September Thrift Haul

I had the opportunity to go thrifting twice this month and both times I totally struck out when it came to clothing. HOWEVER, I didn’t strike out in all areas. The home goods sections totally spoiled me…

Fall-Colored Knit Blanket, $6

I 100% bought this blanket because it looks like one my grandma made for me many years ago. It’s the most wonderful assortment of fall colors and it practically jumped into my cart without me even thinking about it. It found a home on my living room couch, where it fits over both me and Jack for cuddling time while we watch She-Hulk on Thursday nights.

Handmade Quilt, $15

I paid up for this quilt, but it’s handmade and looks to be about queen-sized. Not all of the stitching is perfect, which adds to its charm for me. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure where this one will end up in my house as I don’t have a spot for it at the moment. It may be added to Jack’s bedding set when the weather gets cooler. Or perhaps be added to my quilted nest of blankets out in the sun room.

1950’s Fire King Jadeite Bowl, $4

I recognized this adorable little 1950’s bowl immediately when I saw it shoved along assorted bowls on a shelf. It’s in perfect condition and went straight into the dishwasher when I got home. It’s now in heavy rotation at my house, as it’s the perfect size for a bowl of pretzels for snacking or salsa for sharing.

Yellow Crochet Blanket, $8

Yes, I know I have a problem. I just can’t resist handmade blankets. We’ve talked about this. It’s an ongoing personality problem. With that being said, I don’t regret this purchase at all. It’s a HUGE blanket and it’s already found a home in my sun room.

At some point, it may live on my bed because I love the intricate design and the mustard yellow color. Fully worth the $8 though!

Squares Crochet Blanket, $6

YES, it’s another blanket. And now I really do vow to try and skip the bedding section the next few times when I thrift. But look how there are so many different squares?! And LOOK how perfect it looks on my den couch!

But yes, my house is chock-full of snuggle blankets. In fact, I can invite all of my favorite people over and have a snuggle blanket to share with every single one of them.

Worth it.

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My Easy Travel Conference Capsule Wardrobe

Last week, I had the opportunity to drive up to Atlantic City for a 3-day conference. The focus of the conference wasn’t in my wheelhouse, but it involved a few of our attorneys at work so I was basically just going to network, take a few photos, eat some yummy food at the group cocktail hours/meals, and work from my room.

Oh, and most importantly: enjoy my nice, quiet hotel room with HGTV and a king-sized bed.

Since my schedule was pretty easy, I thought it might be fun to do a quickie conference capsule wardrobe post.

Here’s what I took:

Just one backpack (the Asenlin 40L 17” Travel Backpack with three packing cubes that I previously raved about here: Travel Backpack Review: This one is the BEST for traveling) and my purse.

In that one bag was: 3 conference outfits, pajamas, comfy clothes for the hotel room, shower stuff, make up, my work stuff (laptop, day planner, notebook, charging cords), and 2 books.

Here’s what I brought for the conference:

Three dresses that don’t wrinkle, one blazer that goes with everything, one cardigan that goes with everything and a fun neutral sparkly pair of comfortable flats.

I kept everything in the same color scheme so it would all mix and match. Conference AC is notoriously freezing, so I wanted to make sure I had some layer options in case I was freezing my booty off.

Also, I wanted the option to be day-to-night Barbie by having a dress go with a blazer during the day and then being able to switch out to a more casual (but still professional-looking) cardigan option for the cocktail party and dinner that evening.

And here are the outfits:

And… my in-room LEWK as well:

For the drive there (4 hours) and back (5 hours), I wore a t-shirt, leggings, sneakers and my tie-dye hoodie.

And that’s it – a whole 3-day conference easily packed in a backpack.

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Empty’s – September 2022

I decided to start a new series called “Empty’s” a few months ago. My thoughts were that it’s helpful to revisit an item after it’s been used long term and you decide whether to repurchase it. Or not.

You can find my previous posts here:

Here are the items in my Empty’s bin today:

Eau de Toilette Vanille, Anthropologie Perfume

I originally picked this perfume up at Anthropologie years ago on a whim, but it has become pretty much the only scent I ever bother to spray on. It’s pretty inexpensive, compared to most perfumes, at just $18. However, the scent is a perfect blend of vanilla that isn’t too cloyingly sweet and sticks around for hours. I recently came to the bottom of my bottle, so this one was a definite repurchase for me.

Purity Made Simple Moisturizer

I started using the Purity Made Simple face wash and lotion back in 2019, and the lotion is the perfect lightweight daily lotion for me. Once we hit winter, I may switch back and forth between this and a heavier lotion, but for most of the year this is all I need. This is another long-time love that I will be purchasing over and over again.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion

I did a quick search and I’ve been talking about how much I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for over 10 years here on the blog. No matter how many times I get distracted with other fancy smelling lotions and potions, I always keep coming back to a simple $6 bottle of cocoa butter. It smells amazing, keeps my dry skin soft and supple and you can find it anywhere – from your grocery store, to Target, to Amazon. This one is a definite re-buy for me and I’m sure I’ll still be shouting from the rooftops 10 years from now how much I still love my cocoa butter lotion.

So, for the first time in the series, we have a 3 for 3 of re-buying!

Disclosure: Not sponsored.

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