My Style: Style Remix with a Solid-Colored Linen Skirt

One of the things I enjoy doing over on my PocketfulofJoules Instagram account is when I post an outfit photo, I also like to show in my IG stories different ways I’ve styled the same items. You can find a bunch of them saved under the “OOTD Breakdown” highlight, but I thought I might also start highlighting them here on the blog.

So, for today’s highlight, I’m going to focus on a solid-colored linen skirt.

Mine is the Marseille linen front snap skirt from NotPERFECT Linen and I own it in a mustard color, as well as in a rusty redwood color.

For these skirts, I wear them both for my work life AND my non-work life, so it’s nice to have an item that can be easily styled in a bunch of different ways.

Here is how I’ve styled the mustard version:

Here is how I’ve styled the redwood version:

Pretty much all of the tops could be switched around with the opposite skirt colors too, which gives me plenty of easy outfits to make within my existing closet of clothes.

I hope you like this new series and please let me know if you have a particular item you want me to highlight for you!

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