May Thrift Haul

My thrifting hasn’t been super exciting lately – partially due to lack of time to visit thrift stores and partially due to my brain focusing on our bathroom/closet project. I can barely even get into my closet, so I’m not too excited to buy new items to shove in there until I can see what I already own again.

We did have a family thrifting trip where the three of us visited a thrift store to look for treasures. Travis found a couple small exercise things to keep in his truck, Jack found some STEM toys and another starter set of Snap Circuits, and I found two cardigans.

That’s it. Two cardigans.

They’re good ones though!

Halogen Cardigan, $4

You’ve got to love the thrift store – there were two similarly colored cardigans on the rack together. One was super worn from Loft and marked at $12. The other one was new with tags from Nordstrom for $7.99 and violet tags were half off that day. Oh, and the Nordstrom tag was for $69. I’m not complaining though, because I got quite the deal and added this to my cardigan collection for just $4.

I wore it to work yesterday:

Pearl buttoned cardigan, $4

This black short puffed sleeve cardigan with little pearl buttons was so cute and vintage looking, that I had to give it a try. I googled the brand and I think it’s one sold at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, so it probably wasn’t super pricey when it was new. I don’t have many short sleeve cardigan options, so this one fills an empty spot in my closet.

You can see it in action here:

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April Thrift Haul

Looking back at my last few Thrift Haul posts, I realized I haven’t had much luck in thrifting clothing items lately. It may be because I don’t really need much in my closet these days, or as an extension of that I’ve gotten much pickier with my finds. I have been finding quite a few scores for Jack though, so at least one of us is benefiting from my thrifting.

This month, I did find one clothing item for me:

JC Sunny Kimono, $7

I found this colorful kimono in with the cardigans and my initial thought was that I love it as a beach cover-up. However, now that it’s been washed and I tried it on, it also looks really cute layered over a top with shorts. So, this may also become a pretty topper this summer.

Crochet Blanket, $6

This isn’t a clothing item, but I have been using it on a near daily basis. You all know how I love my handmade crochet blankets and the colors on this one just grabbed me! I love it and it has been living in my den for all impromptu cuddle/reading/coffee sessions this month.

K’Nex, $4.50

Yup, I bought Jack some more K’Nex. This giant box was on half-price sale for just $4.50, so I figured it was a no-brainer to add it to Jack’s collection. He’s already scavenged it and made a bunch of projects, so it was totally worth it already.

Turing Tumble, $8

I wasn’t really sure what this was when I picked it up, but it was only $8, had all the pieces, and looked like something STEM-related, so I gave it a chance. After googling a bit, I found that it is a $70 computer coding game. Jack loves it and has used the gears, bits and interceptors to make his own marble runs. I certainly wouldn’t pay $70 for this, but for $8 it’s getting lots of use in our house.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you’ve got a kid who loves STEM toys, make sure to hit up the local thrift stores. So many people receive them as gifts and just donate them unopened!

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March 2022 Thrift Haul

I had one opportunity to stop by my favorite thrift store this month and mostly struck out. Well, actually I struck out for myself… but did well for other people!

The one thing I found for me:

J.Crew beaded necklace, $5.99

This photo makes me laugh so hard. Ollie was laying on the bed when I was putting stuff away, so I decided that he could ‘model’ my new necklace. He was not thrilled. I really liked the color scheme of the beads on this necklace with the bright orange cord. It just looks so very ‘SPRING’ to me and I decided that even though I rarely wear necklaces, I needed this one. For $6, it wasn’t much of a gamble. And it looks beautiful on Ollie.

Things I found for everyone else:

 K’Nex Ferris Wheel with Motor, $4.99 and K’Nex 60 Model Set, $10.99

I bought Jack some K’Nex for Christmas and he loves them, so when I saw this unopened Ferris Wheel for $4.99, I knew he would want me to buy it. These sets go for about $25 – 30, so it was quite the deal. Jack was so excited that he put it together as soon as he woke up on Saturday morning. I also scooped up a larger set of random K’Nex pieces for $10.99 that was opened but had a ton of pieces in the box. He played with them all weekend long and asked that I keep my eyes out for any more K’Nex next time I go thrifting!

Color Sort Rainbow, $2.99

I found this new-in-box baby learning toy and couldn’t resist picking it up for one of my nephews. The box is a little banged up, but the toy is still perfect and unused. It’s a Montessori-style toy that helps kids with color sorting, stacking and creativity. They’re selling for $16.99 on Amazon, so buying one for $3 was a no-brainer.

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