My Office/Exercise Room Hybrid

With the demolition of my spare bedroom to become a master bathroom and walk-in closet, my ‘exercise room’ needed to find a new home. With everything being displaced for the renovation project, space is at a premium… which means my office needed to work double-duty and it became an office/exercise room hybrid.

My office is a room that already has a lot going on. On one side of the room is my sewing table and organizer that contains everything crafty.

On the other side, is my desk where I telework 2 days each week.

I started by cleaning out the closet (it’s not in the photo, but it exists on the wall to the right of the desk) and dragging my gigantic filing cabinet over to live in there. It’s not SUPER convenient, because I have to remove a bunch of bins in order to access the lower filing cabinet drawers, but eventually when the walk-in closet is done there will be a little more breathing room. Also, it’s nice to have the filing cabinet out of the main room.

I also moved the black storage table that holds my printer to the right side of the desk and moved the white drawer set over next to the sewing table.

This freed up just the perfect amount of space so that I could add my Peloton and mat to the corner of the room.

Other tricks to make the most of my space:

Trick 1: I bought The Pivot for my Peloton screen, so that I could flip it around and do my weights and yoga sessions in the open space in the middle of the room.

Trick 2: I hung my bike shoes on the back of the bike, instead of having them take up space on the floor or in an organizer.

Trick 3 and 4: I rearranged my craft storage to open up one cube, which is where I now store my hand weights and bleach wipes. I also used the spare bit of space next to my cube bookshelf for my yoga mat, yoga blocks and foam roller.

This is the long-term situation for this room, so I’m happy with how it all turned out. Here’s the before & after again:

Organizer side of the room:

Desk + bike side of the room:

I have space to comfortably use the bike and now that I can flip my screen around, I have room for yoga, stretching or weights sessions. The best part is, everything is out of sight when I have to log into a Zoom meeting from home!

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