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Too Early for Christmas?

14 Nov

Over the weekend I stopped in TJ Maxx for a new pan and about a quarter of the store had been taken over by Christmas. Of course, this is nothing new… Target put their Christmas stuff up as soon as they cleared out the Halloween costumes. Also, I noticed yesterday that one of the local radio stations has also already started playing Christmas music around the clock.

For me, I basically don’t even think about Christmas – which includes no decorating, no shopping and no Christmas music – until Thanksgiving has passed. This year, my family is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner a few days AFTER the holiday, so I decided to put our tree up early so everyone can enjoy it.

Which brings me to thinking…. for you, when does it feel *right* to start decorating for the holidays?

Are you like my friend Lindsey who already has everything up (complete with watching holiday movies on the Hallmark channel) because it makes her happy? Do you just bring out all the décor when you have free time? Or, is there a certain day that you do your annual unpacking and decorating?

I’m super curious… so share in the comments and let me know when unbox your holiday spirit!

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Emotional State Update

30 Oct

So after I had my tantrum a couple weeks ago I figured I owe you all an update. Things are… better. I mean, I’m not bursting into tears randomly, so that’s an automatic improvement.

Jack was either sick or having a reaction to his flu shot over the weekend, so we cancelled all plans on Saturday and Sunday and basically just glued our butts to the couch. After 8 weekends straight of running around, having a super lazy weekend really helped ALL of us relax a bit.

Updates on what was driving me nutty:

My Stats class: I’m finally doing a bit better in my Statistics class. I failed the first two quizzes, so I totally spiraled into thinking that I’d fail the course. Luckily I found the best tutor ever and she has helped me so much. I did much better on the following two quizzes and even got a 91% on my midterm! My cumulative grade is at a 79%, so there is a chance in hell that I can pass this class. In the next 5 weeks I have 2 more quizzes, 1 homework assignment, a paper and my final… so I’m just trying to keep focused and go slow and steady through each of my tasks. Let’s hope I can get through it and NEVER take a statistics class again!

Jack’s hitting: As for Jack’s hitting, we’ve had improvement there too. I had a meeting with the directors of his before/after care and we implemented a behavior chat both there and at home. On the school behavior chart he gets to pick a toy out of the prize box after each week of good behavior (mornings and evenings). On his home behavior chart he gets to mark off each day of no hitting/hurting and his prize was to go to the school’s Halloween party last Friday. We just made a new chart for a prize (probably a new Lego set) to be awarded on Thanksgiving week – which is a reward for him to look forward to and also something to entertain him on the long weekend. So far, so good… fingers crossed that this keeps working.

Dieting yuck: After 6 weeks of sticking with my cholesterol improving diet (and an additional 2 weeks of general healthier diet), I had my follow up blood draw this past Thursday. I should get my results this week and I have yet another appointment with my doctor and nutritionist to see if I’m in the normal zone for my cholesterol and what the plan will be moving forward. Most days I can stick with the diet, but some days I’m craving a steak and French fries so bad that I literally dream about them. Best case scenario would be if my cholesterol is now in the normal zone and I get to eat red meat/fried food a couple times a month moving forward…

So there you go, after my tantrum I’m feeling a lot better. I think a few wins and some down-time was really what I needed. I think I also need to make some more plans with friends too, because I totally need some girl time. This coming weekend I’m spending the night over with a girlfriend and then doing the 10k across the Bay Bridge, so I can’t wait!

Oh and I figured it was time to update my profile picture… you wouldn’t believe how many I took before deciding on this one:

I actually initially put up another photo but then decided that my teeth looked weird — I was smiling so big that you could see my bottom teeth — so then I switched it out again. Anyone else totally over-analyze their photos for imperfections?

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2017 Reader Survey Results + a Winner

24 Oct

Thank you all so much for taking the time to complete the Pocketful of Joules reader survey I put up earlier this month. I loved reading all your feedback and especially enjoyed those of you who thought that kissing up was the way to win the fun prize that I’m giving away.

I mean, it totally is.
Kiss up. Give me ALL the kissing up!

Just kidding.

But for real, some of you were just so sweet and it totally made my day to read your comments. I also really appreciated getting some of your feedback on posts that you enjoy.

I thought you might like to see the results too, so I decided to get all jiggy with it and put together a few snazzy charts and graphs…

Let’s start with where you all came from:

And how long you’ve been around:

This one is my favorite and the one that really helps me with future blog post planning:

And now, a little more about YOU:

I’m so happy that I did this survey, because it’s really nice to have a little bit of direction when I’m doing my monthly brainstorming of possible posts. At a glance, you guys tend to enjoy my Stitch Fix/Trunk Club reviews and Dressing Room pictures, as well as when I just go a little nuts and write about random stuff. So, I’ve already taken your comments to heart and did a fun Dressing Room Snaps post last week and posted about me Having a Bit of a Tantrum as well.

You all seemed to like it… so guess I’ll keep giving you what you want!

When it comes to the write-in comments many of you left on the survey, the next time I need a little ego post I’m totally coming right back to read them again. My heart grew 4 sizes at the number of “you rock” and “I love you” notes. Seriously, thank you all so much for ALL your kind words. Sometimes blogging is like throwing your words and heart into the big black hole of the internet… and you guys really took the time to let me know that you hear me.

Here are a few highlights that may have made my eyes a little drippy:

I keep coming back to your blog because it is REAL and the fashion is attainable. I want to look nice and there is no way I can put the time or effort that some blogs do.

You’re awesome and I really enjoy you in a non-creepy way…?

You’re great, you have a unique voice, and I love hearing about your day to day adventures.

I love your outfit pics! The give me inspiration for my own wardrobe and let me see how certain trends look on a real person!

I feel like you fill a gap in my blog reading – 40, into clothes, a mom. Love what you do!

In case you needed a reminder, you are awesome and funny. Sometime life sucks and being a mommy is hard. You rock. (Or at least your blog makes you look that way, I don’t know you IRL).

I love the mix of complete randomness, rather than you just being focused on one area of your life or home!

Great blog! Love that you haven’t “sold out” like most others!!

And now, as promised… I randomly picked one person for a bribe. Um, I mean my fun prize. The winner is… Wendy! I’ve put together a little box of fun that I mailed out to Wendy over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Are you surprised by any of the survey results? 

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Having a Bit of a Tantrum

9 Oct

Some days I have it all together. I can juggle my million things with finesse and make it look easy. Heck, sometimes I convince myself that it IS easy.

Today is not one of those days.

Yesterday I had one of those tantrums where I burst into tears because sometimes life IS HARD and NOT FAIR. It must have been a sight to behold, because my husband took Jack out of the house for a bit and nicely suggested I should take a nap.

So yeah, much like my 5 year old… I had a tantrum and needed to take a nap.

Whatever, it helped a little. I felt a teensy bit more normal.

But last night – probably due to the 2 hour nap in the middle of the day – I couldn’t sleep. I just laid there in bed, tossing and turning and thinking of all the things that are stressing me out. Because THAT is obviously the best way to get to sleep.

First on the list: I’m failing Statistics. I have to pass the class with a B to go towards my Master’s degree and I’ve failed the last two quizzes… even after getting help from a tutor. The teacher is awful, the class is 100% online and I’m totally in over my head. I’m going to have another quiz this week and I’m just full of anxiety that I’m going to fail it. If I keep failing the quizzes, I’ll probably fail the midterm and final too. I’m going to fail the whole class and I’m going to have to retake it. I’ve never failed a class in my entire life and it feels like crap.

Second, Jack hit people two days in a row at his before-care program, so now we get to go in for a parent meeting. Why did Jack hit? He has no idea. On Wednesday he was playing with a hula hoop and someone went to take it from him, so he bopped them on the head. The very next day, he was cleaning up his station and a kid came over to help… so he pinched them. {sigh} I thought that he was finally settling in well with the whole kindergarten transition and now we have to start ALL OVER AGAIN with daily reminders to use his words. He didn’t have this issue at preschool, so I don’t know why suddenly he’s Hulk-smashing everyone. I’m tired. Just SO TIRED. And I don’t know when the heck I’m supposed to fit a parent conference into my schedule.

Dieting Sucks. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol a couple months ago and I’m working with my doctor and nutritionist to get it into the normal zone. I’ve been on a special diet for 5 weeks so far… some days it’s okay, other days it’s really hard. Where I’m typically a person who just eats what I want, I’ve had to think SO MUCH about everything that goes into my mouth. In addition to adding a bunch of nutritionist approved foods to my diet, she has me totally avoiding anything fried and all red meat. I need to keep following this diet for at least 4 more weeks until I retest my blood, but most likely forever. And it’s HARD. Most days I’m fine with a healthy breakfast smoothie and salmon for dinner… but sometimes this girl just wants a steak or a burger and fries! Don’t even get me started on the lack of donuts in my life (RIP Krispy Kreme addiction).

So there you go.

Yes, I can usually keep my shit together… but today is not one of those days.

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