My family is the most important thing in my life and I talk about them often. So here’s a cheat sheet into the main players in the Pocketful of Joules world:

Travis {my husband}


Travis is my wonderful awesome husband. His passions include helping out his friends, talking about cars, and being a pretty kickass dad & husband. We’ve been married since October 2008 and he still makes me laugh almost every single day. He also never complains when I go thrifting or decide to randomly paint a room. If you’d like to hear our ‘meet cute’ story, you can check it out here: My Type: Tall, Cute and Goofy.

Jack {our son}

jack bonfire

Here’s Jack! He was born in February 2012 as a 31 1/2 week preemie. He’s our one and only kid and we love the crap out of him. His passions include extra large marshmallows, his Mimi & Dippy, snuggling and tow trucks. Actually any sort of vehicle — tow trucks, monster trucks, tractors, trains… you name it and he’s a fan. If you’d like to read about how Jack joined us two months early, you can find it here: The Story of Jack.

Ollie {the dog}


This is Ollie, our chihuahua-yorkie mix rescue dog. We adopted him into the family in August 2013 after the best dog in the entire world, Potter, passed away. Ollie takes a bit of patience because we think we was abused in his last home — so he has an intense dislike for new males that come into his space, especially if they are wearing glasses. Ollie’s passions are treats, me, crawling under the blankets, hiding his toys and sleeping. If you’d like to read about when we added Ollie to our family, you can find it here: Introducing Ollie.

{And Many More}

There are many more members of our family — but I try to respect their privacy and leave most of them out of my postings. Unless they do something extra post-worthy… You will hear me talk a lot about my parents (Jack calls them Mimi and Dippy), and my siblings: Jason, Katie and Kelsey.



me and katie