April Thrift Haul

Today’s thrift haul is extra fun, since it includes thrifting from our spring break trip to Tucson, Arizona as well as closer-to-home finds!

We had a rainy day in Tucson, so we decided to stop by the local Savers to see if we could find any treasures. I love thrifting while on vacation – you get awesome souvenirs that remind you of your trip, it’s less expensive than the local stores, and you find some super cool items.

First up, two items thrifted by my husband:

  • Steel City Cycles t-shirt, $6.49
  • American Red Cross long sleeve shirt with hood, $13.49

My husband will very occasionally come with me on my thrifting hunts, but has less patience for looking through every dang thing in the store to find some winners. He was graciously keeping busy (and keeping Jack busy) while I had my thrifting fun and ended up finding two shirts that he loved. Both are in great condition, super soft, and his size… so he’s pretty happy with himself!

Jack also found a couple fun items – a cool assortment of fidgets (including a rainbow pop-it keyboard that is super snazzy) and a TrueBalance game. I forgot to take photos of them though.

Okay, on to my finds!

  • Universal Threads V-neck T-Shirt, $2.79
  • Old Navy fern top, $11.99

Quite the price range with these two tops and there was really no rhyme or reason with the pricing at the Savers we went to. I have a couple Universal Threads t-shirts that hold up pretty well, so I figured I’d grab this one for less than $3. As for the flowy fern top, I really like the cap sleeves and the pattern. You can see it paired with a skirt here.

  • Don’t Be a Salty Heifer t-shirt, $5.99
  • Vintage skirt, $8.29

Did this shirt make me laugh out loud in the store? Yes. Do these two items look awfully cute paired together? Also, yes! I love the colors and message of this fun t-shirt and will absolutely be adding it into my weekend rotation. The vintage skirt is also super flowy and cute and I love it so much. Love them both and they are currently hanging next to each other in my closet for the next warm weekend day!

  • Handmade pottery tray with handle, $6.49

You guys know that I love a beautiful handmade pottery piece and I couldn’t resist this one and was determined to fit it into our suitcase to come back home. It is pretty large — about plate sized — and beautifully done. I currently have it next to my reading spot in the den to corral miscellaneous stuff.

Once we were back in Maryland, I was able to do a little thrift store visiting later in the month. I surprisingly found more luck in the homegoods section than the clothing.

  • Jeannette Cube Pink Depression Glass Sugar Bowl, $7.99

This adorable pink Depression Glass sugar bowl is the Jeannette Cube design, which was produced between 1929 – 1933. I love vintage pink glass, and the cube design is so beautiful in person so I had to scoop it up.

  • Birds Outdoor Pillow, $4.49

According to Google Images, this outdoor pillow is from Plow & Hearth and cost $25 new. I just really like the colors and design and it’s in super great shape, so I plopped it right on the chair on my front porch and it’s living there quite happily.

  • Ceramic ‘egg crate’ jewelry dish, $5.99

I really like this pretty green ceramic dish with the gold accents. After looking at it closely and seeing no marks on the bottom, I think someone made this by hand (perhaps at one of those paint-your-own pottery places, if they have gold filigree to work with?). However, it also looks like some I found at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, so who knows where it came from. I added it to my jewelry area and it looks adorable next to my vintage jade hand.

  • Leather braided belt, $3.49

I’ve been casually looking for a new braided leather belt since the one I’ve been wearing for 20+ years is starting to look a little sad. This one is a little thinner than the one I’m planning to replace, but I’m working it into my rotation to see if it’s a keeper.

  • Line of Oslo blouse, $5.99

I found this pretty blouse/tunic/swim coverup/dress-like thing hanging with the dresses at the thrift store and love the gauzy material and the pretty silver accents. However, I don’t really wear much/any white, so I bought it with the intention of dying it a different color. Upon googling, I found that Line of Oslo is a brand from Norway, which is a long, long way from Maryland. A little dip in a purple dye bath and I love the way this turned out.

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March Thrift Haul

I really thought I’d have some fabulous items to show you this month. I even went thrifting twice and hit stores that typically give me some winners. However, both days I walked away with my hands empty. It could be because I’m also doing a bit of a closet clean out and it will take me really loving an item to add it in. Or, it could be that I just kept finding a ton of crap.

So, this month, rather than a “thrift” haul we have a secondhand haul:

South Parade Hoodie, $15

Source: Poshmark.com

I love South Parade, especially the brand’s t-shirts, but it can be super frustrating when they only have limited releases once a season. Every so often I’ll do a Poshmark search to see if anything cool pops up, which is how I found this super cute hoodie. They typically sell for around $90, so $15 was a steal. The seller sent it to me quickly and it’s just as soft and comfortable as I hoped it would be. And honestly, at $15 it’s pretty darn close to thrift pricing…

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals, $40

Source: Poshmark.com

For the past few years, I’ve been getting Jack a pair of Birkenstock leather sandals for the summer. The first year, he wore the same shoes for 2 summers, last year he got just one summer out of the next size. Well, this year… he’s in adult sizes. {sob}

The difference in price is huge – kid’s sandals are $60, while the adult version of just ONE SIZE UP is $120. And yes, I know I can get him a knock-off version for much less. However, I decided to give Poshmark a try and found a pair of never worn Birkenstock Arizona sandals in Jack’s new size for $40! They just came a few days ago and they are absolutely perfect… so I’m calling this one another secondhand steal!

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February Thrift Haul

I wasn’t sure if I was going to have the opportunity to go thrifting at all this month, since I was down with the flu for so long and then took Jack to NYC for his birthday. However, I did a little lunch break thrift on Friday, followed up by a gloriously long medicinal thrifting trip on Saturday… so I have a few fun things to show you all!

Soft Surroundings Coruh Gauze Top, $7.99

Soft Surroundings is one of those pricey brands where I’m not sure why they are always so pricey! Case in point, this top retailed for $110. While the embroidery is beautiful, I’m not so sure it’s worth over a hundred dollars… however, I’m happy to add it to my closet for $8. I tried this top on with a pair of jeans, and it looks super cute. But, I think it will look even more my style paired with a flowy skirt in the spring.

J. Jill Embroidered Flutter Sleeve Top, $5.99

Another embroidered top! This one is J. Jill brand (retailed for $74) and I hesitated to buy it because I was unsure of the color. I typically don’t look good in yellow, unless it’s a mustard-type of yellow. However, this top is like mustard crossed with a bit of green(?), so I feel like it’s actually working with my skin tone. Once again, I threw this on with my jeans to check the fit (my store no longer has dressing rooms, but you can return clothing within 7 days if the tags are still attached), and I really like it. I can see myself wearing this with denim shorts over the summer, or (of course) paired with one of my skirts. I thought this would be pretty with a skirt and cardigan for the office — which is how I wore it to work today!

Vintage Enoch Wedgwood Tea Cups, 99 cents each (bought 2)

Why did I buy these? I just liked them. That’s about it. What I found through my Google Image search: Made by Enoch Wedgewood at Tunstall Ltd in England and the pattern is called Blue Heritage. I’m already using one to hold paperclips in my home office and I might plant a succulent in the other one.

L.L. Bean 100% Cotton cardigan, $3 with coupon

I mentioned back in October that I had a perfectly chunky and soft cardigan in mostly cotton on my thrift wish list. Every time I would see something similar to what I wanted, I’d check the tag and it would have wool in it (I can’t wear wool, it makes me hot and itchy). I even posted a couple L.L. Bean fisherman’s sweaters that I liked, manifesting my wants out into the world… and I found this 100% cotton L.L.Bean cardigan over the weekend. YAY! It is such a pretty mix of blue and white yarn and is very, very close to the sweaters I had been eyeing online that were around $100. I’m so happy to add this to my closet while it’s still chilly outside.

Charter Club embellished cardigan, $8 with coupon

I love a great embellished cardigan to mix and match with my skirts and dresses, and I don’t have anything similar to this color in my closet. It was priced up a little high – apparently Charter Club is a Macy’s brand – but all the beading is in perfect shape, so it was a good buy for me.

Laura Ashley skirt, $7 with coupon

You guys, how gorgeous is this 100% cotton vintage Laura Ashley skirt?! I’m guessing from the tags and some googling that it was made in the late 80’s or early 90’s and it’s in beautiful condition. It’s a medium, so I figured I’d probably have to do a little tailoring at the waist – however, the waistband fits well, but the top tier is weirdly fitted on my belly. So, I’m planning to do a quick little fix and move the existing waistband down to the top tier. Let me know if you want me to post a quick tutorial on how I do this! I LOVE the softness of the cotton of this skirt, the beautiful details at each tier, and how swishy and flowy it is when you spin around. I can’t wait to wear this!

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