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My Den Update: The AFTER

19 Feb

A couple weeks ago I shared my den with you (read it here). While it was one of my favorite rooms in the house, it needed some work with an undersized rug that I no longer liked, too much clutter, and a weird corner area.

To remind you, here was the before:

I was hoping to solve all my den issues with three “problem solvers” from Wayfair:

  • Susan Blue Area Rug (size 6 x 9), on sale for $83.99. (find it here)
  • Hillis Curtain of Fairy String Lights, on sale for $26.99. (find it here)
  • Tall Water Hyacinth Wicker Basket, on sale for $38.99. (find it here)

In addition to spending $150 at Wayfair, I also brought in a fake plant from another room and removed a bunch of clutter. I also finally put away my Christmas tree… in February.

Here is the after:

I couldn’t get Ollie to leave this photo…
A better look at the fabulous rug!

The rug is exactly what I was hoping for! It is a couple feet wider than the previous version and a foot longer too. The classic style makes such a difference in the room. I moved the rug a bit closer to the back wall so that it filled the space better, but still left a walkway from the laundry room/garage/bathroom. The other rug got rather dirty from all the foot traffic, so with a larger walkway we can avoid dirtying up the rug with our shoes. 

As for all that clutter, I moved Ollie’s crate into the sun room since he only uses it when he stays at someone else’s house. I relocated all the games that previously lived in the side table and also added a fake plant from another room. I also removed the pillow and blanket from the massage chair.

When it comes to that corner area, I removed the photo that was on the wall, the chalkboard, the random mirror, etc. Instead of a bunch of random crap, I hung the fairy lights on the inside of the overhang and moved our hand-me-down ottoman (a favorite from my grandparent’s house) into that area. When we have a bunch of people over, the ottoman rolls out and makes for some easy extra seating. For now, I stacked my new basket on top and it is used for snuggle blanket storage when we aren’t snuggling.

I am so happy with how everything turned out for a relatively low cost. I was also really impressed with the quality of what I ordered from Wayfair. In fact, I’m already eying the kitchen/dining tables for a replacement that won’t break the bank…

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My Cold Weather Cozy Essentials

11 Feb

Most of us are in the thick of the cold weather yuck. You know… snow, ice, freezing rain, sky-high heating bills. It’s months like this that make me want to pack and move someplace warm. I thought I would share some of the cozy stuff I use to get through the season.

My Barefoot Dreams Cardigan (find it here)

Source: Nordstrom. com

Jack refers to this as my robe, but it is actually just the softest cardigan in all the land. I got it in a Trunk Club box in January 2018 and during the cold weather months I’m wearing it at home 100% of the time. If I were buying it today, I would go for the darker gray version from the photo… but my light gray version is pretty too. I love that it is lightweight but incredibly warm and soft, and it has pockets. It was rather expensive, but if I figured out the cost per wear it would be well below $1 per wear at this point.

Tony Moly Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack (find it here)


When the weather gets cold and the air becomes full of static, I switch over to this deep conditioner. I first posted about this conditioner back in October 2017 and have been using it during the winter months ever since. It has adorable packaging, is super moisturizing, and smells like a mix of vanilla and macadamia nuts. What’s not to love?!

Carmex Lip Balm (find it here)


I’m a year-round lip balm kinda girl and usually reach for Chapstick. However, in the winter I need to bump it up a notch and the Carmex Lip Balm gives me a little extra moisturizer for my poor dry lips. I bought the little Carmex pots for years and just recently switched to the sticks… which I like since I don’t have to get my finger all greasy.

Philosophy Glazed Body Souffle Cream (find it here)


I have probably tried hundreds of different lotions and creams at this point and have a bunch of favorites, including cocoa butter, the Body Shop’s body butters, and pure coconut oil. Every so often I’ll find Philosophy body souffle’s at Nordstrom Rack or Marshalls and I’ll totally hoard them. The cream goes on silky smooth and it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. I’m currently using the Marzipan Dreams version and I love it so much.

Bonus Love: Homemade Fire Starters

I first blogged about making homemade fire starters FOUR years ago. You can find the post here. Well, I’ve been making them ever since… including a batch over this past weekend. I just collect the egg containers and lint throughout the year and mix up a new batch of wax whenever I need to refill my fire starter box. I actually ordered a big bag of wax back in 2015 (I got this one) and didn’t realize HOW BIG a 10 pound bag actually was. I actually have only used half the bag so far! If you love having fires in your fireplace, I highly recommend making your own fire starters from crap that would have just been thrown out or recycled anyways!

Do you have a cozy winter essential that you can’t live without this time of year? Please share in the comments!

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Trunk Club Review: Revisiting a Dress

27 Jan

A couple weeks ago, I shared my Trunk Club: Office Style box. I had two finalists – a blouse and a dress – but ultimately decided to pass on both of them. The dress was super cute, but… it was pink.

This is the Girl Meets Glam Edith Midi Dress ($178) and I really liked the weight of the fabric (with a fantastic silky lining), the pockets, the v-neck and the swingy skirt. I didn’t like the color though… so when I saw that it was also available in navy I was intrigued.

I tried a 12 in the initial dress (depending on the brand, I can wear anywhere from a 10, 12,14, medium, large, extra large, etc…). It fit well most places but was a little smushy on the bust. So, when I sent back my Office Style trunk, I asked my stylist to send me out the dress in navy in both a 12 and a 14 for me to try.

The 12 fit constant with the pink version, and still squished my chest down. Here is the 14:

The navy color on me is a great improvement on the pink and I still love the fabric, pockets and swingy skirt. By going up a size, I got a teeny-tiny bit more room in the bust area… but now the shoulders are too big, the waist is a bit too big and the skirt seems to come down just a bit too long in the front.

It’s really not that noticeable in this photo, but if you look close you can see that the shoulder seams are poking out. This type of dress is meant to look beautifully tailored, and unfortunately it just doesn’t fit on my body. If I loved it more, I’d pay to have it tailored… but as Randy Jackson said in 2002, “It’s a no for me, dawg.”

I do feel like the dress is made really well and could be a great work wear piece. it kind of reminds me of the classic pieces that M.M. Lafleur puts out. So if you are a bit less busty than me and looking for a good neutral work dress, you may want to try it. All in all, I decided to send them both back, as I have other dresses that are much more flattering already in my closet. I feel like Marie Kondo would approve.

Do you think I made the right choice?

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My Favorite Insoles for Warm & Toasty Feet

24 Jan

I hate cold feet. And we are right now in that crappy part of winter where basically ALL of me is cold, including my little toes. When I’m working from home, I can bundle up in blankets and slippers… but when I work at an office I need to be a *little* more presentable.

Note to self: see if I can sneak a blanket into the office for lunchtime cocooning…

When it’s SUPER cold outside, I just wear warm socks and boots. But on dressier days, that isn’t an option even though the office seems just as cold and breezy as the walk to the building. So, here are my favorite two insole options for keeping your toes toasty.

For Boots: ABUSA sheepskin insoles for $12.99

Find them here on Amazon:

I also have UGG insoles, but I like these even better. However, keep in mind… they are SUPER fluffy. So if you have a pair of boots that fit just right, these will probably make them too tight. However, if you are like me and buy boots with a little extra room (to fit fluffy socks!), then these might be perfect. They are fluffy and warm and only $12.99! I recommend ordering your normal shoe size – so for my size 9 boots, a size 9 insole works perfectly.

For Flats and Loafers: Shoeslulu lambswool shearling insoles for $10.00

Find them here on Amazon:

I love my Rothy’s but on chilly days it’s like my feet are little blocks of ice. For extra winter warmth, I take out the existing insoles and replace them with these. These insoles are pretty thin and take up almost the same amount of space as the Rothy’s insole, so it doesn’t change the fit. They add a nice thin layer of fluff and softness… and most importantly, WARMTH. I have a couple pairs of these that I switch in and out of my shoes and they have been holding up quite well. For my size 9 Rothy’s, I ordered a size EU 30/Women 8 – 8.5 insole and it fits perfectly. For non-Rothy shoes, you can probably stick with your regular shoe size.

How do you keep your feet warm during the winter?

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