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Reviewing Trunk Club: Theme Park Style

24 Apr

I mentioned last week that we are gearing up for a super awesome family trip to Universal Studios Orlando. Well, before I start planning out my packing list, I thought it would be fun to get a themed Trunk from my stylist, Dana. I asked her for items that would work for doing a ton of walking around the theme parks. I told her that it’s really hard for me to find shorts, so I’d love to see some athaleisure items, casual dresses, comfy but cute tops, and some flat sandals.

She immediately sent over a Trunk, and it was not a winner. I actually didn’t even photograph it because there were a bunch of fit issues and only one item was a ‘maybe’. I sent it all back and we had some great emailed conversations about why each item didn’t work and what I was looking for. She put together a whole new Trunk and sent it out within a couple days!

Want to see what she sent?

Sources: (1) Jersey Faux Wrap Dress by Felicity and Coco, (2) ‘City Mix’ Layered Look Tee by Sanctuary, (3) Skinny Cargo Pants by Wit & Wisdom, (4) Gigi Sandal by Sam Edelman, (5) Sarto by Franco Sarto Park Ankle Strap Sandal, (6) Embroidered Sleeveless Shift Dress by Caslon, (7) Drop the Armhole Tank by Zella, (8) Twisty Turn Tee by Zella, (9) Impulse High Waist Midi Leggings by Zella, (10) Twisty Turn Tee by Zella, (11) Modal Jersey V-Neck by Halogen, (12) A-Line Knit Midi Skirt by Caslon, (13) NIC+ZOE Denim Days Tie Waist Dress, (14) NIC+ZOE Sungrove Maxi Dress, (15) Balloon Bomber by Free People.

If you’re new to my Trunk Club reveals (you can find them all here), I don’t typically photograph every single one of the items. With 15 items and a couple different outfits, it would just get to be way too much if I showed them all. When the Trunk first arrives, I usually go through it and narrow down my choices to a pile of my favorites.

This month I decided to do something a little different and show you a couple different ‘outfit face-off’s’ from the Trunk:

1 + 5 vs 6 + 5

For this comparison, let’s look at the faux wrap jersey dress compared to the embroidered shift dress. For someone with a less curvy body type, the shift dress would be totally effortlessly gorgeous on them. However, with my curves the wrap dress shows off my figure in a much nicer way. The shift dress just kind of skims over everything, so all my curves kind of turn into a huge blob. I tried a belt to cinch in the waist, but it just didn’t look right. The jersey dress though, is very comfortable and I can totally see throwing it on for a random summer weekend day of running errands or going out to lunch. It does have spaghetti straps though, which makes for an annoying bra situation.

8 + 3 + 5 vs 10 + 3 + 5

I mentioned that I like my casual tops to be more flowy so that I can do a little half-tuck into my bottoms and hide any type of burrito baby I may have going on. My stylist sent me over this adorable “twisty turn tee” in two sizes and two colors for me to try. The gray version is a size Large and the black top is an Extra Large. I tried them both on with the skinny cargo pants for a casual look that I can wear to Universal Studios or on any typical weekend at home. The cool thing about these tops is that you can wear the twist in the front or the back, so they are super versatile.

After trying them both (they are sooooo soft), I prefer the smaller size for a sleeker look. Of course, I also prefer black, so I may have to send them both back and have my stylist order me a black in a Large. As for the cargo pants, I love the fit of these and that they are a lighter fabric than jeans, but still heavy enough to hide any lumps or bumps. I can see me wearing these on our trip for a cool evening walk to dinner, on a weekend at home (they are super stretchy) or even on an upcoming work trip to San Francisco for exploring after my conference.

10 + 9 vs 11 + 12 + 5

Both of these outfits are like wearing pajamas, so I decided to put them in a face-off against each other. The first outfit of a plain black tee and striped skirt is super comfortable, but looks more dressed up. I like the pattern mix on the side of the skirt and the length is great too. I would totally throw this on with a swimsuit or graphic tee shirt for our upcoming trip, or just wear it all summer long. Oh and for those of you who are thinking, ‘dude, you can totally buy a similar skirt for $20 at Old Navy,’ I hear you. I really do. However, I am so sick of buying the cheaper version of stuff only to have it look faded, pilled and worn within a couple wearings. This skirt by Caslon is made out of super soft fabric that will actually hold up, and I’m okay paying a little more for that.

For the second outfit, I paired the black twisty turn tee with the Zella high waist leggings for a comfy-casual look. I absolutely love these leggings and the cool ankle detail. The high waist also sucks everything in and makes my midsection look much flatter than real life. With that being said, I’m not really a ‘wear leggings out of the house’ person, unless I’m working out. They do make my butt look really good though, so maybe I should buy them just so I can feel like a sassy beast while lounging on the couch?

Remix from my Closet

When buying new items, I like to mix them in with stuff I already own to see if I’ll be able to get enough wear out of them to justify the purchase. I tried the cargo pants with one of my favorite graphic tee shirts. I also tried the striped skirt with a Harry Potter tee shirt that I will definitely be wearing on our trip. What do you think?

Trunk Finalists
Okay, so if you’ve been playing along that leaves me with the following favorites from this Trunk:

#1. Jersey Faux Wrap Dress by Felicity and Coco, $88
#3. Skinny Cargo Pants by Wit & Wisdom, $68
#8. Twisty Turn Tee by Zella, $49
#9. Impulse High Waist Midi Leggings by Zella, $65
#12. A-Line Knit Midi Skirt by Caslon, $49

My budget doesn’t allow for me to buy everything I like and honestly my closet doesn’t really need everything either. I’m leaning towards definitely getting the cargo pants, but then it gets hard to make decisions. I really like the jersey skirt and also the twisty turn tee. The dress is also pretty and the leggings make my butt look good… however out of the choices, these would probably get the least wear. Help me decide what to buy!

If you want to have Dana style a Trunk for you — and you totally should because she’s awesome —  I have her linked to my referral code here: (Please note: if you use my referral link it will cost you nothing extra and it earns me a small amount to go towards items in my next Trunk).

I have until tomorrow to return my Trunk, so leave me a comment and let me know what you think I should buy!


{Psssst… if you like my clothing box company reviews, here is a handy-dandy list of the ones I’ve tried: Stitch Fix, Trendsend, The Ms. Collection, DailyLook Elite and Wantable’s Fitness Edit}

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Trunk Club, I pay for any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you enjoyed my review and decide to try Trunk Club for yourself, the biggest compliment you can give me is by using my referral link. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction! This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Another Thrift Store Haul

20 Apr

The thrifting bug has bit me again and after last month’s thrifting success (read it here) I’ve been dying to steal a few hours and have another go at it!

I ended up going on a mini version of my thrifting hunt last Friday and I certainly was NOT disappointed. After spotting another new with tags Diane von Furstenberg dress in my size, I really have to wonder WHO this person is that keeps dropping off brand new clothing?! I also saw a brand new with tags MaxMara blazer that had the original tags on it for $915, I was tempted, but after trying it on I decided to leave it in the wild for the next thrifting fan.

There were no tag sales this time, but I did end up buying 5 items. What to see what came home with me?

Talbots Linen Blazer – $16.99

I always keep my eyes out for a good blazer – especially if it has cropped sleeves – so when I saw this Talbots linen blazer on the rack I grabbed it immediately to try on. It has no size tag, but it fits me perfectly… so I’m going to call it fate. The blazer was in good condition, but had some dirt/crud/yuck on the sleeve of one arm… so I dropped it off at the dry cleaner and all the yuck came out. The lining is a little floppy, but once it is on you can’t see it. I don’t own any other off-white blazers, much less one that is a longer length… so it will be an interesting experiment to style this one.

Brooks Hoodie – $12.99

I’ve already established that I just can’t pass up a well-made hoodie, so when I saw this one I knew I had to try it on. Especially because it has THUMB HOLES! To be honest, it was a little pricey for thrift but it is in absolutely brand new condition (no tags though), so I decided to go ahead and buy it. No regrets here!

No Tag Kimono Cover-up – $3.99

This was one of those impulse buys, but it was only $4 so I’ll allow it. I tried it on over the t-shirt and jeans I was wearing and it just looked so cool that I decided that I needed it. I don’t know if I’ll end up wearing this layered over a tank top during the summer or as a swimsuit cover up.

Patterned Skirt – $4.99

Remember how I told you all in my last post to totally disregard tag sizes and try on anything you like? Well, this skirt is marked as a 3x and fits like a large. How ridiculous is that?! I sent it to the dry cleaner and it looks as good as new. In person it is reading more Fall/Winter to me, so I’m going to pack it away to wear next Fall with some tights and booties. I could probably run a sewing machine over each side of the waistband to make it a little tighter, but I’ll see how it fits 6 months from now before I make my decision.

NY Collection Skirt – $12.99

I have been looking for another knee-length black swing skirt for over a year, so I can’t believe that this one fell into my lap while thrifting. It still had the original Macy’s tags on it for $48 and fit like it came directly from my imagination. The price was high for thrifting, but much cheaper than the similar skirt I’ve been eyeing on the Nordstrom website. Even thought it had the tags on it, I still ran it through the washing machine on cold and let it hang dry. I already wore it to work earlier this week and I can tell it’s going to get a bunch of wear this summer.

For about 90 minutes at the thrift store, I had quite the score: 2 skirts, 1 blouse, 1 hoodie and 1 blazer for a total of $55! And you wonder why I can’t wait to go thrifting again…

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)? Have you ever gotten in a fight over an item? What do you like to look for while thrifting?

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Spreading Some Love: Style Bloggers

10 Apr

Jenn recently commented on one of my style posts and asked if I had any favorite fashion bloggers.To be honest, while I obviously enjoy lots of different blogs…I don’t really follow many fashion or style blogs. I get frustrated that a lot of style bloggers are either teensy-tiny or plus-sized, which is why I decided to just start posting my own style stuff for us in-between ladies!

However, I do have three ladies that I check out on a routine basis and I think you might like them too…

Adina over at Blue Collar Red Lipstick is a professional working mom and a thrifting queen. I’ve been following her blog and her Instagram for 6+ months now and I love the way she combines thrifted items for professional looks. You can find her blog here: Blue Collar Red Lipstick and find her on Instagram here: bcrladinaj

Audrey from Putting Me Together is another working mom and she does accessible style on a budget. She routinely remixes pieces from her wardrobe and includes everything from Old Navy to Nordstrom. You can find her blog here: Putting Me Together and find her on Instagram here: Putting Me Together

What Lou Wore 365 is a blog I found after I realized I’d been clicking like on almost all of Lou’s Boden ensembles on Instagram. She’s a working mom who likes to run and wears a lot of Boden…what’s not to love? You can find her blog here: What Lou Wore 365 and you can find her on Instagram here: princessdave

Now it’s your turn… do you have a style or fashion blogger that you love?

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March 2017 Wrap Up: What I Wore

3 Apr

It’s time for my monthly wrap up where I show you the outfits I wore throughout the month.  My reasoning behind doing the wrap up is that whenever I check out other bloggers wrap ups, I’m always inspired by the different ways they style the same items over and over again. So, hopefully I can help someone else out of a wardrobe rut!

I typically work from home two days a week (Monday and Friday), so each week will usually only have three work outfits. For March I decided to give myself a little challenge to wear all of my weather and work-appropriate skirts in my closet.

Here are all my March looks:

I put little hearts next to my most popular outfits according to my Instagram friends. I appreciate all the love! It was a nice little exercise to wear all of the skirts in my closet and I think it helped curb the urge to go out and buy more. With the exception of buying two new skirts at thrift stores…

New in Rotation for March:

Trunk Club jeans and cardigan (from this Trunk) – row 1, outfit 3
Thrift store skirt – row 2, outfit 1

So, what do you think? Are you digging the monthly wrap up for some outfit remix ideas?

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