Our Front Entrance: The Before

You guys, our front entrance is an absolute mess.

When we moved in, the previous owners had some weed-block down, covered with stepping stones and some brown stones. I wish I had a photo of it, but frankly it didn’t look great… so I guess I never bothered to photograph it.

A couple years ago, Travis couldn’t take it anymore and shoveled out the whole area, put down more weed-block, and added nicer stepping stones and river rock stones. It looked really great, until Countess Von Nibbles decided to build a hole directly in the path. {I highly recommend you check out this blog post, if only for the video}

Yes, that’s a groundhog.

She’s no longer with us (untimely death by vehicle) and we re-homed her children, Salt & Pepper, because they lived in the fenced in area of our backyard and decided that they were not afraid of Ollie. {Here’s that post if you want to revisit that cuteness}

Anywhoo, I went a little off track there…

The point is, that after the groundhog ripped a hole in the walkway… then the weeds came in. Because weed-blocker is crap and totally doesn’t work. And we hate weeding, but even when we would pull all the weeds they’d return with a vengeance.

And this is what our front entrance looked like this morning:

We are calling this the BEFORE of this Before and After job. Because while our front entrance looks like a mess today, it will look completely different tomorrow!

Since we ended up cancelling our vacations this year (thanks COVID), we decided to spend some money on hiring a concrete contractor to dig out the mess and put in a stamped concrete walkway.

I’ve looked at his other work and feel confident that he’s going to do a great job. However, for someone who likes to do everything herself, this is taking a big heap of trust. While I have a general idea how the finished product will look, I’m not totally sure how it will all end up, so I’m pretty excited to see the AFTER!

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Autumn Thoughts

I so love this time of year.

After months of living in shorts and sandals, there is just something magical about digging in my closet and drawers to find my sweaters. I love finding my old favorites and reveling in the feeling of putting them on for the first time of the season.

Or reintroducing my feet to socks… or FLUFFY socks!

I love feeling just a little bit chilly and then grabbing a blanket or my slippers. Instead of switching to iced coffee in the afternoon, I have another cup of hot coffee. And an apple cinnamon doughnut!

Even the smells of fall are cozy. I love that whiff of bonfire that travels through the air on a crisp evening. Or the smell of leaves turning into their beautiful autumn colors. I love multicolored pumpkins on the front porch, especially the blue cinderella pumpkins that look like they are straight out of a fairy tale.

In Maryland, Fall might last a couple months… or just a week or two before ‘second summer’ hits with a randomly hot day. Or winter comes with it’s need for scarves, gloves and fleece lined tights.

But Fall. It’s my favorite

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Each year on my birthday, I post an annual birthday picture. Since my birthday was over the weekend, I’m posting today.

If you feel like doing a little clicking, here are my previous photos: 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37, and 36.

And now, I’m 43.

Over the weekend, my husband and I had an overnight getaway to Northern Virginia. My parents watched Jack overnight, which was a total treat! We took my husband’s motorcycle with us and did some backroads riding, ate a bunch of yummy food, took a look in a few antiques shops, and made each other laugh a lot.

On Sunday, I had an outdoor picnic with my family with some absolutely delicious homemade apple crumble pie, courtesy of my brother. All in all, it was a perfect weekend and a wonderful start to 43!

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