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Mask Mondays & My 3 Favorite Face Masks

13 Aug

I posted a silly photo on my Instagram stories recently and called it Mask Mondays… and then I realized I haven’t really posted much about my favorite face masks at all. I think it’s probably been around 6 – 8 months since I’ve started setting a reminder on my phone to do a mask each Monday, and I can really see the difference in my skin!

I have a few favorite masks… which vary by what time of year it is. For winter months, I tend to go with a more moisturizing mask and in the summer I pick one that is more exfoliating.

Let’s get on with it and check out my favorites!

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask
Find it here
Cost: $62 for 1 ounce
When I use it: Year-round



I received a .25 oz jar of this from somewhere – maybe from Birchbox when I was getting that subscription? I found it a few months ago in my beauty crap drawer and I’ve been using it constantly once a week for a few months now.

This is my absolute favorite mask. You spread on a super thin layer and let it sit for about 20 minutes. It claims that it “delivers instant glow, helps minimize the appearance of pores and is formulated to purify and remove surface debris and dead skin for a refreshed, instantly revitalized appearance.”

It totally lives up to the hype! My skin immediately looks more even and glowy and when I use it before going out I’ve actually gotten unprovoked compliments on my skin.

I’m at the point where my jar is almost empty and I still wipe at the sides trying to get at any leftover trace of the mask. I need to buy it again, but $62 for 1 oz jar hurts a little bit. My teeny jar has lasted quite a while though, so I need to just bite the bullet and make the purchase.

GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment
 Find it here
Cost $25 for 0.5 oz or $59 for 1.7 oz
When I use it: Summer



I bought this mask for a steal when FabFitFun was doing one of their annual sales. When I use it, the mask literally looks like I ground up some salad and stuck it on my face — complete with random leaves. It is really tingly though, which is awfully cool. It is supposed to “moisturize, exfoliate and lift away impurities without disturbing skin’s essential oils.”

I like this mask for summer time, because I feel like it sucks up any gross humidity/oil yuck that my face does after being outside in August. After I leave this one for about 10 minutes, I wet it a bit and smush it around a little to get in on some exfoliating action.

This one makes my face as smooth as a baby’s bottom and I like to follow it up with my Anti-Aging Power Serum (my recent post about aging skin).

Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask
Find it here
Cost: 4 for $28
When I use it: Winter



I was first introduced to Karuna face masks when I got a pack in a FabFitFun box and I totally fell in love with them. I’ve tried a few different varieties and the Hydrating + Face mask is my favorite. Next time you’re at a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, be sure to check the beauty area because I’ve totally snapped up some 4-packs for $10 – 12.

These are sheet masks, so each mask is for one use. According to them, “in a clinical test it results in 40% increased hydration.” I don’t know if my hydration is increased by 40%, but it is noticeably better!

Do you participate in Mask Mondays? What is your favorite face mask?


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Super Cheap DIY: Bra Extender

10 Jul

I think I mentioned that I have some weddings to attend soon: my brother and his fiancée are getting married in September, and then my sister and her fiancé are getting married in December. Both of my bridesmaid dresses require a strapless bra and I basically hate strapless bras. The only one that I can deal with that actually stays up and doesn’t look weird is a backless-strapless corset-type bra (also called a ‘longline’ bra) that I wore for my wedding. But my wedding was almost exactly 10 years ago, and my corset was a *little* too tight…

I initially went on the hunt for a new longline bra and saw that most of them were around $80. Sigh. What a waste of $80! I did find one that looked like it would work on the Nordstrom Rack website for $45… but when it came to my house and I tried it on, it made my boobs look super odd. The fit was awful and there was NO WAY it would work under my pretty dresses.

If only I could just make the bra I had a little bigger…

And then BOOM. I figured it out! A BRA EXTENDER!

I’d seen them for normal bras here and there, so I immediately went on Amazon to see if they made them for longline bras. I figured, worst case scenario I could buy a few smaller ones and put them together.

Not necessary though, because I found this:

The corset extender was only $10 and could work for any corset that had between 10 – 13 hooks. My longline bra had 13 hooks, so I thought it might work perfectly to solve my problems. It qualified for Prime shipping, so it came to my mailbox the very next day.

Here’s what it looks like:

And here it is about 3 seconds later, hooked to my existing bra:

SO EASY. And it works perfectly! The extender gives you an extra 1 – 3 inches and you can adjust it exactly to the length that you need. It matches my white corset perfectly and now when I put it on, I can breathe! And there is no back muffin-top situation!

Did you know that there were corset extenders out there? This easy little DIY saved me over $70!


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Reviewing CAUSEBOX: The Summer 2018 Box Reveal

5 Jul

After years of only getting the FabFitFun box, I recently had a weak moment and ordered another quarterly subscription box: CAUSEBOX. They released a few spoilers for the Summer 2018 box and I loved every single one of them…so I bit the bullet and bought myself a subscription with some of my ‘I sold a bunch of stuff on Facebook/Poshmark’ money.

Every season, members receive a limited edition curation of products from the leading socially conscious brands. Some of them are designed exclusively for CAUSEBOX. Each box is designed and filled with love. From the original artwork on the outside of the box, to the lovingly handmade products that fill it up, there is love in every detail. The cost is $49.95 per quarter if you subscribe annually, or $54.95 per quarter if you subscribe by the quarter.

The Summer CAUSEBOX #1 (the one I received) sold out in record time. However, they launched Summer CAUSEBOX #2 which contains many of the same items and it is still available! {This information is as of today when I checked their website} I don’t have a referral code to give you, but if you click on their website you might see a pop-up with a promo code on it:

Here is what was in my box:

D.Stil Reusable Water Bottle, $14.99 retail value
I was able to choose between a pink metal version and a blue glass version of the water bottle. I decided to go with the pink bottle because I love metal water bottles and we use them ALL THE TIME at my house. This one has a really nice powdered paint coating and with the pretty pink hue I have a feeling my husband won’t steal it from me!

Fair Seas Supply Organic Cotton Turkish Towel, $44.00 retail value
This do-everything Turkish towel was sustainably made from Organic Cotton. I saw this pretty yellow striped towel on their spoilers and I had to have it! It can be used as a beach towel, picnic blanket or even a cute sarong wrap. I took it with me over the weekend to the beach and wore it as a sarong, shoulder cover-up (when I felt like I was getting too much sun) and blanket to sit on. LOVE IT!

Kevia Wear it 6 Ways Tassel Necklace, $55.00 retail value
This tassel necklace can be worn 6 different ways and was ethically made in an environmentally sustainable way in China. This is the only item in the whole box that is not very ‘me’, so I think this one will go into my trade or gift pile.

Tribe Alive Foldover Clutch, $128 retail value
The reversible fold-over clutch was handmade by artisans in Jaipur, India and finished with a gorgous gold chain and tassel. This was exclusively designed for CAUSEBOX and annual members were able to choose between three colors. I went with the pretty pink version! It is the perfect size and color for the beach and I can see me getting lots of use out of it this summer and also in December for my sister’s cruise wedding trip. The only thing I don’t like about this clutch is that if you fold it over (as I prefer), you can’t use the chain. The chain only works if the clutch is fully opened into a rectangle.

Here’s a closer look:



Karuna Natural Fiber Sheet Mask (set of 4), $28.00 retail value
Karuna was the first sheet mask brand to launch in the US and they work with Beauty Bus to provide beauty treatments for hospital patients. I love Karuna masks, so I was excited to try a new version of them. Pro Tip: Make sure to check the beauty aisles at TJMaxx and Marshalls, because sometimes you can find Karuna sheet masks for just $10.

Zoya Nail Polish (set of 3), $30.00 retail value
This set of three summer-ready nail polishes is from the company that is pioneering the elimination of toxic ingredients from nail products. I love the bright color one and I might try the nude one on my nails for a subtle polished look.

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, $18.00 retail value
This almond shower oil cleanses softly while helping to hydrate and nourish the skin. This beauty brand is working to empower women in West Africa and harvest almonds responsibly. One of my absolute favorite scents is almond, so this one is going immediately into my shower.

Coco Davez Exclusive Art Print, $10.00 retail value
This art print was designed by Spanish artist Coco Davez and can either be framed or sent to a friend as a postcard. I love the look of this print, so it may be added to somewhere in my house… not sure where yet though.

Overall Thoughts
I’m so happy I bought this box! I love almost every single thing in my first CAUSEBOX, especially the clutch, water bottle and Turkish towel. I really wish I liked the tassel necklace… I may have to play around with it a bit. I added up the retail values of everything in my box and it came to $328, so this box was quite a deal!

What is your favorite item from the Summer CAUSEBOX?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

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Products that Suck

26 Jun

Okay, maybe the products don’t actually suck… but they certainly didn’t work the way I wanted them to.

I figured that since I enjoy sharing products I love; it would also make sense to share a few products that I certainly do NOT love!

Item #1: Dark Spot Corrector Cream by Whitening Labs



I have a spot on my cheek. I spoke to my dermatologist about it and she says that it’s just a sun spot/age spot. When I asked if we could burn that sucker off, she said that they *could* do a laser treatment on my face… but it wasn’t covered by insurance (cha-ching) and may only fade it a little. I know I could just cover it with makeup, but I’m not really a face foundation/concealer kind of girl. So, I figured I’d see if there was something over the counter I could try before giving up and naming it.

I found this Dark Spot Corrector Cream on Amazon and it has 305 customer reviews with a 4 ½ star rating. It cost $20, so I figured I’d give it a try. They recommend using it for 6 – 8 weeks to see results, so I used it twice a day for over two months and… NOTHING.

Not a change at all. Of course, after that much time passed it was no longer eligible for a return, so I shoved it in my medicine cabinet and I glare at it every so often.

Item #2: Admire my Skin Ultra-Potent Brightening Serum



I bought this product at the same time as the first one. It had 1,708 customer reviews with a total of 4 out of 5 stars. This one cost $24 and I also used it religiously… only for nothing to happen at all.

I emailed the company through the Amazon link and they immediately refunded my money. So, even though this product also didn’t work, I’m not quite as mad at them since they gave me my money back.

Item #3: Aloe Vera Gel


Okay, this one isn’t so much the product’s fault…but the internet’s fault. I was suddenly inundated with advertisements about cleavage wrinkles. Yeah, cleavage wrinkles are a thing. So, naturally… I started worrying that I had a wrinkly cleavage. As you do.

I didn’t want to buy the boobie mask all the ads were selling, but I wondered what was out there that would solve my newly determined cleavage wrinkle issue. The internet decided that the answer is Aloe Vera Gel. By buttering up my breastie area twice a day, I could have the décolletage of a baby bunny. Except, no. It literally did nothing and I look exactly the same. So, I give up. I’ll keep this one around in case someone in the house gets sunburn, but I’m calling this yet another fail!

Do you have a product that didn’t live up to its claim? Feel free to share it in the comments!

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