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July Thrift Haul

31 Jul

July was a fun hodge-podge of thrifting opportunities for me. I found one item in a thrift store early in the month, made a stop by a new consignment shop, and then visited a few new-to-me consignment stores over the weekend in Annapolis.

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J. Jill Wrap Sweater, $4

First up is this pretty wrap sweater from J. Jill. I tried it on and liked the fit of it, but then put it back on the rack because I’m not a pink person. Then, I turned around and fondled it again… before walking away. And finally, I just bought it since it was $4. I love the slouchy shape of this sweater, but I just don’t love the color! Then, I had a thought… I’d dye it!

I bought some black RIT dye and it’s been sitting in my office for the past couple weeks. The problem is that the sweater is made out of polyester, so I have to use a special version of the dye where I have to heat up some boiling water, stick in the sweater the dye and then stir it for 30 minutes. Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet. But… it will. I think. And when I finally do it, I’ll take some photos and let you know how it turned out!

Vintage Givinchy Blue Glass necklace, $10

As I mentioned, I heard about a brand new consignment shop by me so I made it a point to go and visit. They had a bunch of clothing, but I was mostly impressed with the jewelry section. Everything was 50% off, so I grabbed this Givinchy necklace that was marked at $20. It’s so weird and pretty looking, so for just $10 I figured I’d take a chance on it. I couldn’t find anything similar online to compare it to, so I have no idea how much this went for originally.

Anthropologie Beaded necklace, $6

Once again, the half-off fairy struck and I was able to get this fun beaded necklace for just $6. I love the length of it and how it just kind of floats around while you walk. I happened to be wearing my bright yellow sandals, which match perfectly and totally inspired this fun outfit:

Loft dress, $16.50

I found this dress over the weekend at a consignment shop in Annapolis — the colors, fit and price was right so I bought it. Do I need another jersey dress for work, um… probably not. BUT do I wear my dresses to work pretty much every day of the week…? Heck yeah I do.

Gibson Latimer Dress, $30.50

I paid up a bit for this dress (from the same consignment shop) but it was new with the $96 tags still on it. I love the cinched in elastic waist with the fun tie detail and I really like the weight of the fabric. I actually already wore it to work yesterday (you can see it here)!

Eileen Fisher cardigan, $20.50

You all know I love my Eileen. This pretty colored sweater is a looser weave and has a longer back on it. It actually worked out that it looks cute with both the dresses I bought, so I figured I’d get this one too. Eileen Fisher sweaters typically go from $200 – 300, so at $20 this one is a steal! Here it is with the navy dress:

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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2019 Check-in: 6 Month Thrifting Favorites

1 Jul

I love to thrift. You guys know this. There is nothing like the thrill of the hunt. Or finding something amazing and awesome for a fraction of its retail price. However, I make mistakes. Sometimes I get caught up in the adrenaline of finding something cool and I buy it… and never wear it. So, I started doing these little 6 month thrifting check-in’s to give myself a chance to look back on what I really ended up loving.

You can find my first 6 month thrifting update here from June 2018 and then the December 2018 update here.

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I went through my thrifting haul posts from January – June and here are my favorites:

Charles Gray London swing coat, $14.99

Thrifted in January

I haven’t actually had the opportunity to wear this coat yet. However, with my fancy new city job I’m sure I’ll be pulling this out to wear in the fall when the weather cools off. Technically it shouldn’t be counted in my thrifting favs post because it went straight into the coat closet, but it’s just so adorable!

UGG Emalie Waterproof Leather Wedge Bootie, $24.99

Thrifted in February

I thrifted these UGG booties at the end of February and they turned out to be a major winner. They were in perfect condition and super comfortable for being wedges. I wore them a few times with black tights before the weather warmed up and I packed them away in favor of bare legs and flats. These retailed for $180 and I bought them for $25. So I’ll be super happy to wear them some more when I unpack them in the fall!

Talbots 100% linen cardigan sweater, $5.36

Thrifted in March

I wear this sweater ALL. THE. TIME. I threw it on with jeans and a t-shirt in the spring and now I’m grabbing it to go with a tank top and shorts when I get a little chilly. I’m pretty sure the cost-per-wear is already down to about 50 cents. LOVE this sweater.

Black Runched Waist Dress, $7

Thrifted in May

I picked up this little black dress a the thrift store that doesn’t normally have any ‘good stuff’ but gosh is it good. The runched waistline is super flattering and the jersey fabric doesn’t wrinkle at all. I hardly own any solid colored dresses, so this was a much needed addition to my wardrobe to pair with my patterned sweaters and blazers! I’ve worn it once so far, see it here.

Have you had any super thrifting winners over the past few months?

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June Thrift Haul

24 Jun

I had a week off between my old job and new job earlier this month, so I made sure to take some time to go thrifting! I didn’t end up with any HUGE winners, but found some basics to add to my closet.

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Adrienne Vittadini open sweater vest, $6

I saw this super lightweight and soft sweater vest as I was flicking through the sweater section and it totally caught my eye. Adrienne Vittadini is a brand that I’ve seen previously at Nordstorm Rack. The sleeveless sweater style is a little out of my comfort zone, but pretty on trend with the boho style I like to wear on the weekends. I’m thinking I could pair this over a t-shirt and jean shorts. I looked on pinterest for some other ways to wear it and I love this look too.

Vintage Pleated Skirt, $7

I feel like pleated midi skirts are really huge right now and when I checked pinterest there are tons of outfits that I would love to recreate. This is a vintage brand, probably from the 70’s or 80’s and the stretchy waist is super comfortable. I think this will look fantastic with a lightweight tank top for weekend wear. I can pair it with a longer sleeve blouse for work, or add a tank top/cardigan combo for a pretty preppy look. I already wore it to work with a faux wrap top: you can see it here.

Black Cocoon sweater, $7

This sweater doesn’t have a label on it with a brand or size, just washing instructions. It is really soft and lightweight with mid-length dolman sleeves. I love lightweight sweater layers year-round, so I picked this up for $7 to add to my cardigan collection. I think this oversized cardi would look great with a more fitted tank top and jeans.

After washing it and letting it hang dry, I stuck it in my closet… but when when I went to wear it I noticed the back was all pilled up! I don’t know if I bought it that way, or if it happened in the wash. No biggie, I got out my handy dandy sweater shaver and fixed it right up! Oh, you don’t know what a sweater shaver is? You totally need to read THIS POST!

Cable & Gauge sweater, $7

I love Cable & Gauge sweaters (another Nordstrom Rack brand) and this rusty colored one is super pretty. It has elbow-length sleeves and a nubby texture. I can see throwing this on over a t-shirt and shorts on a cooler summer night.

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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May Thrift Haul: Dressing Room Styling Session

29 May

I actually wasn’t planning to post a thrift haul this month, because I didn’t have a chance to thrift and wasn’t anticipating any free time until June! But then last Friday I made a 20 minute stop to a crappy thrift store by me that usually doesn’t have anything good… I found 2 dresses and also 2 pieces that would work with the dresses, so I decided to have an impromptu dressing room styling session.

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Outfit 1 and 2:

This thrift store had all dresses marked at $7 and sweaters at $6, so the whole outfit on the right cost a total of $13! The dress is just a simple black dress with a flattering gathered waist. The cardigan was from Talbots and a little too big, so I pushed up the sleeves and gave it a little shape with a hand-on-hip pose. I actually kind of love it paired with my fun bright yellow sandals! I ended up buying the black dress because it fits me well and I have a few fun sweaters/blazers that will pair well with it for work.

Outfit 3 and 4:

Here’s another dress and topper combo, this time I went with a faux wrap dress ($7) and zip up jean jacket ($9). This dress is actually a size too big, but you can really only tell in the length. I’m going to chop it a few inches and hem it right above my knees. I think it looks cute as heck with the jean jacket and those fabulous sandals! I liked that this jean jacket had zipper in the front rather than buttons, but I was a bit too busty to zip it up comfortably. I bought this dress for the $7 and will be pairing it with a similar jean jacket that I already own.

So, for a total of $14 I ended up adding two more easy dresses to my wardrobe!

Do you think I made the right choices? What are your thoughts on my quickie dressing room styling session?

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