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Advice Needed: Men & Boys Dress Clothes

10 Apr

I’ve mentioned that I have some fun wedding activities coming up – my brother and his fiancée are getting married in September and then my sister and her fiancé are getting married in December (and yes, I googled when to use fiancée vs fiancé ). I’m in both weddings and will be wearing a long bridesmaid dress for one and a short bridesmaid dress for the other. The problem is… dressing Travis and Jack!

Travis very, very rarely dresses up and doesn’t even own a suit that fits. We actually bought him one from Target about 13 years ago, but that one is way past due for hitting the donation pile. I’d like to find him a well-fitting suit and maybe 2 – 3 shirts that he can switch in and out for the two weddings, rehearsal dinners, and any other suit-related activities that come up over the next few years.

Husband Suit Inspiration Board:

Sources: suit, top dress shirt, bottom dress shirt

I’m leaning towards a navy blue suit, possibly with a super subtle pattern. Here are our suit-related challenges: my husband is 6’4” tall, so in shirts I usually have to buy him an XL-Tall because his torso is so long. He does sometimes fit in a ‘regular’ XL when it comes to coats though… so maybe we will get lucky. I did some online research and checked places like Jos. A. Bank and Men’s Warehouse, and it looks like men’s suits run $400 – $700, which is giving me some massive sticker shock.

Here’s where I can totally use your advice… where can I find a relatively reasonably priced man’s suit?

Right now I’m leaning towards Nordstrom Rack, because they have some nice options online and I believe since they are a Nordstrom store they do alterations too. I’m certainly open to other ideas though!

Next up, is Jack. Jack is the ring bearer in my brother’s wedding in September and is also attending my sister’s wedding in December. He doesn’t have a special outfit for his ring bearer’s duties, so we decided to go with trousers, button up shirt, suspenders and bow tie.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Ring Bearer Inspiration Board:

Sources: boy’s shirt, boy’s pants, crab bow tie, chambray bow tie, suspenders, shoes.

We already have the shoes and it should be pretty easy to pick up suspenders. There are so many adorable bow tie options on Etsy that I want to buy them all. I mean, LOOK at that cute crab tie?! The shirt and trousers will be where I’m looking for deals. Jack will most likely only wear them for the two weddings and then promptly grow out of them!

Advice time: where is a good place to get reasonably priced kids’ dress clothes? And yes, I’ll absolutely be checking thrift stores!

I have plenty of time to find everything we need, so I figured I’d start early to allow us to take advantage of any super awesome sales or clearance events. If you have any stores you swear by or tips for the best time to buy, let me know!


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Our 3rd Year in a Row Visiting Great Wolf Lodge

2 Apr

I’ve talked about Great Wolf Lodge before, with our first visit here for Jack’s 4th birthday and then a follow up visit for Jack’s 5th birthday. We were going to skip it this year, because we had a kid birthday party for Jack, but then they were running a really good special and I decided to jump on it.

What can I say… the winter was long and I really like having something fun to look forward to!

We usually would visit from Friday to Saturday because the pricing is better, but by using a ‘Book Early and Save’ deal, we were able to get a Saturday to Sunday reservation for less than usual. We drove there on Saturday morning, checked in, took a few ‘howl’ photos, and went to the water park for a few hours of fun.

We got dinner late (and it was truly awful with terrible service) at a nearby Red, Hot and Blue and then went straight to bed. On Sunday morning we went to our favorite pancake house for breakfast. If you are in the area, we highly recommend the Astronomical Pancake House for breakfast. It’s all the goodness of a diner, but much more clean!

And LOOK at these amazing waffles that I ate:

😍 #allthefruit

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After stuffing ourselves full of coffee and food, we put our bathing suits back on. Because that’s what you want to do for some total body confidence…

Anywhoo, we spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon at the water park. Even after 3 years it was so much fun! Jack loves the Fort Mackenzie tree house area with water spewing around everywhere and interactive water toys to play with. We all loved the water slides, especially Water Canyon Run where the three of us hurtled down a dark tube while screaming at the top of our lungs. When we were done, we threw on some comfy clothes for the ride home and took one more quick photo on the way out…

All in all, it was a great weekend and really helped get rid of some of that winter funk we were feeling!

{If you’ve never been to a Great Wolf Lodge, you may be interested in the Q&A I did at the end of my previous post.}

Do you have someplace you return to again and again? For us it’s usually Ocean City, but now I’m adding Great Wolf Lodge to that list!

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A Crafty Superhero Party

19 Feb

As I mentioned last week, we had our very first kid birthday party for Jack over the weekend. We’ve gotten out of it for the last few years by going on a family weekend to Great Wolf Lodge, but now that Jack is in kindergarten he insisted on having a party.

Over the past few months, he’s been invited to his friend’s parties and we’ve done everything from going to a trampoline center to a place full of blow up houses. When it came time to plan Jack’s party… HOLY CRAP did I have some sticker shock. So, I did a little searching around and found a winner at Michael’s.

And before I go further, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just really enjoyed our experience at Michael’s and wanted to tell you all about it!

We have a brand new Michael’s that just opened up the road from us and they have their own craft party room available. They offer a “themed party” for $120 which covers a party for up to 8 guests and includes all the craft supplies needed, paper invitations and thank you notes, a party bag for the birthday boy, a team member to lead craft activities and use of their crafting classroom.

Of course, we wore our favorite superhero shirts…

I really liked that we could bring in our own food and paper goods without an upcharge. So, we ordered pizzas and cupcakes for everyone! And I mean EVERYONE. One of my pet peeves is when you go to a kid’s birthday party and there is only pizza for the kids – meanwhile the grownups are sadly drooling off in a corner. We got plenty of pizza for everyone to enjoy and also lots of extra cupcakes.

We went with a superhero theme and Michael’s provided the crafts: a superhero mask to conceal their true identities, as well as a cape, shield and belt!

Here are a few photos of the kid’s – masked so that their true identities are still secret:

Since it was a superhero party, I wanted to provide some superhero themed stuff for the goodie bags! We did a smaller version for Jack to take to school for his classmates, and then added in some extra candy to the version we gave out at the party.

Included in each: Superhero Sayings Bracelets, Superhero Stickers, Superhero Bubbles and Blue Treat Bags.

We had a great time at the party! Jack and the rest of the kids got all hyped up on cupcakes and basically ran around in their new superhero costumes. And the best part… I didn’t have to clean up the mess!


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Jack is 6!

15 Feb

Each year on Valentine’s Day when people are sharing their warm & fuzzies about their significant other, I think back to 6 years ago when I was in labor with Jack. I was at 31 ½ weeks of pregnancy and was desperately trying to keep the kid in my belly. But, my little lover boy was DONE with the whole cooking thing and wanted OUT.

So, on that Valentine’s Day I was sitting in my hospital bed waiting to get a second steroid shot in the hopes that Jack would be born with healthy lungs.

On February 15th at 5:45 am, Jack was born. He weighed 4 pounds, 15 ounces and was 18 inches long. We were able to hold him for about 5 minutes before he was moved to the NICU. You can read his birth story here.

Here we are about 2 minutes after I popped him out:

Jack stayed in the NICU until March 8th. Each day, I’d stare at him though the incubator window and hold his little hand. I was allowed to have him out for about 20 minutes a day, and I looked forward to those 20 minutes all day long.

Fast forward 6 years.

My preemie is 6 years old. So in honor of his birthday, here are 6 things about Jack:

#1 Jack loooooves his mommy. He loves to snuggle with me daily and yesterday morning asked me very formally if I would please be his Valentine.

#2 He had his first wiggly tooth and wiggled that thing daily for almost a month. It finally fell out last night, so he had his first Tooth Fairy visit on his birthday!

#3 Jack is having his very first kid’s birthday party this year. I’ll post all about it next week, but it will be a Superhero craft party and he’s super excited!

#4 Jack is OBSESSED with Legos. He has a huge bin of them on his art table and will sit there for over an hour building his inventions. His favorite TV shows to watch are Johnny Test, and Phineas and Ferb.

#5 Jack also loves pirates, treasure and traps. In fact, most days there is at least one trap somewhere in our house that Travis and I have to try not to trip over

#6 Current favorite foods are cheeseburgers, cheese-its, and marshmallows toasted over the indoor (or outdoor) fire.

Happy Birthday to my kiddo!

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