An Organized Closet

3 Feb

Before we get to my latest closet update, I feel like it would make sense to go way back to 2014 where I started to try and get my bedroom closet organized.

Spring 2014 Updates:

Before: Spring 2014
After: Spring 2014

Blog post from April 2014: My Underwhelming Dream Closet

At the time I was using an old metal mesh cube organizer that I had bought when I was in college. These shoe racks over there on the left side, those were the latest and greatest I could find at the time. And it was a mess.

So, I went to The Container Store and bought two of their 12-Pair Shoe Organizers (find them here for $39.99 each) and one of their handbag organizers (they no longer carry the one I have, but this 8-pair shoe and purse organizer for $39.99 is quite similar).

I put everything together in my closet and it was an improvement. Not a huge improvement, but an improvement.

Fall 2014 Updates:

Before: Fall 2014
After: Fall 2014

Blog post from October 2014: A Closet Purge & a New Plan

Within 6 months my closet had exploded into a mess again. I had way too much stuff shoved in there and the shoe racks weren’t working super well for me. I decided to do a massive purge and stack the shoe racks (I bought these safety wall straps from Amazon so that they weren’t a hazard for me or Jack). Then, I put clothing on either side of the shoe tower. It’s hard to tell, but there’s a little bit of space to the left of the shoes.

I made another small change in November 2016 (My Laundry Situation) where I added a second small laundry basket for items that needed special care. But other than that change, my closet basically looked the same until last month.

January 2020 Updates:

Before: January 2020

So, here’s what I was working with. My shoes were still happily living in the shoe racks and I still had the two laundry baskets on the right and one extra one on the left for clothes that need to be donated. My pants lived up top in that white rectangle organizer. My dresses are all the way to the right side, then skirts, then a random mix of stuff that I plan on wearing some time soon.

To the left of the shoe tower is all of my cardigans, sweaters, and blouses. You can barely see any of them, because they are all SHOVED in less than 2 feet of space. At some point, I also installed these mini LED tap lights — one inside the closet on the left and one on the right.

This setup still was not working for me. I thought and thought and finally I decided to see if adding some drawers would help. I went out and bought the ASKVOLL 5-drawer chest from Ikea for $79

I took everything out of my closet and moved the shoe tower over a few inches to the left. Then, I built the case of the ASKVOLL and stuck it in to see how it would fit:

It left less room for my laundry basket situation, but I had just enough space for one to the right and one to the left of the shoe rack. Then, instead of hanging all my blouses and sweaters back up, I rolled them Marie Kondo style and put them in the drawers. By taking the majority of my tops off hangers, I saved a TON of rack space. So now the clothes that are left hanging have plenty of room.

So, what is left: skirts live on the far-right side of the closet, then tops that tend to wrinkle. On the left-hand side are my dresses. Pants and casual sweaters are in that upper rectangle organizer. The drawers contain: short sleeve blouses, long sleeve blouses, cardigans, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Everything is Kondo rolled, so I can easily see exactly what I have. On the floor, I have my regular laundry basket to the right and hidden to the left is my special care laundry basket. Unfortunately, I had to lose my ongoing donation basket. So that is living in our spare room for now.

Here is the new after:

After: January 2020

While it certainly is not the walk-in closet of my dreams, it is so organized that it makes my little Type A heart happy. Everything has its place and I can easily see all my options when I’m getting out my work outfits for the week.

Here’s everything I’ve used at this point to organize:

I’m currently really happy with how everything is working for me, but only time will tell if I hit on a better design in the future!

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Trunk Club Reviews: Best of Trunk Club (2016 – 2019)

30 Jan

When I was recently going through my closet, I realized that I’ve been using Trunk Club on and off since 2016! When I was looking at items to keep and donate, I thought it would be interesting to look through all my Trunks from the last 4 years to determine what items I’m still loving. I came up with 7 clear and definite winners:

August 2016: Eliza J Metallic Jaquard Midi Skirt

Similar on Amazon:


I had requested this ‘Party Trunk’ when I was planning to attend BlogHer and receive a writing award. This sparkly printed midi skirt was my favorite from the Trunk and I loved how it looked with a simple top. It also has pockets, which are perfect for stashing a cellphone for easy access!


Over the past four years, I’ve pulled this skirt out when I’ve needed a little extra sparkle. The last time it came out of hiding was for a work gala event, where I paired it with an easy wrap top. It still makes me feel super fancy!

December 2016: Lucky Brand booties

Super similar version on Nordstrom website:


At the time, I remember thinking that I didn’t really need a pair of brown booties. However, these from Lucky Brand were super cute and comfortable… so I went ahead and kept them from my Trunk. I’m so glad I did, because it’s been 4 years and they are still in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.


I especially like how the leather is looking a little worn in nowadays, but that they are still super comfortable for a full day on my feet. When I saw a similar Lucky Brand black pair at a consignment shop, I snatched them up knowing that they’d be winners too!

September 2017: STS Blue Boyfriend Jeans

Similar distressing, but more skinny:


I’ve always been super picky about distressed jeans. I mean, I think they look super cool… but it’s only a matter of time before your toe gets stuck in a hole while putting them on and you fall over and rip it beyond repair. Amiright?! I loved the fit of these jeans though, and the price was right, so I decided to take a chance with them.


Sure, the holes have grown a bit but over three years later and they are still going strong! I tend to wear them in the spring and fall since they have built-in air conditioning. But they are still a great way to tough-up a simple t-shirt on the weekend.

January 2018: Barefoot Dreams cardigan

Similar, but on sale:


I had ordered an athleisure trunk from my stylist, and she sent this cardigan over for me to try. I had never tried Barefood Dreams before, but holy guacamole was this cardigan a winner. It’s so soft it’s like it’s made from angel tears!

I’ve been wearing it in the fall and winter almost daily (I throw it on as soon as I walk in the door to my house) and it’s still in perfect condition. I recently found a second one on Poshmark for a steal… so now I have two to alternate between.


May 2018: Prive Revaux Cat Eye Sunglasses

Similar Kate Spade version on sale:


I didn’t really need a new pair of sunglasses, but I loved these (the ones on the right) when I opened my Trunk and they were only $30. They currently live in my car and I’ve been wearing them for almost 2 years, so I consider that $30 well spent!


October 2018: BLANKNYC The Great Jones Skinny Jeans

Button Fly version at Nordstrom Rack:


I was hoping for a good pair of black jeans that I could wear to work for a casual, but business-appropriate look. These jeans checked all my boxes, so I went ahead and bought them for $98. It’s been 15 months and they are still my absolute favorite pair of black jeans/pants. They don’t stretch out when wearing and they launder well too (wash on cold and let hang dry). I love these so much that I’m starting to think I should buy a back-up…


October 2019: Vince Camuto Print V-Neck Blouse

Exact one still available at Nordstrom:


Sure, this was from just 3 months ago… but this tank top is one of my favorites! It looks great with colored corduroys and jeans, and I haven’t even tried it tucked into a skirt yet! Love, love, love the fit and the pattern. Nothing more to say!

Do you like to take an editing eye to your wardrobe every so often so you can decide what should stay or go?

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Love It/Hate It: Eye shadow

28 Jan

It’s an age-old story… you have a product that you love and BOOM it gets discontinued. A long, long time ago there was this magical eye shadow that I used from Clinique. It was a liquid eye shadow that came in a little tube – you’d apply it to your eyelid with the applicator and it would dry and stay there perfectly in place all day long. Magical.

Then, they discontinued it and introduced a different product. I switched over, but didn’t love it as much as the old version. THEN, it suddenly became super hard to find the new product… so I did what any reasonable person would do and I bought three of them off eBay.

Well, recently I found a product that looked almost exactly like that old stuff that I loved so I figured I’d give it a try. Which lead to this post…

Love It: Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes, $18.50 (find it here)


This is the Clinique product that I switched to and then started loving. My favorite color is “Lots o’ Latte” and after that blip of it being sold out everywhere, it’s back with no issues! This shadow stick is basically like a big crayon and the color goes on easily and evenly. There is no need to sharpen it and as you need more you just give the base a little twist. This stuff STAYS ON, but comes off easily with a normal make up remover wipe.

Hate It: Sephora Collection Sheer Liquid Shadow, $10.00 (find it here)


This looks EXACTLY like the old Clinique liquid eye shadow, so I was super excited to buy it. I even bought two colors: Jasper (golden brown) and Emerald (moss green). I mean, for $10 that’s a steal! I used it for the first time and the shadow went on nice and smooth. The moss green was gorgeous and subtle and I totally felt like a movie star…

And then, my eye watered on the way out the door and immediately ALL the shadow washed off. Just my right eye.

What the actual frick?! Within about 3 minutes I suddenly went from looking made up… to looking like I forgot to do the other eye. My eyes water all the dang time, so I basically just threw $20 in the trash because these eye shadows are useless. So, save yourself the money and don’t bother with this one!

Disclaimer: This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you

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January Thrift Haul

27 Jan

My thrifting this month was all about the wonders of manifesting exactly what I needed and having it show up and wait for me at the thrift stores. It was almost eerie. Let’s take a look!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Blondo knee-high boots, $12.99

YOU GUYS. I’ve been needing a pair of replacement black knee-high boots. I’ve been keeping my eyes out for them and finally ordered a couple pairs to try from Nordstrom (got to love the free shipping and free returns). Before my order even arrived, I saw this pair at the thrift store and WHAT THE HECK, they are EXACTLY what I needed in my exact boot size.

I googled them afterwards and they are the Blondo Zana boots that retail for $252.00. They needed a little shining around the toes, which I took care of in about 2 minutes with some boot polish. Now they are back in perfect condition and ready for me to wear them all winter long!

Kohls brand sweater vest, $9.99

This was another item on my thrift list… an oversized swoopy sweater vest thing. I got a cool sparkly shirt in my last Trunk Club and I need something to layer over it. I found this one thrifting and it still had the original tags on it for $52.00. SCORE!

On my second thrift stop of the month, I had Jack with me. We were at the Sonic next to the thrift store and I thought we’d stop in to do a quick check for snow pants and snow boots for him. MANIFESTING AGAIN!

Kids snow boots, $5

There were two pairs of boots in Jack’s size and these were his favorites. They are Dream Pairs KSNOW Insulated Waterproof Snow boots and are currently selling on their website for $35. These are in basically unworn condition and will be perfect for our upcoming snow tubing trip!

Kids snow pants, $5

Annnnnnd… we also found snow pants for Jack! These are a medium, which means they have room for him to grow and they are in great condition. They are still selling on Amazon for $25, but we saved $20 by thrifting them!

I could not have had a luckier thrifting month and I’m super thrilled with all four of my thrifted items!

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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