6 Month Thrifting Check-In: Winners & Losers

While it feels hard to believe that half the year has flown by already, it’s time for my 6-month thrifting check-in. I started doing these a few years ago to hold myself accountable. Even after many years of thrifting, I still make mistakes. I get a little price blind. I get a little brand blind. I figure, it’s so CHEAP just DO IT.

It seems even rougher this year, since they’ve closed most if not all of the thrift store dressing rooms. Sure, you have a week to make returns (for a store credit), but my favorite stores are more than 45 minutes away… so I can’t always return to them within that time period. So for my mistakes, I typically will list the item on Poshmark or just add it to my donate pile so that the next thrifing queen can enjoy it.

Since we are halfway through 2024, let’s take a look back at my thrift winners & losers. (PS you can find all my thrifting posts here: Thrifting Fun)

January 2024


  • DRU Holland Dutch Oven, $6.99
  • Glitter Converse One-Star Shoes, $8.99
  • Rain boots, $5.99


  • Athleta Arrival skirt, $13.49

Loved the addition of the dutch oven to my china cabinet and both pairs of shoes have gotten use in my closet. However, as much as I liked the Athleta skirt, it just didn’t fit me well. I listed it in my Poshmark closet and after their fees and shipping, I made $5 dollars on it.

February 2024


  • J. Jill Embroidered Top (mustard), $5.99
  • Two Vintage Enoch Wedgewood Tea Cups, $2
  • Charter Club embellished cardigan, $8
  • Laura Ashley skirt, $7

Still Deciding:

  • Soft Surroundings Coruh Gauze Top (blue and white), $7.99
  • L.L. Bean Cotton Cardigan (blue), $3

Love the embroidered top, tea cups, cardigan and OHMYGOD that Laura Ashley skirt. They’ve all been used/worn over the past few months and will continue to be remixed. Rather than having ‘losers’ for this month, I have two items that I’m still trying out.

I’ve worn the Soft Surroundings top once and it’s just kind of ‘eh’ for me. I need to try styling it again. As for the cotton cardigan, it’s pretty heavy and I only had one or two times to try it out when the weather was cooperating. I plan to style this again in the fall/winter when the weather gets chilly. If I can’t make them work, both items will be hitting my Poshmark closet.

March 2024


  • South Parade Hoodie, $15
  • Birkenstock Arizona Sandals, $40

Both these items were secondhand purchases off Poshmark. The hoodie is super comfortable and the sandals were for Jack, for his summer shoes. They’re holding up great and I’m kind of excited that he’s only a couple shoe sizes away from MY shoe size… so I’ll be getting his hand-me-downs soon!

April 2024


  • Universal Threads v-neck t-shirt, $2.79
  • Don’t Be A Salty Heifer t-shirt, $5.99
  • Vintage skirt, $8.29
  • Handmade Pottery Tray, $6.49
  • Jeannette Cube Sugar Bowl, $7.99
  • Birds Outdoor Pillow, $4.49
  • Egg Crate jewelry dish, $5.99
  • Leather Braided Belt, $3.49

Still Deciding:

  • Old Navy Fern top (green), $12
  • Line of Oslo Blouse (purple), $5.99

Lots of fantastic scores in April, much due to our fabulous Tuscan, Arizona trip. Everything in the ‘winners’ list has either been absorbed into our house décor or worn happily. On the still deciding list are my two ‘maybe’ items. I wore the fern top once and it was fine. I need to try it again styled differently – I thought I would like it more, but it’s just okay. As for the Line of Oslo blouse, I dyed it purple and it’s very pretty… but I haven’t actually worn it yet. So, I’ll need to make sure I reach for it soon, or it will hit the chopping block!

May 2024


  • Lou & Grey joggers, $6.99
  • Jofit skort, $6.99
  • Madewell Walker Chelsea suede ankle boots, $5.99
  • Athleta v-neck lightweight sweatshirt, $9
  • Pyrez “Zodiac” casserole dish, $8.50

So many winners for the month of May and most were scores from our visit to Naples, Florida. It was already too warm for the booties, but I can’t wait to wear them in the fall. The joggers and the sweatshirt were both so comfortable, so they will see a welcome return to the front of my drawers in the fall too. I’ve worn the Jofit skirt regularly on my evening walks and the Pyrex bowl happily joined the rest of my collection. Hmm… is this proof that we need to revisit Naples?

June 2024


  • LAND Backpack, $7.49
  • Max Studios skirt, $6.99
  • Workout shorts, $4
  • Chana Dress, $30
  • Starbucks ceramic mug, $3.99
  • Dona Joe Running Skirt, $7.99
  • Leota dress, $12
  • Coach Dakota purse, $29


  • Lacy/Crochet Cardigan (black), $3
  • Kate Spade Viva Colores Sidney Skirt (floral skirt), $11.29
  • Anthropologie Skirt (black and white), $5.29

First, let’s talk winners. I haven’t used the backpack yet, but I’m planning to try it as our snacks/drinks bag at the beach this summer. The skirt, dress, running skirt and dress are all winners for me right now. I’ve used that ceramic mug probably a half dozen times already. And OH the Coach purse is divine. As for the workout shorts, they’re growing on me. They are a bit too fitted in the tummy, but I’ve been wearing them for evening walks and they serve their purpose.

For the losers, that cardigan was an experiment that didn’t pan out. That one is already in the donate pile. As for the two skirts, one was too big/short and the other was too tight, so they both are currently in my Poshmark closet and I’m hoping to break even on them.

Total Spent:

Just to hold myself super accountable, let’s total up all the thrifting purchases from the last 6 months. According to my handy dandy excel spreadsheet that I pulled the info into, my total for 6 months of thrifting was: $346.46. Which equals out to $57.74 per month. I didn’t pull Jack’s sandals out of that number, but perhaps I should have since I would have paid retail prices if needed. While my thrifting total/monthly breakdown is not an insignificant number, this is my main ‘fun money’ I spend on myself. I very rarely buy books (I use the library and my kindle religiously) and make 90% of my coffee at home, and most importantly… our budget can afford it.

Overall Favorites:

Oooh my favorite part, looking at all my thrifting purchases over the past 6-months and picking my favorite items!

Home Décor Favs:

  • DRU Holland Dutch Oven, $6.99 (January 2024)
  • Handmade Pottery Tray, $6.49 (April 2024)
  • Pyrez “Zodiac” casserole dish, $8.50 (May 2024)

While the age of thrifting amazing mid-century items may be passing and it’s getting harder and harder to find true vintage… these three scores made me so happy! The dutch oven and casserole dish (after a quick little rehab) are in my china cabinet, where I get to admire them regularly. As for the handmade pottery tray, I have it in my den next to my reading area, and it’s perfect for keeping my random stuff contained and looking pretty.

Clothing Favs:

  • Laura Ashley skirt, $7 (February 2024)
  • Birkenstock Arizona Sandals, $40 (March 2024)
  • Vintage skirt, $8.29 (April 2024)
  • Madewell Walker Chelsea suede ankle boots, $5.99 (May 2024)
  • Coach Dakota purse, $29 (June 2024)

Both of the vintage skirts I thrifted are my favorites right now. That Laura Ashley skirt is so special and every time I wear it, it just makes me smile. As for the other vintage skirt… it’s just the right amount of swishy and flowy and I’ve already worn it at least a half-dozen times. Jack hates socks/sneakers, so as soon as school let out, he went straight to his new Birkenstock sandals for daily wear. He will easily get an entire summer’s worth of use out of them. He may be able to use them for vacations throughout the year, but I fully anticipate he will grow out of this size before next summer.

As for the booties, they’re so gorgeous and I have big plans for them in the fall. I’m imagining them with long dresses, short dresses and tights and rolled jeans too. And last but SO VERY MUCH NOT LEAST, that Coach Dakota purse. Perhaps one of my best thrift finds of the entire year!

After years and years of thrifting, I feel like I’m finally doing better at being more selective. Only a handful of losers and a few more items that are on the chopping block. Not too shabby!

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  1. I have a t shirt that says stay salty on it. It is from Plymouth, ma, and has an anchor on it. It is one of my favorite tees. And I donate to Heifer.com Coincidence? Hmmmm.

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