I’m Curious: Are you going back to the gym?

Source: Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

With Maryland’s coronavirus numbers slowly decreasing, most of the state has fully moved into the second tier of the reopening plan. This means that fitness centers and gyms are allowed to reopen at a limited capacity. Our gym has been closed since March and fees have been frozen since April, so this means we would be able to start going to the gym this month and would pay our monthly fee again July 1st.

We are still in the middle of a pandemic, so they have made some changes. Members must wear a face mask upon entering and exiting the club. Members are encouraged to wear face coverings while exercising “if able to do so safely” or should increase the distance between themselves and others. Staff members will wear face coverings. They encourage members to wipe down their machines and weights before they use them. They are limiting the number of people who do group fitness classes so that the rooms are less full.

But here’s the thing; those small changes… yeah, they are not enough for me.

I just can’t imagine feeling comfortable going to the gym and hopping on a machine near/around some stranger who is huffing and puffing and sweating their potential virus germs all over the place.

And sure, maybe I can go to a machine without many people around. But what about when I’m in the middle of my workout and someone comes and starts working out near me. Huffing. Puffing. Sweating. We all deal with this normally, but with the coronavirus still out there killing people… NOPE.

We have been on a Stay at Home order for months now. We are STILL in the middle of a pandemic. States who have rushed their reopening plan are currently reporting record high numbers of coronavirus.

I DO NOT feel comfortable going to a gym right now.

However, when I look at the gym’s Facebook page the comments are full of people saying how they can’t wait to come back. There is person after person commenting about how happy they are that the gym is FINALLY open again.

And now I want to hear from you… are you comfortable with going back to the gym?

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Review: Eileen Fisher Silk Straight Crop Pants

Source: NordstromRack.com

I know. I know. When you think of Eileen Fisher, you think of a ‘woman of a certain age.’ However, there is a younger Millennial and Generation X following… which is why every so often it pops up in my feed and I think that I need to branch out a bit.

I’ve already been quite unapologetic about my love for Eileen Fisher sweaters and cardigans – they are sustainably made and usually quite simple while still having a fun kind of sloppy but refined style. I’ve picked up a few secondhand through thrifting and consignment shops and love, love, love, love them. I also have a couple pairs of her Stretch Crepe pants, which are basically a version of fancy pants leggings that are appropriate for work.

I’ve stayed away from her more slouchy styles though, but when I saw one of her “The System” videos I thought maybe I’d give it a try:

I love how everything goes together, looks polished, but still is basically like wearing pajamas. However, I don’t know if you noticed… but the model is super skinny. Could someone who is not super skinny still look cute in the clothes?

I ordered a couple items from Nordstrom Rack to try (they have free returns):

Eileen Fisher Straight Crop Pants – retail price $238, Rack price $74.98 find them here

Eileen Fisher Silk Shell Sleeveless Blouse – retail price $178, Rack price $59.98 find it here

I ordered the pants in both a medium and a large, because I’ve found that I had to size down in her pants before. I ordered the blouse in a large, because… boobs. I also pulled out a couple of my own Eileen sweaters to try with the look.

Look #1: Madewell tank top + Eileen Fisher Straight Crop Pants + necklace

I also ordered this Madewell tank top (currently sold out), so please excuse the packaging wrinkles. For this look, I did the most simple summer-type pajama appropriate combo possible. After trying both pants sizes, I like the large better because they are less clingy in the butt area. As it is, this is certainly the oversized flowy look that Eileen Fisher is known for, I’m just not so certain it’s that flattering for me. Since I don’t have a fitted waist, my hourglass figure just kind of looks like a big blob. But, I guess that is what I was going for?

Look #2: Madewell tank top + Eileen Fisher Straight Crop Pants + necklace + my cardigan

Here is the exact same outfit, but I topped it with an Eileen sweater from my closet (I bought it at a consignment shop for $20). I think this combo is a lot more flattering with the cardigan making me look a lot less blobby. It’s still super loose and comfy like classy pajamas, but it looks more like a finished outfit. Out of all the looks, this one is my favorite.

Look #3: Eileen Fisher Silk Shell Sleeveless Blouse + Eileen Fisher Straight Crop Pants + necklace

For this look, I swapped out my striped tank top with this black silk version. The black silk top and pants look is much more office appropriate, especially when I throw on a necklace and some bracelets. While I do like the black on black styling, this particular tank top is a bit too short for my taste. I’d prefer it be a couple inches longer so that I wouldn’t have to worry about showing off my belly button if I raise my arms.

Look #4: Eileen Fisher Straight Crop Pants + my sweater poncho + necklace

I bought this Eileen sweater poncho thing a year or two ago, also from Nordstrom Rack, and I just think it is such a fun piece to pair with shorts or skinny jeans. I tried it with the silk pants and even though neither piece is fitted, they seem to play well together. However, my eyes are definitely used to seeing this with a more fitted bottom.

 My Thoughts:

There is no denying that these silk pants are incredibly comfortable. With an elastic waistband and generous cut, I could wear them to work or comfortably curl up on the couch. The Nordstrom Rack price is also pretty great, considering that the pants sell at Nordstrom and on the Eileen Fisher website for $238. I think they look best on me and my body type when the flowy look is balanced out with the cardigan, the striped poncho, or even the black on black option.

I do think that people who aren’t stick thin can pull this look off. However, I just don’t know if it’s right for me. I’d love to know your thoughts on this style!

Disclaimer: This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Jack’s Last Day of 2nd Grade

Back when we took Jack’s photo for the first day of second grade, we had no idea how crazy this year would end up being. Nobody had any idea. And nobody was ready to deal with states suddenly shutting down schools, workplaces sending their employees home, and being told to Stay at Home as much as possible.

In my great big bag of ‘things to worry about’, a pandemic never even crossed my mind.

But, here we are.

Jack’s elementary school closed on March 13, 2020 and we started online schooling soon after. Our teachers actually had some tasks up online as soon as the following week, with actual lessons to be completed online a week or so later.

Every single weekday, Jack and I have worked together for him to complete his Math, ELA, Content, Specials (Music, Media, Health, PE, Media) and more. Every single weekday for the last 13 weeks. I’ve also been working full-time from home for the last 12 weeks.

It’s been hard. Super dooper hard.

However, there have been some positives (when you block out the whining). Rather than coming home with blank worksheets and half-filled out pages of work because he ran out of time in class, Jack had plenty of time and one-on-one attention.

Rather than potentially being ignored in a big group, he was able to work with me on every assignment and I made sure he understood what and why he was doing something.

Rather than being left on his own to misunderstand the text on a quiz question or just give up and guess what they were asking for, he had me encouraging him to sound out each word and ask him whether his guess made sense or not.

While I’ve been worried about him falling behind by being at home, now I’m thinking that I may have actually given him a chance to catch up to his peers. Sure, he’s not reading any chapter books on his own quite yet. But I feel like he might actually have a stronger foothold on his lessons than I expected.

Over the summer, we typically do a bit of schoolwork here and there to keep his brain from fully turning to mush. And I plan to keep up with that this summer.

We have no idea what the fall will look like… whether he will be back at school online or if there will be some sort of hybrid in-person/online schooling plan.

However, we DO know that as of today Jack has completed 2nd grade and I think we both deserve some sort of award for that!

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