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Spam Me with Your Book Recommendations!

27 Nov

I last begged for book recommendations a couple years ago with In Dire Need of Good Reads and I’m right there again. I’m about to go on a trip, so I want to download a bunch of books to take with me on my Kindle, rather than weighing down my luggage with books from the library.

I have Amazon Unlimited, so there are a ton of books that I can borrow for under that membership, but I could really use some recommendations!

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • FUN
  • Sassy
  • Romance
  • Mysteries
  • Silly Chic Lit
  • YA is cool too

What do you suggest? Bonus points if it’s available on Kindle Unlimited!

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Are you Black Friday Shopping?

21 Nov

Every year I refuse to start my holiday shopping until after Thanksgiving. But then, there is Black Friday madness. And Cyber Monday. It works out well for me since I tend to do the majority of my gift shopping online… but it’s also kind of overwhelming! I’ve never been the type to stand in line at a store waiting for it to open on Black Friday… but I do typically check a few websites to see if there are any sales I can’t resist.

This year I only have a few places I’ll be checking out on Black Friday/Cyber Monday:

The Rothy’s website (link). The company has been teasing a new release and I’ll be clicking over to see if anything new launches. I’ve been holding on to some referral credits so that if something fantastic is released I can jump on it!

The Lucky Brand website. (link). I love Lucky Brand t-shirts and boots for me, and their jeans for my husband. I was planning to check them out on Black Friday, but when I clicked over to do a little window shopping I saw that they have already launched their 50% off Black Friday sale! I ordered this embroidered blouse and this sweater.

The World Market website (link). World Market always has such fun holiday gifts! Lots of generally cool stuff and also beautifully tinned snacks and treats. The one in Rockville that I occasionally visit also has a great (and reasonable) wine section. I’m planning to check out the website and if I’m feeling energetic, I may make the trip to the store to get started on my Christmas shopping. Probably not though… I’m pretty committed to being lazy this weekend. (link). I love Amazon. I do the majority of my ‘random crap needed for the house’ shopping there because I have Prime – typically I’ll get a household staple faster than trying to find the time to run to a nearby store. On my ‘check if they’re on sale list’ for Christmas is a Yeti travel coffee mug, Elephant and Piggy books and Nintendo DS games.

Are you shopping anywhere for Black Friday? Do you get up early and stand in line?


Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon Affiliate Program link and ShopStyle Affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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What Is the Best Gift You Have Ever Received?

13 Nov

So, I’ve obviously had Christmas on my mind. Last week I did a poll on Facebook to find out everyone’s thoughts on sending out holiday cards.

I feel like over the years I receive less and less cards and was thisclose to not doing it any more. I had 60 of you vote and here are the final counts:

So it looks like I’ll be sticking with sending out holiday cards, at least for another year!

Now  I’m thinking about holiday shopping. It goes without saying that I haven’t started shopping for Christmas yet. I typically don’t start until after Thanksgiving. However, I’ll be on my sister’s wedding cruise for a week in December… which really limits my shopping (and procrastinating) time.

I also have the WORST time figuring out what I even want for Christmas.

So, I’m totally going to cheat and ask you all…

What is the BEST Gift You Have Ever Received?

Tell me the what! Tell me the why! Tell me the when! Tell me all about it in the comments!

Maybe this little exercise can help us all figure out what to add to our shopping lists!

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Not Running This Year’s Across the Bay 10k

6 Nov

For the second year in a row, my friend Lindsey and I registered to do the Across the Bay 10k. This was actually going to be our third 10k of the year – we did the Sole of the City 10k in April and the Wayfarers Annapolis 10k in June. For someone who always said I have no interest in running more than a 5k, that’s pretty incredible!

We actually really enjoyed the Bay 10k last year (read it here) so we stuck with the same plan of me driving to Annapolis to meet up for dinner and drinks, before I spend the night and then wake up early in the morning for the run.

That was the plan.
That did not happen.

Sure, we did dinner.
Sure, we did drinks.

And more drinks.
And a little more drinks.
Annnnnnnd, we got back around 2am and slept in. Skipping the run.

This is my hangover face.

Instead of getting up early and running, we woke up late and got breakfast. And coffee. ALL the coffee.

After we felt a bit more human we did some shopping – Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, a nearby thrift store. I found an AMAZEBALLS sweater that I’m obsessed with (sneak peak) and can’t wait to share what I thrifted (soon). Oh, and more food… this time with ALL the French fries.

Sure, we didn’t run. But this weekend was exactly what I needed. Some great girlfriend time + lots of yummy food + more girlfriend time.

Maybe we’ll try to run the 10k again next year…

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