Tech Update

I’m flabbergasted. Completely flabbergasted.

After dealing with Verizon yesterday I was told that my new DVR would be arriving around 8/25 and had resigned myself to living in technology limbo for the next two weeks.

I got quite a (flabbergasting) surprise when I got home from work today and saw the package waiting for me less than 24 hours after I spoke to them!

Since the new DVR would take the place of both my ‘old school’ Tivo and our Verizon HD set top box (STB), I decided to totally chance it and just start dismantling everything. You would not believe the amount of random wires and cords I pulled out of there. I don’t know what they were all for, but apparently most of them weren’t doing anything at all.

I broke the old Tivo and STB free of the mess, threw most of the cords in plastic baggies in case I needed to hook anything back up in the future, and pulled out the directions for my new DVR.

Now this is where it would typically all go wrong…

But I had that thing hooked up to our new system perfectly in less than 10 minutes! It took me another half hour to program all our shows into it, but I was (yes, I’m going to say it again) flabbergasted at how easy it was.

Now I’m not going to get too cocky since I still have to cancel the Tivo service, return the Tivo and STB, and also hopefully get my replacement phone in the mail* from T-Mobile. However, I’m so happy that we can finally use our TV to it’s potential now. You know, since we’ll be paying for it on this month’s Visa bill.



*Oh yeah, I didn’t even bother to mention that my cellphone also went nuts earlier this week and they’re sending me a new one. A friend told me that much of this may be due to Mercury being in retrograde and after reading this, I was kind of freaking out. However, after I got sucked into the site and checked my horoscope, I found out that starting August 28th I’m about to have one of my best year’s ever… which sounds pretty awesome!


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