My $13 Slipper Refresh

I don’t know about you, but an integral part of my telework style is slippers. Even in the middle of the summer, I’m rocking my LL Bean Wicked Good Moccasins. In normal times, I’ll add the slippers to my Christmas list every other year for a replacement, but this year has been extra hard on my pair.

After just a year of daily wear, the fluffy wool lining on my moccasins was getting threadbare. The rest of the slippers still looked fantastic, but the insides were no longer “wicked good.”

I suddenly remembered that I had purchased an extra pair of boot insoles and threw them in my Shoe Care box (it’s a random box of various insoles, shoe stretchers, and black shoe polish that lives in my closet for shoe emergencies). And OH MY GOSH, I totally have to thank Past Joules for having Future Joules’ back… because I plopped the insoles in my slippers and they are HEAVEN!

These are the exact insoles I used: ABUSA Sheepskin Insoles, Men’s & Women’s. I usually wear a size 8.5 or 9 in shoes, so I purchased the Women US 9 size and they fit perfectly in my size 9 slippers. I didn’t bother removing the existing insole/bottom of the slipper and just shoved them on top of what was already there. The wool is very thick and fluffy and they basically made my slippers feel brand new.

In fact, I love them so much I just ordered a couple extra pairs. I figure I’ll add a pair to my most worn winter boots, and also throw a pair in my Shoe Care box for Future Joules to enjoy! I might even order a couple more to use for stocking stuffers this year, because who doesn’t love warm and comfy feet?

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Reviewing Dashing Diva Nail Strips (Compared to Color Street)

I’ve established before that I’m a fan of nail strips. In fact, I’ve reviewed both Color Street and Jamberry in the past. Basically, other than a professional manicure, nail strips are the only way I can have pretty nails. Which bring us to my latest experiment: Dashing Diva Nail Strips.

Color Street was my absolute favorite, but I figured I’d give Dashing Diva a try since they were so easy to buy (Color Street has to be ordered online) and they were cheaper ($6.99 per pack vs $12 per pack).

I picked up my first couple sets of Dashing Diva nail strips on a random Target run on impulse. Here are the exact ones I used for my first try: Dashing Diva Rose Sparkle. They also have their own Dashing Diva website with even more options: Dashing Diva Website.

My initial thoughts were that they were a bit more difficult to put on, had less size options than Color Street, and felt kind of plastic. More like a nail sticker than nail polish.

Now that I’ve tried a few different packs of strips over the last few months, I have a few additional thoughts:

Putting Them On: I still find them tricky to put on because my nails don’t necessary match exactly with their sizing options. However, one trick I found is once you get them on your nail, rather than using the included nail file, I like to use a nail clipper to clip the strip at the very end of my fingernail to get a perfect fit.

Wear and Tear. While the finish on the Dashing Diva nail strips is more ‘plastic’ than the real nail polish of Color Street, it has some benefits. First, they do NOT chip at all. Rather than chipping at the tips, I found that I might get a little bit of lift around the edges at the end of the week.

Here is what they looked like after one week – you can see the regrowth but there is no chipping!

Taking Them Off: Color Street nail strips are made of actual nail polish in strips, so to remove them you need to use nail polish remover. With some of the glitter shades, this is frustrating because it takes a long time to break through all that glitter polish. Dashing Diva nail strips are more like a nail sticker, so when you want to take them off you can just rip them off like a band-aid. It is best to first put a few drops of nail oil around the edges first so you don’t harm your nails.

Sometimes They Just Don’t Want to Play Nice: I’ve had a couple times when I’d go through my normal routine of drying my nails out with alcohol and then applying the strips only for one to just fall back off and not want to stick. It’s annoying and frustrating and I have no idea why this happens. So, I’ve found it’s best to just try again with a new strip.

While I haven’t been wearing nail strips on a regular basis since I’m mostly teleworking, I do like to put a new pair on every so often to brighten my day. I’ve found that they last about 7 – 10 days easily. At that point, I usually have enough regrowth that I just go ahead and rip them off. After removing the nail strips, my nails are quite dry… so I massage in some cuticle oil or hand lotion and then give my nails a break for a while before sticking on a new set.

Have you tried Dashing Diva nail polish strips? What do you think of them?

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My Top 3 Beauty Products from Causebox for 2020

In the name of self-care I feel like I’ve really been using more beauty products than ever. Sure, I skip on the makeup most days… but I’m all about my face wash, moisturizing lotions and serums lately. With that being said, I found that three of my absolute favorite items I’ve been using all came from Causebox this year.

You can find my original reviews here: Winter 2020 Causebox Review, Spring 2020 Causebox Review, Summer 2020 Causebox Review, and Fall 2020 Causebox Review.

Favorite Self-Care Beauty Item #1: the PMD Clean

When I received this in my Summer 2020 Causebox, I said “in real life I’d never pay $100 for a vibrating face brush thingie,” which is still absolutely true. However, now that I actually HAVE a vibrating face thingie, or more specifically the PMD Clean which retails for $99, I see what all the hype is about. They claim that the PMD Clean firms, tones and lifts by breaking down dirt and oil within your pores at 7,000 vibrations a minute. For me, all I can say is that it makes my skin super soft and my complexion looks much healthier and glowy when I use it.

Which brings us to HOW I use it. When I first got it, I was using it multiple days a week… but now I pretty much stick to once a week for an evening treat. First, I foam up my face with my face wash (my favorite is Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser). After applying it with my hands, I switch on the PMD Clean, and use it to massage the cleanser into my face. I rub it over my cheeks, forehead, chin and use the sides to get in next to my nose. It foams up the cleanser a bit and also feels really nice. I was also using this tool to apply my face serum, but then I switched face serums and prefer to apply it with my hands.

Favorite Self-Care Beauty Item #2: Way of Will Brightening Face Serum


I had thought I had a face serum I loved… and then I ran out and tried this one. And HOLY HELL where has this been all my life?! According to their claims, this brightening face serum fights free radicals, hydrates skin, and is made with Vitamin A and C. It retails for $37.40.

After doing a little googling, I found that you should use a serum in the morning AND in the night on a freshly cleaned face and then follow it with moisturizer to lock in all the good serum stuff. I use the dropper and put about 4 drops in one palm, then rub them together to warm the serum. I apply it all over my face and then smooth the rest on my neck and collarbone area. There is something about the scent of this one (it’s very earthy and a little like citrus) that I really like, but mostly, I love that it makes my skin literally the smoothest and softest it has ever been. During the day, I top the serum with my daily moisturizer (Philosophy Purity Made Simple Moisturizer). At night, I go with the next item on my favorites list…

Favorite Self-Care Beauty Item #2: Derma E Hydrating Night Cream

When I received this cream in my Winter 2020 Causebox, I was not really super excited about it. But this one has really been a sleeper hit for me. I still feel like I’ve barely made a dent in the jar, so this one will be lasting me for quite a while. When the weather is cooler (aka not in the middle of the sweltering summer), I use this as my night cream. I’ve been layering it over the Way of Will serum at night and waking up with super soft skin. Love this stuff and I plan to continue using it all winter long!

Here’s all my favorites in clickable form:

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