A Quick Family Trip to NYC

So, I didn’t MEAN to plan a family trip to NYC. But here’s what happened… there is a new musical that just came out and it looks really good. I texted my goes-to-musicals-with-me friend, and she said maybe after the holidays. However, I REALLY wanted to see it sooner than that… which turned into me having the idea to take Jack for an overnight trip to NYC to see a Broadway show.

I asked Travis if he wanted to come too, but he hates musicals and crowded cities… so he said no. But then, when I started planning the trip and Jack and I were getting excited, Travis made sad puppy dog face and it was clear he’d be left out if we went without him. So…. FAMILY TRIP!

Here are our ‘definitely happening’ things:

  • It’s a quick trip – we are going to be in NYC for about 30 hours total. (Which, randomly, is exactly how much time I spent in NYC in 2016)
  • We’re taking the Amtrak train to NYC and back. I’ve done it a bunch of times and it’s super convenient. Added bonus: kids are half-price!
  • We are staying in a hotel near Bryant Park, which is within walking distance to Bryant Park’s Winter Village, the Broadway show, Times Square and lots of stuff to do and eat.
  • Jack and I will be going to see & Juliet on Broadway! (Travis will be entertaining himself)
  • We are super excited about the Bryant Park Winter Village for shopping and eating.

Here are our ‘maybe happening’ things:

  • This will be Travis and Jack’s first time to NYC, so we may do the whole Statue of Liberty thing. There are no ‘crown’ tickets available, but we may do the ferry by the Statue of Liberty, or maybe even visit Ellis Island.
  • There are a couple stores that I think Jack will love, including the M&M’s Store and the Nintendo Store
  • We may add the American Museum of Natural History to our visit list, but it’s a pretty quick trip so we may not have time

I can’t wait!

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A Skinny Christmas Tree for Our Skinny Space

A quickie bonus blog post today, because I ordered a skinny Christmas tree and I love it! Our old tree served us well for a decade or so, but last year half the lights gave up. I replaced them with new strands, but it was pretty clear it was time to upgrade our tree.

Our previous tree was a ‘regular-sized’ tree, but we only had a little sliver of space to shove it into. So I would purposely arrange the limbs in the back of the tree to fold up, so I could get it as far into the little corner as possible.

In searching for a new tree, I wanted a skinny version. So I searched Home Depot, Target, and Amazon for both “skinny Christmas trees” and “pencil Christmas trees.” I finally pulled the trigger last week and our new tree arrived on Friday. I put it up over the weekend, and it is PERFECT for our little bit of space.

It is the: Puleo International 7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Fraser Fir Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree with 350 UL Listed Clear Lights. The prices are fluctuating wildly, so I wanted to share this ASAP for any of you who are looking for a skinny tree. The ‘original’ price is marked as $269.99, but it has been flip flopping everywhere from $100 – $140 in the last few days.

I put it up a bit early (I typically do our tree after Thanksgiving) so I could make sure it worked well and fit the space. I can’t wait to put the ornaments on it next week!

Disclaimer: This post contains am Amazon affiliate link. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Clutter Makes Me Feel Squirrely

Photo by Demi-Felicia Vares on Unsplash

I am not a clutter person. If I lived alone, I’d probably have fewer knick-knacks. But even sharing a home with Travis and Jack, I try to keep things mostly organized. Otherwise I get a little twitchy. Yes, things get messy when Jack is in creation mode… but mostly, the house is pretty neat and clean. Or at least we have ‘clutter corners’ where the crap goes to live – like Travis’ area where papers get piled, or Jack’s Lego/creation desk in the kitchen.

With that being said, I tend to get into a super purging mood this time of year. With a big gift-giving holiday coming up, it seems like the perfect time to get rid of some things we may no longer love.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve finally gotten around to filing a towering pile of papers that have been living on top my filing cabinet. Travis and I also tore into the basement, making a big pile to donate and an even bigger pile to go to the dump. I purged through my holiday crap section, finally donating our ragged Christmas tree. Which forced my hand in ordering one that will actually fit the space we have for it.

Next up is clothes. I keep a big bin of clothes in my office closet that I currently have listed on Poshmark. Well, I just finally went through and deleted items that haven’t sold over the past few months. Instead, I added them to a bin to take to a local consignment shop. If I can sell them and get some money back, fantastic. If I can’t… then it’s all getting donated. Either way, I have the space back in my house (and in my head). I also added a new round of things into my Poshmark closet, just to keep things moving around here.

If you needed a little nudge to do some pre-holiday purging, this is it! Some years, I wait until the week around Christmas when Jack and I are both home on a winter break to get my chores done. But this year, I decided I might as well do them early so I could (maybe, possibly) use that time to just relax!

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