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Loving Right Now: Author Kristan Higgins

15 Oct

I found a new-to-me author who I love and I wanted to share it with you all! I love Kristan Higgins! I picked up her first book at the library and loved it so much that I logged in and used the library hold feature for as many of her books that I could find!


On Second Thought

Find it here on Amazon:

The first one I read was “On Second Thought” and I LOVED it. The story centers around two sisters – Ainsley and Kate. Both are going through some hard times and so they and up living together to help each other through it. There were super sad bits and laugh out loud like an idiot in my sunroom by myself bits. But all in all, I loved how she wrote these characters so much that I was salivating for more Kristan Higgins books!

Good Luck With That

Find it here on Amazon:

Emerson, Georgia, and Marley have been best friends ever since they met at teenagers at a weight-loss camp. After Emerson tragically passes away, she leaves a wish behind for her best friends to conquer the fears that they still carry as adults. Oh my gosh, this book made me feel all the feels. I felt so sorry for poor Emerson and I cheered as Georgia and Marley celebrated their successes.

Now that You Mention It

Find it here on Amazon:

This book follows the life of Nora Stuart, she earned a prestigious scholarship in high school which gave her the opportunity to leave her small town. But now, recovering from an accident she returns back home to finally find some peace and re-connect with her mother and withdrawn teenage niece. I have to admit, there was one particular scene in this book that I absolutely hated (I felt like the violence was drawn out way too long in a way that was way too ‘real’ for a chick lit kinda book). But, other than that scene, I highly enjoyed this one.

I’m still waiting on a couple more book holds to come up at my library, but I’m already ready for my next Kristan Higgins book! Have you read her?

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Weird Memories that Live in my Head

7 Oct

Whenever I smell a skunk’s spray, I think of an episode of Baggage where a contestant said that she really loves the smell of skunk spray and if she sees a skunk while driving, she will ‘nudge’ it with her car so that it sprays it.

Let me repeat.

She will RUN HER CAR into a skunk to get it to spray her car. For funsies. Because she likes the smell of skunk spray.

And I learned this on an episode of Baggage, a stupid game show hosted by Jerry Springer about 10 years ago.

Why does this information live in my brain?

Who knows.

All I know is that it won’t leave. So as soon as I smell skunk, I think of that lady on Baggage.

Another random memory that I can’t get out of my head… this:

This episode aired on November 23, 2000 – almost 19 years ago – and I think about Joey’s moo point more often than any normal person should. Sure, I know it’s a moot point. But come on… a cow’s opinion doesn’t matter, so it’s… moo. SO. MUCH. SENSE.

Now it’s your turn. What random bit of knowledge(?) has just stuck in your head? Please, please, please share in the comments because I can’t wait to read these!

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19 Sep

Every year on my birthday, I post an annual birthday picture. Some of you eagle-eyed readers may have already noticed my new photo because I switched out my sidebar blog photo with it… but here it is.

Me at 42:

If you feel like doing a little clicking, here is 41, 40, 39, 38, 37, and 36.

It’s kind of funny going back in time and comparing the photos — and this serves as a nice reminder for myself to NOT go back to that super dark brown haircolor I had at 36. I feel like over the years I’ve gotten more comfortable in both my skin and my style choices.

With that being said, each year I set up my tripod somewhere around my house and I use my remote shutter to snap away. When I load the photo choices onto my computer, it’s inevitable that I hate them all. My eyes look too tired, or one of them is too squinty, or I gained a few pounds and my face looks too round.

I sit there and beat myself up for all the little bits that make up a human.

Then, I move the photos that I absolutely hate into a “nope” folder and I’m usually left with two or three that are okay. And I look at them a bit and maybe I adjust the lighting on the photo (I NEVER photoshop myself) and I think…okay. I look nice. And I walk away from my computer to do something else, and then I come back later.

And I think, YUP. That’s Me. And I’m great. I’m healthy. And I’m happy.

And I’m 42.

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Survey Results & a Winner!

27 Aug

Thank you to everyone who voted and/or commented on last week’s blog post asking for feedback. I appreciate each and every minute you spent clicking through and writing your comments!

Based on your feedback…

Pocketful of Joules will be going back to a 3x a week posting schedule!

Out of the responses, the majority of the people wanted three posts a week and I’m happy to give it to you.

I also took note of all your comments on the types of posts you like best, so I’ll be using those as inspiration for my fall planning. I have a fun list of posts that are coming up this month and starting this week you will (mostly) be hearing from me on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

Now it’s prize time!

I used a random number generator to pick a winning comment and the winner is: Laura! Laura is the winner of a $10 Starbucks gift card, so I’ll be emailing her directly and getting her prize out ASAP.

Thank you again for all for your feedback and I’ll be back on Thursday with my August Work Style post!

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