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Redoing a DIY

12 Jul

A few years ago when we first bought our house, I was going a little crazy with the DIY’s. I mean, that’s kind of the fun part when you buy a house… to rip everything apart and make it your own. Right?

Well, one of the first projects I did was to upgrade our kitchen. When we moved in, the island was in a super weird spot, the backsplash was bright white and the gold-colored hardware hurt my eyes.

In fact, back then I described it as looking like King Midas came over and molested them.

You can see the full post here — Kitchen Changes, Part 1 — where I decided to paint them with spray paint. It actually turned out really well, but after four years of using our cabinets every day they were looking a bit rough.

Redo knobs - 1

I decided to take an hour over the weekend and redo the whole project. I unscrewed any knob or pull that had a chip in the paint and shoved it through an old cardboard box.

Redo knobs - 2

I did a quick wipe-down with Windex, and then I spray painted the hell out of them.

Redo knobs - 3

I let them dry for about an hour and stuck them back on the cabinets.

I’m not even kidding when I say the entire job took me less than 60 minutes. However, the amount of times I moved the task on my calendar went on for literally MONTHS because I never felt like doing it. Now, hopefully we will be good for another 4 years…

Am I the only one who procrastinates a month for a project that literally takes less than an hour? Have you needed to redo a DIY?

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I Saw it On Pinterest: ‘Cat Eye’ Eyeliner

8 Feb

So far in my Pinterest adventures, I’ve tackled a braided bun, made some fire starters, tried to unclog a sink drain, made a t-shirt bag, baked some crappy s’mores pockets and made an awesome blanket scarf.

Well I received a liquid liner in my January Birchbox (review of box coming soon) and had the great thought that I’d use some Pinterest tutorials to try the ‘cat eye’ look. I mean, how hard could it be?

I found two posts that sounded perfect to help me figure it out: 22 Genius Eyeliner Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know and 18 Useful Tips for People Who Suck at Eyeliner. Considering that I use eyeliner on a daily basis, I figured that with these 40 new tips I’d be a PRO!

The girl on the pin is exactly the look that I am going for:

cat eye pin

I mean look at her… it’s perfect! And don’t even get me started on the eyebrow jealousy I have going on right now…

So with this exact ‘swoop’ in mind, I readied myself. I read EVERY SINGLE tip in each article. I steadied my hand on my face. I made small dots with the liquid liner and slowly smudged them together. I tried making the liner extend out on a curve… only to realize it was randomly curving down when I stopped pulling my skin tight. I wiped it off with makeup remover and tried it again.

And again.
And again.
Okay, so I got one side done and it’s not TOO awful.

cat eye 2

And then, I did the other side.

cat eye 3

What the hell just happened here?!
I’m not even kidding when I say that this is literally the best that I could do after trying over and over again.

Even when it seemed like I was doing a good job, I’d back up from the mirror to look and I pretty much looked CRAZY.


cat eye 4

Maybe I just need more practice? Like months and months of more practice…

Have you perfected the art of the ‘cat eye’?

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I Saw it on Pinterest: No Sew Blanket Scarf

1 Dec

So far in my Pinterest adventures, I’ve tackled a braided bun, made some fire starters, tried to unclog a sink drain, made a t-shirt bag and baked some crappy s’mores pockets.

Well, a few weeks ago I came across this pin for a No Sew Blanket Scarf and was intrigued. I love the blanket scarf I received in my last Fix but also really wanted a plaid version to add to my neck collection.

Well, I had planned to go by Joann’s to check out their pre-lit Christmas trees (and got one for 50% off, yay!) and while I was there I browsed through their flannel shirt fabric section. Just as promised in the pin, the fabric was $8.99 per yard and an online coupon took me less than 3 minutes to download to my phone.

It was probably the easiest DIY I’ve ever done in my life.

Blanket Scarf - steps

  1. Pick fabric.
  2. Cut the crooked edges into a straight line by following the print.
  3. Throw the fabric in the laundry.
  4. Pull it out and see that the edges have frayed adorably.

Put that warm fresh-from-the-dryer fabric around my neck and give it a little snuggle:

Blanket scarf love

Isn’t it gorgeous?! I ended up buying 2 ½ yards of fabric for $22.48 and then saved $8.99 by using my online coupon (you can get them right off the Joann’s website and have it sent to your phone). So, the total for my new super soft blanket scarf was only $13.50!

Blanket scarf

I’ve seen similar blanket scarfs for sale for WAY more than my DIY steal. So I’m feeling pretty darn good about this project!

Have you made a DIY blanket scarf? Are you going to run out to the fabric store and make yourself one now?

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I saw it on Pinterest: S’mores Pockets

18 Aug

So far in my Pinterest adventures, I’ve tackled a braided bun , made some fire starters and tried to unclog a sink drain and making a t-shirt bag.

You all know how much I love marshmallows and s’mores, so when I saw this pin’s recipe for how to make s’mores pie pops I pinned it on my ‘yummy foods’ page and promptly forgot about it. As you do, obviously.

A couple weeks ago I was looking through my old pins for inspiration and decided to finally try this recipe out at home. You really only need three things for this recipe: Pillsbury pie crusts, marshmallows and chocolate bars. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Smores pops - 1

I didn’t follow the pin’s instructions exactly – Instead of using three chocolate pieces for each pocket, I used two. I also cut a normal sized marshmallow in half for each treat, instead of using mini marshmallows (because I didn’t have any small ones on hand). Other than that, I followed directions… but my little s’mores raviolis didn’t look as pretty as the ones on the baking website. Which probably surprises no one.

Smores pops steps

I baked my finished s’mores pies for 15 minutes at 375 degrees and here’s the finished product:

Smores pops - 7

Looks pretty okay, I guess. But the proof is in the pudding. Or, I guess the s’mores. And there was one big problem. The marshmallow disappeared. In fact, if you look closely at the picture you can see that the little puff is practically empty.

I was warned in the original recipe that the marshmallow would melt, but I guess I expected some part to be left behind. I mean, these didn’t even taste like a marshmallow had been by to visit the chocolate AT ALL! Basically, the finished treat tasted like a bit of warm chocolate in a pie crust. Which isn’t bad… but it’s NOT s’mores.

I think I did pretty well in following the directions, but I won’t be making this again. I like my s’mores treats to taste like chocolate AND marshmallow, so I’ll be sticking to the old school version over a bonfire.

Do you have any yummy s’mores recipes I should try? Would you have been disappointed about the lack o’ marshmallow in the finished recipe?

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