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My Favorite No Show Socks for Sneakers

10 Apr

I’m super picky about my socks. I typically don’t like ‘no show’ socks because they immediately slip off the back of my ankle and then bunch under my foot until I pull them out and throw them across the room. Normally if I’m wearing a pair of slip-on shoes like Toms, I just go barefoot. I’ve recently fallen in love with Rothy’s slip-on sneakers though and I feel like I need a little something-something to wear with them.

Which brings me to these:


Here is the link:

I ordered these socks on a whim off of Amazon a few months ago (6 pairs for $9.99). I liked that they actually had some top-of-foot coverage AND the entire edge of the sock has a full silicone liner around it. Once you put them on, they DO NOT MOVE at all. The silicone seals them to your foot!

The first time I wore a pair, I was annoyed because you could still see them around the edges of my shoes. But after a washed them a couple times they shrunk up just a smidge and now I rarely see a glimpse of them as I go through my day.

Here they are with and without my sneaker:

They fit great, keep my feet from getting sweaty/stinky or rubbing, and the best part is that they DO NOT SLIDE OFF THE BACK OF MY FOOT! Oh and I throw them in the washing machine and dryer with the rest of my clothes and they are holding up great.

It’s like magic!

Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link. This means that clicking on the link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Allergy Eyes

28 Mar

Oh my gosh, it’s only March and my allergies are killing me! I wear gas permeable (aka hard) contact lenses and by the end of the day I wish I could pop out my eyes along with the lenses and give them a nice wash in the sink.

I already take Zyrtec every night year-round for my allergies and I sometimes shake it up a bit and switch out with Allegra or Clariton just to keep the medication working. As for eyes, I’ve tried saline drops and also putting an ice pack on my face.

I did have a recommendation on my Instagram to try Zaditor, which is an eye drop antihistamine. I think I can use that after I take my contact lenses out at night, but I’m pretty sure I can’t use it on top of my lenses during the day.

So now I’d like to know, do you also have dry, swollen, ouchy allergy eyes? If so, what works for you??

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Trunk Club Review: Spring Fever

20 Mar

With the first day of spring FINALLY arriving, I’m in the mood to pack away my winter clothes! My Trunk Club stylist, Amelia must have heard my thoughts because she sent me a quick note telling me that spring pieces were starting to come in and asked if I’d be interested in a Trunk with some transitional items.

Well, I have some Trunk Club credits burning a hole in my pocket… so I figured why not?! Amelia’s last try wasn’t a winner though, so I gave her a bit of homework and asked her to please check out my Instagram for what I typically wear to work. I also sent her though my last few My Style posts (winter, fall, summer) so she could see what I tend to like/look best wearing.

Well, Amelia certainly did her homework… because my Trunk preview looked FANTASTIC:

(1) Curves 360 by NYDJ, $89, (2) DL1961 Florence Midrise Instasculpt Ankle Skinny Jeans, $142.99 sale, (3) Eliza J Floral Belted Midi Dress, $138, (4) Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tee, $14.63 sale, (5) 1901 Wrap Sweater, $59, (6) Chelsea28 Print Midi Skirt, $79, (7) 1901 Stripe Belted Shirtdress, $139, (8) Madewell Texture & Thread Full Sleeve Top, $35.70 sale (no link), (9) Modcloth Heirloom Tomato Print Pocket Skirt, $65, (10) Madewell Summer Ryder Cardigan, $69.50, (11) Madewell x The New Denim Project Patchwork Skirt, $69.50, (12) Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tee, $14.63 sale.

If you’re new to my Trunk Club reveals (you can find them all here), I don’t typically photograph every single one of the items. When the Trunk first arrives, I usually go through it and narrow down my choices to a pile of my favorites. Let’s check them out!

Outfit 1: Eliza J Floral Belted Midi Dress ($138)

On paper, this dress seems like everything I like: floral pattern, midi length, cropped sleeves. I even usually like Eliza J designs and have a couple skirts from the brand. Unfortunately, in person the dress just looks very matronly. Perhaps if it had a v-neckline it would have been much more flattering, but as it is… it’s a pass.

Outfit 2: Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tee ($14.63 sale), Modcloth Heirloom Tomato Print Pocket Skirt ($65), 1901 Wrap Sweater ($59)

How adorable and springy is this outfit?! It’s difficult to tell in this photo, but the v-neck tee is actually a light lilac color. I love Madewell whisper tee’s and have a few of them in heavy rotation. Of the two colors that Amelia sent over, I actually already own the pretty bluish-gray. This lilac is pretty, but not right with my complexion.

When I first tried on the wrap sweater, I felt like it was a bit too short-waisted… but I was proven wrong because I love the way it looks with a skirt. I don’t love this skirt though — the fabric is a bit cheap feeling and seems to wrinkle easily. I do have similar skirts and can absolutely recreate this look by adding the sweater to pieces I already own.

Since I liked the sweater, I decided to try it on over one of my dresses to see how it looked:

I wear a lot of cardigans in the spring and summer, and this wrap sweater might be a fun piece to add to my closet! What do you think?

Outfit 3: Madewell Summer Ryder Cardigan ($69.50), Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tee ($14.63 sale), DL1961 Florence Midrise Instasculpt Ankle Skinny Jeans ($142.99 sale)

Dang it, I didn’t mean to try these jeans on. My last stylist sent me a pair of DL1961 jeans in my October Trunk and I have literally worn them 98% of the time that I’ve worn jeans in the last 6 months. They are my FAVORITE jeans – they have the perfect amount of stretch but somehow NEVER get baggy in the butt or knees… even when sitting on an airplane for 6+ hours. Magical. So I should have known better when I tried on this pair.

These are just as soft and stretchy as my other pair, but these are a lighter wash and cropped length that are perfect for spring. I paired them with the same lilac tee and added the orange Madewell cardigan. I LOVE this entire outfit. It is very ME and also perfect for spring or even a cool summer day.

Here are my quickie 6-words-or-less thoughts on the items I didn’t show you:

  • (1) Curves 360 by NYDJ blouse – boring.
  • (6) Chelsea28 Print Midi Skirt – cheap, cheap fabric.
  • (7) 1901 Stripe Belted Shirtdress – sleeves too tight.
  • (8) Madewell Texture & Thread Full Sleeve Top – weird fabric.
  • (11) Madewell x The New Denim Project Patchwork Skirt – clingy on the tummy area.

Trunk Finalists
Okay, so if you’ve been playing along that leaves me with the following favorites from this Trunk:

  • (2) DL1961 Florence Midrise Instasculpt Ankle Skinny Jeans, $142.99
  • (5) 1901 Wrap Sweater, $59
  • (10) Madewell Summer Ryder Cardigan, $69.50

I do have credits in my account that will go towards this order, which is super awesome. I’ve also been selling a bunch of stuff on Poshmark, so I’m leaning towards buying all three finalists.

So now I’d love to know what you think! Leave me a comment below!

3/22/19 Update: Thank you all for your feedback here, on Facebook and on Instagram! I decided to buy the DL1961 jeans and the Madewell cardigan and pass on the wrap sweater!

If you want to have Amelia style a Trunk for you I have her linked to my referral code here: (Please note: if you use my referral link it will cost you nothing extra and it earns me a small amount to go towards items in my next Trunk).

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Trunk Club, I pay for any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you enjoyed my review and decide to try Trunk Club for yourself, the biggest compliment you can give me is by using my referral link. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction! This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Reviewing Causebox: The Spring 2019 Box Reveal

16 Mar

I was planning to share this last week, but got all excited about my Trunk Club… so here it is this week! Let’s take a look at the Spring Causebox!

Every season, members receive a limited edition curation of products from the leading socially conscious brands. Some of them are designed exclusively for CAUSEBOX. Each box is designed and filled with love. From the original artwork on the outside of the box, to the lovingly handmade products that fill it up, there is love in every detail. The cost is $49.95 per quarter if you subscribe annually, or $54.95 per quarter if you subscribe by the quarter. I don’t have a referral code to give you, but if you click on their website you might see a pop-up with a promo code on it:

Let’s check out what I received in the Spring 2019 box:

Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Eye Mask, retail $15

I do not currently use a sleep mask and I’m not sure how I would feel about having something on my face all night long. I’ll try this one out though and see if I like it. It might help me stay asleep longer on nights when my husband gets up for work way before my alarm goes off.

Kalos Mist Congeniality Elixir Toning Mist, retail $22

I typically don’t use a toner in my face routine. In the accompanying booklet, the creator suggests keeping the toner beside your bed and spraying it on for a ‘moment of peace’ ritual to relax you. I imagine a 1950’s starlet version of Joules spraying on some of the toning mist and then lowering down her eye mask for a restful sleep… maybe we’ll have to try and make this a reality.

Cosmedix Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask, retail $54

I love a good mask and each week I treat myself to Monday Mask Day. For this mask, you apply it to damp skin and it’s rather gritty for exfoliating. Then, once you rub it on with circular motions, you let it dry for 10 – 15 minutes before washing it off. I tried it the other night and it actually did a great job, so I’m really happy to add this one to my weekly mask routine.

Luxe Charm Bracelet from Marina De Buchi, retail $37

I love bracelets, but I tend to be more of a leather statement bracelet kind of girl. This ‘unlock your dreams’ key bracelet is really pretty, but much daintier than I typically would choose. I was initially thinking I might give this away, but I tried it on and it is awfully pretty.

Silky Scarf from Cleobella, retail $52

This silky scarf was the first spoiler for this season’s Causebox and I wasn’t very excited about it. With that being said, I do like the Marigold color of this scarf. And it does look great with the key bracelet. However, I have NO IDEA what to do with it. In the booklet it shows a variety of ways to wear it, including: as a headband, a belt, a bracelet(?!), tied around your neck yuppie-style, etc. And literally none of those ways appeal to me. I went ahead and added it to my Poshmark closet so someone else can enjoy it. Someone purchased it pretty quickly for $19, so that’s a nice surprise!

Megan Portfolio Clutch from Glass Ladder Co, retail $120

This clutch was the second spoiler and I was kind of bummed about it. I’ve come around a little, but I still want to point out that $120 for a ‘faux’ leather (aka plastic) organizer is ridiculous. I work out of a bunch of different locations, so I may use this as an organizer in my work backpack. If it doesn’t work for me, I may give it to my husband to use… which is why I picked the color black (rather than pink or light gray). As expected, it smells like fumes… so hopefully it gets less stinky soon.

WYLD French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge, retail $16.90

This French pink clay sponge is infused with pink clay from France before it’s baked. It is supposed to be powerful, yet gentle for exfoliating your face. I’ll stick it next to my sink for evening face washing and see how it goes.

Altru Macrame Plant Hanger, retail $14

Um, is it 1978 again? I find it very odd that they gave a macramé plant hanger in this box… but no bowl or flowerpot or anything to hang from it. That’s weird, right? I decided to add it to my Poshmark closet, just to see if anyone wanted it… and someone bought it for $8.

Alja Horvat Exclusive Art Print, retail $10


Overall Thoughts
After absolutely LOVING the fall and winter Causeboxes, it seems about time I got a box that was just ‘eh’ for me. Out of the three spoilers shared before the box shipped, I wasn’t really excited about any of them. I actually went into my account to pause so I could skip this box, but I was too late and the cutoff had passed. The retail value of everything in my box came to $340.90 which is great. However, I think the retail value of the plastic organizer ($120) and the “silky” but not silk scarf ($52) are laughable. I’m glad I was able to get a little of my money back with the scarf and plant hanger sales. I do like the key bracelet and the mask, but overall this season’s box was really disappointing.

What is your favorite item from the Spring CAUSEBOX?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

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