DIY: Linen Skirt Makeover

I had a whole pile of items sitting around my sewing machine waiting to be hemmed, dyed or fixed in some way. Before our trip, I gave myself the goal of trying to get through the pile… and one of the items was this Target linen skirt:

I bought it in 2022 because I liked the cinched waistband, the pockets and the lightweight linen fabric. However, I’m not really a *light colored* skirt kind of girl, so it wasn’t getting worn very often.

See, it’s cute but just kind of ‘meh’ and frankly I have better skirts to wear. The light fabric also meant I had to be careful about my underroos situation — as darker bottoms would show through. Also, I didn’t love the maxi length.

I added it to my ‘fix it or donate it’ pile and just kind of ignored it for a while. However, my first thought was that I should shorten it to knee-length so I would wear it more often. So chop-chop-chop, I went ahead and cut off the bottom and hemmed it back up.

Back into the ‘hmmm’ pile it went. And then, I decided to dye it! I ordered the Dark Green Rit Dye off Amazon and added it to a dye bath for about 40 minutes.

Then, I washed in on cold with a load of towels and stuck it in the dryer for about 20 minutes before letting it hang dry the rest of the way.

I really love the shade of green that I was able to get, as well as the fact that the grid pattern still shows through!

And OHMYGOSH, it goes so much better with my wardrobe now. Just the little change of chopping off some inches and dying it green turned this skirt into one I was ready to donate into one that I absolutely can’t wait to wear!

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One thought on “DIY: Linen Skirt Makeover”

  1. I can’t believe how nice this looks! The grid pattern, I was thinking it may not show in places, but, it looks like it was meant to be green. And the length really works! Good save.

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