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Talking About Body Safety Rules

13 Jul

Something that I’ve always felt strongly about is the fact that children should be in charge of their own bodies. By forcing a kid to hug someone or pretending to cry to try to guilt a child into hugging or kissing you… well you are teaching a kid that it doesn’t matter if they are uncomfortable. By telling them to override that fear, you are saying that an adult’s feelings are more important than theirs.

I’m not okay with that.

So, if Jack doesn’t want to hug someone or kiss someone for any reason, I don’t MAKE him do it. Never ever. I honestly don’t care if he hurts anyone’s feelings. My kid is in charge of his own damn body and he gets to decide whether someone touches him or not.

Anyways, I can feel myself going off on a bit of a tangent… but my point is that a friend tagged me in this poster and I wanted to share it with you all:

You can click on it to make it larger. Or, you can download your own version here: Educate 2 Empower Publishing Posters.

What I’d really love for you to do is share it with the other moms, dads, grandparents, aunts/uncles, babysitters, etc in your life. Or share it on Facebook. Or Instagram. Or Twitter. So that EVERY kid knows that their body belongs only to them.

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Feedback Needed: Calming Aid for a Stressed Dog

3 Jul

Each year, our neighbor’s put on an amazing professional-grade fireworks show for Independence Day, so we invite a bunch of our friends over for a party. Ollie gets super stressed out when there are lots of extra people around, so we usually take him to my parent’s house for the night.

This year, my parents are out of town, so we needed to figure out something to do to keep Ollie from freaking out all night long.

I did a little internet research and stopped by the nearby pet store and found these:



They are calming aid treats for dogs and they are supposed to “help your pet feel calm in stressful environments and situations, such as anxiousness when left home alone, loud noises, thunderstorms, fireworks and crowds.” The cashier at the pet store said that he LOVES these for his dogs, so I’m tentatively hopeful that they will help. Our plan is to give Ollie ½ of one of the soft chews, and then put him in his crate in our room, away from the party and noise.

What I’d love to know is: have you tried these for your dog? I’d appreciate any feedback!

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Survey Results & All the Stress

29 Jun

Okay, so I totally meant to have a super cool blog post for you on all the fun I had exploring San Francisco… but I have midterms for my Master’s program right now and I’m kind of stressing out. If you can, send me some happy thoughts so that I can survive my midterms!

In the meantime, here are the results from Monday’s survey on when to stop bringing boys into the ladies bathroom (you can read the whole post here):

I was pleasantly surprised that the age range skewed a little higher than I initially thought. So thank you all so much for you feedback! I also agree with the comments on Monday’s post about my kid’s safety being much more important than some random person thinking my kid peeing in a nearby toilet is weird.

Okay, back to freaking out about midterms…

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Quick Poll: When to Stop Bringing Boys into the Ladies Bathroom

26 Jun

I’m still catching up on my thoughts/photos/sleep from last week’s trip to San Francesco, so in the meantime I wanted to talk about something else that I’ve been thinking about. Kids and bathrooms.

Now that Jack is 5, I’m trying to be more aware of the fact that he’s growing up. For example, in the past when we would go down to the beach I’d think nothing of throwing him in the shower with me to get the sand off. Now that he’s 5 and about to start kindergarten, I figured that would be getting kind of weird soon (even though he still doesn’t even register my nakedness when he walks in on me), so I stand outside the shower while he does most of the washing on his own.

However, I still take him into the ladies bathroom with me… and I’m starting to think that it’s almost time to make a change. So, I asked the question on my Facebook page and really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. If you have an extra couple minutes, definitely check them out here.

Since I’m not the only one trying to figure out that magical age, I want to know what you think. For normal day-to-day stuff (ex Target, restaurants, the library, etc), what age do you think a child should stop going into the opposite sex bathroom?

In our case, we are starting slowly with just one little change. Instead of mostly taking Jack into the ladies room with me, when we are out as a family Travis will take him into the men’s room every time. However, when Jack and I are out on our own, he will continue going to the ladies room with me for the time being.

To be honest, I’m not comfortable enough for him to go in to the men’s room on his own, just quite yet. I’m thinking that after he starts kindergarten we will reevaluate again. And if I’m still not comfortable, I’ll wait a few more months and reevaluate yet again. And that’s okay. Because there are some bad people out there and I’m a lot more concerned with keeping my kid safe than some random lady thinking it’s weird for my son to be in the ladies bathroom.

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