Face Masks: Which Ones Are Your Favorites?

Over the last 6 months, I have collected a cornucopia of face masks. I made a few, I bought a few. I have some for me, some for Travis, some for Jack. Honestly, it’s almost surprising that I don’t have any for Ollie yet…

I thought I’d give you my feedback on the various face masks we are using and I’d LOVE to hear which face masks are your current favorites!

Face masks for me: Athleta and Etsy

Athleta Made to Move, 3 for $25

Source: Athleta.com

The Athleta Made to Move masks were on backorder for a while, but they finally were shipped to me in early August. I like that they are lightweight with an adjustable head strap/ear strap. They also poke out from your mouth, so they don’t get sucked in when you are breathing. These aren’t fully perfect for me though, because I have found that they tend to catch on your chin when you are talking and move around. I’ve found that these are best when I am running errands and not really talking to people much.

InsideOutEveryDay on Etsy, 4 pack cotton face masks, 4 for $20

Source: InsideOutEveryDay on Etsy

These are my favorite face masks and I have been wearing them most often. They are a nice, soft cotton and the size and ear loops fit my face very well. I can talk in them without having them move around a bunch. I can also throw them in the washer and let them dry flat and they are holding up very well. The only drawback for me is after wearing them for awhile, they get kind of damp from spit. Which is gross.

Redpajamas on Etsy, 1 for $10

Source: Redpajamas on Etsy

These have the longer ties, so that you can tie them around your head. However, I find that unless I’m wearing a ponytail they just slip down my head. Instead, I tie them so that I can loop them over my ears. I like this design and they are pretty comfortable and the design is super cool too. I can talk in them and they wash up really well. They are a little thick though, so I don’t like wearing them from a long period of time.

What doesn’t work for me: The Target face masks are huge on my face and I can’t wear them at all.

Facemasks for Travis: Target and disposable

Target Universal Thread masks, 2 for $5.00

I didn’t include a link to these, because I don’t see the exact kind we bought on the Target website. There was a big display of adult and kid’s masks and I grabbed a couple packs of the ‘adult’ size. The Universal Thread version fits Travis well and they are his preferred mask.

Disposable Face Masks from Amazon, 10 for $4.50

Source: Amazon.com

I have purchased this pack from Amazon, as well as a pack of 50 from Home Depot (which are identical). The disposable face masks are great to have on hand, because they can fit everyone in the family if needed. I typically keep a few of these in a plastic baggie in my purse, just in case.

Facemasks for Jack: Target kids and disposable

Target Cat & Jack masks, 2 for $4.00

Source: Target.com

I bought this exact pack in the green and camouflage option for Jack at Target and they fit his face really well. They also wash up well with throwing them in the washer and letting they lay flat to dry. The camo one is Jack’s absolute favorite – he says he looks like a ninja.

Disposable Face Masks from Amazon, 10 for $4.50

We also use the disposable masks for Jack and he wore one each day when he went to summer camp (so I didn’t have to worry about him losing a fabric mask). Since they are adult sized, I just make a little knot on each ear loop and that allows them to fit to his face perfectly!

What doesn’t work for Jack: The Old Navy kid’s face masks are a bit too small and also very thick and heavy. Jack hated them and said he can’t breathe while wearing them.

How about you? Drop a link to your favorite masks and tell me why you love them!

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Pyrex Love

I feel like today needs a pretty post, so let’s talk about my latest Pyrex acquisitions!

My collection started with a Spring Blossom Cinderella bowl (1972-1978) from the local thrift store. Then, I added a Square Flowers Verde dish (1968-1972) from an antique/secondhand store. From there, I started lusting over the pink gooseberry dishes. I stalked and stalked a few options on eBay and ended up winning this cute Pink Gooseberry Dish with lid (1957-1966).

I continued to hunt for Pyrex at thrift stores, but wasn’t having much luck. Then, I started stalking Facebook Marketplace and found Janna and her side hustle: Joyful Heart Reclaimed. You can also find her gorgeous Instagram account here: Joyful Heart Reclaimed Instagram

She has a cute little she-shed in Rockville and we met up for a masked and socially distanced one-on-one browsing session. Her shed and online shop is filled with beautiful vintage glassware and Pyrex… and she ships, so if you see something in her store or Instagram, make sure to reach out to her!

I bought these four pieces: Snowflake blue covered casserole dish (1972-1975), yellow daisy Pyrex with lid (1970-1972), orange casserole dish with Friendship lid (1971-1974) and Butterfly Gold dish with lid (1972-1981).

I put a few of the ‘rare’ bowls in my china cabinet so that I can enjoy them, but I still plan to use them for holidays and larger family dinners. The two green bowls are in my regular cupboard so I can grab them on a weekly basis. I mean, what is the fun in having beautiful dishes if you don’t use them?!

You can see some more photos of my china cabinet and Janna’s she-shed on my instagram post here.

I can’t wait to go antiquing again so I can hunt for more treasures to add to my collection!

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Goodbye Summer: My favorite & most worn summer outfits

This summer was kind of a weird one, since most of the US was on some form of Stay at Home order. Where we normally would have traveled, spent time at outdoor festivals, and hung out at the pool… we didn’t do any of those things. Instead, we had lots of home time and a long weekend in Ocean City.

And, I haven’t worn ‘work clothes’ since March.

Which is sooo weird to think about it. Because I remember at the beginning of the quarantine that I did my closet switch-over assuming I would go back into the office. However, I haven’t worn ANY of my summer office clothes. In fact, soon I’ll be packing all my summer clothes away again, in favor of tights and layers.

Since I had a much more casual summer than normal, my summer favorites will also lean more towards the casual side of things.

Summer Outfit #1: Bringing My Own Sunshine!

This skirt has been on repeat this summer, ever since I scooped it up at the J.Crew Clearance sale. It’s got a super stretchy waist, pockets and hot pink pompoms around the hem… what’s not to love?! I tend to reach for this skirt when I have errands to do on a gray and rainy day. I just keep re-wearing it with different graphic t-shirts and Birkenstock sandals.

Summer Outfit #2: Simple and Easy

Black v-neck tank top and jean shorts. Boom. DONE. Am I reinventing the wheel? Not at all. However, it’s simple. It’s easy. It looks good for a billion different occasions… painting, lazing on the couch, going to the grocery store, hanging with family at a socially distanced picnic. This tank top is from Madewell and it is one of my favorites… I do recommend going up a size though so that you can throw it in the dryer without fears of shrinking.

Summer Outfit #3: Make it Exercise… but with a Side of Snark

I wish I had gotten my leggings in this photo, but I’m wearing these and I’ve already talked about how much I love them. My morning walk uniform is basically a snarky tank top from Inspiration Fit, leggings, and sneakers. I love the fitted tanks from Inspiration Fit sooo much, even though I have to size up to an XL so that they fit my boobs. I also own such gems as: “May your coffee be stronger than your children”, “Posh, Baby, Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Pumpkin”, and “Happier than a Seagull with a French Fry.”

Summer Outfit #4: All Thrift, All the Time

Having nowhere special to go has certainly helped me blur the lines between ‘work clothes’ and ‘home clothes” and a lot of that is due to thrifting. I never would have thought to throw on a $200 Eileen Fisher skirt with a tank top to sit in my home office or run an errand. However, the fact that I thrifted it for just $7 makes me much more open to wearing it more often! This stretchy black skirt was paired with a bunch of super casual tank tops over the summer because it is so comfortable and can be thrown in the washer and dryer. It also makes me feel a little bit fancier than wearing my pajama shorts around the house all day.

In Maryland, we probably have another few weeks or so of summery weather and then suddenly fall will be here, so I’ll be repeating these outfits as many times as possible before I start throwing on the layers!

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