Reviewing Citrus Lane: The July “Bon Voyage” Box

Let me start out by saying that I was extremely excited for this month’s box. Within the next few weeks Jack will be taking his first plane trip to Chicago and also spending a week down in Ocean City on the beach with my family.

The July “Bon Voyage” box from Citrus Lane!

When I found out that the theme for July was “Bon Voyage” with the goal of making traveling with your baby both easier and more fun, I may have yelled out “Wheeheewww” in the office and then had to explain myself to my boss.

Citrus Lane did something new this month and released a YouTube video review of the box before it was shipped.

I think that the video was really cool and a neat idea, but in my opinion they should have waited to post it until a week after they shipped the boxes out. Part of the fun is the anticipation of receiving the box in the mail and then the surprise of what goodies are inside. I tried really hard to resist watching the video, but gave in and was totally disappointed in myself afterwards. It was like finding all your Christmas gifts in the closet the week before Christmas – it totally takes away the fun of Christmas Eve!

The June box arrived at my house a few days ago and here is what I found:

Nom, nom, nom…Hippo likes baby food!

• Tiny Love Harry Hippo Stroller Toy ($7.99 value) This is a really cute little stroller toy and when you pull on its string it does a little wiggle. I already have a few different stroller toys, but this one is a bit more compact. I will definitely be taking this on the plane and using the (much more awesome than usual) clip to attach it to the seat in front of us.

Potter thinks that the bracelet is really cool, but not really his mommy’s style. Isn’t it weird how both me and my dog think alike?

• Chewbeads Bangle ($14.50 value) Hmm… A bit of a mixed reaction on this. I really, really like that they included something for the mommy, which is also useful for a teething baby (it’s made of 100% silicone for chewing). It’s not really my style to wear normally, but if Jack likes it than I can try it out. However, since Jack was sleeping during today’s photo shoot, Potter got his chance to admire the bracelet.

• California Baby Travel Set ($7.50 value and 10% off code) I’m familiar with the California Baby brand because my doctor recently recommended it for their baby sunscreen. The brand is pretty expensive, but since Jack is a preemie, it makes sense to use the best stuff possible (especially because you’re not even supposed to use sunscreen on your child until they are 6 months old). This month’s box includes shampoo/body wash, lotion and diaper rash cream in the perfect sizes to throw in our suitcase.

• On-the-Go Baby Laundry Detergent ($1.99 value) Now this came in PERFECT timing for our trip! I’m hoping to not have to do any laundry on any of our upcoming trips, but if I do these little packets are perfect for washing yucky clothes in the sink. I will definitely be throwing a couple packets in while packing.

• Me4Kidz Diaper Bag Buddy ($5.95 value)This is a pretty awesome little kit – it contains: disposable diaper trash bags, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer, latex free bandages, organic tush wipes, single use thermometer, and a coupon for wipes. And look how tiny it is — not only can you keep it in your diaper bag, it easily fits in a purse or even your glove compartment!

Look how tiny!

• Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food Stage 1 ($1.69 value) Jack started food a week or so ago (so far his favorite is green beans) and I’ve been keeping my eyes open for good baby food options. I plan on making some myself, but still need some pre-packaged stuff to use when traveling. This pouch is 100% organic fruits and vegetables with no additives. The best part, no refrigeration is required, so they’re perfect to keep in the diaper bag for emergencies.

• Sincerely Inc – 10 Free Postagrams ($10.00 value) I’m going to consider this the only thing I’m not too excited about. In theory it sounds nice, using a free Postagram app you can turn your photos into printed, personalized postcards right from your phone. I just don’t know if I’d actually bother to use this. I guess only time will tell!

So, was this month’s box worth it?

I didn’t have any “oh my gosh I love this sooo much” moments like I did with the hat, book and teething toy from the May box. However, I think most of what we received will come in handy over the next couple months. Best of off, it contains things that I wouldn’t have necessarily bought myself, but seem fun to try out. So, I’ll consider that another win Citrus Lane!

One thing I’d like to see in the future though – it would be great if they could let us know the next month’s theme when we receive our box. That way we can get excited and keep that anticipation going a little longer!

Here’s my typical disclosure: I was not rewarded by Citrus Lane for reviewing their box on my blog. I review the boxes, because I feel like other mom’s would be interested in seeing what they’ll get if they sign up for the monthly service.

HOWEVER, if you decide that you would like to sign up for your own
subscription and use my link, I will receive credits on my account. As an added bonus to my fabulous readers, you can get 10% off the cost of any subscription (normal cost $25 each month). You’ll save $7.50 on three months, $12.50 on six months, or $25 on twelve months. To redeem the deal, click on my link and enter the word SPRINGFUN when checking out.

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Inside My Head

I’m going to start this post with a warning: I was really tired this morning.

In fact, this was my Facebook status and it’s totally true “So tired I forgot I had to pay at Starbucks and just stared at the lady wondering why she wouldn’t hand over my coffee.”

I was sitting in the drive thru and we totally had a staring contest until I realized that I needed to hand over my Starbucks gold card (oh yeah, I’m THAT cool) to get my yummy caffeine.  The reason that this is a warning is that since I was so tired, I upgraded my choice to a venti (Starbucks code for super-sized) and also added in an extra shot.


I basically have pure caffeine running through my veins right now. So here is a breakdown of what was going on in my head* during my commute to work:

  • The car in front of me had a “Dealer” plate. For some reason every time I see that, my brain says, “Oh, they’re totally a drug dealer.” And yes, I know that it doesn’t really mean that but apparently my brain doesn’t care.
  • The insult “butthole” is totally underused. I heard it on a radio show this morning and I think it totally needs to come back.
  • Wow. My legs are really freaking pale. Like ghostly white pale. Yet, I’ve worn a dress to work for the last two days. I really need a tan. Hmmm….I have an appointment tomorrow at the dermatologist to see if my latest mole had any melanoma in it. Hoping it doesn’t. Is it weird that I’m thinking of getting a tan and skin cancer in the same thought?
  • The Boy Scouts suck and Jack will not be joining unless there are HUGE and I mean HUGE in all caps changes.
  • Wow, our 4 year wedding anniversary is coming up in October. I totally need to plan a mini trip somewhere (if I can convince my mom to watch Jack overnight…please Mom, please!) Maybe something close by like an overnight trip to a VA wine festival or Hershey Park. Maybe I should get through my Chicago conference, New York City Conference and Ocean City vacation first… all of which are occurring within the next 4 weeks. Yeah, I’m a traveling ho.
  • Oh, Funky Cold Medina is on the radio. Totally takes me back to high school when a friend would ham it up on the karaoke machine. If you’re reading this, Dave, you rocked that song’s socks off.
  • I got my “Bon Voyage” Citrus Lane box in the mail last night and I’m super excited to share it with you all. Note to self: take pictures and write up blog post tonight.

And then I pulled into work and had to shift into working Joules mode for the next few hours. Speaking of, I need to run and grab myself some {non-caffeinated} lunch ASAP so I can get back to work

Have a gold star kind of day and don’t be a butthole.

*Which I scribbled down on a piece of paper to remind me, instead of typing into my phone. Because I’m responsible like that and pay attention to laws.

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Pet Peeve Alert: You Stink

Prepare yourself now, because I’m about to go off on a tangent.

One of the things that I absolutely CANNOT STAND is when people pretty much bathe in their perfume or cologne before leaving the house.

If you are standing 20 feet away from me and I can LITERALLY TASTE your cologne in the back of my throat, you have applied too much scent!

If you walk down a hallway and I walk down that same hallway five minutes later and I can still smell your stanky ass old man cologne (and yes, this is an actual example of a Mr. Potato Head-type man I used to work with), you are wearing too much!

I’m an equal opportunity complainer too, it’s not just men who are stinking me out – there are also ladies out there who are surrounded by a Pig Pen type cloud of floral aroma. And maybe the perfume would have smelled good if you just dab dab dabbed it on…but if you are smell blind and layered the lotion, powder, perfume and matching room spray you crossed over that line and you just stink!

So there is your public service announcement for the day. If you’re unsure of whether you have too much cologne or perfume on your body, ask someone.

Or just look around for the person like me who is trying to strategically cover her nose and back away without vomiting.

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