My Spur of the Moment Nordstrom Order Review

12 Aug

This is NOT a NSale post. You guys know how I feel about the Nsale and I pretty much avoid the whole darn thing out of principle. HOWEVER, one of those blogs that goes overboard with those sponsored posts shared a pair of shoes that I thought were really cute, so I decided to order them to try out. And while I was there, I added in another one of those “Perfect Blouses” that I received in my July Trunk Club box.

Both of the items were on sale under that darn Nsale at the time that I ordered them, but now they appear to be back to full price which is a total bummer. I was curious about the online vs in person thoughts myself though, so I figured I’d share my feedback with you in case either item is on your wish list.

Let’s take a look…

Eileen Fisher Zanya Sandal (find it here)

Online image:


Nordstrom Rating: 4.9/5 Stars

I know that the ‘sporty’ sandal is somewhat polarizing. At first, I kind of hated the whole rubber sole look with a more formal top… but then it grew on me. This version has a bit of a sneaky platform base with stretchy straps and a zipper at the heel. I thought they might look cute with some of my work outfits, while still being super comfortable for walking. I’ve gotten rid of most of my sandals at this point (Rothy’s 4Eva), but I still like to show off my pretty toenail polish after a pedicure, so here we are.

Online reviews gave these shoes a 4.9 out of 5 stars with feedback being that if you are in between sizes to size down. I usually wear an 8.5 in shoes but with sandals may size up to a 9 so I don’t get that horrible toe overhang look that drives me insane. I ordered these in an 8.5 to try out at home.

Okay, so call me an old lady because gosh are these dohickeys comfy! I slipped them on after a full day at work and they fit like a glove. The stretchy straps are super comfortable on my feet without pinching or binding anywhere. The leather heel portion and zipper curve perfectly with my heel and the soles are like walking in sneakers. The problem is… I’m not sure if they are too casual to go with some of my work looks. I’m going to have to try them on with a few options to see. However, I wore them on Casual Friday with a pair of skinny jeans they are adorable (in an athleasure old lady kinda way, which is apparently my jam?).

Curves 360 by NYDJ Perfect Blouse (find it here)

Online image:


Nordstrom Rating: 4.25/5 Stars

I received the solid black version of this blouse in my July Trunk and I love the way it fits for a fun Casual Friday look. I’d been keeping my eye on other colors, so when this one popped up on sale I snatched it up to try at home. I was thinking I’d wear this with jeans on Friday’s and also tuck it into a pleated skirt for a fancier weekday look.

Here’s the thing though, is the pattern too crazy? Also, it seems to fit a bit more generously, so there is a lot of fabric going on. I originally thought it was fun and cute, but then I looked at my close up…

Am I approaching on Mrs. Roper territory? I haven’t worn it out of the house yet and the tags are still on it… so now is your chance to be super-dooper honest. Should this one go back to the store?

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Mott & Bow Review: Jeans for Casual Friday’s

7 Aug

When a nice lady from Mott & Bow recently reached out to me about a potential review, I had to admit I had never heard of the brand. I did a little clicking and found that Mott & Bow has the goal of providing elevated basics… or more specifically premium grade denim jeans at a reasonable price.

Premium grade denim at a reasonable price? I’m listening…

I’ve been on the search for some perfect jeans to add to my Casual Friday rotation, so I was excited to give them a try. When I was checking out their website, I found the “how they are made” section really interesting.

  • Step #1. Resin Application: Each pair of jeans is either sprayed or immersed into a resin mix.
  • Step #2. Oven Curation. Everything that goes through the resin process must be pre-cured and then cured afterward in an oven.
  • Step #3. Scraping. Jeans are scraped in different areas to replicate the distress of normal use. All of the scraping is hand made for a unique and natural look. Intensities, materials, and forms of scraping vary per jean style.
  • Step #4. Pinning and Tying. They pin the jeans and often tie them in curious ways before they go into the wet processes. They remove the knots at different times in the washing process to create subtle contrasts.
  • Step #5. Washing and Drying. Depending on the final look desired, the ingredients inside the machines range from pumice rock to silicone balls.
  • Step #6. Finishing. Once all the dry and wet finishing processes are completed, they put the final touches on the jeans.

Check out a video of the scraping part of the process:

I was blown away at the amount of work that goes into each pair of their jeans!

When it comes to ladies jeans, Mott & Bow offers four fits: high-rise skinny, mid-rise skinny, slim boyfriend, and the mom jean. I already have a few pairs of skinny jeans that I love, so I decided to try out the slim boyfriend fit in darker wash:

Source: Mott & Bow website

They have a special jeans try-on program where you can order two sizes to try (and just send the unwanted size back with an included postage).

I’m normally a 10/12, but I have a bit of a booty. When it comes to jeans I can be ANYWHERE on the size range… so I took a gamble and tried on both the 31 and 32 with an inseam of 30 so I could roll them up a bit like on the model. When it comes to fit, the website says that the jeans will loosen up a bit by about a half size. My jeans were pretty fitted in the hips and thighs when I first put them on, but I had a little more wiggle room by the end of the day.

In each of my photos I’m wearing the Slim Boyfriend in Ridge, medium/dark blue wash (find them here) . I styled the jeans three different ways that would totally work for Casual Friday at my job.

Outfit 1: Pops of Yellow

For the first look, I topped the Mott & Bow jeans with a cotton tank top, patterned sweater and pops of yellow in the necklace and sandals. I like this look for a summer Casual Friday at work, and I would even wear this as a typical weekend look when the weather cools down a bit. I actually wore a version of this look to work last Friday (see it here).

Outfit 2: Office Switch-Out

For my second styling, I took a typical work-wear combo of a blouse + cardigan + pointed flats and switched trousers for the slim boyfriend jeans. I love the wash on this pair of jeans – especially that there isn’t any distressing – because it makes this look just the perfect bit of casual for the office.

Outfit 3: Stripes + Spots + Red

I thrifted this fun striped and sparkly polka dotted top a few months ago and it’s been on heavy rotation ever since. I love it paired with these jeans and the fun bright red hue of my sneakers. This outfit could easily go from a Casual Friday at work to running errands!

A great big thank you to my friends at Mott & Bow for encouraging me to try their jeans. I love them and plan to have lots of fun styling them for my Casual Friday’s!

If you decide to try Mott & Bow, they have a special 15% off code for your first order when you sign up for texts on their website.

Have you tried Mott & Bow jeans? Which of my Casual Friday outfits is your favorite?

Disclosure: Mott & Bow provided me with a pair of their jeans in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. To be clear if I had hated the jeans, I would not have given them a nice review.

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Sunroom Before & After

5 Aug

This post has been a long time coming and I’m so excited to share my new favorite room in the house with you! When we moved into our home almost 8 years ago, we were excited to have a sunroom… or three season room as some people call them. However, rather than turning into something fun this room became a catchall for a bunch of hand-me-down furniture, outdoor toys and folding chairs.

Here’s what our sunroom looked like this spring:

The furniture was handed down to me and I slipcovered the cushions and painted the metal (you can see that post from ages ago here). The problem was that it was super uncomfortable, so we never actually wanted to sit on it. It basically just junked up the space and yes, that is a Christmas tree still hanging out on that side table because I never bothered to put it away. The rug was once cute from Homegoods, but now it really needs a good power washing session because it’s nasty.

The table was a Craiglist find from 10+ years ago. I ruined the top of it doing a painting project, so it needs to have a tablecloth on it to not be hideous. We really only use it when we drag it from the sunroom to the kitchen to add to our existing dining table so we can fit everyone for Thanksgiving and Easter. The rest of the year, it just sits there and takes up space. There are some folding chairs and folding tables shoved in the corner. I don’t know why since I can’t remember the last time we used them. Oh, and that pennant has been stuck on the wall for at least three years.

Basically the only thing I wanted to keep in the room was the yellow patio table and chair set. It was from my grandparents’ house, so it has nostalgic appeal for me. Also, it’s super cute and useful.

So, you see what I was working with. My goal was to turn this mish-mash room into somewhere where I could enjoy my morning coffee and curl up for some book reading. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, so I had to be strategic with what I purchased.

Let’s break my little room into three parts….

The Eating Area

I didn’t want to get rid of my grandparent’s table, so I moved it to the front side of the room. This is a great place to have a lazy weekend breakfast or even have our family dinner on a cooler weeknight. Of course, if it’s 100 degrees outside we are NOT hanging out in the sunroom. But if it’s under 90 degrees, it’s pretty comfortable with the screened windows opened and the overhead fan on. I added a thrifted driftwood crab and a mason jar filled with sand and shells (collected by Jack at the beach). The sign is the fire pit sign I recently made at the HGTV event (see the post here).

My Swinging Reading Nook

I found this hanging chair on Wayfair (here’s the direct link) and immediately fell in love. It had pretty great reviews and is currently on sale for $340, so I decided to go for it. I do have to say, it was an absolute BEAST to put together. There were instructions included for the metal stand portion, but no instructions for putting the chair together. So, I figured it out… eventually. I added on a soft blanket (an old Homegoods clearance find) a pretty wooden bead garland that I picked up antiquing with a friend awhile back.

The Comfy Couch Area

I really, really, really wanted to big fluffy couch that I could lay down on and put my feet up. I looked at a bunch of options, but the one that gave me the most bang for its buck was this $399 slipcovered version from Ikea (it’s this exact EKTORP version). I went with the least expensive color option for two reasons. One: MONEY. Two: sun fading. Our dark blue slipcovers got super faded due to the sun in the sunroom, so I went with a light color to keep it from getting ruined.

The rug previously lived in my den before I did that whole overhaul. I bought it about 7 years ago or so from some online company for cheap. The pillows are the same ones from the previous version of the sunroom. I found the pretty seafoam green/blue tufted ottoman from Homegoods on clearance for $39 a few weeks ago.

I also brought in some wood tones with the wooden side table (picked up at a consignment shop a couple months ago because I loved it, but didn’t have a place for it until now) and the driftwood garland hanging in the corner. I saw a driftwood garland in Hawaii at a fancy store and fell in love with it, so when I was putting my sunroom together, I found a similar one on Amazon for just $24 (find it here). I love the way it looks and I also giggle every time my husband gestures to it and says seriously that he likes my wood.

I am IN LOVE with my new sunroom. It’s like we discovered a whole new area in our house! Every single weekend morning, the first thing I do is make myself a travel mug of coffee and go straight out to the sunroom to enjoy it in my hanging chair. In the evening after work, I’ve been bringing a book out and snuggling up on the couch for a bit of reading. It’s wonderful. In fact, I keep calling it my she-shed.

After living with it for a month or so, I have decided to add one more thing. I need an extra reading light because the overhead fan with attached light is just not strong enough once it gets fully dark outside. I just ordered this one from Amazon and it should arrive this week!

What is your favorite spot in your home? Do you refer to it as your she-shed?!

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Work Style: July 2019

1 Aug

I enjoyed taking a look back at my June outfits last month (find it here), so I’m going to keep it up for my July work outfits too. As I mentioned previously, I share my daily look on Instagram, but I find it interesting to have a look at all my July outfits in one spot. This helps me decide which ones need to go or be hemmed/tailored.

Let’s revisit July!

Week One:

Just three outfits for the first week of July, since I had off two days to celebrate Independence Day! My favorite of the three outfits is the skirt/blouse/sweater look. I like the other two dresses too, but that skirt always makes me happy when I wear it and it has fabulous pockets that fit a whole cellphone!

Week Two:

The winning look for my second week of July was absolutely my Casual Friday outfit. This top is from my July Trunk Club box and the jeans are from an upcoming Mott + Bow review. I’m in LOVE with both of the pieces – they are comfortable and professional looking and they fit and feel GREAT. I topped the look off with a pair of red camouflage Rothy points and a long necklace and this one will be revisited time and time again.

As much as I like the dress in the top left photo, I have to admit it’s not actually very flattering. It’s got more of an Eileen Fisher oversized comfort kind of look. I’m not sure it’s bad enough to retire (aka re-donate) though. What do you all think?

Week Three:

This week is my favorite outfit week of the month! Once again, the Casual Friday outfit is the winner with those fabulous Mott + Bow jeans, red shoes and a fabulous open cardigan I picked up when I was in Hawaii.

I kind of love all the dresses from this week though and I have total ‘heart eyes’ for that orange shirt + thrifted pleated skirt combo! The landscape dress from the bottom right is one of my favorites, so I was pleasantly surprised how it looks when I changed out my typical cardigan with a new (to me) wrap sweater. I can’t wait to try the sweater with some other dresses/skirts in my closet!

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