A March Fitness Challenge. Maybe.

A couple weeks ago I was feeling kind of… pudgy. Apparently I had myself a bit of a fluffy February. So, I was thinking maybe I could spice things up with a fitness challenge for March. I was calling it “MARCH into Fitness” and would do a corny eyebrow raise for my husband’s benefit.

But I never actually got around to figuring out WHICH fitness challenge to do. I mean, I’m already trying to eat relatively healthy. I’m already trying to get to the gym 9x a month. What should I do??

I have the iWatch, so I thought maybe I could try to close my rings every day. For those non iWatch people, you have three fitness rings with the goal to close them.

Ring 1: Your Move goal. For me it is set at 500 calories a day.

Ring 2: Your Exercise goal. Mine is set at 30 minutes each day.

Ring 3: Your Standing goal. I need to stand up for at least a minute (and move around) each hour for 12 hours during the day. This is especially good for getting me up from being hunched over the computer for hours on end.

Some days I do a great job at closing my rings, but others… not so good. Here is what January looked like:

So, that’s a goal idea.

Another idea is to try and get to the gym a higher number of times for the month. Maybe 10? Or 12? Or 15? Or actually achieve my current goal of 9…


This all sounds like a lot of work.

Are any of you doing a fitness/health/back on track kinda challenge this month?

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Another Baltimore Running Festival 5k

I feel like I’ve run at the Baltimore Running Festival a dozen times or so, but I was going back through my posts and photos and it appears that this is just my fifth time.

I say *just* but HECK YEAH for me making myself run at the festival five times!

My first visit to the Baltimore Running Festival was in 2012 when I ran my first 5k after having Jack. I signed up rather impulsively and wasn’t quite sure if I could do it, but I ended up giving myself a pep talk and was pleased to find out my uterus did not fall out during the run (read it here).

Because that’s every new mom’s concern, right?

I’m not sure what I did in 2013 and 2014, because apparently I didn’t do the race those years. I’m honestly not sure why. But having a toddler probably had something to do with it. Perhaps I was napping?

In 2015, my brother, sisters and I ran the Team Relay. I trained for a few months to get my body up to doing the mileage required for the first leg, which was 6 miles. We made capes and the four of us destroyed the race… and I posed with a penguin, as you do (find it here).

I returned to the 5k in 2016 and 2017, but 2017 was extra special because Jack ran his first Kid’s Fun Run (here’s that one, with a cute photo of Jack included).

He loved earning his very own medal, so we were both excited to have him run the fun run again this year.

And… they didn’t have it.

Such a bummer! They moved around the race course and apparently that made the fun run impossible… which sounds kind of hooky. I’m hoping that they will bring it back next year.

I did run the 5k again this year though. This time I went with my brother and his new wife. This is after the race, with our fancy medals:

The highlight of the race for me was when a group of military dudes came upon me, running together and chanting. You know, that military chanting thing they do? I muted my headphones and ran with them for about a quarter mile. It was AWESOME. And exhausting. So after that bit I slowed down a little to finish the race.

And that’s it.  Nothing exciting. No uterus worries. No penguins.

Just another medal to add to my collection. Which works for me.

{I would have enjoyed another penguin though…}

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Go to TJMaxx and Marshalls for Exercise Clothing!

{This is not a sponsored post, I just really love TJMaxx and Marshalls!}

Yeah, I basically said it all in the title of this post. But I really think that most people don’t realize how great the exercise clothing sections are at TJMaxx and Marshalls!

I’m coming up on 3 months of going to the gym and with my new habit I’ve been whittling down my activewear drawer. I can’t stand uncomfortable workout clothes, so if I wear an item that drives me nuts, I launder it and stick it straight in the ‘donate or sell’ pile.

I’ve noticed with going to the gym, I have different needs when it comes to my leggings.

When I run outside, I usually wear a fanny pack around my waist to hold my license, keys, phone, etc. So, it’s okay that my leggings don’t have pockets. Actually, they do have that one little credit card sized pocket in the waistband, but it’s pretty much useless.

When I go to the gym, I really need an accessible pocket in my leggings.

I like to have my phone with me for music, or texting, or making a quick note when I think of something important. If I’m on the elliptical machine, it’s fine because they usually have a cup holder I can use for my iPhone.

The problem comes when I want to jump off the elliptical and use the machines and/or free weights. I have to sit my phone down, move it to the next place, move it again… it’s an annoying juggle.

I mean, it’s not QUITE as bad as those infomercials where people can’t do normal stuff without falling over, but it’s annoying.

So, I went to TJMaxx with some very specific leggings criteria: they had to be high-waisted, capri length, and they absolutely MUST have an easy-access pocket that would fit my phone. Bonus points if they were solid black or a dark color.

I checked every single pair in my size and came across three options. They were each right around $16, so I bought all three of them and I’ve been wearing them for the past few weeks. WHAT. A. CHANGE.

Oh my gosh, just having leggings with pockets has made my life so much easier! They’re also pretty darn cute, so I don’t mind running errands on my way to or from the gym.

Anyways, I couldn’t find my exact pair on the TJMaxx website, but if you are in the market for some fitness clothing I highly recommend you check them out. I’ve been telling all my friends in person, so I figured I’d tell my online friends too!

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