A Month of Outfits: October 2020

While I’m still working on that whole ‘life is crazy and my head might explode thing’ from last week and um… this week too, let’s distract ourselves with outfits and elevator selfies!

I started back at the office in October after having been teleworking at home since March and to be honest, one of my favorite things about the whole going INTO the office thing is that I have an excuse to dress nice.

I also have an excuse to hit the Starbucks drive-thru on the way up the road… as you can tell by my prop of choice in each photo.

Here are the first three outfits of the month. I pretty much stuck to my typical combo of blouse + skirt + cardigan, or dress + cardigan.

All three of these outfits were basically because I wanted to wear something new to me that I had bought secondhand: the yellow beaded cardigan, the pleated leopard print skirt, and the floral dress. The cardigan is a thrifted Anthropologie find ($6), and I bought both the vintage skirt ($20) and floral dress ($12) off Poshmark.

One of these things is not like the others… Okay, so I kept with my blouse + skirt + cardigan combo for the first two and then the last look was basically me in a bad mood and wearing whatever felt comfortable and looked professional-ish.

That spotted skirt in the middle is a recent secondhand find for $10 off Poshmark — it had a weirdly tight inner layer, but I just chopped it off with some scissors and it’s much more comfortable now. Everything else was from my closet, which means all these items survived the massive purging that has been going on in my house.

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October Thrift Haul

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

One of the things that I love about thrifting, is that I often find fancy brands that I previously knew nothing about. There’s just something in the feel of the material, or the design of the item that forces me to grab my phone and start googling… and often I’m SHOCKED at what people are donating to thrift stores.

And that brings us to one of the items I thrifted in October… a Beryll cashmere poncho.

I was going through the sweaters rack, as I typically do because I love an oversized v-neck sweater, or a fancy embellished cardigan. As I was swishing through each hanger… I saw something black balled up and thrown on the top of the rack. So, I rescued it and was planning to hang it back on for some good thrift karma.

But then… when I felt it, I investigated the tag and found one I’d never seen before: Beryll. It felt super soft, so I figured I’d do a quick little google search.

And I found the exact item that I was holding in my hands.

Source: Beryll.com

That’s right. This crumpled up item that I found in my local thrift store was a 100% cashmere Beryll poncho. And if that’s not insane enough, it is STILL available on their website. For $550.

But here’s the kicker. Mine had a yellow thrift tag on it for $4.99… AND IT WAS HALF OFF YELLOW TAGS DAY!

This is the part where I almost started hyperventilating. Because I bought this $550 poncho for $2.50. That is literally less than I spend on my typical Starbucks order!

I’m thinking that this will be the perfect ‘wearable blanket’ for this winter when the weather gets chilly. I can throw it on while working from home (or working at the office, because it’s awfully nice) to keep me perfectly warm. Would I have paid $550 for it? Um… heck no. But at $2.50 I will feel extra fancy as I type away at my laptop.

I do realize I should just go ahead and end the blog post here, because there is no topping that score. However, I did also purchase two items from the home goods section of the thrift store on that same visit.

Woven basket, $5.99

I really liked this woven basket and it was in perfect condition with no broken pieces or splinters. It also has dividers inside, so it’s great for wine bottles or other stuff that you may want to display in it.

For now, I’ve added it to my front porch and filled it with some gourds. In the spring, I’m imagining adding a couple glass vases filled with wildflowers.

Autumn Harvest Vintage Pyrex, $3.99

I always breeze through the home goods section when I’m out and about, on the lookout for vintage Pyrex. This cute little bowl is the Autumn Harvest pattern, which was made from 1979 – 1986. It is in perfect condition with no chips or scratches in the paint or lid and at $3.99 it was an absolute steal. Here it is added into my china cabinet with my other Pyrex goodies:

So while I only had one opportunity to stop at a thrift store early in the month and I only picked up three items… I’m pretty darn happy with my October Thrift scores!

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A Little Clothing Reminder

Source: Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

I feel like now is a perfect time for this reminder. A reminder for me. A reminder for my husband. And a reminder for you.

As you are starting to pull out the cooler weather clothes for the first time this year… think about what you are putting on. Or more specifically, think about what you put on, feel yucky wearing, and then take off and throw into a ball in the corner. Or in my husband’s case, straight into the laundry basket… only to be re-washed and put BACK in his drawer for him to have another hissy fit about when he puts it on again.

Here is your important reminder:

If something doesn’t fit. If it makes you feel uncomfortable or messy or disheveled, or frankly it just insults you by putting too much of a focus on your muffin-top. GET RID OF IT.


You DESERVE to have a closet that only contains clothes that makes you feel good about yourself.

Instead of putting that insulting item back into your closet, instead gift it to a friend, list it in your Poshmark closet, or add it to your donation pile.

That’s it.

It’s easy, right?

Oh and here is your bonus tip for the day. Buy THIS. Right now. I have had mine for over 8 years and it has saved the life of SO MANY of my sweaters, including thrifted ones that I shaved and they now look brand new. You can read a blog post I wrote about it from 2015 here.

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