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19 Sep

Each year on my birthday, I post an annual birthday picture.

Here’s 39, 38, 37, and 36.

Now, I know my “Birthday Facinator” photo from 37 is hard to top, but I think this year might be my favorite.

I’m 40.

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2017 Goals Update

28 Aug

At the beginning of this year, instead of resolutions I gave myself three goals and one word.

My word for 2017 is: balance. It’s actually the same word from 2016, but I obviously needed to focus on it again for 2017 since my life is a jumble of work, master’s program, kid wrangling, blog stuffs, and husband wrangling.

My goals were more specific though, so I thought I’d do an end-of-summer check in on my progress to keep me honest.

Goal #1: Get a full physical
I honestly do not remember the last time I got a physical. Could it be never? My last blood test was when I was pregnant and diagnosed with gestational diabetes… and then I gave birth to Jack at 31 ½ weeks and never went back. So, what I’m trying to say is that my full physical was WAY overdue. I have a total fear of needles (tattoo needles don’t bother me, just when they go IN the skin), so I was dreading the blood test portion. I did it though. I made my appointment for earlier this month, got weighed in, measured, blood taken and an EKG. I also talked to my doctor about my entire health history and made sure her files were updated. I thought that would be the end of it.

It wasn’t.

Instead, when they did a full blood workup on me they found that I have high cholesterol. After a few days of freaking out and another doctor’s appointment to talk about the results, my doctor decided to send me for ANOTHER full blood workup to make sure that the results were correct (and weren’t influenced by something weird I ate over the weekend). I had that appointment last Friday (where it took them FOUR tries to find a vein…) and now I’m waiting for those results to come in. I have a third doctor’s appointment and nutritionist appointment scheduled for mid-September. So yeah, can I get like three times the credit for completing this one?

Goal #2: Take 18 more credits for my Master’s Program
I started working on my Master’s in Management with a specialization in Marketing last year and in order to keep on track for graduating in Summer 2018, I need to take 6 credits each semester (spring, summer and fall). I successfully completed Marketing Management (3 credits), Legal and Ethical Issues in Global Communications (3 credits), and Introduction to Accounting & Financial Management (0 credit prerequisite) in the spring. Then, I muscled my way through Financial Decision Making for Managers (3 credits) and Consumer Behavior (3 credits) over the summer semester.

I kicked butt in all of my courses, except for Finance where I ended up with a B. It was a total bummer since I’ve been holding a 4.0 since the start of the program. At least I never, ever have to take a Finance class again. So… worth it! To finish out my 18 credit goal for 2017, I just registered for my fall classes which start in a couple weeks. I’ll be taking Statistics for Managerial Decision Making (3 credits) and Brand Management (3 credits). Wish me luck!

Goal #3: Run 100 Miles
I enjoy running outside, so I thought giving myself a goal of running 100 miles would totally motivate me this year. Unfortunately, I’m finding it difficult to clock in that much mileage on top of everything else. So far I have run 40.5 miles and still have 59.5 to go. That’s about 15 miles a month for September, October, November and December.I just registered for the Across the Bay 10k in November, so I’ll certainly be getting in some training runs. I’ll keep working on it though and let you know at the end of the year! I have also decided to add on an extra goal for the next 4 months (to help with the running goal, as well as the building some good cholesterol goal): work out 3+ days every week.

How about you… how are you doing on your goals/resolutions for 2017?

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Movie Talk: Vacation-Inspiring Movies & a Giveaway!

23 Aug

School is starting soon in Maryland, which means that summer is suddenly coming to an end. Obviously I want to squeak in one (or two) more mini vacations before ‘real life’ starts up again. I mean, I work year-round – so real life never ends – but once the kids are back in school it just feels less FUN. Am I right? Which brings me to today’s post… movies that inspire your traveling!

One of my girlfriends (hi Jenni!) totally planned her honeymoon for Greece because of Mamma Mia. Those amazing shots of Skopelos, Skiathos and Kerkyra would make anyone want to pack up their suitcase and visit, especially for a romantic honeymoon. And now I kind of want to go too…

Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

As for me, I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. We are hoping we can make it happen for our 10th wedding anniversary, which is coming up in a little more than a year. While I can’t remember the exact reason I started with my Hawaii obsession, Blue Crush may have pushed me over the edge with the amazing shots of Oahu.

Source: Universal Pictures


Now it’s your turn: have you ever traveled somewhere because you saw it on a movie or television show? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it! To add a little extra end-of-summer fun, one random commenter will win a prize pack containing John Grisham’s new book, Camino Island and a few other beachy goodies.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

I can’t wait to read all your comments and make my next movie viewing/traveling list!


Disclaimer: I am a member of Netflix’s Director’s program, which gives me free access to movies. If you sign up with my referral link, I may receive a referral reward. My friends at provided me with the fabulous prize pack for the giveaway.The winner will be chosen randomly.

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All Caught Up & Ready for The Defenders!

17 Aug

I’ve talked about how much I love the whole Marvel Universe on Netflix before. I was initially sucked in with Jessica Jones (I posted about it here), which was pretty easy to do since it was about a badass woman superhero. From there, I went through two seasons of Daredevil, caught up with Luke Cage and finally binged on Iron Fist. There are more seasons coming for each series, but what I’m looking forward to now is the upcoming Defenders show, where they all interact with each other.

Before we get into The Defenders, I wanted to do a mini review of each of the shows leading into it…

Daredevil Season One (2015)
This was the first new show in the Netflix Marvel Universe and introduced us to Matt Murdock (lawyer by day, Daredevil at night). I enjoyed this season but it did kind of drag a little. The villain, Wilson Fisk was AWESOME though. Claire, the “night nurse” first appears on this show and she shows up on every other show in the Universe after this too.

Jessica Jones Season One (2015)
My absolute favorite out of the entire series so far! Jessica has superpowers and is rebuilding her life as she deals with PTSD. I loved the entire storyline of the season and absolutely loved Krysten Ritter as Jessica. This show also introduced us to Luke Cage (before he got his own show). The villain, Kilgrave, was scary as hell and weirdly funny all at once, which I thought was great.

Daredevil Season Two (2016)
Out of the two seasons of Daredevil, I like this one better. After introducing the character of Daredevil in the first season, the second season really fleshes him out. However, he’s also kind of a butthole in this season. You know who WAS awesome? The Punisher! {swoon} I totally loved him every time he came onto screen even though he’s kind of a bad guy. He’s getting his own series in the future, and I’m totally there for it.

Luke Cage Season One (2016)
Season one of Luke Cage happens a few months after his appearance on Jessica Jones, so it’s cool to hear mentions of what happened in the past from his perspective. I didn’t really feel an attachment to Luke when he was on Jessica Jones, but after watching his season of his own show I’m totally digging him. I enjoyed his relationship with Misty, as well as his attraction to Claire. I also LOVED the villains on this show and can’t wait for some of them to pop up again.

Iron Fist Season One (2017)
Literally the only reason I forced myself to watch Iron Fist is because he will be involved in The Defenders. This show was pretty awful. I mean, Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones) is really cute. The storyline was not my cup of tea though and I sped through it as quickly as possible.

The Defenders (COMING TOMORROW!)
The Defenders brings together ALL the superheros to fight together. I. Can. Not. Wait. I literally can’t watch the trailer without getting chills. Seeing my favorites interacting together has me totally geeking out!


Are you super excited for The Defenders? Do you have a favorite character/show so far?


Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. I’m just REALLY EXCITED for the new show. However, if Netflix want’s to send me to meet Krysten Ritter that would be cool.

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