May Thrift Haul

I suppose this post should actually be called May “secondhand” haul, because none of these items were thrifted. Instead, I had a super fun weekend in Annapolis/Edgewater/Deale with my friend Lindsey and picked up a few treasures along my way at secondhand, consignment, and antiques stores. Let’s check out my treasures!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Cronin Tulip Pitcher, $9

I loved the look of this little pitcher, so I wasn’t surprised at all when I came home and did a little research to find that it is from the 1950’s. I scooped it up for only $9 with the intention to add it to my pretty Pyrex display in my china cabinet. While I felt great about that purchase, I felt even better when I came across the EXACT pitcher at another antique store later that day… for $20. If you search ebay, you can find my pitcher and many similar designs ranging from $20 – $40.

Brooch, $3

This sparkly little brooch doesn’t have any markings on it, so it’s most likely nothing special. However, I love the antique rhinestones that have a little bit of age to them. This simple style will look pretty on my cardigans when I want to add a little extra sparkle to my work outfits.

Cutting Board, $28 and Vase $9

There were two of these pretty blue beaded bud vases and I kept looking at them every time I’d walk by. When Lindsey picked up one, I had to pull the trigger and we both bought matching bud vases. Since she influenced my vase purchase, I had to do her the favor of influencing her cutting board purchase. I bought this pretty little striped version and she ended up with a solid walnut version. No regrets!

Kantha Quilt, $35

I had actually been doing some light internet stalking for a Kantha quilt a couple months ago and never decided on one that I loved. If you’re not familiar with Kantha quilts, many of them are made in West Bengal of vintage Indian saris, with no batting and a unique combination of patterns and a straight running stitch. This one is super soft and lightweight, and I love the colors. I think this one will initially be added to my sunroom as a lightweight cover on chilly evenings. But it might make its way to the end of my bed, to add a little pop of color to our bedroom.

Now, onto my clothes haul. I was initially looking for some casual skirts and dresses to add to my closet since I’ve purged so many away. However, all I found was exercise gear. No worries though, I got some fantastic deals!

PraNa leggings, $12

PraNa is a socially responsible, fair-trade company that makes really great athletic clothing. I think these are the Beksa leggings, which retail for $89 on their website. They are in perfect condition, so I figured for $12 I might as well add them to my rotation.

Atheta tank top, $15

Athleta is another fancy brand for athletic clothes (owned by the same company as Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic). I have a few pairs of Athleta joggers that I LOVE and also a couple pairs of their leggings. Their clothing is built to last and after lots and lots of washing, there is very little wear and pilling. This tank top was in great condition and similar tops are selling for $49 on the Athleta website.

Under Armour Sole of the City half zip, $4.50

 I saw this top on the rack and HAD to have it. I actually have the tank top version of this shirt that I purchased last time I ran the Sole of the City 10k. This long sleeve version was probably sold after the race for $50 – 75ish. It’s super comfortable and in perfect condition and I will absolutely get some wear out of it when the weather is chilly. It was also marked all the way down to $4.50. SCORE!

Lululemon Align Joggers, $35

I’m pretty sure this is the third time straight that I found Lululemon while out ‘picking’ with Lindsey. And Every. Dang. Time. It is in her size and too small for me. I found like 5 new with tags items over the weekend and gave them to her to try on… and she said she didn’t like the joggers because they came up too high on the tummy. Well, I LOVE pants that suck my tummy in, so I decided to give them a try even though they are an 8 and I’m more of a 10/12ish. As luck would have it, they fit great and I finally thrifted my very first Lululemon item. These retail for $98, so even though $35 is paying up for secondhand…since they still had the tags on them, I’ll allow it!

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My Poshmark Sales Extravaganza

I haven’t done a Clothing Purge Report for a while, but I randomly had a bunch of great sales on my Poshmark account. I listed some spring/summer items after I did my latest closet switchover, but I didn’t have high hopes because my Poshmark sales have been so slow.

This time though, I was ruthless. I marked things down super low and listed items with the goal of just getting them OUT OF THE HOUSE. I wasn’t trying to make my money back, I just wanted to get a little something for each item. In many cases, I priced things so that I only made about $10 after the fees. But it was worth it to me just to get items out of my house and pass them on to someone who would enjoy them.

Here are all my sales from May:

  • J. Crew Maxi Dress: $28
  • Madewell Sundress: $25
  • Boys Bundle of 3 Under Armour shirts: $15
  • Old Navy Dress: $19
  • Loft Dress: $15
  • Anthropologie Halter Dress: $38
  • Eileen Fisher Sandals: $70
  • Lucky Brand Sandals: $15
  • Kid’s Rothy’s Sneakers: $26
  • Vans Hula Girl Sneakers: $12
  • Striped Hoodie: $15

That’s right, I had 11 sales in about 2 weeks which is a total record for me! I earned a total of $278 before Poshmark fees (20%).

When talking about Poshmark, one of the questions I get over and over again: is it worth it? And the answer to that is complicated.

Yes, there are people who totally have a second job where they earn money by selling items on Poshmark. However, in my case I’m not ‘sourcing’ items with the intention of selling them for a profit. And frankly, I’m not really making a profit if you are comparing how much I spent on each item vs how much I made when I sold it.

However, because I’m buying the clothing for myself to wear you can consider the initial price to be ‘sunk cost’. Which means, selling it for any amount would be a profit.

A couple examples:

J. Crew Maxi Dress – I bought this dress from the J.Crew website in August 2020 on final sale for $45. I wore it once or twice before packing it away for the winter. It was a little too big in the bust, but I didn’t bother to tailor it because I was lazy. This spring, I unpacked it and it just wasn’t love so I listed it for sale. I ended up selling it for $28. Which, yes is a loss if you compare it to the purchase price. However, remember that it is a sunk cost. I bought it to wear it, and I did. So rather than shoving it in the back of my closet, I was able to pass it on to someone else to enjoy and made $28.

Boys Bundle of 3 Under Armour shirts – I bought these shirts from TJ Maxx and Jack wore them for TWO full summers. He wore the HECK out of these shirts and when he grew out of them this year, they still looked like they were in perfect condition. So, I bundled them into a set of 3 and sold them for $15. Did I get rich off selling them? Nope. But after fees I ended up getting back about $12 which paid for 2 more shirts in Jack’s new size.

Same goes with Jack’s outgrown Rothy’s sneakers – they still had lots of life in them and he grew into the next size. So, another kid gets some reasonably priced play sneakers and we get $26 back.

Back to the question, is selling on Poshmark worth it? It takes time to post the photos and the items. And people will low-ball the heck out of you. However, if you are looking a successful sale as anything over $0 then yes, it’s worth it. If you look at it like you have an item you no longer love and now someone else will be able to enjoy it (and it won’t go directly into a landfill), then yes, it’s worth it.

If you’re looking for tips on buying off of Poshmark, check out this post I wrote: 6 Tips for Buying on Poshmark. When you open your account, you can use my special invite code to open an account and get $5 off your first order. Just use: POCKETFULOFJOUL And here is a direct link to my closet: Feel free to make an offer on something if you love it!

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Skincare: What I’m Using Right Now

I’ve always been a bit of a skincare nut… but I feel like it has really amped up over the last few months. I’m not sure if it’s the ‘self-care’ aspect of taking care of my skin, or the fact that I’m 43, but I’ve been enjoying treating myself.

My main skincare concerns are fine lines around my eyes and sun spots on my cheeks. I typically don’t get many pimples and my skin tends to lean dry, especially in the winter. I thought it would be fun to share my current favorite products with you.

Long Term Favorites:

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser ($25) & Daily Lotion ($28)

Philosophy website links: cleanser and lotion

I started using the Purity Made Simple face wash and lotion back in 2019 (you can find my initial review here) and it is consistently exactly what my skin needs to stay soft and supple. The cleanser foams up nicely and both products are very lightly scented.

Way of Will Brightening Face Serum ($37.50)

Way of Will website link: serum

I received this serum in my Fall 2020 Causebox and as soon as I started using it, I fell in love. This brightening serum fights free radicals, hydrates skin, and is made with Vitamin A and C. I use it as my day serum: each morning after I wash my face, I use the dropper and put about 4 drops in one palm, rub them together to warm the serum and then apply it all over my face. Any extra gets smoothed onto my neck and collarbone area. The scent of this one is a little like citrus. I let it soak in for a few minutes before topping it with my Philosophy Purity moisturizer.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($55)

Sunday Riley website link: Luna night oil

I recently decided to add a retinal to my products and after a ton of research I ended up deciding on the Luna Sleeping Night Oil from Sunday Riley. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks now, but I’m already a big fan. This is my nighttime serum, so in the evening, I wash my face and then put a few drops on my fingertips before massaging the oil into my face. I let it soak in for about 5 minutes before applying my night cream. The softness and glow I have in the morning is unbelievable!

This one is a bit more expensive; I bought the .5 oz size for $55, but at this rate it will last for quite a long time. It also has a scent that is really hard to describe — kind of earthy and musky? Perhaps it is the blue tansy or the chamomile. It doesn’t bother me, but if you are sensitive to scents you may not like it.

DERMA-E Hydrating Night Cream ($29.50)

DERMA-E website link: night cream

I received this night cream in my Winter 2020 Causebox and initially was not very enthused about it. However, I’ve been using it for about a year now and can say that it grew on me. After washing my face each evening, I apply this cream and wake up with smooth and hydrated skin each morning. After a year of use, I’m only halfway through the jar but I plan to keep buying this once I run out.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask ($65)

Nordstrom website link: Tata Harper Mask

I think I’ve been using this mask since 2018? I received a sample back when I was getting a Birchbox subscription and have kept buying it. It’s got a super weird jelly-type consistency and you spread it on your face in a very thin layer for about 20 minutes or so. It is said to ‘deliver instant glow, help minimize the appearance of pores and is formulated to purify and remove surface debris and dead skin for a refreshed, instantly revitalized appearance.’ I use this about once a week and while the jar is pricey, it lasts me for over a year.

New Additions to My Routine:

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Under Eye Cream ($16)

Amazon link: Neutrogena eye cream

I started using this eye cream in April and the jury is out whether it is impacting my wrinkles at all. I do find it hydrating and it doesn’t irritate my eyes, which is great. I plan to use the full tube and once it runs out I’ll make a decision whether to buy it again. With my Luna Night Oil, I may not need this one.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 ($34)

Supergoop website: unseen sunscreen

After years of being mostly satisfied with Neutrogena sunscreen, I found this one by Supergoop and it’s SO MUCH BETTER. I don’t know what magic they use, but the sunscreen goes on easily and it totally invisible. It doesn’t leave you greasy at all, so you can apply it in the morning and slap some makeup over it if that’s your thing. I’m trying to become better at being a daily sunscreen wearer and this Supergoop is super helpful!

On Order and Arriving Soon:

Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment ($85)

Sunday Riley website link: Good Genes

When I received my Sunday Riley Luna oil, they sent me a few samples. One was for the Good Genes lactic acid treatment. On their website, they recommend using the Luna oil, letting it soak in for 5 minutes, then topping with Good Genes. I’ve been enjoying the sample, so I decided to order a bottle to try it long term.

Pro tip: check Poshmark first! Apparently one of the quarterly subscription boxes included Good Genes in their box and there are a bunch on Poshmark for half the price of retail. I ‘liked’ a few that showed that they were still fully sealed in plastic wrap and ended up buying a 1 oz bottle that retails for $85 for $40! It should be arriving soon, so I’ll keep you posted on whether I love it.

Here are my favorites in clickable form:

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon and ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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