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Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage

22 Oct

My husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on Friday! That’s right TEN YEARS of marriage. In a way it seems like the time has flown by, but also it’s hard to remember a time where I was without him. In honor of our 10 years, I went through my photos and found a photo for each year.

Come, travel with me through the years….


We got married on October 19, 2008. This photo was right after we were introduced as husband and wife. I was so excited to get down that aisle that I left my bouquet with my bridesmaid (you can see in the background that she has two). I’m also cheesing SO HARD.


I think this one was taken at a graduation party for one of my cousins. I remember wearing that jean skirt because I wanted to dress up a little bit and hated it the entire day. I’m pretty sure Travis still has that polo. Also, I’m pretty sure this might be my natural hair color.


This was on the 4th of July when we went to Annapolis to enjoy the fireworks with my family. It’s possible both Travis and my dad (cut off on the side of the photo) fell asleep at some point. I remember that I found that dress on clearance at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for like $5 because the zipper was broken. I put in a new zipper and wore it with pride!


Can you tell we are drunk in this photo? I mean, obviously. We went on a week-long cruise in part because we were starting to think of trying for a baby and I told Travis that we won’t be able to travel as much after we conceived. Jokes on him – I also convinced him to go on a babymoon cruise while I was pregnant… Also, this is the cruise where we went up on stage and participated in the Love and Marriage show. I have it on DVD somewhere and it was hilarious.


I cheated and included two photos from 2012. Here’s the first one… moments after Jack was born on February 15, 2012. My mom took this photo and we were all crying. Travis looked at me with tears streaming down his face and said “I am SO HAPPY right now!”

I had to include this one. We took Jack over to my uncle’s house so he could go in the pool for the first time. I just love that tubby little belly poking out of his swim trunks and Travis’ look on his face like, “LOOK what I made!”


We do love our beach time! I honestly can’t remember if this one was taken on our trip to Fort Lauderdale or in Ocean City. I’m just realizing now that all these photos totally showcase that I have had quite a sunglasses collection over the years – you know, until I break or lose each pair.


This was the first time since having Jack that we went away overnight! My parents had Jack sleep over at their house and Travis and I went to a nearby bed and breakfast for a 24 hour date. Even now in 2018, we’ve never spent more than one night away from him as a couple — but I’m crossing my fingers that we will be able to go on a belated anniversary trip next summer and leave him with Mimi and Dippy for a week!


This is from our trip to Disney World! Oh my gosh, that trip was so much fun. We went a week before Jack turned 3 to celebrate his birthday, because kids under 3 are free. We rode so many rides and ate so much food, and Jack loved hanging out on my back in my carrier.


Another cruise! What can I say, we love to go on vacations! This photo cracks me up because we lifted Jack to fit in the ‘frame’ and he’s totally not amused by this. Cruising with a kid is basically my favorite vacation ever because Jack loves going to the kid’s camps. It’s the only vacation we’ve gone on since having a child where we get grown up time!


This was our amazing trip to Universal Studios when Jack turned 5. It is becoming quite clear to me that the only time we get photos with all three of us in them is when we are on vacation… I’ll have to work on that!


And we are up to this year – year 10 of our marriage! Jack took this photo of Travis and I on our first day joining the gym in July (you can see Jack in the reflection). I really like this photo because it shows just another way that Travis always supports me. I wanted to get back into shape, so he decided to go with me and do it too – not only so we could both get all fit, but as an example to Jack about the importance of fitness. Love it!

Each year on our anniversary we try to go on an anniversary trip. However, we will be going on a cruise for my sister’s wedding in December. So we are planning to see how much money we can save up after that trip and are hoping to go on a vacation to Hawaii next summer. We have talked about going to Hawaii for 10 years, so it seems appropriate to go for our 10 year anniversary! Also, if all goes according to plan… it will be our FIRST vacation with just Travis and me since Jack was born! {fingers crossed}

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Celebrating My Brother’s Wedding

16 Oct

I’ve mentioned before, this is the year of weddings for my family. First, my brother got married in September, my sister will be getting married in December, and then my other sister will be getting married in May.

So yeah, that’s a lot of wedding cake!

Also, I get to be in all the weddings — I was a bridesmaid for Jason, and will be a matron of honor for Katie and a bridesmaid for Kelsey! Here is the whole crew, complete with mom and dad and all the significant others:

Photo Credit: 1001 Angles Photography


Last spring in the midst of having the flu, I randomly got it in my mind that I really wanted to give a speech for Jason’s wedding. Like, I totally thought that it was the best idea ever. In my flu haze, I texted him and he agreed to let me have at it. I’m still not sure if he told Jaclyn…

Anyways, a couple weeks before the wedding I wrote something up and then at the rehearsal dinner I jumped up and read it. My sister suggested I put it on the blog for prosperity sake (or so she could read it again, one or the other), so here it is:

I was 12 years old when Jason was born, so even though he looks like a grown man to you all… to me I can still see the baby who’s diapers I changed. I still see him as a toddler, trying to shake his hips to Achy Breaky Heart and I can hear the crunch of his little plastic diaper as he showed off his smooth dance moves.

Less than 2 years after Jason was born, he was joined by the twins, Katie and Kelsey. To be a young teenager with three toddlers in the house is quite a thing. But I love my siblings fiercely. In fact, I used to call them my kid-lings rather than my siblings because I considered myself a weird version of a second mom.

Almost exactly 10 years ago, Jason was a groomsman at my wedding. At the ceremony the pastor said something that really stuck with me, so I want to share it with Jason and Jaclyn today:

The success of a marriage isn’t just up to the husband and wife. It is also up to everyone who loves you to support you in your marriage. When times are great, we will celebrate with you. When times are difficult, we will be there for you however you need us.

I am so thrilled and honored to be a bridesmaid at Jason and Jaclyn’s wedding. As a grumpy, purple-haired teenager, I knew that family was important but it wasn’t until I (mostly) grew up and had a husband and son of my own that I realized just HOW important it is to have a strong family relationship.

I love Jason, Katie and Kelsey so much and now the Jason has brought Jaclyn into our family, I have another sister to love. Mom and Dad have another daughter and my son Jack has a new Aunt.

So Jaclyn, I would like to formally welcome you to Team Harman.

I wanted to do something special for Jason and Jaclyn’s wedding gift and after much thought I decided to create little cross-stitched wedding portraits for each of my siblings (spoiler alert, Kate and Kelsey will be getting them for their weddings too). I had done my own family portrait last spring (you can see it here) and loved how I could personalize the style of each person.

Here is a photo from their wedding day. I picked one with Jack in it… because he’s pretty adorable. Also, I bribed him with a Lego set for that smile. So I might as well get my money’s worth…

Photo Credit: 1001 Angles Photography


I started by creating the pattern and trying to make it mirror their wedding day look. For Jaclyn, I included the necklace she wore, the neckline of her dress, the sparkles of the bodice and her hazel eyes. For Jason, I kept with the specific coloring of his wedding suit/tie/shoes and his hair and beard shapes. I even included his boutonniere (but decided not to attempt adding Jaclyn’s bouquet).

After hours of planning and stitching, I was so happy with the finished product:

And here it is all framed:

The wedding was super fun and Jack even busted out some truly impressive dance moves. My little baby brother is all grown up and married, and I have a third sister to add to the mix. All in all, it was a pretty fantastic event!

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My Back to School Organization Tricks

11 Sep

I’m one of those ‘everything has its place’ people… but I’m also a mom to a 6-year-old boy. Our house isn’t SUPER organized like the ones you see pinned all over Pinterest (do people even live there??), but it also typically doesn’t get super messy. With the start of school, I thought it would be a good time to share my little tricks for keeping school work and backpacks from exploding all over my house.

First tip, check out Jack’s area in our front entrance way:

This is right when you walk in our front door and it’s pretty much been like this for the past 4 years or so. I just added the backpack hook recently though and it’s been working great! The umbrella hook holds Jack’s jackets and/or sweatshirts and all his shoes go into the basket. I also have a spare pair of socks in there in case we realize we need some right when we are walking out the door.

Jack knows that the moment he walks in the door, his shoes go in the basket and his backpack goes on the hook. Sure, sometimes the shoes end up next to the basket. However, this little system makes our lives SO MUCH easier to have it all right there, rather than doing the ‘WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES?!’ dance while running around the house.

Second (and final) tip, the schoolwork station:

Every single day there is SOMETHING coming home from school. It may be artwork, homework, papers for me to review and sign, a calendar of upcoming crap, etc. I keep this little basket on our kitchen island and each evening when I empty Jack’s backpack I glance at each item and throw it into the basket. In the bottom of the basket, I have a few sharpened pencils, a glue-stick and some erasers.

Homework gets done each night and returned to the backpack. Everything else sits there until I have a few minutes to go through it all.

Conveniently the basket is located right on top of the trash can…

Like I said, I’m no Pinterest Queen but these little areas work for us. So now I want to know, what do you do to keep organized?

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Jack’s First Day of 1st Grade

4 Sep

It’s that time of year again… back to school photos!

I have a first grader! We visited the school on Friday and met Jack’s new teacher, so he was ready for his first day of school. She had a cute photo booth set up, so of course Jack wanted to take a few silly photos.


He also visited his new locker…

This morning’s drop off to before-care went super smoothly. No tears. From either of us. In fact, Jack walked in with a friend and basically left me in the dust so that he could go play.

I did get a kiss though. So that’s a win!

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