One Sentence Challenge: Describe Your Most Awkward Date

Did you have a chance to participate in last Friday’s One Sentence Challenge?

There were a ton of fantastic responses to the prompt to describe your most awkward date in just one sentence.  Here are some my absolute favorites:

Rebecca: He rushed me home to record Melrose Place.

Katie: I was unaware it was a date.

Adrianne: He flirted me up and asked me out at my dad’s going away party, but when he showed up to take me out he NEVER SAID ONE WORD the entire date.

Jennifer: When he showed up at my door, I realized that he was the *other* guy of the two guys I’d met and not the one I *thought* I’d been talking to for the past two weeks on the phone.

No Shame! Mama has issues: I’m 5’2”and he was WAYYYYY shorter than me!

Quirky Chrissy: I argued with him and he changed his mind to agree, so I changed my mind to disagree, and he changed back; after an hour, I kissed him on the cheek and was later found making out with someone else in the rain.

Gina: He picked his nose.

Lance: It was my best left hook ever but I was lucky her ex-husband didn’t press charges.

If you’d like to read all of the responses, you can check them out here. A great, big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and keep your eyes peeled for our next One Sentence Challenge on the Pocketful of Joules Facebook page!

Oh, and here was my  most awkward date in one sentence:

On his profile he had a cute little smirk, but in person he had SHARK TEETH!

So how about you, if you haven’t already chimed in tell me about your most awkward date in ONE sentence.

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