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Thrift Find Stalking

16 Aug

This post could also be called “Researching the BeJezzus Out of my Thrift Finds”

It starts like this; I find something awesome at the thrift store.

I can tell that it’s awesome because of how it feels (or fits), but I’m not necessarily familiar with the brand. So, I do a quick google search while standing there in the aisle.

This just gives me a ‘heads up’ on whether it’s a fancy brand or something cheap that I shouldn’t pay a bunch for secondhand. {I’m not saying I’d never buy a less expensive brand, but if an item was originally $10, I’m not going to pay close to that to purchase it at a thrift store.}

In this case, I found a leather hobo handbag with the logo/name “Andrew Marc”. In a sea of plastic-y pleather and rigid cheap leather purses, by the first touch I knew this bag was something special.

Then, I did something that you typically NEVER want to do in a thrift store…
I held it up to my nose and took a big sniff.
I know, kinda scary.

But I was rewarded for my bravery… the bag smells like expensive leather. Like REALLY expensive leather. The kind I love from afar, but can’t actually afford.

So, I googled a little more to make sure I wasn’t wasting my money. The bag was marked “up” at $29.99… so I wanted to make sure I was paying up for a reason!

And that is when I fell down the rabbit-hole of internet stalking.
I just wanted to know MORE!
I like having more information about stuff!

According to Wikipedia: Andrew Marc is an American luxury fashion brand that originated as a leather goods label established in 1982.

Here’s where it gets tricky, every time I would click on a handbag from Andrew Marc, the logo on the bag would say “Marc New York by Andrew Marc” and not just his name with the “AM” logo. So, I dug and dug and dug a little deeper and it seems that anything marked with the AM Andrew Marc logo is much more expensive (especially the leather jackets), which leads me to believe that Marc New York by Andrew Marc is a diffusion line.

So, I put on my detective hat (I don’t actually have a detective hat, but if I had one, I’d totally rock it. Probably with a dress…) and fondled the purse again.

The leather is super incredibly buttery soft.
The chain is heavy and the clasps are in great condition.
There are no signs of wear on the inside or outside of the purse.
Each zipper pull is heavy-duty and has the Andrew Marc name on them.

These are all good signs that the bag could be worth paying up a little bit.

Then, I found this:

So, the brand is known for their superior leather and luxury products… that’s another good sign.

After a ton of searching, I found some other Andrew Marc bags with the proper logo, for sale on a few sites like Tradesy and eBay. All of them list the ‘retail prices’ of the bags between $450 – 650. Which sounds pretty awesome, but can I really trust random sellers to be honest? As much as I search, I can’t find any current Andrew Marc handbags on the big store websites, like Nordstrom, Saks, or Bloomingdales. Even the ones on the Andrew Marc website are all branded with “Marc New York”

Then, I turned my stalking up on high and looked through the Andrew Marc Instagram account. After scrolling and scrolling, I finally found an Andrew Marc branded handbag posted in February 2014.

Finally, I used the chat feature on the Andrew Marc website to try and get to the bottom of things.

Of course, after the chat I checked both Macy’s and Nordstrom’s again… only to find NO Andrew Marc bags with the proper logo.

So, I’m stumped!

The bag is gorgeous and great quality, so I’m happy to own it. I just wish I knew a bit more about it! Are you familiar with the Andrew Marc brand? Have I gone off the deep-end of my internet stalking?

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DVD Netflix: Celebrating 20 Years!

14 Aug

Did you all know that I do a little blog moonlighting over at DVD Netflix? I totally geek out over movies on a regular basis, so I enjoy having the opportunity to blog about it over on the DVD Netflix blog.

Check out my latest post on My 6 Favorite Movie Musicals… Wolverine singing and dancing? Grrr baby!

Here are some of my other fun movie-related posts:

Top 5 Movies on my “Gross but Awesome” list
6 Awesome Movies that Combine Action and Humor
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5 Movies that Were Better Than the Book

As part of the DVD Netflix 20th’s Anniversary celebration, they have put together some really cool mini-movies of their own, showing how Netflix got started. I think they are super cool, so I included them all here for your viewing enjoyment!

Part One: The Early Days

Part Two: The Iconic Red Envelope

Part Three: Delivered to your Door

Part Four: Return to Sender

Part Five: Content is King

Part Six: At Your Service

You can find more fun anniversary-themed stuff at

Are you a Wolverine singing and dancing kinda girl/guy?


Disclaimer: I am a DVD Nation Director, which means I earn points for various activities, such as writing and sharing blog posts. #DVDNation #ad

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Loving Right Now: Summer Lovin’

7 Aug

It’s been a few months since I’ve done a Loving Right Now post, so I figured it was time to share a few more things that I’m currently enjoying!

{Pssst, my Loving Right Now posts aren’t paid or sponsored or anything. They are just stuff that I’m totally digging now and thought you would like too. You can check out my previous posts here}

Book Love: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick
Find it here on Amazon

I like Anna Kendrick. I’ve enjoyed her performances in the Pitch Perfect series, The Last Five Years, the Trolls movie (I SWEAR it’s actually really good) and Into the Woods. I know she’s been in a billion other things too, but I haven’t seen much of them. Anyways, I kept hearing about her book and finally added it to my library request list. After reading other celebrity memoir-type books, I didn’t have super high hopes for this one. But I really did enjoy it. She’s funny and a little weird and I feel like we’d totally be friends in real life.

Comedy Love: Ali Wong (Hard Knock Wife) and Jim Jefferies (This is Me Now)

I randomly started watching some different comedy specials on Netflix a month or so ago and really enjoyed Ali Wong’s Hard Knock Wife and Jim Jefferies’ This is Me Now. Both specials have moments where I totally laughed and snorted out loud, which is how I measure comedy success. I also watched Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra (it was released before Hard Knock Wife, but I ended up watching it second) and didn’t love it as much. So, if you are looking for some silly (and NOT safe for kids) entertainment, check them out!

Television Show Love: Humans

I came across one of those ‘watch these awesome shows on Amazon Prime’ articles at some point and screenshotted a bunch of options. My husband and I were looking for something new to watch and decided to give Humans a try. There are currently 3 seasons available, but we have only made it through the 3rd episode in the first season so far.

Watch the trailer for season 1 and tell me it doesn’t creep you out a bit:

I love it. And it makes me feel goosebumpy. But I still love it.

Now it’s your turn to share, what are you totally loving right now?


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A Better 2018: Using Free Resources

23 Jul

Instead of doing specific resolutions for 2018, I’m just trying to make each aspect of my life a little better.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

A Better 2018: Stop Hoarding the Good Stuff
A Better 2018: Unfollow the Hate Reads
A Better 2018: Make More Friend Plans
A Better 2018: Make it Easier to Save Money

For this month, I’m going with: Use more free resources!

There are so many resources out there where you can take advantage of a bunch of stuff for ZERO dollars. Here are just a few, but I’d love to hear your suggestions too!

Go to the Library
I’m a huge bookworm, but I often forget to go to that place that has FREE books. On Jack’s last day of school, I vowed to myself that we’d get there more often. I let Jack fill up a basket with 10 books (which turns into 20) and then I fill up a basket with a few books for me (which probably also turns into 20). SO MANY FREE BOOKS! With everything automated now, you can do must of your renewals online (because we always bite off more than we can chew) and you can also request books you like.

Fun tip: when I see someone recommend a book online I take a quick screenshot with my phone. Then, once a month or so I do a quick search on my library’s website and add each book to my hold queue. Even if there is a line 20 people long, I know my name will eventually come up. And IT’S FREE!

Home Depot Kid’s Workshops
I actually talked about these workshops last year (read it here), but they are still an awesome way to do cool projects with your kids for FREE. They have a different workshop every month at our local Home Depot store and this month Jack made a cool fishing game.

Each project usually only takes about 20 minutes or so, and Home Depot provides everything you need – the kit of pieces, any tools needed, paint, paint brushes, paper plates to use for the paint.. and they do all the clean-up.

LEGO Life Magazine
Jack is obsessed with Legos… totally OBSESSED. He builds and rebuilds them every single day and when we visited Legoland his head almost exploded! Lego puts out a free printed magazine especially for those Lego lovers between the ages of 5 – 9 years old. It comes out five times a year and I just signed Jack up for it. He is going to LOVE IT! If you also want to sign up your little Lego-lover, you can find it here.

Do you have any Free Resource you’d like to add to my list?

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