Anthropologie: What is This?!

Last week I was feeling a bit of a shopping itch. I hadn’t been out and about for a while, so I wandered over to the Anthropologie website and OHMYGOD what is going on?! Look I get that some styles aren’t for everyone… but WOW was I blown away by some absolutely ugly items that are currently for sale. So, for funsies, I thought I’d do a little wrap up so you all can enjoy them as well!

Strapless Corset Midi Dress, $178


Okay, this isn’t the absolute worst. However, do you remember that movie Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead? It was released back in 1991 and starred Christina Applegate as a teenager who pretended to be a fashion designer… anyways, THIS looks like something from her fashion show at the end. It’s like office casual meets debutante. And it’s a no from me. Also, I need to re-watch that movie…

Deena Midi Skirt, sale $390


Okay, I actually do really like this skirt… but WHY IS IT $390 as the sale price (down from $650). Come on Anthropologie, stay in your lane!

Pleated Denim Overall Dress, sale $100


Um… Farmer in the streets and secretary in the sheets? What is happening here? With that being said, according to the reviews people like this thing. So maybe its just not for GenX to understand.

Silky Lace Slip Dress, sale $30


Okay friends. This is not a slip dress. This is a slip. Are people wearing this out in public?? It’s giving 13 Going on 30, Jenna just woke up as a grown-up and leaves the house in her pajamas. It’s a beautiful item… to wear at home.

Oversized Rosette Mini Dress, sale $50


You are getting very sleepy… very, very sleepy. Don’t make eye contact. The gigantic flower is trying to hypnotize you. This is giving me “I actually hate my bridesmaids” dress vibes.

Sheer Mesh Sparkle Dress, sale $50


Anyone else seeing Mini from Rent cosplay? Right. Let’s go ooooOOOOUUUUUTTTT tonight!

Sheer Slip Midi Skirt, sale $80


And I’m done. WHERE is this girl going with her underroos showing? WHERE?! With that being said, if this skirt weren’t showing her skivvies the look would be amazing!

So yeah. I no longer have that shopping itch and I’m happy with my closet.

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2 thoughts on “Anthropologie: What is This?!”

  1. Oh, my goodness. The first one wasn’t too bad. I wrestled with the color, though. I wouldn’t look good in that anyway. I agree with you on that overall thing, and I am boomer, not gen x. I have seen evidence in the past that gen x and boomer generations tend to agree on some things. I ask myself, does overall girl want to be a farmer that is also a biker and a woman with a skirt? Can’t make her mind up! And yes, that is not a dress, but a slip. I still have that in white. I never wear it any more, but I remember when we all wore slips. Half slips, whole slips. Especially if you were going somewhere more formal. Like church, or to a nice restaurant. Now people wear shorts to church! Slips made you feel more put together. The last few were hilarious, I couldn’t believe either. I would look terrible with that big flower! Only that model could wear that idiot thing. Thanks for showing these. They were so funny.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! And some of us do still wear slips — I have some half-slips that work perfectly with skirts that need a little help being less clingy and more swishy. =)

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