My Peloton: 3 Year Check-In

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may remember that I jumped on the Peloton bandwagon during the pandemic. I posted lots of updates throughout the first year, and then a 15-month update and 2 year update. Well, if you can believe it… it’s time for a 3 year check in!

Yup, it was 3 years ago that I downloaded the Peloton app (with a non-Peloton bike) and then 6 months later I upgraded to the official Peloton bike.

To answer the most obvious question – YES, I am still using my Peloton bike and the Peloton app. However, to be as honest as possible, I haven’t hopped on the bike as much as I had the previous year.

In fact, I did over 300 cycling classes in the first 2 years I owned the bike and in year three I only added about 40 more. However, I HAVE been keeping up with my goal of doing something every single day.

Over the spring, summer and early fall, Travis and I did a ton of the walking sessions. Jack and I regularly snuggle up together for a meditation in the evenings. And I’ve still done a variety of cycling, strength training, stretching and yoga sessions too.

Is there room for improvement? Certainly! However, my bike isn’t going anywhere and when my body feels up to it, I can always jump back on.

Things I’m still loving for my workouts:

As a goal for 2024, I’m going to try to beat the amount of cycling sessions I did this year!

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Top 5 Favorites for an Active Vacation (or Life)

I consider myself a master-level packer when it comes to vacation packing. I consider it a ‘win’ if I wear everything in my suitcase, so I spend time fully planning out everything I think I might need or wear when I have a trip coming up. Our latest Spring Break adventure was no exception and after our week of hiking, e-biking and lounging, I came away with 5 workhorses from my trip.

Favorite #1: REI Vented Trailsmith Hat (find it on the REI website here)

I really wanted a hat to wear while hiking and exploring that would protect me from the sun. This hat from REI is durable, breathable and has UPF 50+ sun protection. Not only is this important on our active vacations, but I’m also planning to use this all spring and summer when I’m out and about.

I tried on a bunch of hats and this one was my absolute favorite. I like that it has vents at the top and an adjustable chin strap for windy weather. I typically overheat in baseball caps, so it was a pleasant surprise that this one was so well ventilated. I also really like the Walrus Brown color, which to me looks like a clay orange.

Favorite #2:  Allbirds Women’s Wool Dasher Mizzles (find them here on the Allbirds website)

I purchased these sneakers a couple years ago and they are my ‘go to’ sneaker for hiking. They are super comfortable and the merino wool is super breathable. One of the main reasons I brought them on our hiking trip is that they are machine-washable, so when they get covered in dirt or that red clay from Arizona, I just throw them in the washing machine afterwards.

A hidden benefit that I didn’t even realize – the sock-like top of the shoe keeps sand out! Both Travis and Jack had to shake out their shoes when we hiked over a sandy wash, and I was good to go.

Favorite #3: Athleta Salutation Stash 7/8 Leggings (find them here on the Athleta website)

I brought a few pairs of leggings on our trip, including a pair of Salutation Stash 7/8’s and a pair of Salutation Stash capris. Yes, Athleta leggings are pricey ($109 for full length), but they are my absolute favorite because they hold up perfectly over repeated wearings, washings, shoving things in the pockets, and even sliding my butt over rocks on a hike. They are thick enough to smooth any lumps and bumps, but thin enough that I don’t overheat.

After a full day, I just throw them in the washing machine on cold and then hang them to dry. By the next day, they’re back on my body and looking as good as new.

Favorite #4: Athleta Sunrise V-Neck Sweatshirt (find it here on the Athleta website)

I actually own two of these lightweight sweatshirts – one in green and one in navy. I bought the first one on sale a year or two ago, so when I saw the green on clearance a few months ago I scooped it up. This is the PERFECT layer to add over pretty much anything – an exercise bra, a tank top, or a full t-shirt.

It is super lightweight and soft and has extra long sleeves with thumb-holes. It works great for a hike, with a pair of jeans for dinner, or tied around your waist when you get a little warm. I’m typically a true-to-size large, and I like this in a XL for a little extra comfy feeling.

Favorite #5: Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 (find it here on Amazon)

This is a year-round product, but definitely one you should not forget if you are out and about in the sun. I’ve been using Supergoop SPF since early 2022 and it is my absolute favorite because it goes on totally invisible with not even a hint of greasiness or white cast. It has no scent, doesn’t irritate my contact lenses and works great under makeup too. It is a 100% winner in my book and one tube lasts a surprising amount of time before you need to re-order.

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My Peloton: 2 Year Check-In

This week marks 2 years since I downloaded the Peloton app with my non-Peloton bike and decided to give this cycling thing a try. I didn’t realize at the time that Peloton offered so much more than riding a bike and not going anywhere, which is why I went ahead and upgraded to an official Peloton bike about 6 months later!

If you want to catch up with any of my previous My Peloton posts, you can find them all here:

So, now is the perfect time for a 2-year update.

I think the most obvious question is: do I still use my Peloton or has it become a rack for clothing? I mean, that’s what we all imagine when we purchase a piece of exercise equipment. Sure, it’s kind of fun at first but eventually it just sits around taking up space and holding up dust.

YES, I am still using my Peloton bike. In fact, here are my latest stats:

I’ve done over 300 cycling classes over the last 2 years. But it’s not JUST cycling. I’ve also done a ton of meditation, stretching, strength, yoga and even walking outside with my husband. I’ve also completed a couple different programs, including: Arms with Tunde (a 4-week strength training arm workout program) and Crush Your Core with Emma (a 4-week core strength program).

I’ve kept up with my daily Peloton streak since when I first started using the app in December 2020. Every single day, I do something on the Peloton and currently have a 105-week streak going with 949 total workouts.

Things that have helped my workouts:

  • Switching out my Peloton bike shoes to these shoes: Shimano Indoor Cycling shoes. You can read my blog post review of them here: Upgrading my Peloton Bike Shoes to Shimano
  • Having a full set of neoprene dumbbells (these are great). I have dumbbells in 2lbs, 3lbs, 5lbs, 8lbs and 10lbs and use them all doing various exercises. You would think a 2lb dumbbell is silly… until you are working that thing on one of Tunde’s strength classes!
  • The Pivot. I bought The Pivot for my Peloton screen when I moved my exercise set-up into my office. It allows my entire screen to flip around so that I can do my weights and yoga sessions in the open space in the middle of the room, which greatly improved my workout experience. You can read the blog post where I talked about it here: My Office/Exercise Room Hybrid.
  • Just doing SOMETHING. I don’t want to mess up my streak, so even if I’m not feeling up for much, I give myself the gift of doing even a 5-minute meditation and taking some time to myself.

With all that being said, I do have a goal to increase my cycling days. Ideally, I’d like to cycle 3 days each week. Maybe even more. However, it just hasn’t fit into life lately. So there is always room for improvement!

If you’re a Peloton rider, you can find me on the leaderboard at JoulesGetsFit.

If you are looking to purchase a Peloton, shoot me an email at and I can send you a special referral code to get you money off your purchase!

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