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Reviewing FabFitFun: The Spring 2019 Box Reveal

16 Mar

This is the week of my quarterly box reveals! I received both my FabFitFun box AND my Causebox, so I can’t wait to show you all what is inside. I’ll post the Causebox review later this week, but let’s get started with FabFitFun!

Before we get into the goodies, here is a quick overview of FabFitFun:

Here’s my Spring 2019 box:

I love that the boxes are always so pretty and I use them to organize things all over my house (especially my closet and office)!

Let’s look inside:

Daily Concepts Daily Detox Brush, retail $18

This brush is supposed to exfoliate layers of dead skin and stimulate circulation with the natural bristles and massaging nodules. With summer coming, this is perfect timing to start exfoliating away my winter dryness. I tried doing some small circles on my dry legs and it felt really nice!

Manna Kadar Champagne Charcoal Body Scrub, retail $34.95

Here is another scrub-type item… this one is formulated with charcoal and dead sea minerals. Between this and the brush, I’ll have skin like a newborn baby!

OUAI Leave In Conditioner, retail $26

I use a leave in conditioner every time I wash my hair, so I’m happy to give this one a try. It is supposed to help with detangling and also heat protection, so I’m hoping it works for my knotty color-treated tresses.

Show Me Your Mumu Brie Robe, retail $84

This pretty floral print robe has a removable belt and a high-low hem. I’ve seen Show Me Your Mumu stuff before and I typically love their designs. This robe is super pretty and can be worn as a kimono over a cute outfit or as a robe around the house. For me, this seems like the perfect little robe to pack for an upcoming vacation. Like, maybe to Hawaii…

The2Bandits Athens Necklace, retail $30

This opal and silver necklace is very simple and pretty. I’ve gotten out of habit of wearing necklaces (I’m more of a bracelet girl), so I’ll either give this one a try or pass it on to one of my sisters.

Dr.Brandt Skincare Needles No More NO MORE BAGGAGE Eye De-Puffing Gel, $24

I’ve used Dr. Brandt products before (mostly the exfoliating face scrubs) and have really liked them. I’ve heard good things about this de-puffing gel, so I’m excited to give it a try. With allergy season coming, I can use all the under-eye help I can get!

Quay My Girl Sunglasses, retail $55

I had to include a photo, so you get one of me by the window in my home office (and I’m totally wearing my pajamas…). I love a good oversized sunglasses frame and bonus points for the cat-eye look! These are really cute and seem to be made very well. I wear sunglasses ALL THE TIME, so these will be a great addition to my collection!

Palmetto Derma Double B Facial Oil, retail $48

Black Currant, Evening Primrose, and Grape Seed oils deliver the super powers of antioxidants that fight free radical damage, brighten the complexion, and soothe irritation. This oil is to be used after serum and moisturizer, but before daily sun protection. I think I’ll try this one at night to see how it works!

Overall Thoughts

After not really liking the last two FabFitFun boxes, this one was a pleasant surprise. I really like the big-ticket item of the robe in this box and it will certainly get used. I’m also excited about pretty much every single product in the spring box. The total retail value of my spring box is $319.95, which is pretty great! I have one more box – the Summer 2019 box – on my subscription before I have to decide whether to renew or cancel.

What is your favorite item from the Spring FabFitFun box?

Do you want to try out the FabFitFun box? I have a special code that will give you $10 off your first box, just use this link.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored review.

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Inspiration Fit Spring Grab Bag Reveal

7 Mar

Much like Maren Morris sings in Rich, “I told myself I wouldn’t do this again… but how much you wanna bet I’m going to do this again…?”

Sigh. And now that song is in my head. Let’s have a sing-a-long:

I ordered my first Inspiration Fit Mystery Bag back in June (see the reveal here) and really liked 2 out of 4 of the tank tops that they sent over. Then, I tried the Christmas Mystery Grab Bag in November and felt like it was a total miss (find the reveal here).

I ended that post with “I probably will not be ordering another mystery bag in the future, unless they have a great one with tank tops that I can wear to the gym. Of course, I say that now… but then they get me yet again with their adorable ads!”

And… they DID.

I got sucked into their Spring Clearance Bag because it was only $29 and I could choose all tank tops. I love their tank tops for the gym, so getting four more at just over $7 each sounded like a good deal.

Before I show you the goodies, let’s talk about sizing. When you order their ‘fitted tank tops’ they encourage you to go up one or two sizes. I’m normally a large in tops, so I previously sized up to a XL in their tank tops. I like the way they fit (probably like a smaller large in normal people sizes), but I’m scared to throw them in the dryer. So, I wash them on cold and let them hang dry. For this bag, I sized up even more to an XXL. On my initial try-on they are a smidge baggy (which is fine for a workout top), but I think they will be great after a wash and dry.

Let’s check out the goodies!

When I saw the sample designs, there were two that I really liked and hoped I would get… and I got them:

I think both of these shirts have super cute designs, however I don’t love that the Sassy Lassy shirt is white. It seems like it might be kinda transparent… but I guess layered over an exercise bra it’s fine. It also might be cute with a sweater for ‘real life’ on St. Paddy’s Day.

Here are the other two:

I like the Bloom Where you are Planted top and the color is really pretty too. The Pinch Proof one is kinda weird. I mean, is it encouraging strangers to come up to me while I’m doing some cardio and try to pinch me? Because that won’t go well for anyone involved.

I noticed in my package I also receive a post card advertising a new Swap Group on Facebook. The group is set up to help if you’d like to trade designs or sizes, so I may hold off on washing my Pinch Proof tank top and trade it for something else I like better!

So yeah, I did it again. And I don’t regret it this time!

3/8/19 Update: I went ahead and listed the “Pinch Proof” tank top on the swap group and someone purchased it for $15!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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The BEST $8 Black Tights

6 Mar

I am a lover of black tights. But they have to be a certain kind of black tights. They must be stretchy and not rip or run. Also, they have to be totally, completely opaque. And they have to be less than $10.

On a Target run a few months ago I came across their A New Day brand tights (here’s the link to them). They were marked as mid-rise and they have a 120 denier, which should be pretty darn opaque. So I grabbed two pairs to try at home.

I’ve been wearing them to work all winter long. I’ve thrown them in the laundry (on cold) and in one case, I even accidentally put a pair in the dryer.

The verdict: They are AWESOME.

As much as I love fleece-lined tights, sometimes they can be too warm for the office. But these tights give me the opaque-ness that I want, without making me sweat. After wearing my two pairs over the last few months again and again and again, they both look as nice as when I first ripped them out of the packaging.

My only warning though… I don’t think they count as mid-rise. I pull them all the way up to my bra-line… which I actually like for its tummy smoothing skills. They are NOT control top though, so if you want more of a tummy squish factor you may want look elsewhere.

Disclaimer: This post contains a ShopStyle affiliate link. This means that clicking on the link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Loving Right Now: Book Recommendations

25 Feb

I’ve been on a bit of a reading kick lately and have read some really fabulous books lately! I know a bunch of you are big readers as well, so I wanted to pass on my recommendations. As always, be sure to check your library first to save yourself some moolah.


Roomies by Christina Lauren

Paperback version on Amazon:

Kindle version on Amazon:

Holland Bakker has been obsessed with her subway musician crush for months, so when an opportunity arises to connect, she goes for it.  There is job craziness, romance, family issues and more. This was one of the books recommended to me previously when I asked for your recommendations.

I downloaded it on my kindle and LOVED it. Sure, some parts are a little predictable, but the love story is sweet and awfully hot in places. I thought this one was great and will be keeping a look out for more books by Christina Lauren.

The Bucket List: A Novel by Georgia Clark

Hardcover version on Amazon:

Kindle version on Amazon:

Not to be confused with The Bucket List movie with two old guys, this novel is more of a bucket list for boobies. The main character of this book is Lacey Whitman, who is blindsided when she is diagnosed with the BRACA1 gene mutation that can be an early indicator of breast cancer. Before deciding whether to get a preventative double mastectomy, she decides to write a sassy bucket list for everything she wants to do before saying goodbye to her boobs.

This book was hilarious and sexy and sad all at once and I loved it. I was able to check it out from my local library, so be sure to check yours ASAP to read this one!

Hungry Heart: Adventures in Life, Love and Writing by Jennifer Weiner

Paperback version on Amazon:

Kindle version on Amazon:

Jennifer Weiner is one of the queens of ‘chick lit’ and I’ve loved her writing ever since I read Good in Bed. This non-fiction book is a collection of her essays on everything from weight, her career, money, her mother’s coming out of the closet and her relationship with her father.

From her stories of her lonely adolescence to getting published for the very first time, I was entranced by every single chapter in the book. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book and immediately went and followed Jennifer Weiner on Instagram.

Now it’s your turn to share, what books are you totally loving right now?

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