Loving Right Now: Summer Lovin’

7 Aug

It’s been a few months since I’ve done a Loving Right Now post, so I figured it was time to share a few more things that I’m currently enjoying!

{Pssst, my Loving Right Now posts aren’t paid or sponsored or anything. They are just stuff that I’m totally digging now and thought you would like too. You can check out my previous posts here}

Book Love: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick
Find it here on Amazon

I like Anna Kendrick. I’ve enjoyed her performances in the Pitch Perfect series, The Last Five Years, the Trolls movie (I SWEAR it’s actually really good) and Into the Woods. I know she’s been in a billion other things too, but I haven’t seen much of them. Anyways, I kept hearing about her book and finally added it to my library request list. After reading other celebrity memoir-type books, I didn’t have super high hopes for this one. But I really did enjoy it. She’s funny and a little weird and I feel like we’d totally be friends in real life.

Comedy Love: Ali Wong (Hard Knock Wife) and Jim Jefferies (This is Me Now)

I randomly started watching some different comedy specials on Netflix a month or so ago and really enjoyed Ali Wong’s Hard Knock Wife and Jim Jefferies’ This is Me Now. Both specials have moments where I totally laughed and snorted out loud, which is how I measure comedy success. I also watched Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra (it was released before Hard Knock Wife, but I ended up watching it second) and didn’t love it as much. So, if you are looking for some silly (and NOT safe for kids) entertainment, check them out!

Television Show Love: Humans

I came across one of those ‘watch these awesome shows on Amazon Prime’ articles at some point and screenshotted a bunch of options. My husband and I were looking for something new to watch and decided to give Humans a try. There are currently 3 seasons available, but we have only made it through the 3rd episode in the first season so far.

Watch the trailer for season 1 and tell me it doesn’t creep you out a bit:

I love it. And it makes me feel goosebumpy. But I still love it.

Now it’s your turn to share, what are you totally loving right now?


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Purging by Vote: Dresses

6 Aug

I tend to have a bit of a rotating closet. I’ll find something for a steal, wear it a bit and decide to release it back into the wild. Or sometimes, I’ll find something and keep it forever and ever… but that’s less likely.

On days that I go into an office for work, I like to do an Outfit of the Day photo (aka #00td) and share it on Instagram. It’s a nice way to keep track of what makes me feel great, and what doesn’t quite work out for me.

Every so often, I go through my folder of previous outfits and inevitably HATE an outfit in hindsight. It’s funny how that works. Of course, I don’t automatically throw the offending garment from my closet and light it on fire. However, I do kind of frown and snark at it when I see it in passing. And probably won’t wear it again for quite a while. {And then I sell it}

So I decided to go through some of my so-so outfits and let you vote. I’m not going to go into any narrative about each contender – because it really doesn’t matter if I spent a lot or a little on a piece if it doesn’t look very good on me.

You can pick more than one if you’d like… or all of them, if you think I should purge them all!

The Survey is CLOSED. Check out the results here: Results of the Dress Purge Voting!

Feel free to leave any additional comments below!

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Reviewing Indochino: A Custom Bespoke Suit for My Husband

2 Aug

Back in April, I asked you all for some suggestions on where to buy fancy husband clothes. We have two weddings coming up within the next few months and my husband has NEVER owned a nice suit. Ever. It seemed like to perfect time to buy him a suit that fits him perfectly.

And then I looked at the prices.

I had NO IDEA that a man’s suit can typically cost between $700 – $1,000.

Sure, there were some less expensive options like hunting down deals at Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, etc. But I really wanted to get him a super awesome suit that actually fit him well and makes him feel like a million dollars.

Oh, I should probably mention that my husband is 6’4” with a long torso. So off-the-rack doesn’t always look great on him. Typically, I can luck out by buying him regular length pants/jeans and a “tall” version of a shirt (thank goodness for Banana Republic), but normal jackets are either too oversized or end up weirdly short. I swear, he will look totally fine and then he will lift his arms and suddenly be showing off his belly button like Pooh Bear.

My brother mentioned that he was going to try Indochino for his wedding suit and I immediately clicked over the website, checked it out a bit and booked an appointment!

We visited Indochino’s Bethesda showroom, which had just opened a couple days before. At the appointment, we met with Sean who measured Travis from top to bottom, put an okay fitting stock suit on him and then pinned it to exactly his specifications. After Sean had all the measurements entered in the computer, we walked around the store and made like 100 decisions.

I’m not kidding.

We picked the suit fabric.
We picked the lapel design.
We picked the buttons.
We picked the stitching colors.
We picked the inside monogram.
We even picked the super fun inside fabric.

So. Many. Choices. And Sean was there to help us every step of the way. After we made all our choices, he rung everything up and the suit ended up being just $379! A FULLY bespoke suit for less than $400?!

Here are some photos from around the store of just SOME of the options:

The order went in and we got an email and text about 4 weeks later to let us know that the suit was on its way to our house. Once we received it, we made a second appointment to have any final tailoring touches made.

We went back to the store and Sean and another specialist worked with Travis to make sure every single thing was perfect. They tightened the jacket a bit in the arms and loosened it a bit in the back. Oh yeah, and this was all included in the original price too… no extra nickel-and-diming us!

They sent the suit out for the final tailoring and I got a call about a week later that it was ready to pick up.

Of course, I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t make my husband model his new suit on the front porch (hi Ollie)!

Look at that hunky hunk of hunkyness! SWOON.

We absolutely love his new suit. It fits him perfectly and will be great for all our upcoming fancy events. The best part is that now that all his final measurements are on file, if we ever need another suit all we have to do is click through on the Indochino website and order one!

Have any of you tried Indochino? Did you realize that made-to-order suits could be so reasonable?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We do have a special referral code that I can send you if you’d like to get $25 off an Indochino order. Just let me know your email address (either in the comments or by emailing me at pocketfulofjoules@gmail.com) and I’m happy to send it over!

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I Got Over My Mom Guilt and We Joined a Gym

31 Jul

So yeah. Our family totally joined a gym. Here we are on our first day…

{Look close and you can see Jack in the reflection taking the photo!}

Day 1 at our new gym! #fitmom #joulesgetsfit

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My husband and I haven’t been members of a gym since before we had Jack. We had lots of excuses. A gym is too expensive. We don’t have time. I can workout at home. We like being lazy.

You know. All the normal stuff.

But my #1 reason for not joining a gym was Mom Guilt.

After having someone else care for my kid all day while I work (preschool, school, before/aftercare, etc), I didn’t want to dump my kid for someone else to care for him at night while I work out.

It sounded awfully selfish to me.

So… for 7+ years, we didn’t belong to a gym.

And then about a month ago I realized that now is the perfect time to give it a try.

Reason 1: Jack is old enough that he actually LOVES the chance to play with other kids. Especially on weekends, when we typically just do family stuff. For him to have an hour of kid play time in the Kid’s Zone at the gym is FUN and not a bummer.

Reason 2: Travis needed a change of pace. He has been doing a ‘100 pushup a day’ challenge for a couple months and enjoying it (as much as you can enjoy doing 100 pushups).  He’s also been eating healthier and was ready to take it up a notch.

Reason 3: I needed a change of pace too. I have my elliptical at home, some DVDs and I occasionally run. But it gets rather boring and repetitive.

Reason 4: It’s kind of a date night/togetherness thing for us both to go and support each other in our workouts.

Reason 5: The gym has a pool.

Reason 6: We want to show Jack that we put an importance on exercise and health.

We decided that we would join the gym and commit to going 3 – 4 days a week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays will basically never work for me because my commute to work is about 1 ½ hours each way. But, on Mondays and Friday’s I work from home. So we decided that we would go to the gym as a family on Monday’s, Friday’s and at least one weekend day.

And we have!

And it’s been pretty great!

Jack’s been enjoying the Kid’s Zone. Travis and I have been breaking a sweat. And we ALL love hanging out at the pool afterwards. It’s kind of become our ‘family thing’ that we do and going to the pool on a weeknight feels like a total vacation.

So yeah, we joined a gym. Yay us.

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