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Using Poshmark for Kid’s Clothes

5 Apr

I swear this happens once a year and it always throws me off… suddenly Jack has grown out of all his pants. They fit fine one day and then BOOM suddenly there are like 3 inches of ankles showing.

This photo is from September, when he grew out of his last size. Which means that size 6 pants only fit him for 7 months. Sigh.

He is currently in the ‘only wearing track pants’ stage of boy life, so I typically buy him 5 – 6 pairs of Under Armour and Nike pants at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. He will wear them nonstop and then if we are lucky, he’ll go right into shorts for the summer.

I try to keep on top of things and ask for the next size pants for his birthday in February, but this year the pickings were slim. My mom was able to buy some ‘mediums’ but jumping from a kids size 6 to a medium means that the waist is currently too big on him.

So when he grew out of his pants last week, I tried to find the next size online. I checked TJ Maxx online, Amazon, and even the Under Armour website and online outlet… but I just can’t justify paying over $20 for one pair of kid’s pants. Especially when it’s possible/likely that he may grow out of the next size over the summer!

That brings me to Poshmark!

I’ve used Poshmark lots for myself and have both sold clothing and purchased items. (You can find my 6 Tips for Buying on Poshmark here). However, I’ve never looked for kids clothes before. I did a quick search of “Under Armour Boys Pants 7” and “Nike Boys Pants 7” and it came up with a bunch of options. I narrowed it down to those that were described as “like new” with no holes or wear showing.

Side note: there are a bunch of options marked ‘play clothes’ with holes in them that people are selling. I would have never thought to sell super worn clothes, but it seems like there could be a market for it.

I ended up finding 5 pairs with prices ranging from $6 – $12 per pair. Once you add in the shipping, they cost the same or less as what I would have paid at TJ Maxx.

My orders are trickling in now and I’m SO HAPPY that I thought to use Poshmark! Not only was I able to get exactly the size Jack needs right now, but I was able to take them off other people’s hands that no longer needed them and put a little money in their pockets.

Also, now that I know that there is a market for kid’s clothes, I’m going to collect the outgrown items we have that are still in great condition and list them as bundles. I saw a few bundles where you get a group of a few shirts and pants in a particular size and I totally would have snapped one up if they had the sizes I needed. So, with very little effort from me… maybe Jack’s clothes can find a new home too!

If you’ve been meaning to try out Poshmark, I have a special invite code that you can use. Just open a Poshmark account and enter the code POCKETFULOFJOUL to get $5 off your first order.

Have you used Poshmark to buy kid’s clothes?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. If you choose to use my special Poshmark code to sign up for an account, you will get $5 off your first order and I will also get $5 off a future order.

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My Living Room Update: Switching Old with Older

3 Apr

After doing a bit of an update to my Den in mid-February (read it here), I got the urge to attack another room in our house. The urge intensified when I noticed that our gigantic ottoman in our living room was starting to look super worn in the corners.

Here’s the before of the space, complete with Jack relaxing:

We love our super soft couch and had bought the faux leather ottoman when we moved into our home about 7 years ago. Over the years, the ‘faux’ part started wearing off on the corners because Jack likes to sit on the ottoman to watch TV.

It’s also kind of huge.

When Jack was learning how to stand and walk it was perfect, but now it just kind of takes up a bunch of space.

I did some online window shopping on Amazon, Wayfair and World Market. My initial thoughts were to switch the oversized square fake leather ottoman out with a smaller rectangle actual leather version. However, everything I found that I liked was super expensive.

Also, the carpet was kind of a mess once I moved the ottoman out of the way.

So, my first step was to go rent a carpet cleaner at the local Home Depot. For the 4 hour rental and a bottle of carpet cleaner (I already owned spot cleaner) it cost less than $60. I vacuumed the carpet and then went over the entire thing with the carpet cleaner.

It did a fantastic job and everything looked almost brand new, except a spot right in front of the couch where Jack had spilled an icy pop. That spot was stained a light orange color and no cleaning or spot cleaner would get it out. Sigh.

Good thing that was where I wanted to put the ottoman!

One of my complaints about our square ottoman was that it was so huge and I really wanted to open that space up. However, I do like having a little something-something so I can stick my feet up. I also like somewhere to put our remotes tray.

It turns out the answer was sitting in our den.

See that ottoman in the corner? It was from my grandparent’s house. I love it (and the memories associated with it), so when we cleaned out their house I took it home with me.

I decided to try the small circular ottoman in the space to see if it looked way to small and silly….

But, I love it!

It absolutely opens up the space, while still giving us a place to set the remote tray. After living with it for a few weeks, I’m still loving the change. Also, it was FREE. And it was a hand-me-down from family, which makes me love it even more!

Now I just need to decide which room is next to be improved…

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Saying Goodbye to Crazy Ex Girlfriend

3 Apr

Anyone out there watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend?

It’s on the CW (and Netflix) and I’ve been watching it since the very beginning thanks to the CW app.

The show follows Rachel Bunch (executive producer and all around awesome lady, Rachel Bloom) – she appears to ‘have it all’ in the first episode and feels like something is missing. She impulsively decides to give up her life in New York City to relocate to West Covina, CA after running into an old boyfriend. The show has so many ups and downs, with singing and dancing through it all.

I love the relationships between the characters, as well as the way the show shines a light on borderline personality disorder and managing mental health. Crazy Ex Girlfriend has been running for four seasons and the season finale is airing tomorrow.

And I’m really going to miss this show!

So I thought I’d revisit some of my favorite songs from over the series. Please note, many of these are NSFW with some salty language, so you’ve been warned!

I’m super excited about Friday’s series finale and also excited to see the live show that they performed of the show’s songs. Since I watch it on the CW app, I won’t get a chance to see it until after it airs… so finger’s crossed that I don’t get spoiled on anything!

Are you excited about the Crazy Ex Girlfriend Series Finale? What is your favorite song from the show?

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Elite Warrior Boot Camp Diary: The Halfway Point

1 Apr

In case you missed it, I decided to join a 6-week Elite Warrior Boot Camp at my gym. I’ve been in a bit of a gym rut, so I thought that working with a trainer in a small group might be just the thing to get me motivated again. I picked the 3-day-a-week option, so as of today I am 9 classes in… or the halfway point.

You can read my thoughts after my first week here: Elite Warrior Boot Camp Diary: Week One

Thoughts on my Second Week:

Coming back into the gym for my second week of classes was much easier than starting the first week. I kind of knew what to expect now that I’ve been through three different workouts. I also have seen many of the same faces at each class, which is nice. At the beginning of this week, I’m already feeling stronger than I was last week.

Monday was a “normal” workout with a mix of cardio and weight training. On Wednesday, the trainer had to reschedule the class for the weekend (which I was unable to attend), so I went to the gym on my own and did an hour of cardio. Friday was another beating-the-crap-out-of-the-punching-bag-day, which is my FAVORITE kind of day!

Class #6 was the one that really killed me. The session started with the group running up and down 3 flights of stairs 13 times and then just kept it going with bunch of different cardio activities for the full hour. I. Was. Pooped. But, I felt pretty great about myself.

Thoughts on my Third Week:

This is where it started to get hard. Not so much physically hard, but emotionally hard.

My goals when starting the boot camps were basically to feel stronger and altogether better about myself. However, I do admit that deep down inside I also hoped that like 10 pounds would just slide off and I’d suddenly look amazing in a bikini.

That hasn’t happened.

I DO feel much stronger and my muscles ARE much stronger, but my weight is basically the same.

I understand that muscle weighs more than fat, so at the end of the program I am interested to see if I have lost any inches. I also understand that it’s only the third week and real body change takes time. Also, if I really want to see some hard-core changes…I’d need to adjust my diet even more.

Even knowing all this, the petulant 13-year-old inside me is grumpy about it.

I brought that bad mood into class #7:

But luckily, I snapped myself (mostly) out of it by Friday… because as I’ve mentioned before boxing day is my favorite day!

Yesterday was class #9 for me, marking my halfway point and I’m still feeling really great about my choice to push myself with this boot camp. It feels good to go to the gym and sweat it out for an hour. I’m not happy about my tummy, but I’m working on it — both mentally and physically. I feel proud of myself when I’m able to keep up with the other people in the class. And I really feel good when I punch the hell out of a punching bag.

If you want to follow along with my Elite Warrior Boot Camp, I’m trying to post after each workout on my Instagram account (find it here). I’m also planning to do a Results blog check-in at the end of the 6 weeks.

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