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Jack’s First Day of Kindergarten

5 Sep

It’s here. Jack’s first day of elementary school…

Jack will be taking the bus to school two days a week and going to before/aftercare the other three days, so he won’t actually ride the bus for the first time until Friday. Today, I walked him into his before care at the school and signed him in. The assistant director greeted Jack and showed him where to store his backpack until school starts.

I started to lead Jack to an activity table, but he immediately brushed me off and told me to get going to work. I did get a kiss and a hug before he shoved me on my way. I glanced back as I reached the door and saw Jack plop himself down at a table with a similar sized kid, introduce himself and start playing.

Yup, he’s ready.

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We Couldn’t Have Done it Without Mimi & Dippy

29 Aug

Any of my long-time blog readers remember when I posted about being pregnant with Jack? Or when I was like, surprise I just had a baby at 31 ½ weeks! How about my letter to Jack on his first birthday? Or when our first childcare choice ended up to be a hoarder? Our various trips to the pediatric ER. Remember the end of Daddy Wednesdays? How about all those potty training shenanigans? Or our kind of weird bedtime routine. So many of you have been reading along, leading all the way up to Jack’s preschool graduation.

I’m so glad that my blog has captured so many little pieces of Jack growing up over the years. Some days it feels like it’s gone so incredibly slow (like the potty training saga) and other times the days and months have flown by. And now, Jack is starting Kindergarten next week.

With all the craziness over the last 5 ½ years, we could not have done it without my parents. Jack calls them Mimi and Dippy and they have been there for us every single step of the way.

My parents were at the hospital with us when I gave birth to Jack. I was so scared to go into a labor that couldn’t be stopped so early, and my mom literally held one of my legs as her first grandchild came into the world.

When I called my mom crying that our daycare choice didn’t seem safe, she immediately took Jack in and cared for him four days a week so that Travis and I could go to work. Once Jack started preschool, he still looked forward to his twice a week visits to Mimi and Dippy’s house. Often when we would try to pick him up in the evening, Jack would be outside playing with his Dippy and refuse to come home!

My parents have gone totally above and beyond, and we feel so lucky to have them so involved with caring for Jack. On days that I have to go out of town for work, my parents step in and keep Jack at their house so that Travis can get to his own (super early) job on time. On days that Jack comes down with a fever and can’t go to school, my mom drops everything to help us out. When we found out at his kindergarten assessment that Jack needed to work on his letter recognition, she immediately bought flash cards, prizes, and started with a plan to teach and review them all over the summer.

With Jack going to Kindergarten, this will be the first time in his life where he won’t be at Mimi and Dippy’s house every single week. Over the past couple years of preschool, those Mimi days have sustained him. At Mimi and Dippy’s house, Jack gets to play and snack all day and take marathon naps in the afternoon. It’s going to be a huge change for him to go to school five days a week. For him and for all of us.  We are hoping to do a special Mimi and Dippy weekend once a month where he can spend the night and hang out with them… but it will still be so different than his weekly grandparent’s schedule.

So, it’s the end of another era. And I don’t think it has hit any of us yet.

I don’t know if I could ever properly thank my parents for all that they do. We are so appreciative that we have them nearby and we are thankful to have them help us raise our little boy.

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Kid Fun: Home Depot’s FREE Kid Workshops

9 Aug

{This is NOT a sponsored post, we just really love the monthly workshops and I wanted to tell you all about it!}

Did you guys know that Home Depot has FREE kid workshops once a month? We started going a few months ago and every time I mention it to a mom friend they are always shocked that they haven’t heard about it. The kid workshops usually occur the first Saturday of each month, but you can check their calendar to confirm that there is one near you: Home Depot Workshops.

On our first visit to a kid workshop, Jack received his own little Home Depot apron. Each time we go back, he wears his apron and earns a new button for each project. It’s totally FREE and the projects are free too!

Over the past few months he has built an Easter bunny basket, a Mother’s Day flower pot and a bug house. This past weekend, he worked with daddy to build a wooden Penske Truck. See, he’s pretty thrilled with himself:

Every single thing about the workshops is totally FREE. They provide the kits and also have tables filled with whatever you might need to complete the project, such as hammers and paints. Sometimes they even have juice boxes, cupcakes and balloons. FOR FREE! We already registered for next month’s project of building a ‘Back to School’ pencil box.

Have you done the Home Depot kid workshops before?

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Back to School Shopping: My Old Navy & Target Boy Clothing Favorites

7 Aug

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been totally brainwashed into thinking that you MUST do your back to school shopping in August. I mean, sure… you’re still wearing shorts and t-shirts when school starts in September, but it’s nice to have a few fresh things to wear.

Since Jack is starting kindergarten in a few weeks, I’ve been doing some poking around to buy him a few items to round out his school wardrobe. By the end of the summer, many of his shorts are totally faded out and his t-shirts are looking rough so I did a little online shopping a few days ago to stock up.

Here’s what I ordered from Target:

Boy’s Gorilla Remix Long Sleeve Graphic Tee, $11.99

Boy’s Cat & Jack Dude Tee, $6.00

Boy’s Textured Stripe Pocket Tee, $7.00

Boy’s Cat & Jack Pique Polo in Black, $5.00

Boy’s Cat & Jack Pique Polo in Blue, $5.00

Boy’s Cat & Jack Giraffe Tee, $6.00

I posted the prices I paid, but I noticed that some of the items are a little cheaper now. When I was doing my clicking/buying on Friday, Target was running a special where a $40 purchase would get a $10 gift card back. Somehow I qualified for the gift card even though my total was $37.41. Score! Jack is all set on superhero shirts, so I just needed a few plain polos and a couple new graphic tee’s for now.

Here’s what I ordered from Old Navy:

Rib-Knit Waist Canvas Cargo Shorts for Boys in Gator Green, $6.98

Rib-Knit Waist Canvas Cargo Shorts for Boys in California Grizzly, $6.98

I usually get a bunch of Jack’s clothes from Gap and Old Navy, but I’m not happy with their prices right now. All of Jack’s ‘preschool uniform shorts’ are basically totally worn out, but he has a few pairs that still look nice — bright blue, bright red/orange, plaid and camouflage. For now, I just stuck to two pairs of shorts to round out his current collection. My total at Old Navy was $14.80 and I received free shipping for having a Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy card.

I spent less than $52 (and will get $10 back in a Target gift card) and we are mostly set for the school year. I do need to order Jack a new pair of sneakers…but I’m waiting to see how much bigger his feet will grow within the next few weeks. Same goes for jeans, by time it’s cool enough to wear them he may be a couple inches taller…

Where do you do your Back to School kiddo shopping?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Target or Old Navy, I pay for any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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