DIY: A Quickie Pillow with PomPoms

Do you guys remember when I thrifted a load of fabric for a steal? That’s right, back in August I found some fabulous canvas or linen floral fabric. I eyeballed it at about 4 yards and it was marked at just $2.49 and then on sale for $1.25. For all of it. INSANE!

After sticking it in my sewing stuff box for a while, I had the random urge to be creative. So, I decided to pull out the fabric, a pillow form and some pompoms that I had sitting around for a little project.

In my opinion, the pompoms totally make the pillow! It’s actually not that much harder to add on the pompoms – you just pin them to the sides of the pillow and sew everything all together at once. I didn’t do a full tutorial because I pretty much just sew using common sense. Need two things to stick together? Pin them and then sew a straight line. Need to add some pompoms? Pin it on the line you are about to sew. Boom. Easy peasy, lemon squeezie.

Anywhoo, I added the pillow to my favorite little reading area in my den and look how cute it is!

Oh and if you want more of an instructional post. I found this one I wrote WAY BACK in 2012 showing how I made a pillow from a pack of napkins: The Hunt for the Perfect Yellow Pillow. It’s kind of crazy how much my house décor has changed over the past 9 years and it was especially nice to get a glimpse of my sweet dog Potter again!

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AR Workshop: Cupid Box

As Miley sings, I just CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP with the AR surprise boxes. My addiction kicked off with the Harvest Box, which was full of some pretty fantastic fall-themed goodies. Then, I HAD to get the Jingle Box, because obviously I want a box of fun holiday-themed surprises! So, when they came out with the Cupid Box for Valentine’s Day, I figured I might as well get myself a gift…

If you want to see the reveals of the previous boxes, here you go:

Hints they gave about the Cupid Box:

Our limited release Cupid Boxes are a mix of handmade items, fun retail & local goods. Here are some hints: we have included items that are sweet, lovely, and sparkly. The box is perfect for you or someone you know that loves surprises! The Cupid Box is valued at over $150, but costs $89.

Let’s check it out!

DIY Pillow Cover with Hearts Design

The AR Workshop always includes a DIY project in each box and this one was perfect for us! Jack and I followed the instructions, busted out the provided paints, mixed our colors and made our own pillow cover. It turned out super cute! Right now it’s stuffed with scarves from our coat closet, but next time we are out and about I’ll be grabbing a pillow form to fill it.

12” Round Lazy Susan with Love Design, Bling Jewelry Dish and XO Earring Posts

The AR Workshop also tends to include a handmade item from the workshop and this Lazy Susan is super cute. I love the “LOVE” design and it fits perfectly on my side table where I like to read to hold my Chapstick, hand lotion, a drink and snacks. Since it has a Lazy Susan base, it spins… so that’s super helpful.

The jewelry dish is pretty and I can easily find a place for it to hang out in our house. The XO earrings are so classic and dainty and I can actually see me bothering to change out my earrings to wear these. All three items are totally not something I would have bought/made myself, but they are the perfect kind of surprise gift that I love to receive!

Champagne Cup Tumbler, Mini Bottle of Champagne and Sugar Cookie

First off, the cookie was eaten pretty much immediately and it was yummy. The champagne is still chilling in my fridge, but I’ll have to crack it open next time I’m feeling like a break. As for the pretty cup… Jack has already laid claim to it. Which is kind of hilarious, since it says “sipping bubbly, feeling lovely”!!!

Detox Bath Salts

I typically take showers, but Jack takes the occasional bath and inherits all my good bath stuff. He will probably use these bath salts too. But at least I can enjoy them secondhand… since he likes me to hang out in the bathroom and talk to him while he has his bath.

Once again, another winning surprise box from the AR Workshop!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

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6 Things Stories: Our Den

Someone I follow on Instagram recently shared the stories behind some of the items in her photo and I thought it was a really fun idea. I mean, when you think about it… basically every single thing in your house has a story behind it. So, I thought I’d put together a little “6 Things” series, starting with my Den.

Thing 1: Birds of Love

On the left side of our fireplace is a glass vase with sticks in it and little paper birds attached to them. If you take a closer look, you can see that each paper bird has a handwritten wish written on it. This is from my baby shower when I was pregnant with Jack and each guest wrote their wishes for us as a family. This is one of the most special gifts I’ve ever received and I love reading all the sweet words written on each bird!

Thing 2: The Home Sign

While my husband has many wonderful attributes, he typically is not a great gift giver. It’s okay, he knows this. And frankly, I’m pretty darn hard to buy for. A couple years ago, he decided that he really wanted to make me something special for Christmas. Something all by himself with his two hands… and NO help. He would sneak off to the garage time and time again, working hard in secret. And then on Christmas Day, I unwrapped this 100% homemade by my sweetie HOME sign. The “O” perfectly fits Jack’s old school picture and the sign sits in a place of honor.

Thing 3: Our Family Tree

I actually wrote a whole post about our Family Tree back in 2016 (you can read it here) and this is an actual tree illustration that traces my paternal family ancestry from 1699. I was able to get my hands on a digital version and update it before gifting a copy to each of my siblings for Christmas that year. Of course, now that there are more babies it will be time to do another update soon!

Thing 4: Great Bear Spring Company Crates

We use these crates to hold firewood, but they were originally used to hold 5-gallon glass bottles of water. Apparently, the Great Bear Spring company has been in business since 1888, and my best guess on dating these is that they came from around 1900.

So, how did I come to own them? Well, when my paternal grandfather passed away his house was FILLED with stuff. So. Much. Stuff. My grandfather was a huge collector of antiques and just generally cool old stuff. We were literally pulling antique soda crates out from underneath stair cubbies.

Anyways, cleaning the house out so that it could be listed for sale* was quite the undertaking and my dad asked everyone in the family to come over and take what they wanted.

Before I was able to get out there, my dad ran into an antiques appraiser lady. He told her to go on through the house and put anything she was interested in into a pile. So, she did. She made a big pile of stuff and left with the intention of soon coming back.

And then I got there… and my dad told me that was the pile that the antique lady collected. Some lady who isn’t even part of the family. Can you guess what I did? Yeah, I shopped that pile! She had a good eye… and I yoinked those crates (along with other stuff) right off of there into the back of our truck.

Oh, and if I remember correctly, she never even came back anyways. So, I appreciate that she did some of the ‘picking’ for me. And both Travis and I LOVE our firewood crates!

*Fun fact, my brother ended up buying the house so it’s still in the family!

Thing 5: My Old Bay Container

Here in Maryland we are known for putting Old Bay on basically everything – crabs, French fries, macaroni and cheese… everything! My brother and I did a 5k a few years ago (the Old Bay 5k) which was run by the McCormick Spice Company. While the race was nothing special – it was basically through an office park – the goodie bag was amazing. It was this giant Old Bay tin filled with a ton of different McCormick spices. While the spices are long gone, the tin is perfect for holding our fire starters with a bit of Maryland pride.

Thing 6: Jack’s Octopus

I love kid crafts. Like, SO MUCH. One of the things that I was so looking forward to when I had a kiddo was all those fantastic kid art projects that he would bring home from school. This one was from 2nd grade (I think) and it’s so cool and I love it so much!  

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