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Movie Talk: Favorite Movie Musicals

11 Apr

I’ve been on a bit of a musical kick lately. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Rent came through the Hippodrome… so of course I’ve been randomly breaking into song about going oooouuuuut tonight and scaring Ollie with my version of Angel’s pickle jug drum solo. I also have the soundtrack to West Side Story loaded on my phone, so that I can sing along aggressively when I’m stuck in traffic.

And I get stuck in a lot of traffic.

I figured now is the perfect time for me to share some of my favorite musical movies!

Yes, I know the movie isn’t as good as the Broadway show… but the movie has a bunch of the original Broadway stars in their roles, like Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal and Idina Menzel. I’d basically watch those three sing the colors off of paint chips and be happy about it.

West Side Story
The music to West Side Story is basically magical and the stars are as beautiful as they possibly can be. I used to rent this video from Blockbuster time and time again when I needed my “America” fix and now I can just plug my iPhone into my truck and sing along at the top of my lungs.

Okay, I admit that this one is a bit corny, but it’s totally a classic. I know that everyone loved Olivia Newton-John but I was totally obsessed with bad girl Stockard Channing. I can also rock the heck out of “There are Worse things I could do” in the shower. Just saying.

Moulin Rouge
Oh my gosh, Nicole Kidman is perfection. And Ewan McGregor is perfection. And the song and dance numbers are AMAZING. And the costumes basically turn my face into the ‘heart eyes’ emoticon. And now I need to go watch this movie again.

The Last Five Years
This one is pretty new to me and the moment I started watching I couldn’t look away. This tells the story of novelist Jamie (Jeremy Jordan) and his actress wife (Anna Kendrick) though song. However, her story starts with the end of their relationships and goes backwards, while his goes from the beginning of the relationship to the end. It meets in the middle with Jamie’s marriage proposal. It sounds weird, but Anna Kendrick is absolutely fantastic in it and she broke my heart within the first 4 minutes of the movie.


Okay, now your turn! Do you have a favorite movie musical?


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Loving Right Now

16 Mar

It’s time for a Loving Right Now post of some of my current favorites. These posts aren’t paid or sponsored or anything, they are just stuff that I’m totally digging right now and thought you might like too. So, let’s get to it!

{You can check out my previous posts here}

Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy by Marrakesh
Find it here on Amazon
I actually received this hair oil in my Spring 2016 FabFitFun box, but I only started using it within the last month or so. Now I’m totally kicking myself, because this stuff is the bees knees! I’ve been using it every day – I shower, towel dry my hair, comb through it and then squeeze a pump and a half of this oil into my hand. I rub my hands together and then smooth it through my hair everywhere but the scalp, with extra attention on my ends. If it’s a no-blowdry day, I just let my hair air dry from there and it is so silky soft! I love this stuff and even after using it every day for over a month the bottle still looks full.

 The Santa Clarita Diet
I needed a new show to watch while I’m on the elliptical and finally decided to dive into this one. This one is a Netflix Original and only available to be streamed through Netflix. If you love Drew Barrymore (who doesn’t?) and dark comedy, you are going to be obsessed with this show. I just started it last week and I’m already on episode 7. It is kind of gross, so I wouldn’t be able to watch it while eating (even though I’m fine watching Bones or CSI… which is weird), but for helping make the elliptical minutes fly by, it’s perfect. Let’s cross our fingers that it gets renewed for season two!

Felina Leggings from Costco
Find them on the Costco website here
I just HAVE to share this one with you guys, because I picked up a two-pack of leggings at Costco in the fall for $15 and they are some of my favorites to wear under skirts in the winter. They are super thin and incredibly soft. I’ve washed them a bunch of times (I let them lay flat to dry) and they are still in perfect condition. If you need a pair of super lightweight leggings, you should totally check these out!

Now it’s your turn to share, what are you totally loving right now?

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Snow Day

14 Mar

Maryland has had barely any snow at all this year. In fact, we have had super mild weather all winter and I’ve even been able to do a few outside runs on 70 degree days. So yeah, we are pretty spoiled.

When the weather forecast started calling for snow… I figured I’d just wait and see.

To be honest, I could really use a good snow day. Just a day or two that I HAVE to stay home would be fantastic. It’s the perfect excuse to snuggle up with Jack on a weekday, watch a few movies and bake. Something about a snow day just lights my inner Betty Crocker, because I get all twitchy and need to bake something. Usually it’s some type of dessert, like chocolate chip cookies.

Today, I got my snow day.

Working for a University totally has its perks, because they called it nice and early and announced yesterday that the school would be closed today. So all day I get to stay in my pajamas and snuggle.

And bake. Of course.  I started a beef stew in the crock pot about an hour ago and my grandma’s recipe for zucchini bread is in the oven right now. I’m working on my fitness again, so I’m trying not to get too crazy…but chocolate chip cookies might be on the agenda for this afternoon.

Yup, I love a good snow day.

Do you bake on snow days? What is your favorite snow day treat to make?

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Feeling Fancy at the Hippodrome

9 Mar

I was a theater minor in college, so it kind of goes without saying that I love musicals. I usually get to go to the theater a few times a year, and whenever I’m up in NYC for work I make sure to see a show or two.

Well, this year I heard that Rent was coming around on its 20th anniversary tour, so I basically started drooling at the prospect of seeing the show again.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy an early ticket to Rent unless I was a season’s pass holder… so after some consideration (and support from my husband because it’s a chunk of change), I went ahead and committed to a whole season of shows.

So fancy, right?!

I decided to just buy myself one ticket because my husband totally despises musicals. I would have loved to have a girlfriend to go with, but it’s kind of a lot to ask someone to throw down money for a bunch of shows at once. So, I figured I’d just have a date night once a month and take myself out to the theater.

I want to say I loved it.
Actually, I loved some of it…
But I won’t be buying a season’s pass again.

For me, to commit to 7 shows (8 including Rent) was kind of a lot. I love me some alone time, but I realized that part of the fun in going to a show is to chat with your friend during intermission and on the way home. So, I guess I’m just kind of lonely.

Also, a couple of the shows I’ve seen so far were not great. A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder was fantastic and I highly recommend it. However, Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella was just okay. I missed Beautiful: the Carole King Musical because I was with my grandfather in the hospital. A Christmas Story, the musical was just ‘eh’ and not my cup of tea. And, oh geez was The Bodyguard terrible. {Apparently other people liked it, I just thought it was like a badly acted soap opera and the lead singer’s voice was too weak for the score. Just saying.}

Coming up in April I’ll see both Rent and Something Rotten!, which will be pretty fantastic. I’ve seen them both before (this will be my fifth time for Rent) and I know that I will love them as long as the lead actors don’t suck. The last show on my schedule is Finding Neverland, which is supposed to be really good… so maybe I need to keep an open mind for a few more months.

Perhaps I should check back when the BLEGH of The Bodyguard hasn’t soured my thoughts. But, all in all… I really just thought I’d like this season’s pass fanciness a lot more.  I mean, it’s FANCY. Shouldn’t I love being fancy?

Have you ever ‘spoiled’ yourself with something that didn’t turn out as great as you imagined it would be? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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