TV Shows I’m Loving

On Monday, I told you what I’m doing to keep from stressing myself out when it comes to Coronavirus. Well today, I’m sharing two TV shows that I’m currently watching and loving. That way, if you’re stuck at home in quarantine or self-quarantine you have a couple recommendations to add to your viewing queue!

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

This is a new show on NBC that I’ve been watching and it’s filling the hole in my heart left after Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended. Zoey is a computer coder who through an unusual event in the first episode suddenly hears the innermost thoughts of people… in SONG. Like, full-on dance numbers. Here is a great little taste of it:

Since it is on television on Sunday nights (and I don’t have cable), I get my Zoey fix by going straight to the NBC website on Monday night. You can find the first 6 episodes of it here for free:


You guys, I watched one episode of this show for literally no reason at all on my lunchbreak… and then BOOM I was addicted. I have been hungerly binging on Lucifer episodes ever since. There are FOUR seasons of episodes currently on Netflix, the show was renewed for a 5th season (also on Netflix) and there is talk of it getting a 6th season too. It’s goooooooood.

I just finished the third season over the weekend, so don’t spoil me on what’s coming!

Have you been watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist or Lucifer? Do you also wish people would start singing to you and dancing around – while staying 6 feet away at all times, of course?

Pssssst: I’ll be sharing what books I’ve been reading in 2020 on Thursday, in case you’re more of a reader.

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Reviewing Hand Masks

Did you know that hand masks are a thing? I mean, I feel like everyone knows about face masks, but HAND masks?! Brilliant. Like most people who live in a place where it gets cold, my poor hands get so dry in the winter. I’ve tried basically every kind of hand lotion and cream out there, but this year I learned about hand masks. So, I ordered three different brands to try: Natural Hand Mask, Aveeno Repairing CICA Hand Mask, and Mond’Sub Honey and Almond Nourishing Hand Cream Mask.

Let’s take a look:

Natural Finland Korean Shea Butter Spa Treatment

3 set for $8.90 (buy it here)

Amazon Rating: 4/5 stars

What they promise: Utilizing innovative Korean skincare techniques, the specialist ingredients used to create this mask have all been carefully selected for their nourishing properties. Containing rose flower, shea butter, mineral oil, collagen and vitamin E, this expert blend provides deeply-penetrating moisture to the entire hand area – including nails and cuticles.

My thoughts: Out of the three hand masks I tried, this was my least favorite option. I liked that the gloves kept the treatment inside of them, and I did use them for the recommended 20 – 30 minutes. However, when I took the gloves off my hands just felt wet. Like it was more of a serum than a lotion. I didn’t notice any long-lasting difference with this one.

Aveeno Repairing CICA Hand Mask

Hand and Foot mask combo set for $6.79 on Amazon (buy it here)

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5 stars

What they promise: These skin relief gloves are enriched with shea butter and moisturizing prebiotic oat—known to have soothing and nourishing properties—to help restore essential moisture to extra-dry skin, leaving your hands visibly soft, smooth, and healthy-looking. From a dermatologist-recommended brand, these non-drip CICA masks are formulated to be gentle enough for sensitive skin and are both paraben- and fragrance-free.

My thoughts: I bought mine at Target, but the deal on Amazon is much better for a combo of the hand mask and foot mask. This one is kind of what I imagined – basically some gloves with lotion squirted inside. To be honest, it felt exactly like I had just used a couple squirts of my Aveeno lotion and stuck some paper/rubber gloves on. It worked nice (and I might have really liked the foot version if I had tried it), but it wasn’t anything special.

Mond’Sub Honey and Almond Nourising Hand Cream Mask

2 set for $6.99 (buy it here)

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5 stars

What they promise: These masks are formulated with all-natural almond, honey ingredients and botanical extracts that absorb quickly to deeply moisturize dry hands and keep your hands looking and feeling smooth.

My thoughts: This was my FAVORITE set of hand masks that I tried. The gloves fit well (with space if you have larger hands) and the cream went on nice and thick. I left them on for 20 minutes and when I pulled my hands out… they almost looked like they were covered in honey. I rubbed the excess off on my tummy and the rest of it soaked right in within a few minutes. They were a little sticky feeling for about 5 minutes or so. However, my hands actually felt and looked much more moisturized after using this mask. I would totally recommend this one and it’s pretty reasonably priced too!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Silk Pillowcase Review: Am I Doing it Wrong?

For months, I felt like articles and blog posts about silk pillowcases were stalking me. Looking for a way to have less hair breakage? Silk pillowcases. Want to reduce wrinkles? Silk pillowcases. Want your hair to look less limp and more of that sexy-wave-just-got-out-of-bed look? Silk pillowcases.

I mean, apparently silk pillowcases are the answer to all of our problems!

So, I went ahead and ordered myself a silk pillowcase off Amazon. Specifically, this one: Ravmix 100% Silk Pillowcase for $23.99.


Why did I choose that one?

  • It has a zipper. I like that it won’t slip off and I don’t like it when the end of my pillow comes poking out.
  • Heck yeah, I would like ‘quality sleep AND a wonderful life’, as stated on their image…
  • Out of 3,976 ratings, it has 4.5/5 stars for reviews.
  • It is 100% silk.
  • It was $23.99.

I got it in the mail and stuck that bad boy right on my pillow. When it was time to wash it, I threw it in with some other cold-water laundry and let it hang dry.

And… it’s fine.

I like the way it feels and I think it may cause less ‘sleep wrinkles’ on my face. However, I can’t tell if it’s helping with any hair breakage and it certainly doesn’t style my hair any different than my normal pillowcase.

Maybe I expected more? Or, am I just not doing it right? Is there some sort of secret to how to use the silk pillowcase?

Do you use a silk pillowcase? If so, is there something awesome about it that I’m overlooking?

Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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