Jack’s Last Day of 3rd Grade… and WHAT a Year it Was!

I was looking back at my post about Jack’s last day of 2nd grade from last year, and I thought THAT year was the weirdest year of school. I was quite wrong, because this year was the continuation of our experience with pandemic school. Jack was fully online from September to May, and then returned in person 4x a week for about 5 weeks.

I set up a desk and laptop in Jack’s room, which is right across the hall from my home office. I also got him an iPhone (not hooked up to any networks), so that we could set alarms for when he had to check in for each class. Each day, he had live classes followed by classwork/homework. I listened with one ear to each class and supervised to make sure all his classwork was completed and submitted.

While it was exhausting to juggle full-time working from home and full-time supervising classes, we got into a good rhythm. Then, once my husband and I were fully vaccinated I did some belated ‘back to school’ shopping to top off Jack’s backpack with new pencils and folders and sent him off to in-person school.

The transition was hard for me – after being involved in every single day of his learning, suddenly I was in a blackout. Rather than knowing exactly what the teacher discussed in class, I would get the typical kid response of “I don’t know.” It was a nice break though. It finally felt like I could put some of the balls down that I’d been juggling since March 2020!

I was a little worried about potential behavior issues with Jack’s return to school. I mean, it had been many, many months since he’s been able to play in-person with his friends and frankly, we’ve both gotten a little weird(er). Jack’s transition to in-person was super smooth though and he finished the year strong! He had absolutely no problem with wearing a mask to school each day and his grades were stronger than I had even hoped for.  

He also accomplished his self-imposed goal of wearing a tie dye shirt to school every single day that he attended in person.

And now we’ve made it… and he is on to 4th grade in the fall!

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Adorable Personalized M&M Favors!

Over the weekend, we had a beautiful baby shower for my sister and her husband. Each of us had a few tasks to complete, and one my jobs was favors. I just HAD to share with you all how cute they turned out!

We did an ‘Under the Sea” theme, so I decided to go with personalized M&M packs in blue, blue-green and white to celebrate their little boy. I had the candies personalized with Welcome {baby name} and also some had little baby footprints on them. They ended up costing about $2.50 per pack and I found a random promo code online that gave me about $11 off the total order.

I found a cute little basket and sign holder one day when I was out thrifting/antiquing and I printed off an easy little favor sign.

The best part was that they took me a minimal amount of time to place the order (rather than running around to a bunch of stores and making something) and they are M&M’s… so YUM.

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Loving Right Now: Discovery+

Source: Discovery+

We cut the cord to cable quite some time ago, so when we do our television watching it’s on Netflix or Disney+. A couple months ago, we decided to upgrade our TV watching and signed up for a Discovery+ subscription and I LOVE IT!

For Discovery+, you have two subscription options. You can do the regular unlimited access for $4.99 a month, which has commercials. OR, you can do the Ad-Free version for $6.99 a month. We got the ad-free version and it is worth every extra penny to avoid the advertisements.

We’ve gotten in the habit of sitting down for a show as a family after dinner, which is such a nice way to end the day. According to the Discovery+ website, there are more than 55,000 episodes of 2,500 current and classic shows from HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

Our favorites:

Home Town: We love Ben and Erin Napier and I think we’re almost through season 3 of this show. They take an old home, rip it apart and rebuild it into something wonderful. All three of us watch this and we love how they really make each house a home for their client. Also, I would very much love to spend a day in Ben’s shop watching him make one of his wood creations!

Guy’s Grocery Games: We had never heard of this show before clicking around for something new one night, but it has 24 seasons… so it’s been around for a while! It’s a reality(ish) cooking show which takes place in a Grocery Store set — so it’s kind of like a mix of Supermarket Sweep and a cooking contest. This is the perfect game for people who like to heckle the tv (um… me, absolutely) and Jack likes it too!

Dirty Jobs: We clicked on this one night thinking that maybe Jack would be interested in it, and it reminded me how much I love Mike Rowe! So far, we’ve watched him poke a stick into volcano lava, make cheese in a huge basin, and clean up after the animals at a zoo. It’s pretty great family TV!

How It’s Made: I didn’t realize this show was still out there, so I was thrilled to see it on Discovery+. I’m a collector of random knowledge and Jack is totally following in my footsteps. While I’m certainly not against dumb tv that is just there to entertain you, I don’t mind a show that is a fun way to learn too!

Do you have a Discovery+ show that I should add to our watch list?

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