My Favorite Drugstore Mascara

When it comes to makeup, I’m not too fancy. On workdays I wear eyeliner, an eye shadow stick, mascara, eyebrow fill-in pencil and a bit of power to take away any shine from my lotion. On non-workdays, I’m usually bare-faced.

Since I only use a few products, I’m super picky about them. Especially my mascara. I want a lightweight mascara that won’t flake off throughout the day and it absolutely, positively must NOT clump. I want it to make my eyelashes look naturally black… not like scary spider legs stuck to my eyelids.

Is that too much to ask?

I’ve tried a bunch of different options over the years and my favorite for quite a while was Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara from Sephora. However, it costs $24 per tube, which is kind of crazy for a tiny tube of makeup.

I’ve been trying out a bunch of cheaper options and finally found my new favorite. It is perfectly black, goes on silky smooth, doesn’t budge, doesn’t clump… and it’s $6!

It’s Covergirl Clump Crusher and I picked mine up at Target, but they have it on for a little cheaper.



The bristles on the brush work great at separating my lashes and putting on the perfect amount of mascara. I’ve been using this for the last few months and every day, it goes on smooth as can be with no clumping or flaking. I’ve been telling everyone I know to go buy this mascara and now I’m telling you guys too.

Here it is on
Here it is on

It’s awesome! And $6! Which makes it even more awesome!

Do you have a drugstore makeup item that you swear by? Please share in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Drugstore Mascara”

  1. I have a really hard time justifying fancy mascara. The drugstore stuff seems just as good, if not better. It also goes bad so quickly, that anything over $8 seems like a waste of money.

    I’ll have to try this one. The wand looks different from anything I’ve ever used. Is it hard to apply? I have sparse lashes, so I need something to help with volume.

    1. I actually find it very easy to apply. The rubbery pokey parts on the wand really get in there and keep my eyelashes separated. =)

  2. This is my favorite drugstore mascara, too! I don’t think it gets enough credit. I have super-short lashes, and unfortunately it doesn’t do much for me on the length front, but for everyday wear, nothing beats it for density without clumping.

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