The Pocketful of Joules Theme Song

Think way back to the early 2000’s when everyone was glued to the TV to watch Ally McBeal. And yes, now that I realize that was 13 years ago, I’m kind of feeling old. Anyways, remember when Ally was trying to be more confident and started hallucinating that she had a theme song?

Well, EVERY time I hear this song on the radio I think it would be the perfect Pocketful of Joules theme song!

Just imagine this with me as if it were the opening to a sitcom….

As the song starts it would show me in various situations throughout my everyday life: getting ready to go to work and being sidetracked by a herd of deer just chilling in the road, chasing Ollie down the street in my suit and heels, trying to kiss my husband only to be interrupted by Jack jumping on my head, maybe even going on a movie date with my husband and looking over to see another lady’s cha-cha.

All followed up by my cheesy grin.

See, it’s my PERFECT theme song!

What about you – what would be YOUR perfect theme song?

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