Loving Right Now: Grace and Frankie

Source: Photo by freestocks on Unsplash.

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I’ve talked about the Netflix show Grace and Frankie before a few years ago in one of my Loving It posts (it was way, way back in 2017 when season 4 had just come out). Well, I just finished season 6, so I wanted to make sure to let you all know how much I’m still loving this show. So, if you are looking for a fun and not-heavy-at-all Netflix show to binge, try this one!

If you’re not familiar, the show stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as two women who form an unlikely bond after their husbands reveal that they are gay and leave them for each other.

Here is the initial trailer for season 1:

Each season has a mix of ongoing storylines and some one-off stories. And although Grace and Frankie are the stars of the show, the side characters also have opportunities to shine. One of my absolute favorites, is Grace’s daughter Brianna and I am constantly cracking up at the words that come out of her mouth.

I was a little annoyed with how season 5 ended, but season 6 tied everything up nicely while still having somewhere for Grace and Frankie to go for the 7th and final season (expected to come out in early 2021). So if you are looking for a show to add to your list, I recommend catching up on this one so that we can all watch the last season together!

Now it’s your turn to share, what are you totally loving right now? Anything I should add to my ‘binge’ list?

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Mask Fun: Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask

Since I’ve been stuck at home, I’ve taken it as an opportunity to work though my goodies stash in my linen closet. I have a whole box of lotions and potions that I’ve collected from gifts, sales, and beauty boxes like Causebox and FabFitFun. I recently pulled out a new face mask that I had gotten in my Summer 2019 FabFitFun box and I really, really like it!

It is the Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask and you can find it on the Generation Clay website or on Amazon. The cost ranges from $21.99 – $29.99.

The magical active ingredients are:

  • Davidson Plum: Brightens and rejuvenates dull, tired skin
  • Desert Lime: Hydrates and stimulates collagen
  • Bilberry: a Natural enzymatic exfoliator
  • Aloe Vera: Soothes and reduces redness

Sure, it all sounds like something yummy to put in a smoothie, but the benefits are touted as reducing free radical damage and slowing the aging process, boosting hydration and collagen production, brightening dull skin and fading dark spots, and reducing oil and minimizing the appearance of pores.

I don’t know about any of that. But I DO know that I really like the way my face feels and looks after I use the mask.

The mask goes on nice and thick and is a pretty purple color. As the clay dries, your skin gets tighter and tighter and the mask gets dry and light.

I leave it on for about 10 minutes and then add water and wash it off with a washrag. By using a washrag, rather than my hands, I get the clay off easily and also have a smidge more exfoliation as I remove the mask. Afterwards, I use my regular face lotion and I feel clean and bright and my skin is super smooth!

I had gotten out of my weekly mask habit, but now that I’m at home so much more I’m able to treat my skin a little bit nicer.

Do you do Mask Monday’s or some other weekly mask day?

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Anthropologie Skirts: Online vs In-Person

I saw that Anthropologie was having a sale where all their sale items had an additional % off, AND they are offering free shipping and free returns. So, I figured I’d order a couple skirts that I had my eye on. I would have preferred to go to the store and try them on there… but #quarentinelife. Anyways, I haven’t done one of my online vs in-person posts in a while, so I figured now is the perfect time!

First up, is the Cordelia Midi skirt (find it here). The full price is $98, but when I ordered it, I paid $68.60. It’s on sale now and today’s price is $59.95.

Here it is on the model:

Source: Anthropologie.com

I like the pattern with contrasting tie belt and there are pretty little buttons at the waist. The skirt looked like a good option for dressing up for work or dressing down with a t-shirt.

Here it is on me paired with just a black t-shirt and black flats:

It’s cute. But I don’t know if I love it enough to add it to my closet. I ordered the large and I would say it fits pretty consistent with a typical large or 10/12. The midi length falls below my knees. In real life, I don’t love the pattern as much as I did on the website though. I’m thinking this one might be heading for the return bag. I’d love to hear your feedback though – is this a keeper or a return?

Next up, is the Devi Embroidered Midi Skirt (find it here) The full price was $158, but when I ordered it, I paid $69.97. Today it’s on sale for $99.95.

Here it is on the model:

Source: Anthropologie.com

This skirt has a similar cut as the first skirt; however, I like it so much more. The fabric is so beautiful and woven by had with the embroidery embellishments throughout the skirt to add pops of color.  The waist has a side-zip and some wonderful pockets as well. Once again, I can see myself dressing this up for work or dressing it down for a fun weekend winery date.

I ordered the large and I would say it fits consistent with a 12 — there is a little extra room and you can eat a meal comfortably with the stretchy back part of the waistband.

Here it is on me paired with the same black t-shirt and black flats:

I realize now that I tied the bow to the side and the model had it in the middle. Oops. This one kind of reminds me of ‘old school’ Anthropologie and I really like the kitschy factor. It kind of looks a little artsy-fartsy, which is totally my vibe.

While the first skirt wasn’t really exciting me much, this one makes me want to leave the house so I can wear it. Already, I think I’d love it with everything from a graphic t-shirt and jean jacket to a cute little tank top and sandals. Oh and I have some fantastic orange clogs that would look fantastic with it. This one is feeling like a keeper to me!

Do you enjoy my Online vs In-Person posts where I show pictures of how the item appears on the website model vs on me? Do you think I made the right choice in keeping the Devi midi skirt?

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