6 Tips for Buying on Poshmark

Okay, first of all… I am in no way a Poshmark expert. I’ve just made a few purchases for myself and put together a post of what I wish I knew when I started.

Poshmark is a website/app where people are able to sell their clothes and accessories. When you sign up, you get your own “closet” where you can list items for sale. You can follow other user’s closets or just search for particular items. Here is my closet, my username on Poshmark is pocketfulofjoul because I totally ran out of letters…. https://poshmark.com/closet/pocketfulofjoul

Source: My Poshmark Closet


You hook your account up to your credit card, so if you purchase something the charge will automatically come through.

I just put a few things in my closet this week, so I’m not very familiar with selling on Poshmark yet. It was easy to list items though, so that’s pretty great. I have made 7 purchases since I started using the site though. They weren’t all great… so here’s what I learned:

Tip #1: If you like something, “like” something.
I have specific brands I search for like Anthropologie, Maeve, Athleta and Boden. You can add your sizes into your account so that when you search for items, it shows you the ones that meet your criteria. If you see an item you like, but don’t necessary want to buy yet… just click the “like” button. This then stores the item on your “likes” page, which is super convenient if you want to find it again. Also, if the seller decides to lower the price, you will get an email that one of your liked items has a new price.

Tip #2: Look at the Photos Closely and Ask Questions
Each buyer is on their own to take their photos and write their listings. Pay special addition to any notes on wear and look super closely at the photos to make sure you know what you’re getting. If you are unsure of anything, there is an area where you can ask the seller questions… so use it!

Tip #3: Stick to Brands You Know
There is a crap-ton of stuff available. Like thousands and thousands of listings… so it can be very easy to buy something and then have it not fit. I’ve been burned before, even with brands that I know and love. So, my third tip is to not get too crazy with brands unless you are familiar with them. For example, I know that in Boden I’m typically a size US10 or US12 depending on the style. If I’m shopping on Poshmark I’m probably only going to buy Boden size US12 because there is always the possibility that the original owner may have washed and shrank the item.

Tip #4: If You’re Not Sure, Look for Reviews on that Item
If you haven’t already read my post on my Online Shopping Tips now is a great time to read it! I recently found a pretty Maeve dress on Poshmark and followed my own tips to track down the original outdated item on the Anthropologie website. Reading through dozens of reviews helped me decide what size to order, so I have no regrets on that purchase at all!

Tip #5: Make an Offer!
If you see an item you like, don’t pay full price! There is a ‘buy it now’ button and a ‘make an offer’ button… so USE that make an offer button! Just don’t be super rude about it with low-ball offers. I used the ‘make an offer’ button on all 7 of my purchases and every single one was accepted with just one counter-offer.


Source: Poshmark


The worst thing that can happen is that the seller could say no, so be polite and get yourself a good deal!

Tip #6: Don’t Download the App
Maybe it’s just me, but I had to delete the app from my phone because I would find myself browsing through when I was bored and making too many impulse purchases. If you are looking for something specific, then go ahead and have the Poshmark app available at your fingertips. However, if you get a little too into it like me, just keep a bookmark on your computer instead. If you are planning to sell things, you will need to download the app on your phone though (so I just had to re-download it to make my closet).

As a Pocketful of Joules reader, if you see something in my Poshmark closet that you want to buy, just shoot me an email at pocketfulofjoules@gmail.com. I’m happy to make a deal off of Poshmark and will give you an extra discount (since I wouldn’t have to pay Poshmark’s fees). All payments will be done on PayPal with buyer protection.

Have you shopped or sold on Poshmark? Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. Oh the app was such bad news for me… I would browse the app while nursing late at night. I bought so many things! =)

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