All Caught Up & Ready for The Defenders!

I’ve talked about how much I love the whole Marvel Universe on Netflix before. I was initially sucked in with Jessica Jones (I posted about it here), which was pretty easy to do since it was about a badass woman superhero. From there, I went through two seasons of Daredevil, caught up with Luke Cage and finally binged on Iron Fist. There are more seasons coming for each series, but what I’m looking forward to now is the upcoming Defenders show, where they all interact with each other.

Before we get into The Defenders, I wanted to do a mini review of each of the shows leading into it…

Daredevil Season One (2015)
This was the first new show in the Netflix Marvel Universe and introduced us to Matt Murdock (lawyer by day, Daredevil at night). I enjoyed this season but it did kind of drag a little. The villain, Wilson Fisk was AWESOME though. Claire, the “night nurse” first appears on this show and she shows up on every other show in the Universe after this too.

Jessica Jones Season One (2015)
My absolute favorite out of the entire series so far! Jessica has superpowers and is rebuilding her life as she deals with PTSD. I loved the entire storyline of the season and absolutely loved Krysten Ritter as Jessica. This show also introduced us to Luke Cage (before he got his own show). The villain, Kilgrave, was scary as hell and weirdly funny all at once, which I thought was great.

Daredevil Season Two (2016)
Out of the two seasons of Daredevil, I like this one better. After introducing the character of Daredevil in the first season, the second season really fleshes him out. However, he’s also kind of a butthole in this season. You know who WAS awesome? The Punisher! {swoon} I totally loved him every time he came onto screen even though he’s kind of a bad guy. He’s getting his own series in the future, and I’m totally there for it.

Luke Cage Season One (2016)
Season one of Luke Cage happens a few months after his appearance on Jessica Jones, so it’s cool to hear mentions of what happened in the past from his perspective. I didn’t really feel an attachment to Luke when he was on Jessica Jones, but after watching his season of his own show I’m totally digging him. I enjoyed his relationship with Misty, as well as his attraction to Claire. I also LOVED the villains on this show and can’t wait for some of them to pop up again.

Iron Fist Season One (2017)
Literally the only reason I forced myself to watch Iron Fist is because he will be involved in The Defenders. This show was pretty awful. I mean, Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones) is really cute. The storyline was not my cup of tea though and I sped through it as quickly as possible.

The Defenders (COMING TOMORROW!)
The Defenders brings together ALL the superheros to fight together. I. Can. Not. Wait. I literally can’t watch the trailer without getting chills. Seeing my favorites interacting together has me totally geeking out!


Are you super excited for The Defenders? Do you have a favorite character/show so far?


Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. I’m just REALLY EXCITED for the new show. However, if Netflix want’s to send me to meet Krysten Ritter that would be cool.

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