March Thrift Haul

I really thought I’d have some fabulous items to show you this month. I even went thrifting twice and hit stores that typically give me some winners. However, both days I walked away with my hands empty. It could be because I’m also doing a bit of a closet clean out and it will take me really loving an item to add it in. Or, it could be that I just kept finding a ton of crap.

So, this month, rather than a “thrift” haul we have a secondhand haul:

South Parade Hoodie, $15


I love South Parade, especially the brand’s t-shirts, but it can be super frustrating when they only have limited releases once a season. Every so often I’ll do a Poshmark search to see if anything cool pops up, which is how I found this super cute hoodie. They typically sell for around $90, so $15 was a steal. The seller sent it to me quickly and it’s just as soft and comfortable as I hoped it would be. And honestly, at $15 it’s pretty darn close to thrift pricing…

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals, $40


For the past few years, I’ve been getting Jack a pair of Birkenstock leather sandals for the summer. The first year, he wore the same shoes for 2 summers, last year he got just one summer out of the next size. Well, this year… he’s in adult sizes. {sob}

The difference in price is huge – kid’s sandals are $60, while the adult version of just ONE SIZE UP is $120. And yes, I know I can get him a knock-off version for much less. However, I decided to give Poshmark a try and found a pair of never worn Birkenstock Arizona sandals in Jack’s new size for $40! They just came a few days ago and they are absolutely perfect… so I’m calling this one another secondhand steal!

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