July Thrift Haul

I did a little thrifting trip early in July and to be honest, I’m not really sure what I was thinking. A few things were great choices… and the others. Well, let’s get to it.

Spring Blossom Green Pyrex Bowl, $6.99

As I shared in my Antiquing Fun post, I’ve loved Pyrex for a long time and recently decided to start collecting it. I found this Crazy Daisy bowl first and was thrilled that it was only $6.99! This pattern was made between 1972 – 1978 and it just makes me so happy. Rather than sticking it in my china cabinet to stare at, I’ve been using it pretty regularly for various kitchen needs. It’s in perfect condition after over 40 years… so I’m sure it will still look great over the years that I use it!

Workout DVD’s, $2.99 each

Since I won’t be going back to the gym for a while, I decided to buy a few workout DVD’s to add to my rotation. On this stop I found Billy Blanks Tae-Bo, Denise Austin Power Zone, and Billy’s Bootcamp Cardio Inferno. I also found Latin Cardio Dance and the Dirty Dancing Official Dance Routine DVD…so that should be fun and hilarious!

North Face Woodland Sweater Wrap, $14.99 on sale for $7

I wish this one photographed better, but it’s a cocoon sweater wrap, so it looks kind of odd on the hanger. I did a ton of googling and finally tracked this down it was from the Spring 2018 North Face release and retailed for $75. I love it so much and it will look so cute with a t-shirt and jeans once the weather cools down. The only problem is that I overlooked that it has wool in the fabric of the sleeves, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wear it!

More Workout DVD’s, $1.50 each, on sale for $.75 each

What can I say, I was on a DVD buying spree and on 4th of July weekend everything in the store was half off! On this stop I picked up: Little Miss Sunshine (my FAVORITE movie!), Jillian Michaels, Hip Hop Abs (Beachbody), Cardo Kickboxing, 30-Day Jump Start. For less than a dollar each, they were a steal!

Okay, moving on the my what-was-I-thinking items…

DKNY Tulle Skirt, $5.99, on sale for $3

You guys. I don’t know. A tulle skirt just grabs me and I must have gone blind when I saw this one. It’s a black tulle DKNY skirt with swirly bits at the bottom… and now that the shopping adrenaline has worn off, I think its actually kind of ugly. At least it was just a $3 mistake!

Harajuko Mini for Target skirt, $7.99 on sale for $4

Once again, that dang tulle got me… this time with glittery silver stars. It’s a new with tags Harajuku Mini for Target skirt and it’s so puffy and glittery, I couldn’t help myself. I’m not totally regretting this one though. My initial thought was that it would make for a great Halloween costume piece, but after trying it on I’m kind of digging it as a running skirt. Sure, it’s a running skirt that will throw glitter all over myself and everyone who passes within 5 feet of me… but that kind of sounds pretty perfect!

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Antiquing Fun: Finding Deals in Deale, Maryland

My friend and I first found out about all the antiquing goodness in Deale, Maryland earlier this year (you can read about it here), so when we found ourselves out and about in that area again, we decided to hit up some of our favorites. Of course, this time was a little different… with social distancing, face masks and hand sanitizer.

We didn’t visit the entire Vintage Loop this time and just stuck to a few stores that we previously loved. I also tried to be a bit pickier this time… but still ended up bringing a few treasures home.

Floral Coasters, $4.50

First up is this pretty set of two coasters. There are no markings on them and they have cork on the bottoms, so I have no idea where they came from. They were only $4.50 for both of them though and they VERY MUCH fit my floral life aesthetic, so I had to buy them. They were immediately put to good use, with one being sent to my living room and one going to live in my den.

Little Round Vase – Handmade in Poland, $12

This cute little round vase has “hand made in Poland” marked on the bottom, and it seems to be a very typical/classic version of Polish art. It is incredibly cute and the design is so pretty – both around the vase and even on the top of the lip. This could be used for anything from flowers, to pencils, to make-up brushes. I’m not sure exactly where this is going to end up in my house, but I do like it a lot.

Pyrex casserole dish, $9

I’ve admired vintage Pyrex for a while and have recently decided to start building a little collection. Rather than taking “the easy way out” and hitting the order button when a style I like pops up on eBay, I’m trying to find pieces through thrifting and vintage stores. However, if I don’t come across a pink gooseberry casserole dish soon, I may cave and have to order one!

I did some googling and I’m pretty sure this is a vintage square flowers verde Cinderella 2 ½ quart dish that was sold between 1968 – 1972. I also recently thrifted another Pyrex, a Spring Blossom Green (known as “Crazy Daisy”), which was made between 1972 – 1978 and is one of the most recognizable Pyrex patterns in the signature avocado green. While I could certainly display them in my china cabinet, these two went into immediate use. After 50 years they still look great and are perfect for me to use when shredding chicken, serving watermelon, or mixing up some pancake batter!

Folk Art pig, $14

I mean, who doesn’t need a handmade folk art pig in their life?! This little guy with his rough wood exterior and painted spots really called to me. It was signed on the bottom by “Lesh” and currently lives on my office desk. I haven’t named him yet, but I’m leaning towards either Vincent. Or maybe HAMilton.

Hammered Copper Necklace, $8

I was poking through the jewelry section and really liked the hammered metal charm on this necklace… but the chain was absolute cheap crap. I’m pretty sure they found them separately and just put them together to sell. When I got home the chain immediately went into the trash and I attached the charm to a rose gold chain from a different necklace. With that being said, I always forget that I rarely wear necklaces… but it is really pretty.

All in all, I spent less than $50 and brought some pretty little treasures back home with me! Do you have a favorite?

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June Thrift Haul

It has been ages since I’ve shared a thrift haul, because like many of you I’ve been stuck at home since early March. In fact, my previous last time thrifting was in mid-February. I use thrifting as my ‘me time’ and it would be an understatement to say I was really missing it!

After staying home for months, I decided to go out and do one thrifting stop this month. Unlike ‘normal’ thrifting trips, I was much more careful about potential germs. I wore my facemask from my car to the store and back and I also wore a pair of disposable gloves and disposed of them on my way out of the store. I didn’t try anything on in the store at all, so I was basically taking a gamble that things would fit properly. When I got home, I immediately threw my thrifted items into the wash in case there were any lingering germs on them. Oh and there was ALL the washing of the hands, obviously.

My favorite location of 2nd Avenue Thrift was still closed, so I went to my second favorite location in Columbia. I found that basically everyone in the store did a great job of social distancing and when standing in line, people made sure to leave more space than needed between them.

And the thrifting was FANTASTIC!

I’ve mentioned it before, but I really like to thrift opposite seasons to find the best stuff. So, for my trip I spent a good chunk of my time going through the sweater section. It was 90 degrees outside, so I had the section to myself and ALL THE SCORES to myself too!

Anthropologie Monogram Beaded Cardigan, $5.99

You guys, this cardigan couldn’t be more ME if I designed it myself. It’s an Anthropologie brand cardigan, the perfect mustard yellow shade, and the beading and buttons make it so special! It is in absolutely perfect condition with every single bit of embroidery and beading looking brand new. It is a medium though, so I basically crossed my fingers that it would fit… and it does. I can’t wait to wear this a million times with basically everything I own.

Anthropologie Dolan Left Coast Collection cardigan, $6.99

Dolan is another Anthropologie brand and this sweater is so insanely lightweight and soft. There is a light blue silky tier that hangs down a bit at the bottom, which is really pretty. I found it online and it originally had a belt attached, but mine was missing. No biggie, I snipped off the belt loops and I’ll be wearing it like a typical open cardigan. This one was also a medium and fits oversized like a boyfriend sweater. I love the way this one looks over a t-shirt and jean shorts and it also looks really cute with skinny jeans too.

J. Jill Love Linen Cardigan, $5.99

I know, I know… another cardigan. But I wear them year-round and never regret buying them! This J. Jill Love Linen cardigan is super pretty and lightweight and perfect for spring/summer. Since I immediately washed it, the linen is currently a little rough… but after a couple wears I’m sure it will be back to normal. I have another blue linen sweater that I thrifted awhile ago that is starting to wear out, so this one will be a great replacement for just $6. Once again, a medium, but with the open, buttonless design it fits quite well.

Halogen blouse, $5.99

It’s a bit difficult to tell in the photo with the pattern, but this Nordstrom-brand blouse has a v-neck and cute little pleats at the shoulders. It’s a flattering and classic shape, with a timeless colorful print. It is a size large, so I took a chance on it and was super happy that it fits. This will be perfect for work, tucked into a skirt and topped with a cardigan. In fact, it looks pretty darn cute with the starburst cardigan:

Gap Kids Jeans, $3.99

Nope, these jeans aren’t for Jack… he has refused to wear uncomfortable jeans for the last year or two. I actually thrifted them specifically for the purpose of cutting them up to patch my favorite pair of jean shorts. They worked out perfectly (you can find the post here) and I still have scraps left over for any future patching needs!

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