September Thrift Haul

My September Thrift Haul is certainly small, but mighty. I visited two thrift stores this month and although I checked ALL the sections, as I typically do… I only ended up with a few items that were on my list. Let’s take a look!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Chico’s linen blouse – $7

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been on a bit of a button-up shirt kick. Lately, I’ve really gotten into mixing up my style by tying a blouse over a dress or skirt outfit instead of my normal cardigan. I had previously thrifted a denim version and a spotted heart version, which have been put into my normal rotation.

I was still looking for a super lightweight – but not transparent – white or light blue linen version to add to my collection. This one is from Chico’s (with a super old tag), and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

‘Classic Straight’ Levi’s jeans – $6.99

I also previously mentioned that I’ve been having a really hard time finding my ‘perfect’ straight legged jeans. I tried on a ton of pairs and bought two, only to later return one of them when I realized they looked weird with my typical boots.

A friend of mine told me that she always stuck with her trusty Levi’s, which must have stuck in my head when I was pawing through the jeans rack at my thrift store. Out of an entire rack, I only found two pairs that could have potentially worked – they were the right shade of blue, they had a straight leg, and the waist measurement was equal to my favorite jeans (and yes, I carry a tape measure in my purse for just this reason).

After trying on both pairs in the fitting room, I was thrilled to find these ‘Classic Straight’ Levi’s fit just as I hoped they would. They have a bit of stretch, the leg is not too tight or too loose. They look super cute with a little fold up at the cuff. And… they were $7. I’ve worn them a few times already and they are perfect — no stretching out throughout the day and exactly the straight leg style I was hoping for!

Vintage Pyrex flamingo Cinderella bowl, $7.99

I’m always casually on the hunt for Pyrex, so when I saw this pink bowl, I immediately grabbed it and checked it all over for scratches. I couldn’t believe it was in perfect condition. Pink Pyrex is super popular, so I was shocked to find this out in the wild. It has been added to my Pyrex collection and I love it so much!

Here’s my full collection:

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August Thrift Haul

The summer is coming to a close with back-to-school activities on the horizon and the promise of cooler temperatures. I had the opportunity to check out a couple thrift & secondhand stores this month, but was super picky about what I brought home with me.

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

J. Jill dress, $10

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if this dress is a winner for me. I like the loose fit and the tiers of the skirt. However, it had a super weird and shrunken slip inside that I cut right out with a pair of scissors. What is giving me pause is the print leans a bit… cottagecore. With that being said, I washed it immediately and wore it the following weekend day with a knotted shirt over it:

I do like the way it looks with the layers, so I’ll probably keep this one around and play with it a bit. Worse case scenario, it gets re-donated back to the thrift store.

Cable & Gauge cardigan, $6

I wear these cardigans all the time to work, and I don’t own this color. It’s hard to tell in the first photo, but it’s a pretty dark greenish-blue. So, for $6 it was a no-brainer to add it to my closet. I actually think I did own this color once and it got too worn and pilled (even with my fabric shaver). Anyway, this one will certainly get some wear.

I already wore it to work this month:

Talbots denim top, $10

I’ve been playing around with tying shirts over dresses, and I thrifted a solid denim top that I have been loving lately. On my ‘thrift list’ was to find a polka dotted version, but this one is so much better… because they aren’t polka dots, they are tiny little hearts!

I mean, how adorable is this?! I’m looking forward to pairing it with skirts and dresses for work.

Athleta Zephyr Shell, $20

When I think of Athelta, I think of exercise clothes. However, after finding my favorite new pleated skirt from the brand it has opened my eyes to their fantastic workwear! I found this Athelta tank top at a consignment store and it is super cool – the neckline and bottom have a cotton band finish but the center is very silky. It’s tone-on-tone black and I like the fun details. I did some research and it’s called the Athleta Zephyr Shell tank top and came in a few different colors and one print. It is part of their ‘travel’ collection, as it has SPF 50, washes and dries quickly, and doesn’t wrinkle.

The shirt fits a little boxy, but I really love it and how different it is from anything else in my closet. I’m imagining pairing this with dark jeans, a cardigan and a long necklace for a fall Friday at work. I think it would also look super cute with the right kind of skirt. Or even a pair of my stretch crepe Eileen Fisher work pants. Love this hidden gem!

Frye Veronica Short Slouch Boots, $60

While checking out a thrift pop up store with my friend, I found these Frye boots shoved under a table. No size. Great condition. $60. And… they fit. I did a little research and I’m pretty sure they are the Veronica Short Slouch boot (retail $298) — I didn’t NEED them, but they will be fantastic for fall!

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July Thrift Haul

This month, I’ve been feeling super burned out so I decided to take a Friday off as a mental health day. It was very much needed and of course, two of my stops on my free day were to a couple of my favorite thrift stores! I did some dressing room snaps while shopping too, so you can see how each item fits.

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

J. Jill linen cardigan, $3.99

I love this pretty pink cardigan from J. Jill and I especially love the oversized tortoiseshell buttons! I wear cardigans year-round, so this lightweight linen version will fit right in with my wardrobe. Similar cardigans are on the J. Jill website for $79-89, so this one for just $4 is a steal.

BeachLunchLounge blouse, $4.99

I went into the store with a thrift list and one item was a short-sleeve, button up shirt in a neutral color/print that I could tie over dresses. I actually found a bunch of options, but decided to go with this blue striped version from BeachLunchLounge. I’m familiar with the brand because I see it often when shopping at TJ.Maxx or Nordstrom Rack. I’m pretty sure this is the Spencer Shirt, which is still being sold on their website for $58. The fabric is fun and crinkly and it looks fantastic knotted.

SEDA Modell Severin Daners skirt, $2.99

I did so much googling on the brand, and as much as I can tell it is a German brand vintage skirt. I love the fabric and the print is super cute — to me it feels very ‘Kate Spade’ with the floral. For just $3, I couldn’t pass up this fun midi-skirt and it will be great for work with a wrap top, or paired with a blouse and cardigan. I wore it to work last week and you can see it in action here with a simple wrap top and bright sandals!

J. Crew Chambray Shirt with Pearl Snaps, $6.99

YEEHAW! This was another item from my thrift list – a lightweight denim shirt that I can knot over dresses. And this exact shirt is STILL being sold on the J. Crew website for $89.50. It is such a great, classic top and I can’t wait to wear it over my dresses and skirts as an alternative to my typical cardigan.

Rainbow hand-knit afghan, $3.99

You guys, I’m obsessed with this cute handmade afghan! I can’t believe that after someone took hours to make it with love… it ended up at a thrift store for $4. That just makes me so sad! Luckily, it came home with me and will join the other 10,000 blankets in my home.

Triominos Game, $2.50

Jack has been really into card games and domino’s lately, so when I saw this game sealed in plastic, I scooped it up immediately. It was only $2.50 and it should give us at least a few hours’ worth of fun.

Books, books, books, $11

Once again, I scoured the book section for books that I thought Jack might like. I will do ANYTHING to encourage reading in our house, and a fresh set of books usually does the trick. There are so many fabulous kid’s chapter books at the thrift stores and they are typically $1 – 1.50, so it makes sense to buy a bunch and just re-donate them when you’re done with them.

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