Face Masks: Which Ones Are Your Favorites?

Over the last 6 months, I have collected a cornucopia of face masks. I made a few, I bought a few. I have some for me, some for Travis, some for Jack. Honestly, it’s almost surprising that I don’t have any for Ollie yet…

I thought I’d give you my feedback on the various face masks we are using and I’d LOVE to hear which face masks are your current favorites!

Face masks for me: Athleta and Etsy

Athleta Made to Move, 3 for $25

Source: Athleta.com

The Athleta Made to Move masks were on backorder for a while, but they finally were shipped to me in early August. I like that they are lightweight with an adjustable head strap/ear strap. They also poke out from your mouth, so they don’t get sucked in when you are breathing. These aren’t fully perfect for me though, because I have found that they tend to catch on your chin when you are talking and move around. I’ve found that these are best when I am running errands and not really talking to people much.

InsideOutEveryDay on Etsy, 4 pack cotton face masks, 4 for $20

Source: InsideOutEveryDay on Etsy

These are my favorite face masks and I have been wearing them most often. They are a nice, soft cotton and the size and ear loops fit my face very well. I can talk in them without having them move around a bunch. I can also throw them in the washer and let them dry flat and they are holding up very well. The only drawback for me is after wearing them for awhile, they get kind of damp from spit. Which is gross.

Redpajamas on Etsy, 1 for $10

Source: Redpajamas on Etsy

These have the longer ties, so that you can tie them around your head. However, I find that unless I’m wearing a ponytail they just slip down my head. Instead, I tie them so that I can loop them over my ears. I like this design and they are pretty comfortable and the design is super cool too. I can talk in them and they wash up really well. They are a little thick though, so I don’t like wearing them from a long period of time.

What doesn’t work for me: The Target face masks are huge on my face and I can’t wear them at all.

Facemasks for Travis: Target and disposable

Target Universal Thread masks, 2 for $5.00

I didn’t include a link to these, because I don’t see the exact kind we bought on the Target website. There was a big display of adult and kid’s masks and I grabbed a couple packs of the ‘adult’ size. The Universal Thread version fits Travis well and they are his preferred mask.

Disposable Face Masks from Amazon, 10 for $4.50

Source: Amazon.com

I have purchased this pack from Amazon, as well as a pack of 50 from Home Depot (which are identical). The disposable face masks are great to have on hand, because they can fit everyone in the family if needed. I typically keep a few of these in a plastic baggie in my purse, just in case.

Facemasks for Jack: Target kids and disposable

Target Cat & Jack masks, 2 for $4.00

Source: Target.com

I bought this exact pack in the green and camouflage option for Jack at Target and they fit his face really well. They also wash up well with throwing them in the washer and letting they lay flat to dry. The camo one is Jack’s absolute favorite – he says he looks like a ninja.

Disposable Face Masks from Amazon, 10 for $4.50

We also use the disposable masks for Jack and he wore one each day when he went to summer camp (so I didn’t have to worry about him losing a fabric mask). Since they are adult sized, I just make a little knot on each ear loop and that allows them to fit to his face perfectly!

What doesn’t work for Jack: The Old Navy kid’s face masks are a bit too small and also very thick and heavy. Jack hated them and said he can’t breathe while wearing them.

How about you? Drop a link to your favorite masks and tell me why you love them!

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Do You Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Source: Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash.

When I went to my eye doctor a couple weeks ago, he recommended that since I spend so much time on the computer that I start wearing blue light blocking glasses.

He actually recommended I wear blue light READERS because apparently I am now at the age where you start wearing reading glasses on top of your contact lenses. I did buy the readers from him and tried to wear them for a day, but they just seemed too dang strong and gave me a headache.

So, I ordered a cheap pair of blue light blocking glasses off Amazon and I’ve been giving them a try.

Blue light blocking glasses are supposed to block the blue light coming off your computer and help ease digital eye strain, reduce glare, and increase the clarity of your vision. They can also help with headaches from staring at a computer screen all day.

I’ve been wearing them while I work for the last week and a half and I think I notice a difference. Maybe? I’m not quite sure. But, they can’t hurt… so I might as well keep wearing them for a bit longer.

I’d love to hear what you think though! Do you use blue light blocking glasses? And if you do, do you notice a difference?

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My Favorite Workout Leggings WITH POCKETS

Source: Amazon.com

This is not my butt. Just wanted to make sure that was super clear. However, these leggings do make my actual butt look almost this good because these are magical leggings.

Let me start back at the beginning though… my search for the perfect leggings.

I have leggings. I have multiple pairs of leggings.

Some are okay, some are terrible and some are fantastic… but have no pockets. And why do I need a pocket, you may ask? Well, a couple months ago I decided to start each weekday by going on a walk around my neighborhood before work. I throw on my workout clothes, push ‘start’ on my iWatch, hit ‘play’ on my Spotify playlist on my phone, and walk. And it’s great!

It helps me feel less achy throughout the day and I like starting the day with a little bit of exercise. Since Jack’s been home with me, he walks with me… and I like that too, because he’s adorable and apparently in the mornings his brain is filled with SO MANY questions and I love to hear what’s going on in his head.

Anywho… as I mentioned, I like to listen to Spotify on my iPhone while I walk. Which means, I like to stick my phone in my pocket so I can be hands-free while also moving and grooving. Which brings me to my quest for leggings with pockets.

Not just leggings with pockets, but flattering AND comfortable leggings with pockets.

Like Goldilocks, they had to be juuuuussst right. They had to suck me in, but not too much. I wanted them calf length – not bike shorts length or ankle length. And they couldn’t be super expensive, because $60 – 80 for workout leggings is a bit crazy.

Which brings us to the perfect leggings: IUGA high waisted yoga pants. They are $21.95 and they come in a bunch of colors, but I own the space dye purple  and the space dye gray. I think the slight pattern makes them even more flattering. The high waist is perfect for yanking up over my tummy and once you have them on, they don’t budge at all.

And the best part… pockets.

I mean, they make my butt look fantastic too. But really, it’s all about the pockets. I slide my housekey into my left pocket, and stick my phone in my right pocket and I’m good to go.

Laundering instructions say to put them inside out before washing, which I do. I then wash them in the machine with cold water and let them hang dry. I’ve been alternating between the two pairs all summer and they still look perfect.

So, if you’ve also been wanting some reasonably-priced, flattering leggings WITH POCKETS… I highly recommend these!

Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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