Walk-In Closet in Progress: The Before & My Plans

Well, I am one step closer to launching my walk-in closet plans… but like many projects it has already started to snowball.

As I mentioned back in July, our plan for our extra bedroom is to one day turn it into a fabulous master bathroom/walk-in closet combo. For now, it’s serving as my exercise room.

Anyways, a few months ago I had the idea to start working on my walk-in closet plans by starting with one wall. That way I can start using it NOW and also pay for it in little chunks, rather than do it all at once with the master bathroom renovation project.

I decided to move forward with my Ikea Pax plans (you can find them in this post, but I did end up changing a few things due to store availability). I taped off the area so that I could envision it:

The blue painters tape on the wall is the height of the wardrobe and the square on the carpet is its exact footprint.

With that plan in mind, we drove up to Ikea on my birthday so I could oooh and ahhh and touch all the things. We bought everything we needed for the project and dragged all 18 boxes up to our second floor so I could look forward to building it.

My plan was to rip down the wallpaper border, install the closet and live with it like that for a few months until my dad is able to get to our bathroom project. Our current plan is to start the full renovation this winter (he says December, which I interpret as early-Spring).

On my lunch break at home on Monday, I decided to give the border a little tug to determine whether its removal would be an easy project or a pain in my butt.

The good news is that the border is peel-and-stick and mostly comes off in larger chunks. The bad news is that the previous owner put the wallpaper up before painting the wall. So now I have a nice thick unpainted white border.


I guess it’s fine though. I mean, I always hated the poop brown color. I might as well repaint the whole room. Even though half of it will one day be a bathroom. Hmm… maybe I’ll repaint just most of the room? Actually, the Pax wardrobe will cover most of the wall. Perhaps I’ll repaint just some walls. DANG IT. Okay, I’m currently undecided on how much painting I’ll be doing… but there will be paint.

My new ‘to do’ list for this room is:

  • Remove border
  • Pick out paint color
  • Sand tops of walls so you no longer feel a ridge between the unpainted and painted area
  • See if I can move my cable/modem setup to a different room
  • Paint the walls
  • Get rid of everything that I don’t want to live in the room anymore (an old hallway carpet, the small TV area with exercise DVDs that I never use, etc)
  • Build the Pax system
  • Live out all my organizing fantasies

Let’s talk paint colors! The room will eventually be filled with the white wardrobe built-in systems, so you won’t really see a lot of the wall color. So, I wanted something that looked good with the white of the wardrobe and the tan of the carpet (which is thankfully in good condition).

I’ve narrowed it down to Greige or Ashberry. Both colors look good in the natural light that comes in the windows. They also look nice next to the white of the Ikea wardrobe and the tan of carpet. I think I’m leaning towards the Ashberry. But as soon as I say that, I start looking at the Greige.

Current Project Timeline:

I pulled about half of the border down on Monday night and I’m hoping to finish that project tonight after work. Then, I’ll give the walls a quick sanding to smooth out any bumps. The old hallway carpet is going to the curb for trash pickup tonight and I already dragged the small TV organizer into the basement.

I’m going to poke around and see if I can move my cable/modem to a different room tonight or tomorrow after work if I have the energy. I think there may be an unused cable jack in the living room, but I need to dig around for it.

So maybe a Home Depot run at lunchtime on Friday to pick up the paint. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be painting on Friday night or Saturday with the goal to start building the wardrobe on Sunday!

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Bathroom: Before & After with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Our downstairs bathroom has seemed like one of those that will always be a work in progress. It is super tiny, but it is the only bathroom on the first floor of our house, so it gets lots of use.

In January, we ended up tearing out the pedestal sink that took up a ton of space with NO storage, and replacing it with a small 18” vanity. I also painted the existing wood mirror/light combo white to match the new sink base and called it a day.

And yes, I know the sink and mirror are white but the toilet is almond colored. I thought it would bother me a lot more, but when your sink is ripped out of your wall and Home Depot only has a white sink option, you get over it real quick!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about changing the color of the bathroom. The turquoise was just seeming too aggressive lately and I was thinking of switching it to something a bit more muted. A few months ago, I brought home paint chips, stuck them to the wall, stared at them awhile and then pulled them all down because they were all pretty much the same color as what we had. Then, a couple weekends ago, I brought home another stack of paint chips and started all over again. I had narrowed it down to two ‘maybe’ colors when Jack and I needed to run out to Target.

And in Target, I somehow ended up in the wallpaper aisle. And then, my cart suddenly filled with a roll of wallpaper, a turquoise towel with tassels, and a wooden sign.


NONE of that was planned.

I decided it would be a fun afternoon project though, so when I got home I grabbed my wallpaper supplies from my office wallpaper project and got to work.

Here’s what I had for this project:

Here is the before:

Here is the after!

I have to say, the Opalhouse wallpaper was absolute junk compared to the wallpaper I used for my office project. It was thinner, kept sticking to itself, and you can see everywhere that there is a seam. If I had started using this wallpaper, I probably would not have done another wallpaper project until the memory faded in like 10 years. It. Was. Awful.

However, with that being said… I’m so in love with my updated bathroom. I even made a cute little video for Instagram that I watched probably 20 times:

Also, the letter sign makes me laugh every time I walk by that room.

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Office Updates: Before & After

It’s time for the full reveal! Last month, I shared Office Updates: The Before & My Plans and as happens often in life… some of my plans went great and one did not. Just as a quick refresher, I was planning to: add wallpaper, upgrade my cube organizer with new bins and legs, and organize my sewing area with a folding table and storage cart.

Here is the before:

First off, the wallpapering plan went spectacularly! I wrote a full Office Updates: Peel & Stick Wallpaper post that outlines the entire wallpapering process. It was much easier than I expected and I absolutely LOVE the look of the new wallpaper:

Here are the quick links to what I bought for my wallpaper project:

Next up, upgrading my cube organizer. I had organized it previously with a bunch of random boxes and it just looked super messy. Especially because it was right in view on my Zoom calls.

I went through and reorganized my cubes again, donated a bunch of stuff I wasn’t really using, and put other stuff into the nice new felt bins I purchased.

Unfortunately, although I ordered the gorgeous legs to screw into the bottom of my cube organizer, once I looked closely at the crappy laminate “wood”, I realized it wasn’t going to work at all without fully destroying the whole thing. I returned them and plan to be happy with the current state of things. Unless I come across something else that will work better when out thrifting.

What I bought for my cube project:

Last stop: the sewing corner! I had a table that I had thrifted probably 20+ years ago as my sewing table. Because the table was so large, it also became a catch-all place for crap that needed to go elsewhere. I wanted something much skinner that would fit just my sewing machine. I also wanted some open storage so that my sewing stuff was nearby.

I ended up going with a folding table that screws right into the wall. It is the perfect size for my sewing machine and can even collapse to the wall if I’m not planning to use it. Most of my sewing consists of hemming the length of skirts or making easy pillows… so I don’t really need much space. However, if I do need a larger sewing space for a gigantic project, I can always set my sewing machine up on my desk, which is right across the room.

As for the cart – I LOVE it! It went together super easily and has wheels, so I can roll it around if I’d like. It’s perfect storage for my extra fabric, pins, scissors, thread and miscellaneous sewing stuff. Now it’s right within my reach, takes up less room, and is super organized.

What I bought for my sewing area:

Here is my favorite Before & After:

And one more for funsies:

As an added bonus, that little area to the left of my organizer is a perfect background for outfit photos!

If you add up the cost of everything I purchased for my Office refresh, the total is: $191. I’m super thrilled at the new look of my office. Especially because I spend a lot of time there on my telework days. I wish I had done this a year ago!

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