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Reviewing FabFitFun: The Fall Box Reveal and a $10 Code

18 Sep

I’m so excited to show you all a reveal of my Fall 2017 FabFitFun box! After getting FatFitFun boxes for the past couple years, I finally went ahead and upgraded to a ‘select member’ to give me the ability to choose a couple of my preferred options. Basically, this is an awesome box full of FALL that makes me even more excited for the changing leaves and the cooler air.

Before we get into what was in my fall box, here’s a quick overview of FabFitFun:

Let’s check out the Fall box:

And here’s a little gallery of the items I received:

Mer-Sea Scarf, $98
As a select member,  I was able to choose between three color options for this super soft scarf. I picked the gray option that has the color ranging from a light gray to a darker gray. This scarf is super cozy and can also be used as a bed throw or wrap to keep you snuggled up around the house on a cold day.

Trestique Lip Crayon, $28
This 2-in-1 product has a lightweight lip crayon on one side and a matching lip balm on the other. Select members were able to choose between Florence Fig & Rose Balm or Tuscan Wine & Syrah Balm. For all other members, they are surprised with one of the options. I went for the Fig color and I love it!

Private Party Denim Gym Bag, $59
Once again, select members were able to choose from three different sayings and I picked, “Will Workout for Cupcakes”. Of course! I don’t actually own any other gym bags right now because I don’t go to the gym, but this is a great size for a weekend trip. I actually used it over this past weekend for an overnight bag to take to a B&B.

Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil, $12.50
This cuticle oil is a nourishing blend of vitamins and organic oils (argan oil and bamboo extract) that work to soften and moisturize the cuticle bed of your nails. This will be super handy when the weather starts getting colder and my hands turning corpse hands. This is one of those things that I’d never buy myself, but I will certainly get some use out of.

Whish Renewing Mud Mask, $48
This mask has natural ingredients like bentonite clay, aloe and rosehip oil to reveal smoother, softer skin while slowing down the aging process. You just put a thin layer on for less than a minute and then rub it in a circular motion to do a little exfoliation. I think I’ll keep this in the shower so that I remember to use it a couple times a week.

DP Hue Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, $35
For our ‘choice boost’ all members were able to pick between a charcoal teeth whitening powder or this apple cider vinegar hair rinse. I went with the hair rinse because it is supposed to gently remove impurities from your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

IMM Living Jewelry Holder, $33
This jewelry holder is a mix of rose gold wire and porcelain and gives you a place to display your jewelry. Out of the entire box, this is the only item I’m not excited about and don’t have a use for. However, this would make a great holiday gift or be easy to trade on the FabFitFun facebook trading pages.

B-Low the Belt Mia Belt, $55
The second ‘choice boost’ that members picked between was the Mia belt or a cable knit beanie. I don’t really wear beanies, so I went with the belt and received a black version with a silver buckle. I tried and tried, but I just cannot figure out how to make the belt loop thingie work on me. It just looks kind of silly… So, this one will be definitely be going into the trade pile.

My Tagalongs Hot/Cold Pack, $15
These hot/cold packs are useful and have some super cute sayings. I received a black version that has “you give me fever” printed on one side and “cold hearted snake” on the other. Oce again, I wouldn’t have bought this for myself, but it is handy to have around the house.

This is one of my favorite boxes for a while and I am especially excited about the scarf, gym bag, mud mask, lip crayon and apple cider vinegar hair rinse. The total value of everything in the Fall FabFitFun box is $383.50 and I’m super pleased with everything I received!

Do you want to try out the FabFitFun box? I have a special code that will give you $10 off your first box, just use this link.


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and FabFitFun did not pay for me to review their products on my blog. If you decide that you would like to sign up for your own subscription and use my link, I will receive referral credits on my account and you will receive $10 off your first box.

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Loving Right Now

12 Sep

It’s time for a Loving Right Now post of some of my current favorites. These posts aren’t paid or sponsored or anything, they are just stuff that I’m totally digging right now and thought you might like too. So, let’s get to it!

{You can check out my previous posts here}

TV Show: iZombie

Let me start by saying, I’m not a zombie person. I typically avoid anything zombie related, so it is super weird that I would fall in love with this show. What can I say, I loved CSI and I’m always down for a bad-ass, smart talking female lead! Here’s the original preview form when the show started in 2015:

I just recently finished season one and started on season two, but there are three seasons on Netflix so far. Season 4 has been confirmed and once I’m all caught up I’ll be able to watch it using the CW app on my Roku. YAY!

Book Series: The Shelby Nichols series by Colleen Helme


I have Kindle Unlimited (you can read my initial review here) and I have totally devoured the entire Shelby Nichols series over the last couple months. So far there are ten books in the series and I’m waiting with baited breath for number eleven to come out!

The series starts with Carrots where our main character, Shelby, gets shot in the head (while at the grocery store to pick up carrots) and suddenly can hear people’s thoughts. There’s a mob story line, a sexy hit man, an also sexy husband, kids to wrangle and mysteries to solve. You can find the whole series in order here.

Beauty Product: Karuna Face Masks

I received my first set of Karuna face masks in a previous FabFitFun box and I’m totally obsessed with them. I originally got the Karuna Hydrating + Face Mask, but along the way I’ve also picked up the brightening masks and also an assorted pack. They are extra saturated sheet masks that you use once a week and they really do work! I found them on Amazon here but every so often I come across them at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for $10 so I scoop them all up!

Now it’s your turn to share, what are you totally loving right now?

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All Caught Up & Ready for The Defenders!

17 Aug

I’ve talked about how much I love the whole Marvel Universe on Netflix before. I was initially sucked in with Jessica Jones (I posted about it here), which was pretty easy to do since it was about a badass woman superhero. From there, I went through two seasons of Daredevil, caught up with Luke Cage and finally binged on Iron Fist. There are more seasons coming for each series, but what I’m looking forward to now is the upcoming Defenders show, where they all interact with each other.

Before we get into The Defenders, I wanted to do a mini review of each of the shows leading into it…

Daredevil Season One (2015)
This was the first new show in the Netflix Marvel Universe and introduced us to Matt Murdock (lawyer by day, Daredevil at night). I enjoyed this season but it did kind of drag a little. The villain, Wilson Fisk was AWESOME though. Claire, the “night nurse” first appears on this show and she shows up on every other show in the Universe after this too.

Jessica Jones Season One (2015)
My absolute favorite out of the entire series so far! Jessica has superpowers and is rebuilding her life as she deals with PTSD. I loved the entire storyline of the season and absolutely loved Krysten Ritter as Jessica. This show also introduced us to Luke Cage (before he got his own show). The villain, Kilgrave, was scary as hell and weirdly funny all at once, which I thought was great.

Daredevil Season Two (2016)
Out of the two seasons of Daredevil, I like this one better. After introducing the character of Daredevil in the first season, the second season really fleshes him out. However, he’s also kind of a butthole in this season. You know who WAS awesome? The Punisher! {swoon} I totally loved him every time he came onto screen even though he’s kind of a bad guy. He’s getting his own series in the future, and I’m totally there for it.

Luke Cage Season One (2016)
Season one of Luke Cage happens a few months after his appearance on Jessica Jones, so it’s cool to hear mentions of what happened in the past from his perspective. I didn’t really feel an attachment to Luke when he was on Jessica Jones, but after watching his season of his own show I’m totally digging him. I enjoyed his relationship with Misty, as well as his attraction to Claire. I also LOVED the villains on this show and can’t wait for some of them to pop up again.

Iron Fist Season One (2017)
Literally the only reason I forced myself to watch Iron Fist is because he will be involved in The Defenders. This show was pretty awful. I mean, Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones) is really cute. The storyline was not my cup of tea though and I sped through it as quickly as possible.

The Defenders (COMING TOMORROW!)
The Defenders brings together ALL the superheros to fight together. I. Can. Not. Wait. I literally can’t watch the trailer without getting chills. Seeing my favorites interacting together has me totally geeking out!


Are you super excited for The Defenders? Do you have a favorite character/show so far?


Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. I’m just REALLY EXCITED for the new show. However, if Netflix want’s to send me to meet Krysten Ritter that would be cool.

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Ripping Apart My House

15 Aug

Now that my summer Master’s classes are finished and I have a few weeks off before the fall semester starts, I finally have a little extra time. And I know EXACTLY what I’m going to do with that time… rip my whole house apart.

I hate clutter and I feel like our house has just been getting more and more cluttered every month. I anticipate taking loads of stuff to the local thrift store and probably a load or two for a dumpster too.

I can’t wait.

I especially can’t wait to be able to open the front closet without being smacked in the head with a rogue suitcase!

Over the weekend, I started in the kitchen. I organized my recipes into a binder and also replaced a bunch of half-empty boxes in the pantry with nice organizers.

I bought the Rubbermaid Flip Top Cereal Keeper for $7.66:



And the Rubbermaid 8-piece modular canister set for $15.97:



I love looking in my pantry and seeing matching organized stuff!

I told my husband over the weekend that we won’t just be cleaning stuff out, I want to go through the house like we are listing it for sale (we aren’t). I want to attack the kitchen cupboards that are overfilling with dishes/cups/travel mugs, the front hall closet that will barely close because it contains too many coats, the playroom closet that houses my husband’s (unworn) clothes, and the basement that contains boxes unopened from our move over FIVE years ago.

So yeah, I have a pretty exciting few weeks ahead of me.

Do you get weird and giddy about organizing and throwing stuff away?


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