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Reviewing FabFitFun: The Summer 2018 Box Reveal

14 Jun

When I shared the spoilers for this quarter’s FabFitFun box, I knew it was looking to be a good one… but OHMYGOSH it is so good!

Before we get into the goodies, here is a quick overview of FabFitFun:

Here’s the Summer 2018 box:

Here’s what’s inside:

Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case, retail $58
Summer & Rose Beach Towel, retail $55
I love a good travel makeup case! I have a work conference coming up at the end of the month, a few trips down to Ocean City this summer, and a fantastic wedding cruise for my sister’s wedding in December. This train case is perfect – it has a separate upper compartment for makeup brushes that will also be great for my toothbrush and mini toothpaste. The bottom compartment is nice and roomy for everything else. This came in two color options and I picked the navy blue with the patterned inside. SO CUTE!

I paid an extra $10 to add the second option of the Summer & Rose towel to my box and I’m really glad that I did. This oversized microfiber towel is super soft and really nice and thin, so it can easily be rolled up and shoved in a beach bag. We used it over the weekend at a pool party and I like it so much that I wish I had two more so we could ALL use one!

Tarte tarteist PRO to go palette and Sex Kitten Liquid liner, retail $43
I’m pretty boring with my makeup and don’t really mix it up much. However, this palette has really pretty eyeshadow colors so I’m going to keep it to play with it. I’ve already started adding the light gold to my normal eye shadow look. I’m also planning to try out the liquid liner to see if I can finally figure out that cat eye thing.

ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel, retail $45
I love a good face product, so I’m excited to try out this enzyme peel. You apply it for 10 minutes and the non-abrasive fruit enzymes work to leave skin soft, revitalized and radiant. Sounds good to me!

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator, retail $29
I’ve used this exfoliating cleanser before and I really like it. I’m glad to have a refill available for when mine runs out!

ERTH TU Y YO ring, retail $55
Pier 1 Imports Marble Ring Dish, retail $14.99
This 14k gold-plated ring features two naturally cultured freshwater pearls set in a classic and modern design. I picked this one over a body scrub and aromatherapy muscle gel, but now that I’ve received it, I don’t really like it on me. Eh.

I love a good jewelry storage dish and this one is really pretty with the marble finish and gold trim. I put this on my nightstand to hold some tums (I often wake up in the middle of the night and need one), but it’s only a matter of time before Jack steals it to show off his latest Lego minifigure creation…

FOREO LUNA fofo, retail $89
The Foreo Luna fofo was actually launched in this FabFitFun box, so we are the first people to get to try it out! It uses Bluetooth technology and skin sensors to create a personalized profile for the fofo. Basically, you wet your face and add cleanser, then run the fofo over your face. It vibrates and the silicone points clean your face. It has an app that goes with it that was having some buggy problems, so I’m waiting a week or so before I start trying to use it with the app!

COOLA Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea Moisturizer, retail $32
This SPF doubles as a face moisturizer, so it’s perfect for summertime use. It is also made with 70% organic ingredients, so that’s pretty great.

Overall Thoughts
This may be my favorite box out of all the FabFitFun boxes… but I’ve probably said that before. I love the variety of items in the box and I’m most excited about the microfiber towel, train case, and fofo. The total value of everything in my Summer FabFitFun box is $421. I did pay the extra $10 to get the train case AND the towel, but it was totally worth the tenner!

What is your favorite item from the Summer FabFitFun box?


Do you want to try out the FabFitFun box? I have a special code that will give you $10 off your first box, just use this link.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and FabFitFun did not pay for me to review their products on my blog. If you decide that you would like to sign up for your own subscription and use my link, I will receive referral credits on my account and you will receive $10 off your first box.

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Do You Have a Favorite Product for (gasp) Aging Skin?

12 Jun

Man, this getting older thing is rough. I’ve pretty much given up on wearing high heels and my body sounds like a cracking drum solo when I stretch in the morning. Of course, it’s better than the alternative…

So, as I’m getting older I’m trying to do even better at taking care of my skin. I’ve been using a really great moisturizer for probably 20+ years that I swear by, but I’ve recently added a couple new products to my routine. I’d love to know if you have any products that you are obsessed with, so leave me a comment and let me know what you recommend!

Here’s what I use:

Origins A Perfect World SPF 40 Age-Defense Moisturizer
Find it here

I’ve been using this moisturizer forever and love it for keeping my face hydrated and protected from the sun. They changed the formula a year or so ago to a higher SPF, so the consistency is a little thick now… but it does such a good job that I just slap a little power on the shiny areas and go on my way!

Here’s what I’ve recently added:

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum
Find it here

I received a deluxe sample of this a while ago and I’ve been using it religiously each day in the am and pm. It goes on like a super light lotion and claims to visibly and dramatically minimize multiple signs of aging. It is supposed to “reduce fine lines, diminish pores, even skin tone and give you plumper, smoother skin.” Over the past 6 weeks of using this serum, my skin tone is definitely more even and my fine lines around my eyes are much less noticeable. The full size is pricy at $77, but the sample has lasted me for so long that I think it is worth the investment.

Aveda tulasara Wedding Masque Eye Masque
Find it here

I had an online return to go back to Aveda, so I had a store credit to spend. I’ve been wanting a really good eye cream and this one was highly recommended online and by the Aveda sales associate. It is a super tiny container for $55, but you use such a minuscule amount that it will probably last me a year or longer. According to Aveda, “the ultra-rich crème masque brightens skin around the ye area overnight and contains a potent turmeric extract to help visibly even skin tone by diminishing the look of dark circles over time.” I’ve been using this for 2 weeks so far and I do think my eyes look brighter and less puffy. Also, using this in conjunction with my serum has really impacted the fine lines that were starting around my eyes.

Now it’s your turn… what do you use? Please share in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Reviewing Overtone: Vibrant Orange Deep Treatment

31 May

{This is NOT a sponsored post. Also, it’s really long and detailed… because when I was looking for reviews I couldn’t find anything that gave me specifics!}

You guys, being a not-natural redhead is SO frustrating! I paid a crap-load of money at my salon to go back to red and just three weeks later it had faded to mostly brown!

Here’s me on March 28th directly after my salon appointment:

And here’s me on April 17th:

Maybe still a smidge of red… (depending on your monitor or mobile device screen) but that’s about it. In just THREE WEEKS! Not cool. Not cool at all.

I’ve been seeing a ton of ads for Overtone, which is a color-depositing conditioner. However, it was mostly for people with “fantasy-colored” hair – like pink, green and purple. I love me some fantasy-colored hair (and spent most of college with purple streaks), but nowadays I have to stick to more ‘natural’ colors with my job. I saw that they had both an orange and a red option though, so I wondered if it would work for me to keep my red around longer than a couple weeks…?

For each color, there are three options: Pastel, Vibrant and Extreme. I decided to go with Vibrant, as it is pigmented but not CRAZY pigmented like the Extreme version.

My main issue with my initial red color from the salon was that it was a bit too ‘cherry’ red and not as ‘copper’ red as I wanted it to be. So, after stalking basically every single one of the customer photos on the Overtone website I decided to go with the Vibrant Orange Deep Treatment ($28) and the Vibrant Orange Daily Conditioner ($17). I ended up getting a set that came with a travel size, so I got a Vibrant Red Daily Conditioner to try mixing it in with the orange one if I felt too orangy.

I grabbed a pair of my husband’s plastic gloves from his garage and used them in case the conditioner stained my hands. {Note: I skipped the gloves the second time I used it and totally stained my fingernails orange for two days…so be sure to wear gloves!} For my first introduction to Overtone, I sectioned my hair and applied the Vibrant Orange Deep Treatment to all of my hair. The jar says to use it for 10 – 15 minutes, but I was afraid it wouldn’t ‘stick’ to my hair… so I left it on for 25 minutes.

I decided to try making a video for you guys to show you my before, during and after:

Did you like it? It was my first try at doing a fancy video!

Anyways, one thing I forgot to talk about is the smell. Typically, when you dye your hair you stink up the whole place. Since this is a deep conditioner with pigment and not a full-on dye with lots of chemicals in it, it smells really good! It’s kind of minty and I actually really liked the way my hair smelled after it was dry.

Here’s a photo of my “after” from that day, right after I did the video:

Day 1

I love, love, love that this deep conditioner not only made my hair super soft, but it took my color back to when I left the salon! I think I can probably get 3 – 4 uses out of each jar of my Deep Treatment, which is MUCH more reasonable than my colorist.

Okay, so the Deep Treatment was the first step. The Daily Conditioner was my second step. Unlike the initial Deep Treatment, the Daily Conditioner is meant to keep your color from fading (rather than put in new color). Since my hair was initially pretty bright, I did a few normal washes with my regular shampoo and conditioner. Here is what my hair looked like after 7 regular washes (normal shampoo and conditioner) and 1 regular shampoo/Overtone Vibrant Orange Daily Conditioner (on for about 4 minutes):

Day 12

This is basically the EXACT shade of ‘natural’ ginger/copper that I was hoping for! My only complaint is that my roots were becoming more and more noticeable:

So, a few days after this photo I decided to try and deal with *just* my roots. I parted my hair – left it dry – and finger-painted on the Vibrant Orange Deep Treatment JUST on my roots at my part. I left it on for about 9 minutes and stuck my head in the sink to wash it out. Then, I worked out and later showered with my normal shampoo and the Daily Conditioner.

You can barely see my roots anymore! Call me IMPRESSED!

After this little experiment, I started using the Vibrant Orange Daily Conditioner every other time I washed my hair. I did it a little weird though. After shampooing, I’d part my hair and then put on the conditioner…making sure to fully cover each hair and those stubborn roots. I’d leave it on for 5 minutes or so while doing the rest of my shower stuff and then wash it out at the end of my shower. Since the Vibrant Orange worked so well, I stuck with that and didn’t mix in the Vibrant Red.

The color seems to stick better to my pre-dyed hair than my undyed regrowth, so I had to do another root touchup after a couple more weeks. Here I am 4 weeks after my initial Deep Conditioner treatment with the Daily Conditioner upkeep:

Day 28

I took this photo for my Spring Trunk Club review, which is why I’m wearing sunglasses… Anyways, my hair still looks bright and vibrant! It has faded a bit but I’m really happy with the copper color and the fact that I’m still a redhead 4 weeks after my initial Deep Treatment!

Day 34

Here I am 5 weeks after the original Deep Treatment… and still a ginger! This was right after my facial at Origins, which is why I’m bare faced.

At about 5 ½ weeks, I decided to go ahead and do another Vibrant Orange Deep Treatment to brighten everything back up. This time, I left it on for just about 12 minutes. It still turned out a little brighter than I prefer, but I know that after 2 or 3 washes it will be perfect again. It looks like I’ll only need to do a deep treatment every 5 weeks or so.

I’m soooo happy with Overtone and I’m thrilled that this may be exactly what I was looking for to stay red ALL the time… not just for the first couple weeks after I go to the stylist! It doesn’t seem to ‘stick’ to my undyed roots as well as it does my pre-lightened hair, so I won’t be able to cut my stylist out of my life for good. But reducing my appointments to just every 12 weeks or so will be a great time and money saver.

So, to answer my initial question. YES. Overtone works. If I had bleached my hair out and wanted a fantasy color, it would be PERFECT for keeping my hair color a super bright pink, purple or blue. But it is also pretty awesome for a ‘natural’ looking ginger color. I think my only mistake was leaving the initial Deep Conditioner on for too long. For my next try, I’m going to cut it down to just 10 minutes or so, and hopefully I can bypass the ‘too bright’ phase all together.

I think I might do a ‘6-month update’ to keep you all posted on how it goes!

Do you have any questions that I didn’t answer in my 1,300+ word review? Did you enjoy my first try at a video? Leave me some comments and let me know your thoughts!

If you’d like to try Overtone, I have a referral code that will give you $10 off your first order: If you do decide to use it, or if you’re already an Overtone lover, please take a photo of your Overtoned hair and tag me in it on Instagram (I’m @PocketfulofJoules on there too)!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. If you choose to use my referral code, you will get $10 off your first order and I will also receive $10 if you make a purchase of $30 or more.

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My Favorite Drugstore Mascara

22 May

When it comes to makeup, I’m not too fancy. On workdays I wear eyeliner, an eye shadow stick, mascara, eyebrow fill-in pencil and a bit of power to take away any shine from my lotion. On non-workdays, I’m usually bare-faced.

Since I only use a few products, I’m super picky about them. Especially my mascara. I want a lightweight mascara that won’t flake off throughout the day and it absolutely, positively must NOT clump. I want it to make my eyelashes look naturally black… not like scary spider legs stuck to my eyelids.

Is that too much to ask?

I’ve tried a bunch of different options over the years and my favorite for quite a while was Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara from Sephora. However, it costs $24 per tube, which is kind of crazy for a tiny tube of makeup.

I’ve been trying out a bunch of cheaper options and finally found my new favorite. It is perfectly black, goes on silky smooth, doesn’t budge, doesn’t clump… and it’s $6!

It’s Covergirl Clump Crusher and I picked mine up at Target, but they have it on for a little cheaper.



The bristles on the brush work great at separating my lashes and putting on the perfect amount of mascara. I’ve been using this for the last few months and every day, it goes on smooth as can be with no clumping or flaking. I’ve been telling everyone I know to go buy this mascara and now I’m telling you guys too.

Here it is on
Here it is on

It’s awesome! And $6! Which makes it even more awesome!

Do you have a drugstore makeup item that you swear by? Please share in the comments!

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