My Style: May 2023

You can tell the weather is finally getting warmer, because I start sharing more of my casual outfits in addition to my work outfits. This is one of the coolest May’s I can remember – in fact, I haven’t even turned on our AC yet – so we are actually getting the chance to enjoy spring weather before the summer heat comes!

Work Outfits

Okay, the pink dress was NOT a winner and it hit my Poshmark closet the day after I wore it. I love the other two skirt outfits though! And the jeans outfit was basically an I’m-here-what-more-do-you-want outfit. It was comfy.

Casual Outfits

I love this rainbow of looks! It’s clear that the NotPERFECT LINEN Marseille skirt is one of my favorites — but that’s because it’s so comfortable and flattering and comes in so many beautiful colors. I paired my skirts with various t-shirts throughout the month, which you will see on repeat all summer long. The bottom left look is an oversized linen blouse from Target with my newly done visibly mended jeans. And the bottom right look is my outfit for the Taylor Swift Eras tour.

My Favorite Outfits of the Month:

It was hard to narrow it down, but these are my two favorite outfits from May. I just love them both!

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