I checked TJ Maxx online, Amazon, and even the Under Armour website and online outlet… but I just can’t justify paying over $20 for one pair of kid’s pants. Especially when it’s possible/likely that he may grow out of the next size over the summer!

That brings me to Poshmark!

I’ve used Poshmark lots for myself and have both sold clothing and purchased items. (You can find my 6 Tips for Buying on Poshmark here). However, I’ve never looked for kids clothes before. I did a quick search of “Under Armour Boys Pants 7” and “Nike Boys Pants 7” and it came up with a bunch of options. I narrowed it down to those that were described as “like new” with no holes or wear showing.

Side note: there are a bunch of options marked ‘play clothes’ with holes in them that people are selling. I would have never thought to sell super worn clothes, but it seems like there could be a market for it.

I ended up finding 5 pairs with prices ranging from $6 – $12 per pair. Once you add in the shipping, they cost the same or less as what I would have paid at TJ Maxx.

My orders are trickling in now and I’m SO HAPPY that I thought to use Poshmark! Not only was I able to get exactly the size Jack needs right now, but I was able to take them off other people’s hands that no longer needed them and put a little money in their pockets.

Also, now that I know that there is a market for kid’s clothes, I’m going to collect the outgrown items we have that are still in great condition and list them as bundles. I saw a few bundles where you get a group of a few shirts and pants in a particular size and I totally would have snapped one up if they had the sizes I needed. So, with very little effort from me… maybe Jack’s clothes can find a new home too!

If you’ve been meaning to try out Poshmark, I have a special invite code that you can use. Just open a Poshmark account and enter the code POCKETFULOFJOUL to get $5 off your first order.

Have you used Poshmark to buy kid’s clothes?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. If you choose to use my special Poshmark code to sign up for an account, you will get $5 off your first order and I will also get $5 off a future order.

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