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It’s that time again. Somehow the emails have snuck up on me and I find myself hitting delete, delete, delete multiple times a day. So, I set aside about 10 minutes and had an Unsubscribe day.

It’s easy. Just go through the ‘trash’ in your various email boxes and pull up any emails that you really never want to get again. Scroll down to the bottom to find the unsubscribe button they’ve hidden in the small print… and hit unsubscribe. That’s it. BOOM. Check something off your list because you accomplished your goal.

I did this a couple weeks ago and already the daily influx of junky emails is down significantly.

So, I took it a step further and decided to do some Unfollowing too. I went into my Facebook page and my Instagram page and unfollowed/unfriended/unliked people, companies, and groups who I no longer wanted to see in my feed. It’s like spring cleaning for social media!

Maybe someone pisses you off every time you read their status update. Maybe someone is constantly trying to get you to like-it-to-know-it and buy their latest fast fashion purchases. Maybe you hate carrots and someone posts about carrots every single day.  It doesn’t really matter… one little button push and they are gone from your feed forever.

And just this little bit of internet spring cleaning takes some of those random busy thoughts floating around your head and scoots them away. {big sigh}

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