Recent Jewelry Purchases that I LOVE

I was recently asked about my favorite jewelry. And to be honest, I tend to fall in and out of love with jewelry. Sure, I have my pieces I always wear – my wedding rings set and my little teeny baby diamonds in my ears. However, everything else just kind of comes and goes based on mood.

With that being said, I do have a few recent jewelry purchases that I have really been loving lately.

Watch Band from Machete

Find it here: Apple Watch Band in Classic Tortoise

I wear an Apple iWatch, but when it comes to the watch bands, I prefer something that looks more like an ‘actual’ watch band rather than the silicone ones you usually see. I ordered this Machete band in the Classic Tortoise color back in March and I’ve been wearing it ever since.

I bought the 38mm/40mm/41mm version with black hardware and it cost $65 (I think at the time I found a promo code from somewhere, so it’s worth it to google for one). Along with the watch, they send you a band adjustment kit – which I used to take 2 links out so the watch band fits my wrist. After almost 6 months of daily wear, it still looks perfect!

Lightweight Leather Earrings from BEELERY

Find them here: BEELERY on Etsy

I’ve recently started really loving big earrings. However, heavy earrings drive me nutty… so I searched out the lightest – but most fun – earrings I could find. Nickel & Suede is the brand that kind of ‘started’ the whole leather earring thing, but they’re a bit pricey ranging from $32 – 45 per pair. I have had luck buying the brand on Poshmark though for more than half off retail prices.

After picking up a few pairs secondhand, I checked out some etsy artists making very similar items and found BEELERY. I bought a pair of star earrings for just $15 and another pair that combined wood and leather for just $15.50.

There are lots of super cute designs and each pair is handmade by Deborah in Austin, Texas.

Necklaces from Katia Designs

Find them here: Katia Designs

I was fully *influenced* when it comes to Katia Designs. First, they got me on Instagram. Then, Facebook. I’d click through and pick a bunch of necklaces I love, but then leave before committing. Then the whole thing would start over again until I finally gave up and completed my order.

The first necklace I ordered was the Lighting Bolt ‘design your own’ necklace ($99). I picked the Matte Black chain, the amethyst stone and a bronze finish pendant. The super cool thing about these necklaces is that they come with a special double-sided magnetic clasp that you can put on the necklace in a few different ways so that it styles differently.

I mean, how ADORABLE is this?!

I also recently made a second order that should arrive later this week. This time for the ‘Remember who the F*$K You Are’ necklace ($99). For this one I picked the multi-colored chain, blue agate stone, and bronze finish.

I love these necklaces so much that I even got an affiliate link that I can pass through to you all. If you click on any of my Katia Designs links (or this one) and use the code KARM10 you will get 10% off your order.

Disclosure: Only the Katia Designs links are affiliate links.

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Loving Right Now: Uncoupled

It’s been a long time since I’ve binged a new television show. At this point, I pretty much just watch whatever new Marvel show is on Disney+ and watch new seasons of shows I already love when they come out. However, I recently saw a trailer for Neil Patrick Harris’ new show, Uncoupled, and I was pulled right in.

It’s 8 episodes and I watched them ALL in a day. This is pretty much unheard of for me – but it was like a perfect storm of being stuck in a room keeping Ollie quiet while the tile guys worked on our new shower and I had just finished a book. So… BOOM all 8 episodes of Uncoupled.


I loved the characters and the friendships and even the cringy bits. So, so good!

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Empty’s – July 2022

I decided to start a new series called “Empty’s” a couple months ago. My thoughts were that it’s helpful to revisit an item after it’s been used long term and you decide whether to repurchase it. Or not.

You can find my last post here: Empty’s

Here are the items in my Empty’s bin today:

Virtue Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner

I love Jennifer Garner and was very much influenced when she started posting about Virtue products. After using Olaplex for years, I decided to give Virtue a try and I ordered the sample sizes of the Virtue Recovery Shampoo (2.0 oz) and the Virtue Recovery Conditioner (2.0 oz). While there’s nothing really wrong with either product and they both smell quite nice, they were both just… fine. Considering the 8 0z version of the shampoo costs $40, I’m going to need more than ‘fine’ to repurchase this! I won’t be repurchasing either the shampoo or conditioner and sticking with Olaplex.

Marrakesh Oil – Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy Hair Styling Elixir

I had to look back in my blog archives to figure out when I received this oil in a previous FabFitFun box and was shocked that it was back in 2016 and I started using it in early 2017. This one bottle lasted me 5+ years?! After showering, I use one pump of this oil, rub it between my hands and then smooth it through my hair from the mid-sections to the ends. It makes my hair silky soft without looking greasy at all. On beach days, I add a couple pumps to my ponytail to keep it protected from the salty air. I actually received a back-up bottle a couple years ago and pulled it out as soon as this one was finished. I will certainly be re-buying this again in the future… which should be around 2027!

Disclosure: Not sponsored.

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