My June Thrift Store Haul

I had some time to kill on a random Thursday, so I decided to swoop by one of my favorite thrifting spots. I got extra lucky, because I had totally forgotten that Thursday’s were one of those ½ off days! When I went, all items tagged with a blue, violet or yellow tag were 50% off.

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Here’s what I got for me:

The Limited blazer – marked at $12.99, with a yellow 50% off tag ($6.50)

I’m not normally a Limited shopper, but I really like that this blazer is super thin and silky. I have to wear blazers when I’m running events, which means I typically end up overheated if they are too warm. I also like the snazzy print – it kind of reminds me of a men’s pocket square or tie. I checked the blazer all over and I don’t think it’s even been worn. The little threaded ‘x’ on the back flap hasn’t even been cut off! I’ll probably put this into rotation in the fall by wearing it over a black dress or even with a bright colored blouse and skinny black trousers.

Land’s End Textured Pleat A-Line Skirt in Black Marl, $6.99

This simple skirt still has tags on it, but the price portion has been ripped off. After checking the Land’s End site, it looks like a similar skirt goes for $60. It has a bit of a heathered look to the black fabric, or as they call it “black marl”. The skirt also is a really nice heavy weight – with pockets – so it will be perfect for me to wear to work in the fall and winter!

Marco Tozzi Botties – marked at $12.99, with a yellow 50% tag ($6.50)

I wasn’t familiar with this brand at all, but I really liked the style of the bootie when I picked it off the rack. The leather upper is thick, nice and soft, and the heels are in perfect condition (instead of having the finish worn off). Best of all, they are super comfortable. I did a little research and it looks like Marco Tozzi is a German/UK brand, so it would be cool to know what adventures they had on their way to a Maryland thrift store. I’m going to clean the sole off and pack them away until fall, when I’ll pair them with all my dresses.

Here’s what I got for Jack:

Janie and Jack plaid shorts, $1.99

I love preppy Janie and Jack children’s clothes, but I don’t love the prices in the store. These cute shorts are Jack’s size and were only $2, so they had to come home with me. Similar shorts on the store’s website are $34, so I’ll take that deal! This pair of shorts even has those helpful little elastic bits inside to customize their waist size, so I think that Jack will get a lot of wear out of them this summer. I can’t wait to see them paired with his Batman and Ninja Turtle shirts!

Children’s Place plaid short sleeved shirt – marked at $3,99, with a blue 50% off tag ($2.00)

I like to have a couple ‘dressy’ shirts around for Jack for any last-minute events where he needs to be a little fancier than a t-shirt. This one is in his size from Children’s Place and cost just $2, so I figured if he only gets a wear or two out of it, it will be totally worth it. It’s usually pretty easy to find fancier shirts in great condition at the thrift store, because unlike a t-shirt, kid’s usually don’t wear them more than a couple times before they grow out of them.

Crazy 8’s plaid long sleeved shirt – marked at $2.99, with a blue 50% off tag ($1.50)

I don’t know why the long sleeve shirt is less money than the short sleeved version, but for $1.50 I figured I might as well scoop it up for the Fall. Of course, it is quite possible Jack will have another growth spurt and grow out of it before he has a chance to wear it, but that is a risk I will take for less than the price of a coffee.

Children’s Place swim trunks, $3.99

In comparison to the rest of the items I bought for Jack, these swim trunks were relatively pricey. If you can call $4 pricey. However, each summer I need to send a pair of swim shorts to pre-school for summer camp water activities. I hate sending one of our ‘good’ swim suits that I would want to take the the beach with us, so a thrifted suit works out perfectly.

This thrifting trip only cost me about $30 for 7 items, so it was certainly worth the stop!

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)? Do you prefer to thrift for yourself, or hunt the kid’s clothes section?



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Another Thrift Store Haul

The thrifting bug has bit me again and after last month’s thrifting success (read it here) I’ve been dying to steal a few hours and have another go at it!

I ended up going on a mini version of my thrifting hunt last Friday and I certainly was NOT disappointed. After spotting another new with tags Diane von Furstenberg dress in my size, I really have to wonder WHO this person is that keeps dropping off brand new clothing?! I also saw a brand new with tags MaxMara blazer that had the original tags on it for $915, I was tempted, but after trying it on I decided to leave it in the wild for the next thrifting fan.

There were no tag sales this time, but I did end up buying 5 items. What to see what came home with me?

Talbots Linen Blazer – $16.99

I always keep my eyes out for a good blazer – especially if it has cropped sleeves – so when I saw this Talbots linen blazer on the rack I grabbed it immediately to try on. It has no size tag, but it fits me perfectly… so I’m going to call it fate. The blazer was in good condition, but had some dirt/crud/yuck on the sleeve of one arm… so I dropped it off at the dry cleaner and all the yuck came out. The lining is a little floppy, but once it is on you can’t see it. I don’t own any other off-white blazers, much less one that is a longer length… so it will be an interesting experiment to style this one.

Brooks Hoodie – $12.99

I’ve already established that I just can’t pass up a well-made hoodie, so when I saw this one I knew I had to try it on. Especially because it has THUMB HOLES! To be honest, it was a little pricey for thrift but it is in absolutely brand new condition (no tags though), so I decided to go ahead and buy it. No regrets here!

No Tag Kimono Cover-up – $3.99

This was one of those impulse buys, but it was only $4 so I’ll allow it. I tried it on over the t-shirt and jeans I was wearing and it just looked so cool that I decided that I needed it. I don’t know if I’ll end up wearing this layered over a tank top during the summer or as a swimsuit cover up.

Patterned Skirt – $4.99

Remember how I told you all in my last post to totally disregard tag sizes and try on anything you like? Well, this skirt is marked as a 3x and fits like a large. How ridiculous is that?! I sent it to the dry cleaner and it looks as good as new. In person it is reading more Fall/Winter to me, so I’m going to pack it away to wear next Fall with some tights and booties. I could probably run a sewing machine over each side of the waistband to make it a little tighter, but I’ll see how it fits 6 months from now before I make my decision.

NY Collection Skirt – $12.99

I have been looking for another knee-length black swing skirt for over a year, so I can’t believe that this one fell into my lap while thrifting. It still had the original Macy’s tags on it for $48 and fit like it came directly from my imagination. The price was high for thrifting, but much cheaper than the similar skirt I’ve been eyeing on the Nordstrom website. Even thought it had the tags on it, I still ran it through the washing machine on cold and let it hang dry. I already wore it to work earlier this week and I can tell it’s going to get a bunch of wear this summer.

For about 90 minutes at the thrift store, I had quite the score: 2 skirts, 1 blouse, 1 hoodie and 1 blazer for a total of $55! And you wonder why I can’t wait to go thrifting again…

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)? Have you ever gotten in a fight over an item? What do you like to look for while thrifting?

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Thrift Store Haul

I had a few days off last week as a perk of working at a University (yay, Spring Break), so I had some time to myself. It was weird. And kind of awesome. So, instead of doing stuff that I could easily do with Jack and/or Travis, I decided to do some things that only I enjoy… like thrifting!

I’ve written about how much I like thrifting before and while I can take Jack, it’s much more peaceful to go by myself. So, last Monday I strapped on my cross-body bag so that my hands were free to look through every piece of clothing on the rack (and possibly fight off other thrifters) and got to it!

I stopped by two different thrift stores and OHMYGOSH did I get some total scores! On the day that I shopped, there were some colored tag sales. Anything with a green or orange tag was an extra 33% off and anything with a blue, pink or violet tag was an extra 50% off. There was basically no rhyme or reason to what item had which tag, so I just picked up anything I was interested in and tried most of it on in the dressing room.

Here’s what I got:

4 Men’s ‘wicking’ t-shirts – $17.36 total ($4.34 each)
We are going to be going to Universal Studios in a couple months, so Travis will be basically living in his swim shorts. I picked up three ‘wicking’ t-shirts for him to wear on our water-ride days. I also found a super cool ‘Punisher’ running shirt in a men’s medium that I claimed for myself (you can see it here). I have a hero/villain 5k coming up and this might end up being part of my running outfit. The color tags on these shirts made no sense, two were green, one orange and one pink. All in all, I paid $17.36 total for them all which is less than one shirt from Under Armour.

Black Flowy Dress – marked at $14.99 with a violet 50% off tag ($7.49)

I admit, this dress is giving off quite the ‘witchy woman’ vibe. I liked it because it is super soft and the tie belt adds some nice curves. With that being said, its super long and kind of takes over my entire body. I’ve already cut off the bottom to make it knee-length and just need to buy some black thread so I can stitch up the hem. I’m not sure if I’m going to wear this as a dress or maybe just use it as a beach cover-up. What do you think?

Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress – marked as $14.99 with a green 33% off tag ($9.89)

Well, this dress was obviously the thrifting find of my entire life. This is a brand-spanking-new with tags Diane von Furstenberg dress that sold at Nordstrom for $428. I found it on their website here and it was an exclusive collaboration between DVF and Piece & Co. The dress is made from one-of-a-kind artisan textiles from India and was sold in Nordstrom in Spring/Summer 2015. The most amazing thing is that it was in perfect condition, it is my size, AND it is a print/style that I like with a flowy skirt. The entire time I was shopping I was afraid someone was going to steal it out of my basket! I had some initial thoughts of possibly selling it for a huge profit, but I’ve decided that it’s mine, mine, MINE!

Red Floral Pleated Skirt – marked at $8.99 with a green 33% off tag ($5.93)

This skirt is one of my other favorite finds of the day. It didn’t have new tags on it, but it looked and felt like it was in brand-new condition. This is a lesson in trying everything on regardless of size, because this skirt was marked as a 14 petite and I would say it fits more like a 10. I love, love, love it and can’t wait to wear it this spring!

Here it is styled for work:


Would you guess that it cost less than $6?

Soybu hoodie – marked at $5.99 with a with a violet 50% off tag ($2.99)
I’m pretty sure that the hoodie I bought from the thrift store is the same as this hydrangea “wendy” hoodie on the Soybu website. Do I need another lightweight hoodie? Nope. But was I going to snap one that looks brand new up for $3? Heck yeah!


I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)? Have you ever gotten in a fight over an item? What do you like to look for while thrifting?

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