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My March 2017 Stitch Fix: Prints for Spring

23 Mar

When I last posted about Stitch Fix in January, I was kind of disappointed in my Fix, but ended up with a sweater that I really liked. Well, somebody else used my referral code, so I figured let’s do this thing again! I mean, even if it sucks… it’s still fun, right?

I clicked around on the #stitchfix tag on Instagram and saw that a lot of people were posting some fabulous springy florals and I wanted to get in on that. So, when I ordered my Fix, here’s what I told my stylist:

“I’m seeing lots of beautiful springy floral tops and maxi dresses on the Stitch Fix hashtag on Instagram, so let’s do a whole Fix of those! Think Boho!”

I was hoping that by not getting set on particular items, like I did in January my expectations would be lower and I’d be more open-minded to what was sent over.

Want to see what I got?

Item #1: Brixon Ivy Sylvester Split Neck Blouse, $54

While this isn’t a springy floral, I actually do have a need for some solid colored blouses to wear to work. This has a flowy fit and the sleeves are sewn into that tab-sleeve look that I like. I think it’s pretty styled with both jeans and a skirt, but it’s a little stiff in the shoulders area. I’d also prefer a different color…maybe something more jewel toned? All in all, it’s okay but not a winner.

Item #2: Gilli Tahj 2fer Knit Maxi Dress, $78

It looks like I’m standing crooked, but I’m totally not. It’s the wonky fabric placement on the bottom half of this dress. It’s such a shame, because the top is cute and the maxi dress has promise, but the fabric on the bottom is SO UGLY and also feels like super thin swimsuit material. This one was very easy to throw back into the return box!

Item #3: Napean Sea RD Dazzie Henley Style Blouse, $58

I didn’t realize that this top was transparent until I saw my white belly shining through in the photos. I like the three-quarter sleeves and super flowy cut of this top, but I don’t love the pattern or the fact that I’d have to double up with a shirt underneath.

Item #4: Daniel Rainn Albado Crew Neck Blouse, $58

I do have a love for Daniel Rainn, but it’s so hard for me to justify paying full price for the brand considering that I can buy a similar top at Nordstrom Rack for $20 – $25 (see!). So it’s good that I don’t love this blouse. The pattern is pretty and is totally great for spring, but the neckline comes up so high that it is uncomfortable on me. Also, there is nothing special about it at all to justify the $58 price tag.

Item #5: Pixley Eisenhower Strappy Top, $48

Here’s another fun patterned top like I want for spring, however this one has spaghetti straps which really confuse the whole bra situation. I could totally do what the cool kids are doing and wear a lacy bra meant to be seen… but I’m 39 years old. So, no. It looks okay with the sweater, but to be honest I feel like I could buy something similar for $5 at Forever 21.

My Final Thoughts
Well, it was another underwhelming Fix from Stitch Fix. I hate just throwing away that $20 styling fee, but I also hate buying stuff that I never want to wear. So, it looks like everything from this Fix is going back into the return box.

Do you think I made the right choice?

Psssst…If you like checking out what other people receive in their Fixes, you might like my Stitch Fix Reviews page where I have every single Fix review I’ve ever done listed! You may also want to check out my Trunk Club posts on my Trunk Club Reviews page!

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you choose to use my referral link when signing up for Stitch Fix, I will receive a small referral reward.

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My Online Shopping Secrets

21 Mar

As you all know, when it comes to shopping I love to get a good deal. Typically that means that I stalk deals at Nordstrom Rack or take advantage of Anthropologie’s ‘everything on sale is an extra % off’ sales, but sometimes that means I peruse thrift stores and eBay.

I’ll have a thrift store score post up super soon (maybe even by the end of the week), but I just scooped up a dress online and wanted to share a couple of my secrets.

Item #1: Anthropologie Bretin Dress by Maeve


Every so often I browse eBay for some of my favorite Anthropologie brands, because you never know what you’re going to find. I saw this dress listed and it combined a bunch of my favorites – a dark pattern, knee-length skirt and fitted waist. The dress is by Maeve, one of my favorite Anthropologie brands and was marked as ‘new with tags’. The problem is that as much as I love Maeve and Anthropologie, sometimes their sizes are kind of weird. So, before committing to buy this dress, I did a little sneaky sleuthing.

Tip #1: Google the exact name of the item and check ‘images’

I googled “Anthropologie Bretin Dress by Maeve” and clicked over to images to see if I could find other real people wearing the dress. Obviously the dress is going to look great on a super tall size 0 model, but will it still look good in a larger size on a curvy girl? Sometimes when you are searching images you can find the item listed on other people’s sale pages (like Poshmark) and they will leave comments on fit. Other times, you can see the exact item on a blogger who may be closer to your size. After checking the images I saw a couple different ‘real people’ wearing the dress and it still looked really pretty.

Tip #2: Visit (or google) the website of the store that originally sold the item and check for reviews

With this particular dress, I got lucky because it was still on Anthropologie’s website. The oldest review was from November 2015, which helped me figure out when the dress came out. If you can find reviews, it really helps determine any sizing or fit issues. In this case, there were 6 pages of reviews and most of them said that the dress fit true-to-size or even a little large. There were also a few reviews that said how beautiful the fabric was in person and how the quality was really great.

The review that helped me push the ‘buy’ button was one left by a woman who was my same height (5’7”) and of a similar body type (listed as ‘curvy on bottom’). She said “I’m normally a solid size 12/L but the medium fit perfect. It’s a beautiful design that can be dressed up or down. Paired with a belt, this will be a great fall transition dress.” I also tend to be a size 12/Large at Anthropologie, so the fact that she felt that she could size down was great. I prefer a looser fit, so I went ahead and bought the large listed on eBay.

You can never really fully guess if an online purchase will fit you perfectly, so if possible buy from a seller who offers free returns. However, if that is not available and you really, really want the item anyways… keep my two tips in mind and hopefully they will help you decide!

So, did my dress work out for me? Check it out:

The tags were attached when I opened the package and the dress is in absolutely perfect condition. Even better, I think that the large fits consistent with what I was expecting and even gives me a little wiggle room for a more comfortable fit. The colors are so pretty too!

I tried it with a blazer for a more office appropriate look:

So all in all, I’m calling this one an eBay score!


Do you have any eBay scores you’d like to brag about? How about any online shopping tips to add?


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Backpack Spotlight: Lugging My Whole Office from Place to Place

13 Mar

I’ve mentioned before that I work full-time, but I don’t think I’ve ever really gone into any specifics on my work situation. Typically on a 5-day workweek, I work from home two days (Monday and Friday), and then work in two different offices for other three days. So, in a normal week, I’m working in at least three different locations.

When I started this job, I had the typical IT-provided computer shoulder bag to lug all my stuff from place to place. However, piling up with a computer bag, purse, lunch bag and usually an additional tote bag for supplies… well, it wasn’t comfortable.

So, I switched to a backpack. I ordered it off Amazon and it was fine. I mean, it was plain black and held most of my stuff. So it worked. But it wasn’t really anything special. When the zipper broke a month ago I wasn’t too sad about it and immediately went online to order a replacement.

Oh and the reason I’m bringing this up now is that over on The Mom Edit they posted a blog about commuter bags last week. While there were a couple cheaper options, most of them were in the $200 – $500 range.

My backpack cost $39.

Granted, mine isn’t by a big name designer… but it’s cute and serves it’s purpose, so I thought I’d share it with you all.

I ended up with this “vintage canvas and leather backpack” in grey. Here is the direct Amazon link to my exact backpack.

The leather was a little stiff when I first got it, but now that I’ve been using it regularly it has a nice lived-in look. I also didn’t realize that the buckles on the front have snaps on them, so you don’t have to unbuckle the straps to get into the bag. The top has a zipper so that nothing falls out when you inevitably stop short at a traffic light and everything on your passenger seat falls to the floor.

On a daily basis it contains:

  • My laptop
  • A small bag with a laptop cord and cordless mouse.
  • Another small bag with business cards, a memory stick, whiteout, a presentation clicker, iPhone charging cord, and dongle for a projector.
  • A highlighter set
  • A bunch of pens
  • A 3 subject notebook
  • 3 – 6 file folders filled with work papers
  • An iPhone
  • My 2017 Lifeplanner (you can read all about it here)

And there is still room for more crap. The only thing I don’t love about it is that the interior pocket where I like to stick my work phone is kind of floppy ,so sometimes my phone falls into the larger bag. Not really that big of a deal for me, since I only store that phone in the bag when it’s off and I’m not working.

I’ve been using this bag for the past 6 weeks and I have to say that I’m a fan. Especially for $39.


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On My Boden Wishlist for Spring

6 Mar

I wasn’t even really planning on making this a blog post, but then I received the spring Boden catalog in the mail and started ripping pages out right and left because OHMYGOSH it’s SO GOOD.

I immediately ripped out 8 pages, but I’m just not a pay-full-price-for-Boden kinda girl, so I have to do the long, hard wait until stuff goes on sale. Or until they send me a random promo code. When that happens, my twitchy ordering fingers will start clicky-clacking!

After checking each item out online and reading the reviews, I’ve narrowed down what I want, what I really, really want to 4 items. Want to see what I’m drooling over?

Item #1: Lola Skirt in Navy Botanical Gardens print
Full price: $125
Find it here



This skirt caught my eye a few weeks ago when it first popped up on the website. The print is little blue birdhouses and kichy print + a-line swooshyness just makes me swoon a little. Out of 8 reviews, this skirt has 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is a good sign. I would wear this with an elbow-length cotton top and heeled strappy sandals. I’d also style it with a t-shirt and bright cardigan. Oh, and also a plain silk top and blazer. If this fits the way it does in my imagination, I’d wear it all spring and summer long! It’s a bit pricy at $125, but if they put it on sale – like they basically ALWAYS do – I’ll snap this one up in a heartbeat. I might even breakdown and buy this one at full-price.

Item #2: Georgia Maxi Dress
Full price: $190
Find it here



This maxi dress basically has all the things that make me love a dress – a flattering runched waistline, a cross-over v-neck bust, and a print that lights the fire in my heart. This is made out of a soft and drapy jersey, so it would be basically like wearing a fancy nightgown. I would wear this to work with a cardigan and heels. I would also wear this on an evening date with my husband with a pretty little scarf/shawl. The price is way out of my comfort zone though and this one would need to go on sale in order for me to put it in my shopping basket. If it never goes on sale, I’ll just have to live without this one.

Item #3: Casual Jersey Dress in Island Sapphire Island Vine
Full Price: $80
Find it here



I have had really good luck with Boden’s jersey dresses and I LOVE this print. I would wear this one to work with a cardigan or with a blazer and get tons of mileage out of it. I actually have a black one that I wear year-round with different accessories and it still looks brand new. I don’t think $80 is a terrible price for this (rated by customers at 4 out of 5 stars), but they regularly put their jersey dresses on sale down to $65ish… so I’ll just wait a few weeks.  My only concern is…does it look too similar to this wrap dress I already own?

Item #4: Summer Wrap Dress in Multi Mosaic Floral Vine
Full Price: $130
Find it here



Boden is totally known for their awesome use of patterns and this new summer wrap dress is no exception. I love the fun ‘multi mosaic floral vine’ pattern and it is eye-catching AND great for hiding pudgy areas. While I really love the pattern on this one, I have some concerns on whether it would be flattering to my shape. It really depends on how fitted the skirt area will be. This one might get tacked onto an order, so I can try it on and make a decision in person. FYI – this one has 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Are you drooling over the Boden spring line with me? Which is your favorite item?


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Boden. They don’t even know who I am. This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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