August Thrift Haul

The beginning of the month was very light thrifting for me — small but mighty — and then I want one last time over the weekend and found some real winners. I can’t wait to share it all with you, so let’s get to it!

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Washed Pink Merona Jean Jacket, $11.99

This jacket was hanging on the end of an aisle and it just called to me. It’s hard to pick up the exact washed out pink color in photos, but it’s really gorgeous in person. Kinda like a muted clay color… Anyways, it still had the original Target tags on it for $29.99, so it was kind of a steal even if I didn’t thrift it for $12!

As it was, I immediately had the idea that I needed to embroider it. Have I ever done embroidery? Nope. Just cross-stitch. But I had a very specific idea in mind: I wanted the back to be embroidered, maybe one of the chest pocket areas and I wanted a super fun fabric to go inside (so that you can see it when you take the jacket off, and also to cover the inside of the embroidery).

In my imagination I was thinking something kind of reminiscent of Johnny Was… but without the $300 price tag. Inspiration!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have an idea how this imagined project turned out. I’ll be sharing more about it in a full blog post soon!

Ellen Tracy Skirt, $5.99 on sale for $3.00

I love the watercolor floral design of this skirt, the black waistband and the fabulous pockets. It was on sale for just $3, so after initially thinking that this would be a great work skirt once I return to work… well, I decided that it’s a great home skirt with a t-shirt! I mean, for $3 why not?

Nic + Zoe Brushstroke Linen Sweater, $7

I really like the Nic + Zoe brand, but retail pricing is too expensive for me so I’m so excited to have found this pretty lightweight linen sweater! Similar sweaters retail for around $150 and this one has an oversized fit, scoop neck, ¾ sleeves and a pretty brushstroke design. This will be perfect over a tank top and shorts on a slightly chilly summer evening. I can also see me pairing it with a simple skirt, leggings, or joggers to fancy up some work-from-home outfits. Such a steal for just $7!

Ellen Tracy dress, $7.99 on sale for $4

I’m such a fan of a good faux wrap jersey dress and I really like the pattern on this one. It’s super soft and stretchy and hits right around knee on me… so it’s perfect for work with a cute cardigan. All clothes were on sale at the thrift store for 50% off the weekend I went, so this dress ended up only costing me $4.

Lola & Sophie chiffon tank over tee, $4.99 on sale for $2.50

You guys! This still had the tag on it from the original store for $106.95! I did some google sleuthing and found that the brand is made in New York and sold out of a shopfront there. This blouse has an inner layer which is super soft jersey material, and then an outer layer of matching chiffon. Here’s a better look at the outer layer:

It fits beautifully and I can see me wearing this with shorts over the summer, or paired with some slim trousers and a cardigan in the fall at work. Love, love, love this top and it was only $2.50!

Madras patterned tablecloth, $5.99 on sale for $3

I was taking a look through the fabric/linens section and found this super fun madras patterned tablecloth. My initial thoughts are that I want to chop it up for a few fun projects — perhaps some cloth napkins and maybe a shopping tote bag? The fabric is super soft and I can’t wait to work with it and see what I end up making!

Floral fabric, $2.49 on sale for $1.25

This was the steal of the day! I literally just went to the fabric store for a yard of fabric and paid $10.99 for it. I saw this gorgeous floral fabric at the thrift store and it is a really nice weight, like a canvas or a linen. I couldn’t tell how much it was when I bought it, but when I got it home, washed and dried it, and then stretched it out… I eyeballed it at around 4 yards. It was on sale for $1.25. That’s right… I bought FOUR YARDS of beautiful fabric for $1.25, which is insane! For my first projects, I’m thinking I’m going to recover the seat of a chair and also make a pillow with some fun pompom fringe. I’ll keep you posted!

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4 Ways to Personalize Your Clothes

Since shopping secondhand is my preferred way to shop, many times I’ll find something that’s close… but not exactly what I was looking for. Or maybe I’ll see something out at the store that I love… but the distressing is *too* distressed for me. Or maybe the fit and fabric is fabulous… but the color looks terrible on me.

Through thrifting I’ve learned to look at an item for what it CAN be, rather than what is currently is. Which brings us to my favorite 4 ways to personalize your clothes.

Change the Color

If you love a piece of clothing but don’t love the color, it is super easy to dye it! I’ve done this many, many times, including: T-Shirt DIY, Tie Dying with Toilet Cleaner, and Using a Tie Dye Kit.

I recently was searching Poshmark for a linen tank top and found a beautiful one with crochet detail that I loved. However, the oatmeal color was not flattering on me at all. I also didn’t like that the light color allowed my bra to show though a bit. So, Rit Dye to the rescue! I soaked the shirt in a mix of water and charcoal grey dye for about 90 minutes, threw it in the washer and dryer and BOOM…

The linen turned a rich dark brown hue that I love and I still have half a bottle of dye left for another project. Here it is on me:

Hem Skirts to a Better Length

When you buy a dress or skirt, it is not necessarily going to be the exact right length for every single body in the world. Weird, right? It is so, so, so easy to hem the length of a skirt a little shorter. In fact, I wrote a post a while ago: Sewing is Not Scary.

Once you know what length skirt you like, you can easily copy that in other items. If you see a tiered maxi skirt that would be perfect as a midi or knee-length, go for it! If the brand’s idea of “knee length” is way too long because you’re petite, hem it! By literally sewing just a straight line, you can customize your clothing to your body.

Distress or Fill in Holes

If you have a pair of jeans that need a little something-something, you can always distress them by making a little hole in the knee or using sandpaper to create wear spots. However, you can also fix items that have become too distressed by patching holes! I’ve previously patched holes in jeans Quick & Easy DIY: Patching Some Over-Distressed Jeans and patched holes in jean shorts DIY: Patching Jean Shorts. It’s super easy to do and will allow you to get more wear out of your favorites!

Add Embroidery

I recently came across a super cool denim jacket while thrifting and immediately thought that I needed to add some embroidery. Have I ever embroidered before? Nope. But I’ve done cross-stitch, so how hard can it be?!

I’ll share the full project soon, but here is a sneak peek at how I’m using embroidery to personalize a denim jacket:

Do you personalize your clothing?

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Review: Rothy’s The Lace Up

I’ve been a Rothy’s fan since early 2018 and my very first blog talking about them was “Let’s Talk About Rothy’s: Are They Worth the Money?” Over the years, I’ve alternatively loved the brand and been disappointed by the brand. They’re still relatively new to the shoe world… so some growing pains are typical. Now, just two years after I fell in love with The Point, they have a whole slew of offerings including kid’s shoes (love them), purses (don’t love them) and masks (haven’t tried them). I’ve enjoyed their slip-on sneakers for the last year or so, so when they launched The Lace Up… a sneaker with laces, I was intrigued.

Actually, I thought they were ugly.

Let’s be honest. They look a little like grandma shoes. But, with my love of swoopy sweaters, midi skirts, and all things Eileen Fisher… they grew on me.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • They cost $165
  • They come in whole sizes only, sizes 5 – 13
  • Lace Up colors available: vanilla, lilac, bright white, spearmint, and navy
  • They are knit with thread spun from repurposed plastic bottles and the footbed is made with plant-based materials.
  • They are washable, but keep them away from the dryer.

I had some referral credits sitting in my account, so I decided to order a pair of Lilac Lace Ups for science. I typically wear an 8.5 in most shoes and a 9.5 in boots. Rothy’s sizes are their own thing though… in Rothy’s I tend to wear an 8.5 in slip-on sneakers, an 8.5 in the Chelsea, and a 9.5 in the points (I am a 9 in some older points and have also switched out insoles for a better fit). With all that being said, I ordered a size 9 in the lace ups.

Here are the ones I ordered: Lilac Lace Up

My initial thoughts:

I really, really like the look of these in person. The texture in the knit is super cool and I like the brown rubber sole… it makes them look a bit fancier than your average sneaker. The knit is also really soft, so I can easily wear the lace ups with no socks and be comfortable. I am a bit concerned that the lilac color – although it is gorgeous – kind of blends in with my pale skin.

When it comes to comfort, these are pretty wonderful. The top of the shoe hugs my ankle and doesn’t rub at all. In fact, the inside of the tongue has a terrycloth finish which feels really nice. The width fits well on my regular/medium width feet. There is a little extra length though, but not enough that I could go down a size. This way, if I want to throw on a pair of socks, I have some extra room.

Trying them in real life:

I decided to try the lilac lace ups on with three of my typical outfits to see if they fit in to my existing wardrobe. Because nobody needs a cute shoe that goes with literally nothing in their closet!

Outfit #1: Embroidered blouse and jean shorts

This was the outfit I was wearing the day I wanted to take photos, so I just switched out my Birkenstocks with the lace ups. This is kind of a cute look and the sneakers make it look a little sportier. I think I’d probably like this better with a more casual t-shirt, but I had dressed for a Zoom call (party up top and comfort down below).

Outfit #2: T-shirt and distressed jeans

Okay, this is probably the exact outfit I’d wear with the lace ups. This is my uniform all fall, winter and spring… adding in a sweater when it gets chilly. I love the way these look with these boyfriend jeans and I can see them being equally as cute with a pair of ankle-length skinny jeans. Love this combo!

Outfit #3: Casual dress and Casual dress and jean jacket

I always see ladies rocking the casual dress and sneakers combo on Instagram and love it… but do I look like an 80’s secretary who put on her sneakers to commute home from the office? Is it better or worse with the jean jacket? Very undecided on this look… maybe I just need to get used to it? Would love your thoughts!

The verdict:

While I’m not totally sold on the sneakers with my dress outfit, I am digging them with my shorts and my jeans. I typically stay in sandals until September anyways, but these lace ups will be perfect to throw on with pretty much anything in my closet. I’m already imagining them with a slouchy oversized sweater and skinny jeans. These are keepers for me.

$20 Referral Code

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. If you choose to use my referral link you will receive $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s and I will also receive $20 off a future Rothy’s order.

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