January Thrift Haul

My thrifting this month was all about the wonders of manifesting exactly what I needed and having it show up and wait for me at the thrift stores. It was almost eerie. Let’s take a look!

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Blondo knee-high boots, $12.99

YOU GUYS. I’ve been needing a pair of replacement black knee-high boots. I’ve been keeping my eyes out for them and finally ordered a couple pairs to try from Nordstrom (got to love the free shipping and free returns). Before my order even arrived, I saw this pair at the thrift store and WHAT THE HECK, they are EXACTLY what I needed in my exact boot size.

I googled them afterwards and they are the Blondo Zana boots that retail for $252.00. They needed a little shining around the toes, which I took care of in about 2 minutes with some boot polish. Now they are back in perfect condition and ready for me to wear them all winter long!

Kohls brand sweater vest, $9.99

This was another item on my thrift list… an oversized swoopy sweater vest thing. I got a cool sparkly shirt in my last Trunk Club and I need something to layer over it. I found this one thrifting and it still had the original tags on it for $52.00. SCORE!

On my second thrift stop of the month, I had Jack with me. We were at the Sonic next to the thrift store and I thought we’d stop in to do a quick check for snow pants and snow boots for him. MANIFESTING AGAIN!

Kids snow boots, $5

There were two pairs of boots in Jack’s size and these were his favorites. They are Dream Pairs KSNOW Insulated Waterproof Snow boots and are currently selling on their website for $35. These are in basically unworn condition and will be perfect for our upcoming snow tubing trip!

Kids snow pants, $5

Annnnnnd… we also found snow pants for Jack! These are a medium, which means they have room for him to grow and they are in great condition. They are still selling on Amazon for $25, but we saved $20 by thrifting them!

I could not have had a luckier thrifting month and I’m super thrilled with all four of my thrifted items!

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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6 Month Thrifting Update: Favorites

When it comes to my thrifting fun, I still make mistakes. I’ve started compiling these 6-month look-back posts because I think it’s a great exercise for me to see what I really ended up loving vs what gets sent back into the world for someone else to enjoy.

So, I went through all my thrifting posts from July – December and picked out my favorites from each month:

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Thrifted in July: Anthropologie Beaded Necklace, $6

Technically I snapped this necklace up at a consignment shop for half-off, but I shared it in my July Thrift Haul. This was totally a spur-of-the-moment purchase that I didn’t really need… but I’ve probably worn it over a dozen times in the last 6 months. It goes with so many outfits and adds a fun pop of color to everything. This one is certainly a thrifting winner for me!

Thrifted in August: Chicos open cardigan, $9

I thrifted this moss green open cardigan from Chicos in August and it still had the original tags on it! It’s super lightweight and I love the color, so this has been worn to work quite a few times this fall.

Thrifted in September: Eileen Fisher skirt, $6.99

This was a tough month to choose from, because I had some awesome scores! I’m picking this simple Eileen Fisher stretch crepe skirt because it’s classic and will last forever. It also retails between $179 – 198 and I thrifted it in perfect condition for $7! I’ve worn it to work a few times and will continue to wear it again and again.

Thrifted in October: Lucky Brand Perforated Booties, $17.50

I’m actually wearing these booties while I’m typing this post and have worn them probably a dozen times since buying them for less than $20. They are in perfect condition and typically sell on the Lucky website for around $120, so let this serve as your reminder to ALWAYS check the shoe section at thrift and consignment stores!

Thrifted in November: Striped sweater, $5.89

This cardigan is another thrifted gem that has been in heavy rotation since I bought it. The green is the perfect shade of moss (a smidge darker than the first one I shared above) and the stripes are super cute too. I’ve worn this to work over a silky blouse and on weekends with a graphic t-shirt. Bring on all the thrifted cardigans!

Thrifted in December: Black Velvet dress, $6.70

A velvet dress was on my thrift ‘wish list’ this fall, so I was thrilled to find this one for less than the cost of my typical Starbucks order. I wore it to work once so far with sparkly flats (click here for my snazzy look). I also plan to pair it with tights and knee-high boots for the rest of the winter.

Have you had any super thrifting winners over the past few months?

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December Thrift Haul

Technically, I thrifted these items in November… but I had already published my November Thrift Haul, so I scooted them over to December. And THEN I didn’t even have the opportunity to thrift at all this month. So yeah, I’m totally suffering from thrift withdrawal!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Let’s take a look at my kinda December thrift haul:

Loft dress, $14.99 green tag on sale for 50% off, $7.99

This one still had a nub of the original Loft tag on it, so I’m guessing that’s why my favorite thrift store marked it up at $15! It’s oversized and the fabric is nice and soft, but it is pretty darn shapeless. I know it’s a summer dress, but I’m imagining it with tights, boots and a long cardigan. Maybe a scarf too?

Ellen Tracy tie-cardigan, $5.99 purple tag on sale for 33% off, $4

This lightweight cotton cardigan has pockets and a fun tie that you can either tie in the front or cinch it into a bow in the back. I love the color! It’s in perfect condition, so I think this will be a wonderful topper for work with pants and then when it starts looking a bit worn I’ll transition it into loungewear!

Okay, in preparation for this next score I have to show you some of the dresses that I’ve been drooling over on my Instagram feed:

VELVET. SO MUCH PRETTY VELVET. So when I saw this next item, I snatched it up and crossed my fingers that it would fit:

Velvet wrap dress, $9.99 purple tag on sale for 33% off, $6.70

I mean, it was like someone plucked exactly what I’ve been wanting out of my mind and then marked it down to $6.70! The brand is nothing fancy, but the ¾” sleeves, super soft velvet and twirly skirt is perfect for me to wear this winter. Here is a close-up of the super soft and plush velvet:

I’m thinking I’ll pair it with sparkly flats now and then and then in January maybe throw on a pair of tights and booties!

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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