I’m Super Excited for a New Opportunity

30 May

Earlier this year, my entire work life was upended when my department went through a reorganization. I didn’t talk about it much online, but the stress leaked out a bit on my blog and Instagram posts (here’s one). I swear, I wasn’t trying to vague-book or get attention… I was just trying to share what was going on in my life without putting it out on the internet that I was absolutely miserable.

Because sharing that you are miserable in a job that pays the bills is kind of a bad idea.

Anyways, I knew going into the reorganization that it was going to be a bit painful. I didn’t know that the scope and focus of my job (which I am damn good at) would change. I went from working with an absolutely amazing boss who supported me and made me laugh, to a something that made me hate going to work every day.

So, I dusted off the old resume, spruced up my LinkedIn profile, and reached out to a few friends and a recruiter. I was super picky about positions, so I only ended up applying for a few jobs that I knew I would really enjoy. I figured, even if it took 6 months or more I’d be patient and find something that I truly loved.

Then, I had one of those days at work that totally wrecks you. I didn’t think I could bear another minute of it and even took the next day off as a mental health day so I could re-calibrate.

That day, I applied for an interesting job and reached out to my recruiter to see if she knew anyone at the company. She didn’t, but reaching out to her sparked an idea that I might be a good fit for a position she was currently working to place.

I had an interview with that company the following week. It went so well, they called me back in for second interview with a larger group of decision makers the very next week and I had a job offer that afternoon.

I put in my notice at my current job that Monday and left for Hawaii two days later.

To say that I’m thrilled is an understatement. The stress immediately lifted off my shoulders and I am downright giddy about this new opportunity! Sure, there will be challenges in my new position. I’m sure there will even be difficult people to work with (there always are). But, this new position is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. I’m able to use my 20 years of marketing and communications experience, as well as my shiny new Master’s Degree.

My last day at my current job is on Monday and then I have off the rest of the week. I start my new job on Monday, June 10th and I am so excited and thrilled and happy and I can’t wait to dig in!

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May Thrift Haul: Dressing Room Styling Session

29 May

I actually wasn’t planning to post a thrift haul this month, because I didn’t have a chance to thrift and wasn’t anticipating any free time until June! But then last Friday I made a 20 minute stop to a crappy thrift store by me that usually doesn’t have anything good… I found 2 dresses and also 2 pieces that would work with the dresses, so I decided to have an impromptu dressing room styling session.

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Outfit 1 and 2:

This thrift store had all dresses marked at $7 and sweaters at $6, so the whole outfit on the right cost a total of $13! The dress is just a simple black dress with a flattering gathered waist. The cardigan was from Talbots and a little too big, so I pushed up the sleeves and gave it a little shape with a hand-on-hip pose. I actually kind of love it paired with my fun bright yellow sandals! I ended up buying the black dress because it fits me well and I have a few fun sweaters/blazers that will pair well with it for work.

Outfit 3 and 4:

Here’s another dress and topper combo, this time I went with a faux wrap dress ($7) and zip up jean jacket ($9). This dress is actually a size too big, but you can really only tell in the length. I’m going to chop it a few inches and hem it right above my knees. I think it looks cute as heck with the jean jacket and those fabulous sandals! I liked that this jean jacket had zipper in the front rather than buttons, but I was a bit too busty to zip it up comfortably. I bought this dress for the $7 and will be pairing it with a similar jean jacket that I already own.

So, for a total of $14 I ended up adding two more easy dresses to my wardrobe!

Do you think I made the right choices? What are your thoughts on my quickie dressing room styling session?

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My Style: Spring Favorites

23 May

I have a massive Hawaii post in the works, but for today I’m sharing my favorite spring looks! I started doing this on a quarterly basis, and you can find my previous posts here: My Style: Winter Favorites, My Style: Fall Favorites , My Style: Summer Favorites.

For my Spring Favorites, I went through all my posted outfits from March, April and May and picked my 3 favorite looks.

Spots + Stripes + a POP of Red

I wore this outfit for a casual meeting and I loved it so much I’ve re-worn it a few more times this spring. I picked up the spotted and striped top at a thrift store and I love those sparkly polka dots! The jeans are my new favorites from my last Trunk Club trunk (find it here) they are perfect for spring because they are a bit lighter wash AND a bit lighter in fabric density as well. The shoes are my red tiger Rothy’s sneakers, which I’ve been pretty much wearing nonstop on non-work days. All together I love this outfit because it is comfy, but still looks put together and fun!

My Interview Dress

I had two interviews for a new job (spoiler alert: I GOT IT) and right before the second interview I kind of freaked out and hated everything in my closet. I found this amazing Leota faux wrap dress on a last minute stop at Nordstrom Rack and it was absolutely perfect. For my interview, I paired it with a black fitted blazer and black pointy toed Rothy’s.

My Hawaii Traveling Dress

Last year, I shared an Anthropologie Dressing room post (find it here) and fell in love with this fabulous dress. Unfortunately, they only had a small in the store and no other ones in stock… so I mostly gave up hope. But THEN, a couple months ago I found it on Poshmark for a fraction of the original cost in my size with the tags still on it!

It was the perfect traveling dress for our long plane ride to Hawaii. I topped it with a black cardigan when I was chilly and then took it off as soon as we landed. I didn’t even change out if it when we did our first exploring trek to Shipwreck Beach, which is where my husband snapped this pretty photo. I plan to get lots more wear out of this dress over the summer!

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Back from Hawaii!

23 May

I’m BACK! My husband and I returned from Hawaii early this morning and I just woke up from a pretty fantastic 5 hour nap in my own bed. That red eye flight + a 6 hour time change is brutal! I posted a bunch of photos on my Instagram account (find it here) with each day’s adventures, but I plan on doing a big ol’ Hawaii post very soon. I just need to unpack.

But actually, as soon as I unpack I’ll be re-packing… because my sister is getting married this weekend!!

I’m hoping to be back to my ‘normal’ blogging schedule next week with more exciting news…

I hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

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