September Thrift Haul

Over the weekend, my friend Lindsey and I spent a day visiting some of our favorite secondhand shops and I found lots of awesome treasures!

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First up, the clothes. Apparently, I was in quite a mood, because everything I bought was black. Oops.

Eileen Fisher dolman tunic top, $18

Yes, I’m quite aware that this top looks like a big blob on the hanger. In person though, this is super soft and stretchy and when you put it on it drapes in some kind of magical way. I didn’t find this exact tunic online, but it’s very similar to other Eileen Fisher tops on her website for around $120ish. I’m thinking I’ll wear this with leggings for telework days, as it’s a perfect stretchy sort of house dress.

Loft open cardigan, $11

On my ‘thrift list’ was a lightweight black open cardigan, so when I saw this super soft and lightweight one in perfect condition, I scooped it right up. It was from a consignment shop, so I did pay up a little bit. However, for a like-new cardigan $11 is still a perfectly reasonable price. I actually wore this yesterday and realized that there is a little hole in the fabric on the back of the neckband (you can actually see it in the photo), so that’s a bit disappointing. And a lesson… even experienced thrifters like me accidentally overlook flaws, so make sure to look over your items closely before buying them!

J.Crew Embroidered Jackie cardigan sweater, $8

As soon as I saw the copper metallic embroidery on this sweater, I basically grabbed it up and yelled MINE. This sweater is in absolutely perfect condition and it looks like it’s never even been worn. I did some google sleuthing and it was from J. Crew’s 2017 collection and it is everything I love about a cardigan. I’m so excited to add this one to my snazzy cardigan collection and it will go with so many of my work outfits!

Soma cardigan, $4

Yes, I know… another black cardigan. This one is from my favorite pajamas brand, Soma. The cardigan is super soft and perfect for layering when it’s a little chilly at bedtime. Of course, then I end up stripping it off while dead asleep and throwing it across the room when I get hot. Another addition to my wardrobe that will get lots of wear!

Constantino Roma Scarf, $7.50

Look, it’s not black! I love the bright pattern on this silky scarf and it was so inexpensive that I couldn’t resist it. I did some googling and I think it is from the 1980’s, but I’m not totally sure. I’m thinking I’ll wear this like a bandana around my neck for a little color, or maybe tie it onto the strap of a purse.

I also had some great luck with the home goods sections of various secondhand stores:

Handmade Quilt, $40

I’ve been low-key wanting a handmade quilt for quite a while. And then last weekend, while we were traveling through Northern Virginia, I saw one I LOVED… but it was $250. So, I added it to my ‘thrift list’ so I could keep an eye out for one as I’m out and about. And I found THIS ONE! We visited one of our favorite shops that has an artist studio on one side and antiques on the other… and this quilt was hanging over a ladder.

I immediately started fondling it and the owner of the artist studio gave me it’s history. Apparently, it was used by her daughter from childhood (she’s now 42), but she had two sons and no daughters, so it was no longer getting used. But, before that, it was made by hand by a grandmother in West Virginia who gave it to her granddaughter…who also used it for many years. So, this is a third-generation handmade quilt and it’s perfectly soft and a little wrinkly and I love it so, so, so much. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was marked at just $40 and it was basically a ‘start the car’ moment, because I felt like I totally got away with an absolute steal! I washed the quilt as soon as I got home and have already wrapped myself up in it while reading a book in my sun room multiple evenings. So, you could say that this quilt is totally living its best life.

Blanket with tassels, $24.50

I didn’t need another blanket. At all. Nope. I have PLENTY of blankets in my house. However, I like the subtle stripes on this blanket and the totally-not-subtle gigantic tassels and darn if I didn’t buy it anyways. No regrets here.

Cow canvas, $12

Okay… this was another accidental purchase. I had thought that the color tag on this canvas was for 60% off and I just couldn’t say not to it at that price. But then, I realized that it wasn’t on sale… and by then I was already emotionally attached. Not totally sure where this guy is going to live, but it’s adorable. We have a llama with glasses canvas hanging in Jack’s room, so I might add this cow with glasses to his wall too.

Holland Green Enameled Cast-Iron pot, $10.50

While secondhand shopping, both Lindsey and I were looking for something cute that we could use to make candles. I found this pretty cast-iron pot from Holland, and it is crazy heavy. I love the look of it though and that I could give it a new life as a candle. Later that night, we added in a wooden wick and filled our secondhand jars with wax, scented oils, and a few dried flowers.

I love how it turned out!

You can click through the instagram post with that little arrow on the right side to see each step from our candle making project!

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Clothing Purge Report: July, August, September

It’s Clothing Purge Report time again. Rather than just showing you what I purchase, I also like to show you what items leave my house and how I sell or donate them.

First a quick reminder… here’s my criteria for where I sell:

  • Poshmark/eBay: items that are in perfect condition.
  • My Instagram page: items that are in perfect or near perfect condition. I’ll typically post a collage of what I’ve listed elsewhere.
  • Facebook Sale Groups: items that are in perfect or near perfect condition in specific brands, such as Anthropologie, Boden, and Stitch Fix.
  • Donate to Thrift Stores: items in good condition or showing wear.

Working from home for the past 6 months has greatly influenced me on deciding that I need to purge, purge, and purge my closet some more. It is much easier to get rid of items when you haven’t even looked at them in half a year!

This quarter, I basically just listed a bunch of stuff on Poshmark and then stuck the rest in my donation pile. I didn’t bother with eBay, Instagram, or Facebook sales, because I haven’t seen much movement there for awhile and also, I was feeling lazy.

Here is what I sold on Poshmark:

  • No B.S Vitamin C and E Serum, $19
  • Ann Taylor wrap dress, $23
  • Eileen Fisher blouse, $44
  • Gap Kid’s Rain Jacket, $18
  • Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Bag, $30
  • Betabrand Elixir dress, $33
  • Leota wrap dress, $20
  • Vince Camuto suede booties, $24

I had received the serum in a subscription box, but already owned it and didn’t love it… so I figured I’d pass it along. Many of the items were ones that I had purchased secondhand, wore and decided I no longer loved. The Gap kid’s rain jacket was worn by Jack until he finally grew out of it, and still looked like it was in mint condition. All in all, everything had just been sitting in the house unworn and I was happy to send each item to a new home for someone else to enjoy!

I sold 8 items for a total of $211 before Poshmark fees (20%).

With the new season, I plan on adding more items to my Poshmark closet as I unpack them. I also deleted a few items that weren’t selling and stuck them in the donation bag for my next drop off trip.

If you’ve been thinking about trying Poshmark, you can use my special invite code to open an account and get $5 off your first order. Just use: POCKETFULOFJOUL And here is a direct link to my closet: Feel free to make an offer on something if you love it!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. If you choose to use my special Poshmark code to sign up for an account, you will get $5 off your first order and I will also get $5 off a future order.

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DIY Embroidery: Snazzing Up a Cardigan

Back in August, I shared an embroidery project where I embroidered a pink thrifted jacket (you can find it here) Once I was done with that project, my fingers were still itching to do some more embroidery… so I searched my closet for a solid cardigan and got to work!

I bought this cardigan secondhand off Poshmark for just $10 last year because the color looks nice with a few of my dresses. However, I tend to reach for more *interesting* toppers that have beading on them. So, why not embroider this one… to make it more interesting?

I didn’t purchase anything new for this project. I had the Stitcher’s Revolution Bird’s Transfer pattern left over from my jacket project, so I picked a bird and cut out some of the writing to make it a bit more simple (I think it previously said ‘Peace’ underneath with some leaves).

I have plenty of embroidery floss in my kit, so I picked some subtle colors and a few that would pop against the green fabric. I probably should have sewn on a backing, but the embroidery went on pretty easy without pulling at the fabric, so I just went for it. Even if it was a mistake, it was only a $10 mistake… so I wasn’t too concerned about it.

I really wish I had timed myself, because this was quite a quick and easy little project. It turned out super fun and I love that it’s a fun, handmade and original item just for me!

And there you go, a hand embroidered cardigan that adds a little extra pizazz to an outfit! Of course, now I’m out of stuff to embroider… but I’m thinking about maybe personalizing one of my canvas shopping bags, or adding a little fun to a blanket…

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