Planning a Family Trip to Tucson, Arizona

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We have our next family trip planned and I can’t wait for our next adventure! We are still exploring Arizona – we previously visited Phoenix and Sedona (January 2023) and then we did a fabulous smorgasbord of Arizona, Nevada and Utah (March 2023) (part 1 and part 2).

Well, next up is Tucson, Arizona!

Since we visited the middle and top of Arizona, we figured we should check out the southern part of Arizona too with a flight into Tucson. We will be flying in late in the evening, so that we can enjoy 5 full days exploring before we need to pack up and come home on a super early flight.

Here’s what is on our possible adventure list:

  • San Xavier Mission for beautiful sights
  • The Mercando District for some delicious food
  • The Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum for hiking
  • Fourth Avenue for shopping
  • The Saguaro National Park hiking — East side one day and West side another day
  • The Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway for amazing sights and some picnic spots

I am a *little* nervous because apparently, we need to watch out for Mountain Lions, Killer Bees, and Rattlesnakes at the Saguaro National Park. So, we’ve been going over what to do if you see a mountain lion (don’t run, look big and fight back if attacked), killer bees (stay alert, run away as fast as you can for ¼ to ½ of a mile, scrape stingers out and call 911) and rattlesnakes (move in the opposite direction of them, don’t put your hands or feet in shaded areas). Oh yeah, and there are scorpions (check shoes before putting them on). So honestly, I’m hoping if I see any wildlife, it’s from the comfort of a vehicle…

Here is what’s on our yummy food list:

  • Charred Pie pizza
  • Eegees – an Arizona institution
  • The Tuscan Tamale Company
  • Daily Bread
  • The Screamery for ice cream
  • And I hear there is a pizza shop at the top of Mt. Lemmon that has cookies the size of paper plates!

If you have a place we MUST visit or a restaurant/food we need to try, please let me know!

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