June Thrift Haul

I took a random Tuesday off last week and decided to do some *fun* errands. You know, not the ones for boring stuff…but for FUN stuff! Like a new bed comforter, some kitchen storage containers… and thrifting! I hit up one thrift store on my travels (Savers) and found a few treasures.

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Wrap Dress (no tag), $10.99

The tag was removed from this wrap dress, so I have no idea what the brand or size is. However, I do know I like it! The pattern is kind of fun and speckly and its knee-length. When I got home, I immediately threw it in the washer and dryer so I could wear it to work the next day:

I really love this dress and can see me wearing it a ton this summer and also in the fall/winter with tights and booties! I even packed it with me for this week’s work conference and will be wearing it again tomorrow.

Ann Taylor Cardigan, Medium, $7.99

I love the muted – but still bright – colors of this lightweight cardigan from Ann Taylor. It’s so thin that it almost looks see-through when it’s on the hanger, but once it is on it is not transparent at all. This will be perfect for the office when they are cranking the AC, or even in the fall/winter when it’s a bit chillier outside.

GreenTee lounge pants, Large, $7.49

These pants aren’t particularly cute and don’t even look that fantastic on… but holy hell are they soft and comfy. I could not resist buying them because they are like wearing some fuzzy clouds! I’ll wear these a ton on my work-from-home days when the weather cools back down in the fall. As for now, I’ve been wearing them every night this week — the moment I get back to my hotel room after the conference, I throw them on!

Chico’s Platinum Denim Black Jeans, 2, $13.99

First off, a 2 in Chico’s isn’t ACTUALLY a 2. It’s code for a 12. I know, it’s dumb. What is extra dumb is that they fit basically the same as the Chico’s 0 I picked up a few months ago. I love my other thrifted pair of Chicos and wore them non-stop until I switched over to shorts, so I figured I’d give this pair a try. They are stretchy and comfortable, and I like the cuff’s rolled up.

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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