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Jack Had ANOTHER Growth Spurt: My Pants Adventure

22 Oct

I swear, I just blogged about this in April when Jack grew out of all his size 6 pants. Which was just 7 months after he grew out of all his size 5 pants. At the time, Jack’s pants were suddenly a few inches too short… but since it was only April, I had to buy the next size since it was a month or so until shorts weather.

I had high hopes that after wearing his size 7 pants for a month, I could squeak a little more wear out of them in the fall.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

We had our first week of cool weather and the kid grew out of his dang pants again.

But now we have a new problem. I usually stock up on Nike and Under Armour track pants at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but after a size 7 there is no size 8. Instead the sizes transition into small, medium and large.

Well, you may be thinking that I should just go with smalls. Yeah, me too. But while the smalls are consistent with an 8 in length, they are much larger in the waist. And my kid is super slim with really long legs. So, to get the pants to fit in the length, you have to tie the waist really tight and they are still falling down on him!

Also, apparently size small isn’t popular. Or maybe it’s too popular. I went to 3 Marshall’s stores and 1 TJ Maxx store and found just TWO pairs of potential pants in a size small. They had plenty of the thicker sweatpants, but the sporty trackpants where nowhere to be found. I also found a pair of Adidas trackpants in a 7x, so I figured I’d throw them into my pile too.

Then, I went to Kohls because I heard they have a good sporty boy’s section. After searching the entire section, I found a total of 6 pairs of size small pants that ranged in price from $25 – $40. I’m used to Marshalls pricing of $17 for a pair… so there was some super sticker shock happening!

So, that gives us a total of 8 pairs of size small pants and 1 pair of a 7x size. We had a little try-on session at home in the living room and I made three piles: fits just right, fits good but a little big (and he will grow into them), or way too big around the waist (and he will grow too tall before he fits them in the waist).

The one pair of 7x pants were perfection. The same size around the waist as a normal 7, but with a few extra inches of length! EXACTLY what I needed.

The two pairs from Marshalls that were a size small were okay. The length was good and there was a little extra space around the waist, but Jack could jump up and down and not worry about them falling to his knees. The prices were right, so I may pack these away for a few months to see if they fit better in the winter.

As for the six pairs from Kohls, only one pair worked at all. Every single pair was great when it came to length, but holy hell were they wide at the waist and butt area! I picked up a mix of Under Armour and Nike, so I was shocked that they went from a slim size 7 to a husky size small. SHOCKED!

Out of all 9 pairs, we ended up with 2 that can fit right now and 2 that may fit better in a few months. That’s it! I packed the Kohl’s pants back up in the bag to return and went to bed defeated.

And then I had a thought. Maybe I can find some more of those Adidas 7x pants somewhere! I did some googling around and found them on Amazon with Prime shipping! They have two versions with 7x as an option, the Adidas Boys Tapered Trainer pant for $19.20 and the Adidas Boys Tricot Jogger pants for $18. I ordered three more pairs and crossed my fingers that they’d fit consistent with the pair we had.

And they do! Jack now has 5 pairs of pants that actually fit him and 2 pairs waiting for him to gain a little weight in the tummy. I wish I had that problem with my pants…

If you also have a tall, thin kid that keeps growing out of pants, you may find the fact that there are a few 7x’s out in the world helpful!

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Pottery Fun

26 Sep

Back before I had Jack, I used to love to make pottery. A friend and I took a class at a nearby studio, which then allowed us to use the studio whenever we wanted for our projects. Well, it’s been probably 15+ years since I sat down at a pottery wheel, so when my sister invited me to join in for some studio time… I was all for it!

We decided to book a Mud & Merlot class at The ClayGround Studio in Ellicott City. It typically costs $45 per student and it includes an instructor to teach you how to throw a vase, cup or bowl. It’s also BYOB, so we brought some hard cider and wine to enjoy while we played with clay!

The Family (me, Jack, Katie (my sister), Jason (my brother), Jaclyn (Jason’s wife), my mom, and Craig (Katie’s husband).

For our first session, we each made our own item. You can see my bowl and Jack’s cup here:

Then, they put our items in the kiln and we were told to come back in a few weeks to glaze them. Well, a few weeks turned into a couple months so that we could pick a date that worked for everyone… but we finally got back there at the end of August.

Here are how our items looked after they were baked for the first time, before the glaze:

I decided to paint mine with a pretty smoky blue on the inside and then do a white base and dotted blue design on the outside of the bowl:

Jack decided to work with my dad (his Dippy) to paint his with a solid color and then had Dippy paint little designs all over it (I didn’t get a  good picture of his, but you can see it in the background of the last photo).

Here are all out bowls before they went back into the kiln for the last time:

Two weeks later and they were done! Here is how my bowl turned out:

And here is Jack’s cup:

That’s a LEGO head on there, in case you were wondering! Each dish is dishwasher and food safe, so we have already started using them at home. My bowl is perfect for serving fruit at dinner and Jack’s cup has been used for little snacks and water too.

It was really fun to get back into throwing some clay around and everyone else had a really fun time too. I love that Jack was hanging with the ‘big kids’ and even worked on his own little project too.

So now I feel like I want to do some more classes. They have a mosaic class… so maybe we will try that one next!

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Jack’s Book Recommendation: The Bad Guys

17 Sep

I’ve been hoping since Jack was born that he’d turn into a bookworm just like his mommy. While he’s not quite in the burying-himself-in-books stage, we have been reading a book every night before bedtime for the past 7+ years. Back in April, I shared that his favorites included Pete the Cat and Dogman (read the post here) but now he has a new favorite series: The Bad Guys!

I had stopped by the library on my own to pick up a book on hold when I decided to do a quick loop of the kid’s section to grab a few new books. I saw a bunch of Bad Guys books, so I grabbed book 1, 2 and 3 and brought them home. Holy Guacamole, Jack LOVED them!

Here’s a list of all of them with links to the paperbacks which are typically about $3 each. You can also stick them on hold at the library like we did!


The Bad Guys (#1)

The Bad Guys in Mission Unpluckable (#2)

The Bad Guys in The Furball Strikes Back (#3)

The Bad Guys in Attack of the Zittens (#4)

The Bad Guys in Intergalactic Gas (#5)

The Bad Guys in Alien vs Bad Guys (#6)

The Bad Guys in Do-You-Think-He-Saurus?! (#7)

The Bad Guys in Superbad (#8)

The Bad Guys in The Big Bad Wolf (#9)

These books are for kids in 2nd – 4th grade and center around “bad guys” trying to act like good guys. The graphic novels center around Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Snake, Mr. Shark and Legs the tarantula. There’s a bunch of kid appropriate ‘potty’ humor that had Jack and I cackling out loud!

We read a few chapters every night (they are a little more challenging for him, so I read to him and he follows along) and we burned through all three of the books. We went back to the library to grab more and at this point we’ve finished the entire 9 book series and we are impatiently waiting for more.

Jack has already asked me to add the whole series onto his Christmas list and it looks like #10 will be coming out in December!

Have you read The Bad Guys books yet?

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Goldfish are the Enemy

9 Sep

It all started with a toothache. When we were in Ocean City in August, Jack complained on and off that his tooth hurt. It would hurt for a bit and then stop hurting… and then hurt again. Mostly at night. He’d just been to the dentist 4 months before and I didn’t see anything when I stuck my flashlight in his mouth, so I was crossing my fingers that it wasn’t a big deal.

We decided to come home from the beach a little early and got an appointment with the dentist the next day. It was there that we learned that Jack had a cavity SO BAD that it was all the way through his baby tooth and they were concerned that it was going to rot out his grown-up tooth too. And there was a cavity next to that tooth. AND a cavity on the other side of his mouth.

What. The. Hell.

We were JUST at the dentist FOUR MONTHS ago… how on earth did my kid suddenly get so many cavities?!

Apparently, the answer is goldfish.

Like any parent, I’ve been providing my kid goldfish by the truckload. We typically go for the whole wheat version, but if we are near Costco we’ve been known to stock up on the regular version because it comes in a huge box for cheap.

Source: Pepperidge

Jack’s favorite snack is goldfish.

When he wakes up early on the weekend… goldfish. When he’s chilling on the couch watching television… goldfish. When he doesn’t like the veggies I made with dinner… goldfish. So. Many. Goldfish. But he’s 7, so I basically let him eat them whenever he wanted because at least he was getting healthy-ish food in his tummy.

According to the dentist, goldfish is one of the worst things you can give a kid. In fact, if you google ‘why are goldfish bad for teeth’ you immediately get 3,630,000 results. Apparently, goldfish are made up of simple starch, which turns to sugar really fast. They also get stuck in your teeth easily – they are stickier than most candy — so that the bacterial has even more time to turn the sugar into acid… and ruin your teeth.

I didn’t know this.

Jack’s tooth was so far gone that we had to go in for an extraction, in addition to having the tooth next to it filled. He gets to go back in a month to get the other side’s cavity filled too.

He took it like a champ! Thank goodness it is just his baby teeth and now that we know the culprit, we’ve made some changes to help him keep his mouth healthier:

  • Goodbye goldfish. After the dentist appointment, Jack asked if he should throw the goldfish away in our pantry and hasn’t touched one since. I told him that they are fine every so often, but he’s decided that they’re not worth the trouble.
  • Goodbye orange juice. We don’t do soda at all for Jack, but he was enjoying an awful lot of orange juice on the regular. The dentist said the acidity was too much for his teeth, so he also went cold turkey on orange juice and basically only has water for his drinks now.
  • Better teeth brushing. I bought Jack a 2-minute teeth brushing timer (we got this one) to help him know how long to brush his teeth. He brushes every morning and every night with NO exceptions.
  • Swish Swish. After each tooth brushing, Jack has started using a water/mouthwash mix for an extra swish-swish to get any yuck out of his teeth. He also has flossers that he uses a few times a week.

I can’t even tell you how much I beat myself up for this. I mean, I’m the mommy and I should have known better. So, going forward we are trying to do a much better job at teeth care in our house.

Have you experienced anything like this with your kid? Did you know that goldfish were so freaking bad for teeth?

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