Hopping on the Peloton Trend… Kinda.

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It’s happened. I’ve finally reached the part of the pandemic where I feel like I need a Peloton bike.

Didn’t you know… first comes the organizing, then the baking of banana bread, the Netflix streaming of Schitt’s Creek, and now I’ve reached the Peloton phase. It’s a thing. We all go through it.

The Peloton phase crept up on me a slowly. First, my BFF had one for like a year. And I was intrigued… but not $2,000 intrigued. Then, my sister got one and loves it… and her husband loves it now too. And finally, a friend was talking about how she loves her Peloton so much she lost 10 pounds.

Um… 10 pounds? Okay, I’m listening…

I’ve been trying to keep active and over the summer did plenty of outdoor walks. Lately, I’ve been using my elliptical and will occasionally throw in an exercise DVD to pep things up a bit.

I like the idea of adding an additional piece of exercise equipment to the mix. I also like the idea of having peppy instructors keep me motivated with changing workouts and dance music.

What I don’t like is spending $2,000 + $40 a month for an all-active membership subscription. Also, the bikes are taking awhile to ship out. Their website warns you that it may take 10 weeks, but many people online are complaining that it has been even longer.

Basically, I want a cheaper Peloton with a cheaper subscription and quicker shipping.

I did some googling and reading and more googling and reading… and I decided to purchase myself a set up that is similar to the expensive and fancy Peloton bike.

Here’s what I ordered:

My total was: $364.60 + tax

(Note, my original bike purchase price was $339.98 and I noticed it dropped $55 when preparing this post, so I used the Chat to contact Amazon and they have given me a credit for the difference).

Rather than purchasing the All-Access Peloton subscription for $39.99/month, I will be purchasing the individual Peloton Digital Membership app for $12.99/month. As of this weekend, Peloton is offering your first 30 days FREE!

My bike arrived over the weekend and I shared my ‘setting it up’ experience on my Instagram stories (you can find them saved on my Instagram page under Peloton Fun). If you are on Peloton, you can connect with me on the app — just search for JoulesDellinger.

I’ll certainly keep you all updated, so let me know what questions you have and I’ll be sure to answer them in my next post!

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My Favorite Workout Leggings WITH POCKETS

Source: Amazon.com

This is not my butt. Just wanted to make sure that was super clear. However, these leggings do make my actual butt look almost this good because these are magical leggings.

Let me start back at the beginning though… my search for the perfect leggings.

I have leggings. I have multiple pairs of leggings.

Some are okay, some are terrible and some are fantastic… but have no pockets. And why do I need a pocket, you may ask? Well, a couple months ago I decided to start each weekday by going on a walk around my neighborhood before work. I throw on my workout clothes, push ‘start’ on my iWatch, hit ‘play’ on my Spotify playlist on my phone, and walk. And it’s great!

It helps me feel less achy throughout the day and I like starting the day with a little bit of exercise. Since Jack’s been home with me, he walks with me… and I like that too, because he’s adorable and apparently in the mornings his brain is filled with SO MANY questions and I love to hear what’s going on in his head.

Anywho… as I mentioned, I like to listen to Spotify on my iPhone while I walk. Which means, I like to stick my phone in my pocket so I can be hands-free while also moving and grooving. Which brings me to my quest for leggings with pockets.

Not just leggings with pockets, but flattering AND comfortable leggings with pockets.

Like Goldilocks, they had to be juuuuussst right. They had to suck me in, but not too much. I wanted them calf length – not bike shorts length or ankle length. And they couldn’t be super expensive, because $60 – 80 for workout leggings is a bit crazy.

Which brings us to the perfect leggings: IUGA high waisted yoga pants. They are $21.95 and they come in a bunch of colors, but I own the space dye purple  and the space dye gray. I think the slight pattern makes them even more flattering. The high waist is perfect for yanking up over my tummy and once you have them on, they don’t budge at all.

And the best part… pockets.

I mean, they make my butt look fantastic too. But really, it’s all about the pockets. I slide my housekey into my left pocket, and stick my phone in my right pocket and I’m good to go.

Laundering instructions say to put them inside out before washing, which I do. I then wash them in the machine with cold water and let them hang dry. I’ve been alternating between the two pairs all summer and they still look perfect.

So, if you’ve also been wanting some reasonably-priced, flattering leggings WITH POCKETS… I highly recommend these!

Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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I’m Curious: Are you going back to the gym?

Source: Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

With Maryland’s coronavirus numbers slowly decreasing, most of the state has fully moved into the second tier of the reopening plan. This means that fitness centers and gyms are allowed to reopen at a limited capacity. Our gym has been closed since March and fees have been frozen since April, so this means we would be able to start going to the gym this month and would pay our monthly fee again July 1st.

We are still in the middle of a pandemic, so they have made some changes. Members must wear a face mask upon entering and exiting the club. Members are encouraged to wear face coverings while exercising “if able to do so safely” or should increase the distance between themselves and others. Staff members will wear face coverings. They encourage members to wipe down their machines and weights before they use them. They are limiting the number of people who do group fitness classes so that the rooms are less full.

But here’s the thing; those small changes… yeah, they are not enough for me.

I just can’t imagine feeling comfortable going to the gym and hopping on a machine near/around some stranger who is huffing and puffing and sweating their potential virus germs all over the place.

And sure, maybe I can go to a machine without many people around. But what about when I’m in the middle of my workout and someone comes and starts working out near me. Huffing. Puffing. Sweating. We all deal with this normally, but with the coronavirus still out there killing people… NOPE.

We have been on a Stay at Home order for months now. We are STILL in the middle of a pandemic. States who have rushed their reopening plan are currently reporting record high numbers of coronavirus.

I DO NOT feel comfortable going to a gym right now.

However, when I look at the gym’s Facebook page the comments are full of people saying how they can’t wait to come back. There is person after person commenting about how happy they are that the gym is FINALLY open again.

And now I want to hear from you… are you comfortable with going back to the gym?

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