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August Thrift Haul

27 Aug

I’m super excited to share my August thrift finds because almost every single one came from a ‘crappy thrift store that never has anything good’. According to me. So, this month’s haul just goes to show you that with a little bit of luck, you can find AWESOME items at the thrift store. Even the ‘crappy’ ones!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

3 Tupperware storage bins, $1.99 each

First up are these handy storage bins. I actually picked them up and put them back three times or so before kicking myself and buying them. For $2 per bin, it was worth the risk of not having an exact job for them. Of course, within a day two of them are already in use around my house… so once again a lesson to myself to just BUY storage stuff when I see it rather than needing it and having to go buy it full priced at Target!

Goverre Portable stemless wine glass, $2.99

How cool is this grown up sippy cup for wine?! This was new in-the-box when I saw it at the thrift store for $3 and I figured it was perfect for those on-the-couch-wine-sipping days! I looked up the brand and apparently this item was on Shark Tank, so that’s pretty cool. I will say that this wine glass is HUGE, so I have to be careful about not filling it too high and then wondering why the world is starting to spin!

Andrew Marc leather purse, $29.99

At the thrift store, paying $30 for a purse is super expensive! However, I did a ton of research and apparently these bags go for $450 – $650 (I actually posted all about my stalking here) The bag is gorgeous and so well made… as soon as the weather starts to cool down for Fall, I’ll be switching over!

Maeve embroidered dress, $8

On the way to a doctor’s appointment, I noticed a little hole-in-the-wall consignment/thrift shop. I had about 20 minutes, so I stopped in and did a quick lookie loo through the ladies’ section. They had a few dresses that made it into the dressing room, but this one is the only one that made me want to rip the tag off and wear it immediately.

It’s one of my favorite Anthropologie brands, Maeve, and the cotton is so soft and flowy. I also really like the netting and embroidery accents at the top and hem of the dress. There is a slight tear on the v-neckline, but it looks like an easy fix with a needle and some thread.

Ann Taylor eyelet strapless dress, $3.50

After that doctor’s appointment, I had another 30 minutes before my next appointment so I made a stop into the crappy Goodwill that never has anything good. Within about 15 minutes I came across this dress and threw it into my cart to try on. I need someone to zip me up, but other than that the fit is fantastic and the dress is in perfect condition.

Source: AnnTaylor.com

I looked it up on the Ann Taylor website and it was sold 3 years ago for $179. The checkout lady must have liked me or the Goodwill must have been having a sale, because she gave it to me for half off the regular dress price! I’m already excited to wear this to my brother’s wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner in a couple weeks with some strappy sandals.

White House Black Market sweater, $5.99

I wasn’t even looking in the sweater section, but this sparkly sweater called my name when I raced past towards the dressing rooms. The buttons are pretty metal snaps and in person the gold thread is super sparkly. Apparently similar sweaters go for $79 on the White House Black Market website, but I got this one for $6 thrifted!

Calvin Klein faux wrap dress, $3.99

After my last appointment of the day, I stopped by one last thrift store… another one where I hardly ever find anything I like. And once again, I found a few winners! Even better, the nice checkout man decided to ring my dresses up a ‘sleeveless tops’ so they only cost me $4 each!

First, this dress. It had the tag cut out, so I had no idea what size or what brand it was when I tried it on. It fit great though, so I bought it. There was one interior tag with a RN number on it, which lead me to believe it was by Calvin Klein… seems about right. Love the fall colors of this dress and I can see me wearing it a ton to work throughout the year!

Leota sweetheart neckline dress, $3.99

My purple Leota dress just made my Summer Favorites post last week! When I saw this Leota dress, I originally thought it would be too big, because it is marked as an extra-large. I thought I could maybe tailor it myself if needed, but when I tried it on it fit exactly the same as my large one.

I love the ¾ sleeves and pretty green and black pattern on this dress. It also has a sweetheart neckline that is super pretty. This dress sold for $148 on the Leota website, so I’m pretty happy to have gotten it for $4! This is another one that will get lots of wear, both with bare legs and with black fleece-lined tights in the winter.

Organizer, $6.99

I initially picked up this organizer thinking my husband could use it in his garage. But then, I got kind of attached to it. I’ve been cleaning out my sewing/embroidery area in my office and this organizer will be great for all my needles, thread, etc. I might even get super nerdy and use my label maker to label each drawer… blog post forthcoming!

TYLHO Gingham dress, $3.99

I looooove this dress and even though it is a medium, I tried to shove myself into it. However, it was (of course) too small on me. TYLHO is an Anthropologie brand though and the dress retailed for $168, so I figured I’d buy it and resell it for a profit. I paid $4 for the dress and sold it within 24 hours for $43. I made $39 profit on this dress, which paid for the rest of the entire day’s thrifting (I spent a total of $36 on the 5 dresses, the sweater and the organizer).

I actually figured I wouldn’t have much of a thrift haul post for you all because I didn’t have time to run out to the “good” thrift stores. But this really goes to show that there is great stuff to be found everywhere!

Did you have any luck thrifting this month? Share your scores!

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July Thrift Haul

26 Jul

I know, I know. There wasn’t supposed to BE a July Thrift Haul because I was doing No Buy July again. Last year I made it 20 days, and this year I went 25 days… so at least that’s an improvement!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

I had my every-three-months blood draw appointment for my cholesterol yesterday morning, and it has become a bit of a tradition to fast in the morning, do my blood draw, stop by Einstein Bagels for a coffee and a breakfast sandwich, then drop in at the Goodwill on my way back home.

I absolutely HATE needles and have a big clump of anxiety about the blood draw, so it’s kind of like medicinal thrifting.


I bought one thing: this adorable Lucky Brand dress.

I have quite a weakness for Lucky Brand in my casual wardrobe. They occasionally have some pretty fantastic sales on their website (not now though… and all their dresses are so gorgeous). I’ve also been able to scoop up a few Lucky items at TJ Maxx and Marshells over the years. Typically in the store, similar dresses go for $80 – 100-ish. At Marshalls, I might be able to score something similar for $40 – 50. I got this one at the thrift store for… $7!

This dress is made out of cotton and the bodice has three fabric colored buttons. I really like the elastic scrunchie waistband and – of course – the pockets! It is perfect for casual summer weekends at home, dinner at the beach, or even to throw on over a swimsuit. No regrets here!

Did you have any luck thrifting this month? Share your scores!

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June Thrift Haul

28 Jun

I took a random Tuesday off last week and decided to do some *fun* errands. You know, not the ones for boring stuff…but for FUN stuff! Like a new bed comforter, some kitchen storage containers… and thrifting! I hit up one thrift store on my travels (Savers) and found a few treasures.

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Wrap Dress (no tag), $10.99

The tag was removed from this wrap dress, so I have no idea what the brand or size is. However, I do know I like it! The pattern is kind of fun and speckly and its knee-length. When I got home, I immediately threw it in the washer and dryer so I could wear it to work the next day:

I really love this dress and can see me wearing it a ton this summer and also in the fall/winter with tights and booties! I even packed it with me for this week’s work conference and will be wearing it again tomorrow.

Ann Taylor Cardigan, Medium, $7.99

I love the muted – but still bright – colors of this lightweight cardigan from Ann Taylor. It’s so thin that it almost looks see-through when it’s on the hanger, but once it is on it is not transparent at all. This will be perfect for the office when they are cranking the AC, or even in the fall/winter when it’s a bit chillier outside.

GreenTee lounge pants, Large, $7.49

These pants aren’t particularly cute and don’t even look that fantastic on… but holy hell are they soft and comfy. I could not resist buying them because they are like wearing some fuzzy clouds! I’ll wear these a ton on my work-from-home days when the weather cools back down in the fall. As for now, I’ve been wearing them every night this week — the moment I get back to my hotel room after the conference, I throw them on!

Chico’s Platinum Denim Black Jeans, 2, $13.99

First off, a 2 in Chico’s isn’t ACTUALLY a 2. It’s code for a 12. I know, it’s dumb. What is extra dumb is that they fit basically the same as the Chico’s 0 I picked up a few months ago. I love my other thrifted pair of Chicos and wore them non-stop until I switched over to shorts, so I figured I’d give this pair a try. They are stretchy and comfortable, and I like the cuff’s rolled up.

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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6 Month Thrifting Update: Favorites

21 Jun

When it comes to my thrifting fun, I still make mistakes. Many times I get so excited to see something fabulous that I don’t stop to think about whether it would actually play nice with the rest of my wardrobe. Or my figure. Luckily, at thrift prices it’s not a big deal when I make a mistake. Typically, I will either resell the item or just re-donate it so the next thrifterella can enjoy it.

Instead of focusing on my thrifting mistakes, I thought it would be fun to pick out my top winners over the last 6 months! You can find all my thrifting posts here: Thrifting Fun.

I went through all my posts from January to June and picked out my 6 favorites:

Dr. Scholls Glendale Wedge Sandals, $7.99
Thrifted in February

I picked these cute wedge sandals up on a February thrifting trip and then packed them away until the weather warmed up. I really like that the toe strap and ankle strap are a mix of braided fabric and leather. The wedge heel is also relatively low, which makes the sandals pretty comfy to wear to work.

Coldwater Creek wrap dress, $4.90
Thrifted in March

I couldn’t resist buying this wrap dress in March because it fit really well and was under $5! It originally had a stupid fake ribbon belt on one side, but I snipped it off as soon as I got it home. It is a little longer than I thought I wanted, but now that I’ve worn it to work a few times I decided I like the length. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you can’t go wrong with a pattered wrap dress. With just one item, you suddenly look like you put in a bit of effort!

Eci dress, $13.40
Thrifted in March (Spring Break)

I love the fun green pattern on this dress! I’ve worn it with tights and booties when it was still cold outside and I’ve also styled it with sandals earlier this month. This dress is why I love thrifting – it’s perfect for work, looks professional and pretty, and it only cost $13.40!

Loft Snow Leopard print car coat, $16.75
Thrifted in March (Spring Break)

I thrifted this adorable jacket over Spring Break… and then it totally snowed so that I was able to wear it! I LOVE this coat! It is probably my favorite find of 2018 so far because of its sassy snow leopard pattern and grown-up shape. As soon as it gets cold again, I’ll be putting this back into rotation. It looks equally cute with skinny jeans and boots and it does with a dress!

Tahari Wave Patent Leather sandals, $8
Thrifted in April

I bought these Tahari patent leather sandals in April, but I’ve already worn them a bunch of times. They are super comfortable with the gladiator straps and no heel. The patent leather shine makes them look a little fancy, so I’ve worn them to work a few times with dresses and skirts. I also randomly walked almost 3 miles in them last week when I decided to go exploring for lunch… with no blisters!

Zella Training Jacket, $6.99
Thrifted in May

I’m surprised that I don’t have a photo of me wearing this zip-up, because I’ve been bringing it with me non-stop to chilly restaurants. I’ve mostly been throwing it on over a t-shirt and jeans, or a t-shirt and jean shorts. It’s been getting lots of wear and I especially like the thumb-holes. When thrifting… don’t forget to check the active wear section!

Have you had any super thrifting winners over the past few months?

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