Life Update: Back to School

As I shared back in early April, both Travis and I were able to get our COVID vaccine shots. We had our second shot at the end of April and two weeks later were considered fully vaccinated. While Jack cannot yet be vaccinated (he’s 9), with both of us vaccinated at home and his teachers vaccinated at school, we felt that it was time for him to return to in-person class.

Jack’s school has 4 day in-person hybrid school through the end of the year, which means he is now at the school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All students remain virtual on Wednesdays. When we decided to have him return to school it was a flurry of planning. I had to contact his teachers, as well as the administration. Then, I had to arrange for before/after care for days that I’ll be going in to Baltimore. Oh, and also find his backpack and lunchbox. And then, of course I had to order a few school supplies to take in his backpack AND mark all over the calendar and set all the reminder alarms.

All for about 5 weeks of school before summer.

Jack started back at school on May 13th and after some initial anxiety (from both him AND me), we are all settled in! He happily wears his mask all day long (except during outdoor recess and lunchtime) without complaint. Most importantly, Jack is doing great with his new schedule and is so happy to see his friends in person.

I’m happy too because starting last week I started going back into my office twice a week. While I love being able to work from home, I also love the opportunity to drop in and chat with my co-workers. My ideal schedule is a hybrid, where I’d go into the office 2-3 days a week and telework the rest. Until the office announces a new schedule, that is what I will be doing. Which feels like an incredible work-life balance version of normal for me.

Between Jack returning to school, me returning to work, and having our family fully vaccinated… I feel almost giddy with relief. After a year of 6 feet of distance from our loved ones, being able to hang out unmasked, hug family members after a year, and nomnomnom on my baby nephew is all like a little slice of heaven!

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One thought on “Life Update: Back to School”

  1. I know what you mean, I just got my second vac, and we are both vaccinated. All of our friends and family ( except 2 ) are vaccinated. We are working on them, gently. I am so happy to have my little vaccine records card! We are slowly beginning to plan a little fun, which after all this time, is fantastic. As you well know! Have a great day.

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