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Everybody does it, but not everyone likes it.

When it comes to your business, it is smart to change with the times. Whether this is by updating your marketing materials, redecorating your reception area or thinking about whether those hot pants really work on your employee uniform.

The downside of changing something about your business is that there is always the fear of alienating customers who like things the way they are.

This morning I came across a perfect example of change. One of my favorite blogs, Young House Love,  just unveiled a new look for their website. They’ve had the same look since the spring of 2008 and decided that it was time to do some design and function updates.

Was there anything wrong with their previous design? Not at all.

Is the new design fantastic? Absolutely!

But you know what is even more fantastic? The fact that they did a blog post detailing why they made the changes and exactly what was done. For those people who instantly distrust any modifications, this is a great chance for the Young House Lovers to explain WHY they made the changes.

Typically I’m not a huge fan of change for change sake, but when it goes hand in hand with a really good reason (like to be more reflective of their design choices in their current house project), I think it’s a great idea!

Check out to see their new website design (they show the old one too if you’re a first time visitor) and how they handled the announcement.

*Please tell me you get my stupid pun of 2 Cents and the blog subject of Change. Corny, right? Yup, that’s just the way I like it!

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