Upgrading my FitBit Alta with a Fancy New Band

I’ve had my FitBit Alta for a couple years now and really like it. I wear it on workdays to remind me to get up from my desk and walk around more. I also love wearing it on trips where I can track the ridiculous amount of miles I end up walking.

I have this one, which came with a blue band. After a couple years of wearing it with the blue rubber band, I realized that they have much better brand options out there. I don’t know why this didn’t really register in my brain before, but why was I wearing a rubber wristband when I could have ROSE GOLD?!

I asked my mom for this rose gold band from Target for Christmas and OH MY GOSH, it is so pretty! The clasp is magnetic, so it’s super easy to slip on and adjust on your own. The only drawback is that it is SUPER magnetic, so when I tried to wear a long necklace it kept getting stuck to my FitBit band until I got frustrated and took it off.

I love the way the new band makes my FitBit look shiny and new though. Now it looks less like a step tracker and more like a fancy watch, so I really love the change. I kept the blue rubber band to wear on my runs, but I think I’ll be rocking my new rose gold version for my workdays! Just not with a long necklace…

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