Tricks for Drinking More Water

One of my goals this year is to drink more water. For some people, it seems like the easiest goal ever. Fill cup. Drink. Repeat. Easy Peasy. However, I’ve never been a big liquid drinker… so it’s actually quite a challenge to keep sip sip sipping all day long.

And it’s not that I’m sipping on soda or milkshakes or vodka. I basically just drink coffee and water. But for some reason I just don’t seem to be that thirsty.

Anyways, at my last two doctor’s appointments my doctor stressed that I MUST START DRINKING MORE WATER or I’m going to get kidney stones. So, I’m trying my hardest to make it a habit.

My current tricks:

Trick #1: A super cold and fancy water cup with a straw.

I’m much more likely to drink water if it’s ice cold and through a straw, so I’ve been using my favorite Corksicle travel mugs on a daily basis. I try to keep them filled with ice and water and right next to me all day long, so I don’t even have to think about it. The cups are magical and keep my water super ice cold for hours.

Trick #2: Drink as soon as I wake up.

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I typically lay in bed and swipe through my phone a bit before I start moving. For the past couple weeks, I make sure I sip on my bedside cup of water (it still has ice in the morning because, as I said, Corksicle cups are magical) while I’m lazing around. I can usually get in 8-10 ounces before I even leave bed, which gives me a good start on the day!

Source: Water Llama (not my actual llama)

Trick #3: I’m using the Water Llama app.

I downloaded the Water Llama app. The one-time purchase price was $6.99 (you can also choose a month purchase instead, which is $3.99). I added my information and it decided I should try to drink about 70 ounces a day. It sits right on my main screen of my iphone and you can see visually exactly how much liquids I’ve had throughout the day.

It’s super easy to add coffee, water, hot chocolate and even soup to the tracker so it’s just a quick push of the button to log your drinks. Water gives you 100% hydration for each ounce you drink, but other beverages vary. For example: coffee is 60% hydration, soda is 80% hydration, milk is 130% and 3.5 ounces of tequila is -318%!

I also have a Water Llama reminder set every 2 hours if I don’t add a drink for my watch to ding and remind me to sip on something.

What doesn’t work for me: Flavored water/tabs/drop. I’m perfectly fine with the taste of water, so adding flavor doesn’t really entice me to drink any more than I already do.

Even with these tricks, it is still a struggle to get to my water drinking goal each day. I think the only days I’ve actually made it are days that I started with water, drank my normal coffee, sipped on water all day long, had soup for lunch and then an afternoon Starbucks run for a latte.

Do you have any tricks I can use to make myself drink more water? Also, if someone can tell me when I’ll stop peeing 30 times a day, I’d really appreciate it!

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2022 Book List

I started keeping track of my reading a couple years ago and find it helpful to be able to look back at my list. As I finish each book, I share it and a mini review i real-time on my Instagram Stories and I also keep an updated list here.

If you’re interested in my previous lists, you can find them here: 2020 Book List and 2021 Book List. Feel free to bookmark this page, as I will keep it updated as I finish each book. I’ll also stick a link to this post over on the right sidebar for easy access.

Here are the books I’ve read so far in 2022:

Book #, Information & Link Mini Book Review
Book #1 of 2022:
The Woman Who Met Her Match by Fiona Gibson
This one was quite a slog Women in mid-40’s looks for love and deals with a dead-end career. I didn’t love the main character and the happy ending was kind of lame.
Book #2 of 2022:
Heart & Seoul by Jen Frederick
After her father dies, a Korean adoptee impulsively decides to visit Korea. Which turns into her meeting new friends, tracking down family and falling in love. Beautiful book, but the bittersweet ending was not what I was hoping for. BUT, I just saw the sequel is coming out on January 25th… so maybe I’ll get my happy ending after all!
Book #3 of 2022:
Fable (Fable 1) by Adrienne Young
An action packed pirate tale with complex characters and a strong female lead. From the first chapter, I was rooting for Fable to succeed. I inhaled the entire book and the story will conclude in the sequel which is thankfully already out!
Book #4 of 2022:
Namesake (Fable 2), by Adrienne Young
The second and final book in the Fable series. Absolutely beautiful writing with more danger, deception and betrayal. All the story pieces come together in the finale and I highly recommend this book (and the series) for all adventure lovers!
Book #5 of 2022:
The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook by American Test Kitchen
A really good overview of the benefits of a Mediterranean diet followed by over 400 pages of recipes. So. Many. Recipes. It’s almost overwhelming, but I’m going to pick a couple to start with.
Book #6 02 2022:
Black Water Sister by Zen Cho
You guys. This book was really weird. The main character was haunted by the ghost of her grandmother and then another god/ghost joins in. There is a gangster boss and she gets possessed and just all kinds of what-the-hell-is-happening-now going on.
Book #7 of 2022:
Deconstructed by Liz Talley
Cricket finds out her husband has been cheating on her and decides to make him pay. The book was building and building and building to the end and I am absolutely a reader who enjoys a cheating asshole getting his comeuppance. Highly recommend!
Book #8 of 2022:…Coming soon…

Many of my books are borrowed using Kindle Unlimited (you can read my full review from 2015 here). If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited yet, it’s like an all-you-can-read for books and I’ve been using it for the last few years: Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans.

I’ve also use the free OverDrive Library, through my local library website. If you have a library card, be sure to check your library’s website to see if they work with an online partner. I mean, FREE BOOKS!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Neck Scar: 1 Year Update

I’ve shared about my experiences about pre-cancerous melanoma cells a bunch over the years. Basically, my dermatologist does a visual body scan on me regularly and if a mole looks sketchy we cut it off and have it sent to the lab. For the past 11+ years, most of the time the test comes back from moderate to severe on the pre-cancer meter.

In January 2021, my dermatologist was concerned that a mole on my neck looked suspicious. As much as I tried to convince her it was just a shy introvert with bad people skills, she encouraged me to have it removed and tested.

After all the moles I’ve had removed, I was resistant at having this one cut off. Reason 1: I HATE anyone touching my neck due to a childhood surgery that left a very faint scar. Reason 2: My scars tend to stay bright pink for a while before fading to white and I was concerned that I would look like I had a hickey on my neck.

I did it though and she removed my shy little neck mole one year ago.

When I posted last, I gave you a 5-month update on what the scar looked like:

So, for those who are curious (and maybe apprehensive about having their own mole removed), I wanted to give you a 1-year update:

Here… let’s get a little closer:

Pretty amazing right?! I thought the scar looked pretty good after 5 months but it’s almost invisible after a full year. And as it turns out, when they tested it in the lab the mole was severe on the pre-cancer scale.

Consider this your reminder to please, please, please book a yearly appointment with your dermatologist to have your moles looked at. And tell your loved ones. And tell your friends. Because you might end up saving someone’s life. If I can influence just one person to go and have their moles checked, it will be worth it.

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