Summer Consignment Store Haul

I have another fun consignment store haul to share with you all! After running a 10k in early June, my friend Lindsey and I enjoyed a huge, delicious breakfast and then stopped by a nearby consignment store to poke around a bit. Just as our last visit (see it here) we both walked away with some fun bargains!

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Grace Karin Lemon Dress, size large, $17.75

Yes, I know that the running shoes totally make the outfit! I was immediately drawn to this fun dress when I saw it hanging on the rack, and still loved it when I tried it on. But then, after I was out of the dressing room I started having second thoughts on how much I’d actually wear it. I mean, it’s cute as all heck, but I’m not sure if it’s too girly for everyday work wear. My friend Lindsey convinced me to JUST BUY IT ALREADY, so I am now the proud owner of this adorable lemon dress.

I posted it on Instagram and after seeing a comment that it looked “very D&G” I did a little internet searching and found that it DOES look strikingly similar to the Dolce & Gabbana Summer 2016 Italian Summer collection. Here’s a little comparison:

My dress was $17.75 and theirs retailed for over $3,000!

Boden Wrap sweater, size large, $16.75 on clearance for $4.19

I received a wrap sweater in my Spring Trunk Club box (find it here) and while I really liked it, I felt like it was too expensive to invest in a style I may not end up wearing much. Well, this one is by Boden (retail value $98) and it’s very similar to the one I tried and loved. However, there is one big difference… this one was on clearance for $4.19! That’s the PERFECT price to try it out. I think this will look great over a blouse and skirt for work. I can also see me trying it over a few different dresses to mix it up a bit.

Bunny canvas and Flower canvas, $14.50 each

I initially really didn’t have a reason to buy these canvases, but I really liked them. That’s pretty much how I collect anything to add to my house… so I figured I’d go ahead and buy them anyways. As it is, I ended up bringing them to my new job and hanging them in my office.

Fox and Bunny Embroidered Tea Towels, $10.50 each

Once again, I was totally just drawn to these adorable tea towels. They still have the original tags for $21.99 (each) on them and after doing some googling it looks like they were sold at Nordstrom and Modcloth, as well as some boutique-type stores. I was going to pick just one, but couldn’t leave the other behind, so they both came home with me. These will look adorable hanging on my stove!

Do you have a favorite from my consignment store finds?

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