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January Thrift Haul

24 Jan

I had a hair appointment this month, so I decided to take the whole day off as a mental health day. Which, to me, means THRIFTING! I had a bunch of other errands to run too, so I was only able to stop at one thrift store and found three great items to bring home with me.

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Since this month’s ‘haul’ is so small, I decided to do a quick little styling photo for each item. Let me know if you like this in addition to the hanger pics and maybe I’ll start regularly including them in my monthly round-up post.

Charles Gray London swing coat, $14.99

The best I can determine; Charles Gray London is a brand that was sold at Nordstrom and now appears to be rebranded as Helene Berman London. I did find a few Charles Gray London coats on Poshmark and such. But when I searched Helene Berman London, a couple options came up at Anthropologie for $240ish. Of course. Because I am the girl who can spot an Anthro brand from a mile away at the thrift store!

Anywhoo… does it really matter? I mean LOOK at the cute pattern on this coat! I checked the inside seams and it seems brand new. There isn’t a spot on it and the front pockets were actually still sewed shut.

How I plan to wear it:

I’ll probably just throw this on as a topper in the spring when it gets a little too warm for my current coat. For my styling photo, I just stuck on a black t-shirt, dark jeans and red flats. This fun coat makes even a simple look like this one look awfully stylish!

Kirna Zabete for Target dress, $17.99

To be quite honest, I don’t normally go for those designer compilations with Target. I wanted to love the Toms x Target line and the Lily Pulitzer x Target lines, but the quality was pretty disappointing. I’m not familiar with Kirna Zabete at all, but apparently their collaboration hit Target’s shelves in 2012. I decided to try this on because I really like the pattern and thought the shirtdress design with a cinched waist could be flattering.

How I plan to wear it:

You can see the interesting sleeves in the first photo, but they can certainly be toned down a bit by adding a blazer to the look. I actually wore this outfit (with the blazer) to a work event last week and thought it was comfortable, yet professional looking. I don’t love the dress with bare legs, but think it looks cute with the black tights and booties… so this one is a winter winner for me.

Talbots sleeveless vest, $9.99

This one is totally outside my comfort zone. I don’t own any sleeveless sweaters, but I have admired them on other people. This pretty gray knit sweater has a flowy front and some handy pockets. For $10 it’s not an expensive way to decide if I like the trend.

How I plan to wear it:

I love this graphic t-shirt, but it is awfully thin so I usually get kind of chilly. I thought adding the sleeveless vest would be a nice way to keep a little warmer and also add some interest to the outfit. What do you think, is it working for me?

Did you have any luck thrifting this month? Share your scores!

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December Thrift Haul

26 Dec

During the month of December, I only had one day to go thrifting… but I made the most of it with THREE different stops! Of course, with thrifting you can sometimes find a dozen awesome items at one store, or absolutely nothing no matter how many stores you visit. I ended up finding just two items… but I’m pretty happy with them!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Item #1: Lou & Grey Sweatshirt, $4.99

I knew that Lou & Grey is a line carried at Loft, but I didn’t realize they have their own website too. This sweatshirt is a super soft cotton fleecy mix. On their websites, similar sweatshirts sell for around $60. This one is kind of cool because it has a zipper up one side.

So you can zip it up just a bit to show off a pop of color on a t-shirt. Or a little puff of love handles if you’re into that kind of thing. It was soft, comfy and new for $5, so it obviously had to come home with me for lounging this winter.

Item #2: J McLaughlin Zebra Wrap dress, $24.99

This is a J McLaughlin 100% silk wrap dress with the original tags for $218 still on it. I’m only familiar with the brand because I thrifted a sweater from them last year and did a little research. Dresses on their website run from about $190 – $250, and they appear to stick with classic silhouettes in fun prints. I tend to love a good black and white print, so this zebra one intrigued me. However, I posted a dressing room photo on my stories and it got very mixed reviews — with 44% voting to buy and 56% voting to pass.

I ended up buying the dress and I think it will be fun to style for work. I can keep it simple with a black blazer, tights and booties. Or add in some color with a bright cardigan and maybe some colorful brooches. All in all, it was a $25 gamble, so we will see if it pays off!

Did you have any luck thrifting this month? Share your scores!

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November Thrift Haul

26 Nov

November was a wonderful thrift haul month! I was able to stop by my *favorite* thrift store, as well as go on a girl date to a new one. I scooped up a bunch of great finds… so let’s check out this month’s haul!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Lauren Conrad sequin cardigan, $9.99

I’ve been low-key looking for some sort of sequined or beaded cardigan or jacket. I’ve seen them styled with jeans and a t-shirt and I love the way it looks. However, I can’t really see me rocking this look anytime other than the holidays, so I didn’t want to spend much on trying this trend.

This one is by Lauren Conrad (a brand sold at Kohls) and it looks like it had a retail cost of $60. Of course, you basically NEVER pay full price at Kohls for anything, so take that with a grain of salt. I did a quick search, and there are a few of these for sale on Poshmark in the $20 range if you are smitten. This one was marked at $9.99 at my local thrift store and appears to be brand-spanking-new, so I had to have it. I think it will be great for a little sparkle this holiday season!

Dana Buchman dress, $14.99

I admit, this dress doesn’t look very exciting on the hanger. I picked it up because I liked the lightweight jersey fabric and the muted color palette of black, brown and cream. I wore it to work earlier this month with a black blazer and my persimmon Rothy’s:


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I love it styled this way and can also see it paired with a black cardigan, black tights and booties for when it gets a little colder.

Soft Surroundings cardigan, $6.99

I follow a few thrifters/resellers on Instagram and I’ve heard them say that Soft Surroundings is a great purchase to flip. Other than that, I totally was not familiar with the brand. I saw this lightweight open cardigan hanging on the end of an aisle and recognized the name, so I figured I’d give it a try. The fabric is super soft (kind of like the Soma pajama pants I love) and it was only $7. I later did some quick googling and found it on the Soft Surroundings website with an original price of $69.95 (currently on sale for $50). I’ve added this one to my pajama drawer and I’ve been wearing it on lazy days/nights around the house.

Cable & Gauge cardigan, $5.99

I’ve talked about my love of Cable & Gauge cardigans many times! I’ve bought them at Nordstrom Rack before and whenever I see on in good condition I thrift it. They are just a great lightweight cotton cardigan that never seems to pill or stretch out. I love the pretty hue of this one and for just $6 it was a no-brainer to add to my collection.

Vanessa Virginia Tidal maxi dress, $7

I have an eye for Anthropologie. I spotted this pattern as I was walking up to a rack of dresses, wrestled it out and wasn’t even a little surprised that it was a brand sold at Anthro. It’s my gift. {I wish I had a really cool gift, like flight or winning the lottery, but this one is cool too}. I originally offered it to my friend who was thirfting with me, but it was too big for her – oh darn – so I had to keep it for myself.

This one is the Tidal maxi dress and it was sold at Anthropologie in 2014 for $148. Like my other Anthropologie maxi dresses, this one is made out of a super soft jersey and has pockets! I can see styling this alone with sandals for a beachy look, or with a cardigan and booties for something more work appropriate. It would also look super cute with a jean jacket. I found the exact same dress being sold on Poshmark from $42 – $78, so for just a $7 investment I can wear it a few times and sell it for a profit when I get bored of it.

M.M. LaFleur Rachel dress, $7

This was my ‘holy crap’ thrift moment of the day. I’ve never seen M.M. LaFleur in the thrifting wild before, so I was pretty excited to see this piece. M.M. LaFleur is known for their ‘bento boxes’ which is their approach to a professional work wardrobe. Similar to Stitch Fix or Trunk Club, their stylist will put together a box of items for you to try on at home. I’ve been drooling over their boxes for a while but can’t do it, because they are just too expensive for me.

Their prices range from $100 for a work top to $325 for a dress and they carry sizes 0P – 22W. I’ve seen used M.M. LaFleur dresses on Poshmark in the $130 – 215 range, but without ever seeing them in person I wouldn’t want to commit to buying one secondhand.

I’m pretty sure this dress is the ‘Rachel’ dress. It looks like either the malbec or the boysenberry color (you can see it here on their website). The original price was $240 and I thrifted mine for $7. The fabric is very thick and stretchy and there are little snaps inside to hold your bra straps in place.

Let’s talk about sizing. This dress has a tag saying it is a size 16. And THIS is my theory on why it is at the thrift store… it is NOT CLOSE to a 16! I’m typically a 10/12 and it fits like a glove. Like, it couldn’t possibly fit any better… sure I have to throw on some shapewear to smooth down my tummy, but it’s AMAZING. I think someone must have bought this and it didn’t fit like the size they expected, so they donated it. Or maybe they shrank it? Why wouldn’t they return or exchange it? Who knows… probably the same reason I’ve found DVF dresses with the tags still on them while thrifting.

Any which way, their loss is my gain because this is the perfect work dress.


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I wore it to work already and styled it with a beaded sweater and leopard print flats. I can also see trying it with a skinny belt and blazer. I did throw on some shapewear (the undies that go up to your bra and smooth your tummy a bit) and that helped keep things contained enough that I felt comfortable.

Boden blazer with floral silk lining, $6

Okay, I totally bought this just because I was immediately in LOVE with the floral lining. I mean, HOW adorable is that?! This blazer is exactly my Boden size (US10) and is a pretty basic and comfortable little black blazer. You can keep the cuffs down for a solid black, or turn them up to show the pink lining!

Loft romper, $10

I’m not a romper girl. I actually kind of hate rompers because I think they look like a grown ass woman is wearing a child’s outfit. BUT. I love this one. Oops.


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This was on the dresses rack (and marked with a dresses tag, making it $10) and it was a Loft size large with a tie top and drawstring waist. I decided to try it on a whim and was totally surprised that I love it. Of course, I tried it on again when I got home and didn’t love it quite as much… This one is going into the closet for me to try again when it warms up next summer.

Rachel Roy dress, $10


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I ran out to Costco on Saturday to prepare for our late Thanksgiving dinner and decided to make a quick stop at a nearby thrift store. I’m so glad I did, because they were having a Thanksgiving sale where all clothing and accessories were 50% off! I tried on a few items, but this Rachel Roy dress was a winner. It still had the store tags for $99 on it and looked super cool thrown over my jeans! I can see wearing this one with a flowy cardigan, black tights and boots. However, I kind of like it over my jeans and boots too…

Did you have any luck thrifting this month? Share your scores!

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October Thrift Haul

29 Oct

October was a super busy month, so I only had time to make one thrifting stop and one consignment stop. I did get a little lucky though and picked up four clothing items. Let’s check out this month’s mini haul!

{Pssst, you can read about my previous thrifting adventures here}

Thrift Scores:

Desigual Linen Top, $10

This linen/cotton mix top with a chiffon back was new with tags at the thrift store. I liked the linen feel to the top and the pretty embroidery that was reminiscent of Lucky Brand and Johnny Was. Paying $10 was quite high for thrift prices, but I really liked it and can see myself wearing it with skinny jeans and boots this fall. If it was a mistake, it was only a $10 mistake and I can live with that.

Consignment Scores:

I first visited the Chic to Chic consignment store last month, so I decided to do a quick stop to see if they had added anything new. Much of the selection was the same as my previous visit, but I did find a couple winners.

Nightcap by Carisa top, $19.98

This top was on clearance for $19.98 and I actually tried it on last month when I was in the store. At the time, the bust was a little tight… so I put it back. This time, it fit great (I guess I’ve been working out a bit more) and I love the bohemian fit and the pretty lace/crochet bits. I wasn’t familiar with the brand at all, so I googled it and found their website. Similar tops go for $200 -$300, which is quite a surprise. I think I’ll probably wear this in the fall over a fitted black tank top and jeans. I can also see wearing this as a swimsuit cover up with a pair of jean shorts on my upcoming cruise!

Vigoss Moto Jacket Sweatshirt, $24.95

This is probably my favorite score of the month. Once again, I’m not familiar with the brand (but it appears that it is sold at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack), but this looks like a moto jacket + a hoodie sweatshirt + a teddy bear had a baby. A warm and soft baby. I love the fit of the moto jacket combined with the softness of cotton sweatshirt material. But what I REALLY love is the plush lining inside the body of the jacket and the hood. It is soooo warm and comfy. I could totally throw this on when I’m a little chilly in my house and not be embarrassed at all to leave it on for errands. This will get tons of wear!

Eileen Fisher Silk Georgette Crepe Round Neck Boxy Top, $39.95

This silk top still has the Nordstrom tags attached with the original price of $248, so for $40 I had to at least try it on. It’s actually this exact top, sold out on the Nordstrom Rack website.

This blouse is an XL and I typically wear a medium or large in Eileen Fisher, so it is a bit oversized on me. It’s so soft and flows so nicely, so I’m hoping that I can pair it with some skinny trousers and a cardi. Or maybe jeans and a bright pair of Rothy’s for a nicer casual look? I’m kind of having second thoughts about this one… hoping it isn’t a mistake, but only time will tell.

Did you have any luck thrifting this month? Share your scores!

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