A Summer Sand Bucket List Update

I’m not really sure who pressed ‘fast forward’ on my life remote, but this summer has just flown by! It’s already the middle of August and somehow (as of Thursday) I’m now the mother of a {gulp} 1 ½ year old.

I made our Family Summer Sand Bucket List earlier this summer with the intentions of slowing things down and really enjoying the season. While we’ve done well at completing some of the things on the list… we really need to get moving to have everything else checked off within the next few weeks!

Here’s my status report:

Summer Sand Bucket List - progress

As you can tell by the happy crabs, we’ve had lots of fun this summer — including eating ice cream (with sprinkles) and LOTS of sno-cones! However, according to the sad jellyfishes we really need to have a picnic outside and a crab feast. Since August is Family Fun Month, it seems like the perfect time to finish up our Sand Bucket List with a bang!

How about you, have you done everything you planned for this summer? Are you doing anything special for Family Fun Month?

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2 thoughts on “A Summer Sand Bucket List Update”

  1. I was thinking to myself, “picnics outside are never as fun as they should be because bugs and dirt.” Then I was thinking “but the kid can throw cheese puffs and you don’t have to clean it up!” Clearly, you need to picnic!

    1. I like you’re thinking! I bought one of those pudgy pie makers that you suggested and we have to use it!

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